TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candid Show Picture

Almost an adult
Lowri - Here is a picture of me from last week in Atlanta.  TM stole it from MC's facebook posting.  This is from the Sunday show where I went Best of Breed.  I know it was from Sunday, because the camera didn't have the removable disk installed on Saturday (and TM took a lot of pictures).  Fortunately, TM and MC went to review the pictures on Saturday night and discovered the error.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Very Good AGAIN!

I really do have ears!  TM doesn't know where they went.
Lowri - I have been an angel all day long - well, at least as much as TM knows ;)   I got to go out and practice herding for the weekend again.  TM said I did a very good job.  She is happy with what I have done lately when I have been herding.  Tonight she took the camera out and tried to be photographer and handler.  That is really hard to do.  Especially since I like to bounce <G>

In the first picture, I am just running because I am happy to be alive.  We haven't gotten the ducks out or anything.

Practicing the freestanding hold.
Moving them along.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Herding Trial This Weekend!

Lowri - We are going to herding trials this weekend!  I am going to trial on ducks and sheep.  TM says that if I am very, very good, I might get LOTS of new letters!  I can't wait!  TM says that yesterday and today I was VERY, VERY good!  I worked on sheep and ducks yesterday and ducks today.  I am so very excited.  We leave on Friday after work.

I am lending TM to Ms. Treasure so she can work sheep.  If Ms. Treasure is good, she can get more letters too! 

It is a herding kind of month!  My half-brother, Watson, earned letters.  My half-sister, Smooch, is going to be working on letters too.  Then there are several other siblings that are out earning letters in other areas.  We are going to be a family full of letters.  Our Daddy, Chase, has the most.  His name is GCH AM/CAN CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness, CD RN HSAs HIAs HXAs TT VCX ROMb.  He has more letters in titles than he has in his name!  I am going to try for that too!  One of these days I will have LOTS and LOTS of LETTERS!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Shows are the BEST

Lowri - We went to Atlanta, GA for two days of dog shows.  There were actually four days of shows, but TM and MC had to work on Thursday and Friday.  I was sorry to miss the party, but we had fun for the two days.  On Saturday, I went Best of Opposite Sex (BOS).  The gorgeous Mick went Best of Breed.  He is so handsome!  I wanted to go check him out as boyfriend material, but TM says I have a date with a different boy.

On Sunday, I went Best of Breed!  I got to go to the Group place.  That judge didn't have good taste.  She didn't think I was beautiful!  I don't understand that.  OF COURSE I am beautiful!!!!  I did win a fourth of the Owner Handled group.  TM and MC were very happy I didn't win the 1st.  They were ready to go home.

I had a wonderful time meeting people.  I found one VERY tasty boy.  I cleaned his ears for him.  I kept trying to taste him.  Yum!  I thought about asking TM if I could bring him home with me so I could have my Very Own Boy like my brother, Nicky.   I figured it would be easier getting more food, and that is almost as important.   The best part of dog shows is meeting and tasting the people. 

My half-sister, Dinah, got to go shopping at all the vendors' shops.  She got LOTS of food!  She also got to taste the children.  She had a blast!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Primped and Ready

Lowri - We are leaving for the dog show this afternoon!  I am so excited.  I am going to get cookies and scritches and cookies and hugs and cookies!  I LOVE dog shows!

Last night I got my hot oil bath and then TM spent a lot of time massaging me and cleaning my whites.  My pedicure was done.  The car is packed.  Now we are just waiting until MC gets home.  I am going to get cookies just for looking beautiful!  I LOVE my job!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not a Good Tuesday

Lowri - It has been a bad couple of days for TM.  Monday, she broke PR's bushhog.  As he said, she did a great job of it.  PR broke it some more when he was trying to fix it.  I think that was TM's fault too.  He says it can be fixed.  TM is counting her pennies!

I did get to herd.  So my day was pretty good.  She didn't get mad at me just because she was mad at herself.

Yesterday was more of the same stress.  TM and I came back to town to work.  I was very helpful by not causing a ruckus.  TM appreciated that.  Last night she stayed up really, really late.  I hung out with her.  She and I snuggled on the sofa.  I love it when she gently strokes my head and face. 

