TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I got to Herd!

Lowri - I got to herd, I got to herd!!!  TM brought the big mamas into the round pen and let me chase them!  I had soooooo much fun!  I ran through the water and everything!  I even got hosed off after like the big dogs. 

Kearney - TM said Lowri did very well.  I didn't have to help at all.  TM brought her in on lead and made her sit at the gates.  Lowri had to sit before TM let her start herding.  The big mamas were very good.  They ran in circles and stayed near TM.  Lowri chased them around and around.  TM used a plastic rake to block Lowri and encourage her to move out farther from the sheep.  When TM blocked Lowri and sent her the other way, Lowri did it without hesitation.  I was very proud of my little sister.

I got to work the lambs in the field.  TM had me move them along the fence both ways.  I am supposed to keep it nice and quiet.  I have to work way away from the lambs so they don't go crazy.  It is more fun to chase them, but TM told me several times that I was awesome.  That makes me want to work harder.  TM says I am learning to herd for Advanced classes.  She was very happy with my work.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, Friday

Kearney - TM had a busy Friday at work.  That meant that Lowri and I just got to hang out.  When TM was finally done, we watered the ducks (Lowri and I guarded the gate while TM did the work), and loaded up to go to Papa Ron's.  There I got to move six lambs to the round pen so that PR could bring the backhoe into the field and clean out the waterhole.  The storms have really messed it up.  While PR worked, I got to work the lambs.  It was so much fun (G)  There is a small ditch through the round pen.  It was full of water.  I got good and muddy moving the lambs.  TM had to wash me off before I could get back in the car.

Lowri - When we got up to the house, Kearney had to go in a crate to dry off.  I got to help TM cook dinner.  Everything she dropped, I cleaned up.  I like helping her.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Storm

Kearney -We had a BIG thunderstorm come through last night.  There was loud thunder, lightning and then hail.  It was really, really loud.  TM and Papa Ron stepped out onto the covered porch to see it.  They are CRAZY!  None of us dogs went near the door.  They were amazed at how fast the ground got covered with the half-inch hail stones.  We also had about four inches of rain.  It really came down!  TM took this picture as she was driving us home this morning.  Fortunately for us, she recognized she had precious cargo on board and turned around and went the long way around!

Lowri - I heard her tell someone that she just didn't want to look that stupid if she drove through the river and it washed her car out into the field.  I am glad TM isn't that stupid!

I got to visit with three of TM's clients today.  They all thought I was beautiful.  That is only because I AM.  I showed them all my freckled belly.  TM hopes I don't show any judges the freckles on my belly.  She says they are okay to have, she just doesn't want me to flop onto my back.

Tonight TM took me for a walk up the road.  We worked on gaiting.  TM is trying to float like me.  With enough roadwork, she just might!  When we got home, she made up 22 pounds of food for Kearney and me.  We got to clean up for her.  YUM!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Official!

Kearney - I am official too!  My certificate arrived in the mail today.  I have my HIAs title.  TM said I was a good dog (happy dance).

Lowri - I am definitely NOT doing a happy dance.  I am sitting on TM's lap.  Kearney and Aidan are racing around.  I WANT to join in, but TM wants me to stay in the chair.  I get sprayed in the face every time I protest being stuck in a chair.  NOT FUN!

Okay, now I am just laying here, the boys are being quiet.  TM is scritching me.  Life may be okay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lazy Day

Kearney - We had a pretty lazy day here.  Lowri and I hung around outside while TM worked.  The ducks were teasing us by bathing in their swimming pool right next to the fence.  Lowri barked and barked at them.  TM was not very happy about that.  She tried to explain to Lowri that her clients wanted their massages in peace and quiet. 

Lowri - Yeah, right.  I am a puppy.  I am supposed to bark and get into all sorts of trouble.  I did get to say "Hi" to one of TM's clients.  She got down on my level and quietly petted me.  I showed her my freckled belly.  She thought it was very pet-able. 

After working all day, TM put me on the table and had me stack.  I think it is pretty weird, but she likes it when I don't move.  Kearney got some of my cookies just for standing next to the table.  I don't think that is fair!  Afterwards, TM took me out into the driveway and we trotted back and forth.  I think TM needs to do more of that.  She doesn't float like I do.  Roadwork might help that.

Tonight, we were hanging together in the kitchen.  I got to use my favorite pillow - Kearney.  TM said I get prettier every day.

I love my life!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Herding Intermediate at Nationals

Kearney - Mama Penni uploaded a video she took of my Intermediate run on sheep at the Nationals.  I won 1st place with this run!  While TM didn't say awesome, she was happy with me.  If you look closely at the end (just before MP started batting at a bee and the camera goes crazy), you will see TM trying to position me to hold the sheep off the gate.  I wouldn't come in to where she wanted me because the tarps behind us were making lots of noise and were flapping around.  I had to keep my eye on them!

