TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Kevin - I am over these puppies.  They are getting ALL the attention.  I am not getting any!

TM - Wah, wa, wah, wa.

Kevin - Really?  They are MY babies?  How did that happen?

TM - <snort>

Kevin - You are laughing at me???

Kevin at the Nationals - six months and a couple of days old

On the move at Nationals

Under a year old










Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 4 Back in Town

Lowri - We came back to town this morning.  TM took my babies to the vet to have their dewclaws removed.  I stayed in the car.  It must have been okay, because my babies were snoozing when TM brought them back. 

Back at the house, I checked out the yard to make sure nothing had come inside the fence.  The neighbors have a tin roof on their shed.  A piece of the tin is loose and makes a banging sound in the wind.  I told it to just stay in its own yard.  My ruff was up because I wanted it to know that I would protect my puppies!

Here is the picture TM took of me yesterday.

A short nap

The mob.  You can see how fat and happy they are.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 3

Lowri - My babies are the most awesome babies ever. 

TM - Wa, wa, wah, wah, wa.

Lowri - My litter from last year?  They were awesome too, but that was a whole year ago.  I don't remember them much any more.    As I was saying, my new babies are the awesomest ever!  I heard one of them squawking as I was taking a little break out of the whelping box.  I looked in to see there was a problem.  Since he squawked some more, I jumped in to check them all out.  He was just making noise. 

TM has been taking lots of pictures.  She doesn't want my help.  She doesn't even want my shadow in the picture.  Ha!  I had to be in the picture for Dierks. 
Me helping TM get a picture of Dierks

The Mob before the bedding warmed up (TM had just changed it)

Blake is hangin' out
Carrie being cute

Faith is motoring along

Garth - I love that shoulder marking

Kellie is catching some zzzz's

Reba is squishing Sara

Sara has a NECK!

Taylor being swift.
Kevin - Once again, I am the afterthought.  TM and I spent some alone time.  I needed it.  She took me tracking!  I was very good.  I found her hat and her glove - and some treats.  They were tasty. 

Yesterday I got to go herding.  TM let me work some of the big Mama sheep.  I love making them go where TM is heading.  I am learning all sorts of fun stuff.  TM says I get to go to a herding trial the first weekend of January.  I get to do something called a Herding Test.  TM says I have that down pat.  I sure hope I do good.  I need to get some letters like my parents have.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 2

Lowri - TM and Cheryl played my puppies.  They fed some of my puppies.  My puppies LOVE their formula.  I thought it was tasty too.  Here are my babies today.
The Mob

My boys.  Dierks on top, Blake on the left and Garth on the right.

Dierks on left, Garth in the middle, Blake on the right

Faith on top


Left to right:  Carrie, Reba and Kellie

My brindle girls: bottom is Sara, left is Taylor, right is Faith

Carrie, Reba and Kellie

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Beautiful Babies

Lowri - My babies are all safely here.  I love them so much.  They are so beautiful!

Me and my mob.

Here they are in birth order:

Carrie was 10.2 ounces.  She is a red girl

Sara was 8.7 oz.  She is a brindle girl.

Garth was 11.9 oz.  He is a flashy brindle boy.

Kellie was 10.1 oz.  She is a red girl.

Blake was 10.3 oz.  He is a brindle boy.

Taylor (in the middle) was 9.8 oz.  She is a brindle.

Faith was 9.3 oz.  She is a brindle girl.

Dierks was 11.0 oz.  He is a brindle boy.

Reba was too busy to pose.  She was 11.4 oz.  She is a red girl.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


TM here - Lowri was a tad busy with her brand new litter.  Right now the count is 9 babies.  6 are girls, 3 are boys.  3 of the girls are reds, everyone else is a brindle.  We believe there is at least one more on board.  I will give another update in the morning.  Lowri is being an excellent mama.

I took Lowri to the vet for an ultrasound at about 3:00.  I didn't feel things had progressed much.  Since she was so big, I wanted to make sure we didn't have any problems.  The reproduction vet is over an hour away.  By the time we got there, Lowri had already given birth to two girl puppies.  We did the ultrasound anyway.  Everything looked fine.  The puppies were moving around and no one was in distress.  By the time we got home, we had two more puppies.

The first four.  The light brindle is the boy.  The girls are two reds and the dark brindle.

Cheryl came over to assist and get some pictures.  Lowri was popping them out about every 15 minutes at that point.  She took an hour between #8 and #9.  She has been on break since then.  Both Cheryl and I felt at least one more puppy.

All nine are tucked in around Lowri.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Babies Soon

Lowri - TM insists on taking my temperature.  Now it is happening multiple times per day.  This morning my temp was 99.8.  Four hours later it was 98.5.  TM is vibrating with happy waves.  She is going to run out and buy some last minute stuff.  I ate my breakfast very well this morning and am now waiting for TM to feed me lunch.  I LOVE food.

TM looked at my temperature chart from last year.  She thinks I will have my babies in the morning.  I will have to decide if I think she is right.  TM took my picture a little bit ago.  She groaned when she lifted me onto the table <snicker>.
8 1/2 weeks from when I was bred.  63 days from the LH surge and 61 days from ovulation.