Today, TM did some work, but she was sad most of the day.  TM needs to be a dog.  If you make a mistake, you forget about it as soon as you see a cookie.  If you are missing someone that isn't there any longer, you look for them at each place for a couple of weeks and then you realize you are getting all the cookies.  You would wag your tail if they came around the corner (or show your teeth depending on what you thought of them). But mostly you are happy to have your person catering to your every whim.  Yep, being a dog is much better.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday after the BEST Day Ever

Lowri - Today was Sunday.  PR got up and fed us.  I might point out that I got almost NOTHING to eat!  TM had told PR not to give me any more than she had set out for me.  Just because I ate two itty bitty rabbits along with my dinner yesterday, I am being STARVED today?  Other than that, it was a pretty good day.

TM took us all out for a run before she went to church.  When she came home, we went out again (and PR had let us out while she was gone).  Then I got to go herding.  I helped TM with the sheep and the ducks.  Mama Cheryl came over and brought my half-sister, Dinah, and Kear's sister, Treasure.  Treasure got to work sheep and Dinah got to play with my ducks.  I was very good!

When they were done, MC loaded them back up and I helped TM set up the last obstacle for the duck arena.  Then TM let me take the ducks through the completed course.  That was FUN! 

Tonight we are chillin' on the recliner again.  Another good day, even if there were no bunnies.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Day EVER!!!!

Lowri - Today has been my BEST DAY EVER!  When PR got up, he let us out and then fed us.  I got my usual breakfast of raw food.  I stayed in my crate until TM got up.  Fast forward then through her breakfast, steam-cleaning the bedroom carpet, vacuuming the carpets in general, until it was finally time to go herd.

Aren't they pretty?
TM shook a bucket of grain to bring in the big ewes.  Some of them won't come if they see me, so I waited in the car until they were in the duck arena.  TM took some pictures of them and then I got to go herding.  I moved the big ewes around a bit and worked on my "Away" and "Bye".  TM likes me to do big, wide circles.  I also got to learn some new words.  TM is teaching me to "back up".  I know that in the show ring, but didn't realize you also needed it out herding.  I got lots of praise for everything!  I moved the big ewes back to their field, and put the ducks in the duck arena.  I got to work them a bit too.  Then TM put me in the car - AFTER I got to go into the stocktank to cool down.  It felt great!

TM got on the phone with MP and talked to her about my future husband.  TM had talked to the lady that lives with him last night and they discussed all the details.  TM, MP and MC are all pretty pumped.  I am too!  I am going to get a boyfriend in about six months!  It has been a really good day.

They are pretty big now.

PR came down about then and started to mow.  He wanted to mow the duck arena.  So I got out and put the ducks away.  Then he wanted to mow the lamb field.  I went and got the lambs and put them in the duck arena.  Here are my lambs.

So all day, I have been doing what I was bred to do - help out on the farm.  Then the BEST part happened.  While PR was mowing the lamb field, he pointed at a critter and told TM it was a rat.  She brought me over and told me another new word, "hunt".  I DID!  It wasn't a rat, it was a rabbit.  A very stupid rabbit.  I caught it.  TM didn't take it away.  She let me EAT IT!  How cool is that!  I caught my own varmint and ate it. 

When PR was mowing the other lamb field, he started calling me.  I hurried over and caught ANOTHER one.  I ate it too!  Burp!  They weren't very big, but TM says I don't get to eat tomorrow.  I might just have to go find another rabbit.  I can too!  I know how to HUNT!

Now I am sleeping on the recliner with my head on TM's leg.  It was the very best day ever.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back at PR's

Lowri - We are back home at PR's place.  I played and played with Aidan until we got in trouble - we were playing in the house.  TM gets after us when we do that.  I got put in my x-pen.   TM had to set it up first.  Papa Ron had cleaned the carpets this week and TM was busy getting the furniture rearranged to her satisfaction.  Part of that was putting the throw rug back EXACTLY where it had been.  She uses it to protect the carpet against my depredations (I have been working hard at expanding my vocabulary).  When PR cleaned the carpet, he saw exactly how bad I had trashed his carpet.  I was a BABY!  Isn't there a statute of limitations on this kind of thing?  I haven't chewed the carpet in over a year!

Anyway, it is all set up again.  Out of sight, out of mind!  PR will forget my lapse in short order.  Life is good again.  I am in TM's recliner with my head sprawled across her leg.  It is a good way to spend an evening.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday in town

Lowri - No herding for me yet again.  Doesn't TM realize that we have a herding trial in just two weeks?  And next weekend, we will be at dog shows so no herding that weekend.  My opportunities to learn are rapidly slipping away!

Anyway, our housekeeper, Ginger, came today.  She always makes the house look and smell so good.  TM is always easy to get along with when Ginger has been here.  I like her too.  She always give me good scritches and an occasional treat.  That makes her a VERY good person in my book!

Look how little I was!
TM went to the place where the old people stay during the day.  I got to visit with them when I was a little puppy.  Even though they can't remember much, they still ask TM when I am coming back.  I remember that I got my picture taken with several of them.  They were very kind to me on that one visit.  I hope I will be able to go back and see them sometime.

When TM's work day was over, we went to the mini-farm.  TM did some weed-eating.  She doesn't actually eat weeds, she just cuts them down with a noisy thing she holds.  When she told me what she was going to do, I asked to go with her.  I thought she was going to eat the weeds.  This wasn't nearly as interesting, but at least it was a mini roadtrip.

I do have to say that TM really stunk up the car on the way home.  She was playing with room deodorizers in the house and she spilled some on her hands.  Whew!  Talk about strong!  It was so bad, it was making TM slightly sick.  She washed her hands a couple of times and it didn't help much.  Then she got the bright idea of putting on some stuff for joint pain.  I gave up then and asked to go outside.  I am thinking about sleeping out under the stars tonight or at least getting a clothes pin to put on my nose!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Food, Glorious FOOD!

Lowri - TM started our day out right by making up a batch of my food.  I think she made almost four weeks worth.  No fears that I will starve in the near future!  For breakfast, I got some meaty bones and then when I helped TM clean up all the pans, I found out that she had forgot to package up a bunch of ground up food.  I scarfed it down really, really fast in case TM remembered it.  Oh man, I was stuffed!  I LOVE food making day!

I didn't get to work ducks today.  TM was determined to mow the lawn.  It had gotten so tall, I think she is going to have to mow the piles of cut grass once they start drying out.  Adding up the mowing, the food making and TM's clients, I didn't get a whole lot of attention at all.  As soon as TM finishes typing my thoughts, she is going to go back to cleaning house.  Yup, the housekeeper comes tomorrow.  I think TM is crazy for cleaning for the housekeeper.  PR is completely in agreement with me on this one!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Lowri - We came back to town today.  It has been Booooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg!  I had to hang around in the kitchen for most of the day while TM worked.  She says that will end pretty soon as I am getting near to not being in standing heat.  That means no boyfriend for me this round.  I thought a couple of the Thors at the lady's farm were pretty cute, but TM tossed me right back into the truck.  Too bad,  we could have started some designer "Great Cardigans".  I think we are great to begin with, but think about it, we could be stock protector/herders.  Don't you think that would be great?

The two boys next door are All-Americans.  Unfortunately, they are both neutered.  I had the hardest time getting TM to actually type that.   She kept typing "fortunately".  I had to make her redo it about three times.  Sometimes TM's fingers just won't type what I want her to type.

I did get to herd ducks tonight.  TM couldn't get the lawnmower started, so she gave up and took me herding.  It was great!  The grass is so tall, TM couldn't really complain about me bouncing.  I bounced a LOT <G>

Monday, August 13, 2012

Awesome Day

Lowri - I had an awesome day!  I got to help TM catch, load and sell some sheep.  It was AWESOME!  First, I got to go into the ewe field and bring all the sheep to the round pen.  I helped TM catch the one she wanted.  Then we started toward the truck.  I was helping to encourage the ewe to move, when she suddenly slipped out of the rope.  I had to start completely over.  Finally, we got the ewe to the truck and TM discovered she was too heavy to lift in to the back.  It was crazy.  We were stuck there for the longest time.  I tried to help make her jump in, but TM wanted me to stay back.  Finally, the ewe decided to help TM and between the three of us, we got her loaded.

Then we went to the lamb field.  TM had me bring up the lambs and the one ewe.  She caught the lamb she was taking to the lady and took her to the truck.  Since she had moved the truck, it was quite easy putting the lamb in.  Then TM went back and caught the ewe - WITH MY HELP!  I tried and tried to help her move the ewe to the truck, but NOW she wasn't interested in my help.  She told me to stop, to quit, to back off.  I just don't get it, first the wants my help, then she doesn't.  She even yelled at me to knock it off!  I was quite annoyed.  After all, she only got this far because of me!

TM finally got the sheep all loaded and I got to go too.  I was excited again!  Road Trip!!!  We drove for about two hours and then TM got to the beautiful farm.  WOW!  They had about six Thors!  They had sheep, horses, the cutest mini-donkeys, goats, ducks, turkey, geese, and a whole bunch more!  The lady said she was going to give them the BEST home.  She and TM chatted for a while and then we got back in the truck and headed home.  We stopped at the mini-farm in Bulls Gap so TM could mow.  Then we headed back to PR's place.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday "Come to Jesus" Meeting

Lowri - TM went to church this morning.  It must have been a really good sermon, 'cause when we were herding TM and I had a "Come to Jesus" meeting!  I was busy herding, and TM told me to 'stop'.  I didn't.  TM said it again.  I WAS BUSY!  TM just walked forward toward me in the manner that said I was in DEEP WEEDS!  I avoided her.  TM didn't say a single word, just walked after me.   I dashed this way and that.  TM kept coming.  Finally, I bolted towards MC.  MC didn't save me.  She didn't even look at me.  TM caught up with me then.  She pulled me into the air and said "I said Stop."  She carried me back down to where I had been when she told me to stop the first time.  She said "stop", and walked away.  When she said "good puppy", I was so relieved that she still loved me, I dashed to her.  TM said "stop" and took me back to that spot.  This time when she said "good puppy", I just wagged my tail!

So then we get back into herding, and I forgot again.  TM said 'stop' and I blew her off.  She came toward me again and I bolted AGAIN.  I mean how stupid can I be?!?!  I dashed over toward MC.  TM was coming to me, when suddenly my brain re-engaged!  I darted straight TO TM.  She stopped, considered for half a second, and we walked back to the stop-spot.  She said 'stop'.  I DID!  I got it completely!  When TM says stop, I am supposed to do that.  It was amazing.  I got told I was a good girl and everything.  TM was very happy with me.

I overheard TM and MC talking later.  Neither of them had ever seen such a light-bulb moment. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Means Lots of Work

Lowri - I helped TM with the sheep this morning!  I went and rounded them up so she could give them their shots and worm them.  I was VERY good.  I held all of them right there for TM.  She was very happy with me.  I made her job much easier today!

Then I went and got the ducks out and put them in the arena so they could play in the field all day.  I got to work them after supper before putting them away for the night.  I did very pretty work with them.  TM said my 'bye's were much better tonight.  She said I take after my Daddy with my Stops.  I am so happy.  TM was snickering when I told her to type that.  Didn't my Daddy do great stops?  I know he has TONS of letters!  TM just patted me and told me we were going to work on the stops.

She spent a lot of time today in the garden getting it ready for PR.  He wants to plow under  everything that is past its prime.  TM said everything but the tomatoes, rosemary and sweet potatoes is done.  I think TM is just tired of doing anything in the garden and is a bit embarrassed at how out of hand it got.  She has some BIG weeds out there.  She removed the fence around the garden.  That means Daisy is going to have easy access to the tomatoes!  Last time she got in the garden, she erp'ed in the living room.  PR is going to have to watch over her.

Then MC called to tell us that my half-sister, Dinah, won Best in Match today.  She was very happy that Dinah actually was willing to trot around the ring.  Dinah has been reluctant to show off her great movement in the ring.  MC says she is a step closer to becoming a show-dog!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday with More Rain

Lowri - TM tried and tried to start her lawn mower this morning, but the battery was dead.  She finally gave up as it was starting to rain and loaded me up and off we went to PR's place.  It rained off and on all day so PR didn't get HIS mowing done either.  TM just spent the day kind of doing nothing.

She fixed ribs tonight.  She started them in the oven on low for about four hours, then she put them on the grill.  Man, they smelled great.  I didn't get any!  Aidan is going to get the pan drippings tomorrow, I am just going to get my usual raw food.  Poor Daisy only gets her kibble.  She has a sensitive stomach and can't have the good stuff.  TM says she will have to make me more raw food next week - YUM!!!!  I see cleaning up after her in my future!

I did get to go work ducks tonight.  TM has noticed that I don't do pretty 'bye's.  I tend to run right at the stock just to the bye side.  TM thinks I should have pretty, square flanks.  <sigh>  I see lots of flanking in my future!

On a good note, we worked on my "hold".  That was lots of fun!  I put the ducks in the exam pen and held the open end.  TM went to the other side and encouraged the ducks to move.  I was supposed to keep the ducks in the pen, but not go in myself.  That requires a lot of self-control.  That really isn't my strong point, but it was lots of fun keeping them right there.

We have herding trials coming up the first of September.  I can't wait.  LETTERS are in my future!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Heat

Lowri - Being the Pretty Pantie Girl is not fun!  TM has closed my yard down so I am behind the 6-foot fences.  She says it is going to be like that for another 10 days or so.  How am I supposed to exercise?  I have this itty-bitty yard and that is all!  I don't know why she did it.  I want to be out in the big yard, flaunting myself at all the good looking boys in the neighborhood.  TM says I am probably going to be mostly limited to being in the house this next week.  YUCK!

I am a teenager, I WANT a boyfriend!  TM says she is planning an arranged marriage for me.  I thought I lived in America!  What about what I want?  Nooooooo, she is going to keep me in a convent until I am OLD.  I did hear that all the best looking boys are up in Ohio this weekend.  Maybe I can sneak up there and have a rendezvous with one of them.  Do you think TM would notice if I snuck off?

Sigh, TM says I have to wait until next time I come into heat.  I will be old and on the shelf by then.   Maybe by then none of the best boys will want me.  I will end up an old maid, having to be the aunt to my siblings' children.  Woe is me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking Care of TM

Lowri - When we got back to town yesterday, I ran around and looked for Kear.  I forgot that TM had said he is in the place in the sky where he can herd all day if he wants.  Anyway, I saw it made TM a bit sad.  So last night, I pestered her until she left the kitchen and went back to the sitting room.  We spent the evening cuddling on the sofa watching the Olympics. 

We didn't get to go watch TV together until late.  TM had some shopping to do after work, then she got her hair cut and then she SKYPed with PR.  Sometimes I sit in her lap and swap insults with Aidan who is in PR's lap.  That is always fun <G>

I like cuddling with TM on the sofa.  It is even better than sitting the the recliner with her.  I do that every night at PR's.  But when TM is on the sofa recliner, I can curl up with her, on her, beside her, whatever I want.  Then when she has a hot flash, I can move to the other side of the sofa until she cools off. 

I also pestered TM until she played fetch with me in the hallway.  That is fun too.  TM cheers when I get the toy and bring it back to her.  I woo-woo at her with the toy in my mouth.  That ALWAYS makes her giggle.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rain Storm

Sunday evening
Lowri - Here are the pictures from our storm on Sunday.  TM took some of the gate and fence to show the high water mark.  All I can say is Thank God we didn't have to go any where!  I don't think I could have swum through all that water.  And I LOVE to get wet!  All our sheep and ducks are fine.  The water didn't come anywhere close.

See the straight line in the middle of the picture.  That is the top board of our three-board fence.  The road is just the other side of our fence.
Monday morning in the rain

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday at PR's

Lowri - TM was going to post for me last night, but we had a BIG thunderstorm move through about 6:30.  We lost power for about two hours.  When it finally came back on, no internet.  I didn't care, I got to sit out with TM on the front deck watching the rain and then watching the fields become lakes!  TM will post the pictures when she gets back to town, but WOW!

PR has a three-rail board fence down at the road.  Only the top rail was visible!  It looked like a huge river going up the valley.  It was the fields, completely under water.  TM just sat out and read her book and watched the water rise.  Their main road was under water too.  No traffic, no lights, nothing.  It was peaceful.

The bad sheep  is staring at me.
I got to work ducks last night before I put them away.  I HAD to work sheep earlier when Treasure and Dinah were here.  It started out not being too bad, I got to go out into the big field and bring them in.  That was fun.  Then I helped sort the sheep for Treasure.  The BAD sheep got left in the set.  TM didn't mean too, but we had a big escape, there were only four left and she was one of them.

I tried, I really tried, okay...not so much.  I mean, I am in heat and I am still a little lost from losing Kear.  I wouldn't engage.  TM actually yelled at me!  She finally remembered my issues and cut me some slack.  I got the BAD sheep out of the field and helped TM take her out to the big field.  When we got back, TM let me play in the water and go back to my crate.  Treasure worked the sheep and then she and Dinah both got turns working the ducks.  TM was pretty stinky by the time we were all done.  It was HOT out.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

At PR's Place

Lowri - We are back at PR's place.  I am supposed to be herding sheep, but TM says it is going to rain.  I think she likes that as she says she has had a long, rough week and she just wants to chill out.  Fat chance of that!  She has to doctor the sheep and the dogs (heartworm stuff for us), clean up the garden so PR can mow everything down, steam vac the floors and mow at the minifarm.  I think she is praying for rain!

I did get to herd the ducks in town.  TM took me out and let me move them.  She saw that I don't really get how to "walk up".  I know I am supposed to move forward, but I am pretty lackadaisical about whether or not I head toward the stock.  TM is really going to work with me on that.  She is planning on  moving me to Advanced as soon as I finish my Started Duck title.  While I am not ready for it, she is willing to add to the points that another dog might get.  She says that if I Q on Saturday (in September), my Sunday run won't matter, so I might as well move up to help out someone else.  I just care that I get to herd!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank you

TM here - I wanted to thank everyone who emailed, sent cards, gave me a virtual or real hug and just plain reached out to me this past week.  It helps to be part of such a caring community.  Thank you!  Lowri and I are both doing okay.  She still looks for Kear, and is a little bit more clingy, but overall we are doing okay.  Thank you all for caring!


Pretty Pantie Girl

Lowri - TM says I am the Pretty Pantie Girl.  I came into heat this morning and when I am in the house I have to wear panties.  I don't like them!  I raced around and then rolled and rolled, but I couldn't get them off.  I finally just laid down next to TM and we watched the Olympics together.  I got lots of love - until she fell asleep. 

TM says on my next heat, I get to meet an interesting fellow.  That is assuming I pass my hip xrays.  TM says I am DM clear (through my parents), PRA clear (tested and through my parents), Pink clear (through my parents) and a Fluff carrier.  Hmmmm, I could have some cute cuddle bears who look like my sister, Abby, and my brother, Nicky.  My prospective husband is a Fluff carrier. 

I am not sure about that idea, though.  That means I would have to grow up.  I am not ready for that!  I still need to get more letters.  I have to grow up, go to college, see things and do stuff.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Sleeping Arrangements

Lowri - Last night when we went to bed, TM forgot to put me in my crate!  I followed her to the bedroom so she could see that she forgot me, but she just climbed into bed.  I thought maybe I would get to sleep with her, but she reminded me that PR doesn't want dogs in bed.  That is a treat reserved for dog shows and herding trials.  TM wanted to let me up, but she honors PR's request.

I wandered around for a bit trying to find the best place to sleep.  I didn't want Kearney's spot beside the bed, because that is really well hidden.  I want to take good care of TM when she and I are in town.  I finally settled on a spot in the hallway where I could watch all the doors.  I can't actually see all three doors, but anyone coming in would have to go thru me to get to TM. 

Tonight I got to go herd the ducks.  TM wasn't sure it could be called herding.  She calls it bouncing.  I went very fast and bounced at the ducks every time I got close.  It was a HOOT to watch them run.  TM made me stop and stand there and rethink my approach.  I finally decided to slow down a bit.  TM was pretty happy with me by the time we quit.