Lowri - Kearney may have won his class, but My Daddy was High Scoring Champion - BOTH days!  My daddy ROCKS!

I learned a new trick this weekend.  When TM wasn't watching me, I climbed the stairs with Aidan.  TM was a little short of breath when she saw what I did.  I am sure it is a good trick!

Easter Sunday - Part 2

LOWRI!!!  That is the Easter Bunny.  Let it GO!     But, Kearney, it was trespassing!

Thanks, Kearney and Lowri.  Check out my gift to you.

Easter Eggs.  But you have to find them.

EVERYONE, search for the eggs!

Aidan found TWO!  OHHHHHHHHHH, dog cookies!
I found one.  How did Aidan open it?

My work here is done!
Follow Aidan.  He knows how to find AND open them!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday - Part 1

Kearney - We had a nice lazy Sunday morning.  Papa Ron let us out and fed us.  He let TM sleep in.  She didn't get up until almost 10:00 AM.  Just in time to get dressed and go to church.

Lowri - It was a GREAT morning.  PR fed me my entire day's ration for breakfast - burp.  I scarfed it all so that TM wouldn't see and take it back.  When she got up, she let us out before she dashed out to go to church.

MC came over in the afternoon to document the Easter surprise we had!  Whoa!  It was fun.  I ate until my belly was ready to s'plode.  It was great!  TM says pictures will be available tomorrow.

Kearney - I almost forgot.  Chase, Treasure and I got to go herding.  TM told me I was "awesome".  My tummy wiggled!  Chase and I are working on driving.  Chase is just starting.  TM put him on a long line and he did a really good job for his first time.  TM was very pleased with him.  Treasure got to start working towards PT and Started.  TM is now expecting more from her than what Treasure did before the Nationals.  Treasure stepped up her game.  TM was happy with her too. 

Then it was MY turn.  TM had me drive the big mamas around the pen without letting them come to her.  I listened really hard and TM said I was awesome.  I love that word!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not so good Friday

Lowri - TM has a new washing machine.  It makes funny noises.  She says it uses less water than the old one.  She said some interesting words when she raised the lid of the old one and it was full of water.  It wouldn't drain.  That is why she got the new one.  She put the old one out on the street for trash pickup and someone came by an hour later and took it.  We told TM someone was stealing it, but all she did was bring us in the house.  I don't understand people!

Kearney - On top of the washing machine fiasco, the mama duckie died.  Okay, so maybe we had something to do with that.  Maybe we were being dogs.  THAT IS WHAT WE ARE - DOGS.  Dogs, dogs, dogs!  Being banished to the side yard, just for being dogs.  We are DOGS!!!  Get used to it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Kearney - TM says it is Good Friday.  I say it is good Friday because it rained this morning and we got to play role Lowri in the grass.

Lowri - I say it is good Friday because we got turkey drumsticks for breakfast.  It is also good Friday because the two duckies are still alive and present.

TM - Here's hoping that each person can look at the significance of today and Easter Sunday and allow God to touch their heart in some way.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missing Ducky

Kearney - On the way back from Papa Ron's this morning, we saw five deer.  TM stopped to take their picture, but they flipped up their white tails and bounded off.  Boy, I thought sheep were fast!  A little further down the road, there was a wild turkey.  There was too much traffic for a picture there.  I don't think it would have posed with us anyway.  So we came on home.  We bounced over to where the ducks are.  Only two ducklings!  One has disappeared.  It didn't happen on MY watch!  (burp)

Lowri - TM looked and looked for the baby ducky.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  She gave both of us stern warnings not to bother the duckies.  I think it disappeared while we were at PR's. 

I got to see the sheep again last night.  TM counted them and fed them.  She said they all looked fine.  I thought they looked fine too.  I got right up to the fence and one of the big mamas jumped at me.  I would have bit her on the nose if she had come one step nearer!  Bad sheepie!  Thor chased her away from me, although I am not sure who he was protecting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday Blahs

Kearney - TM was sick most of Monday night.  She got up Tuesday to let us out, but we didn't see much of her until noon.  Papa Ron came over last night and brought Daisy and Aidan.  We had a lot of fun romping in the yard.  TM let Aidan and me stay outside and play way after dark!  We had so much fun.

Lowri - At least TM FED us before she went back to bed.  Growing puppies need LOTS of food.  Then she got up again in time to let me out so I didn't do anything bad in my crate.  When Papa Ron came over, I figured out that I am bigger than Daisy - the peeking knees.  I don't think Daisy liked it that I can push her around.

While the boys were out playing, Daisy and I got to sit on the sofa and watch TV.  WE got all the scritching (giggle).  Of course we didn't tell the boys that.

This morning it was raining!  That is the best.  All four of us got to play in the wet grass.  I hope it rains a lot!  PR is very tired of the rain.  He says they had tor...torrent...lots of rain while we were in Texas.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More food

Kearney - Last night, TM made us another pot of raw food.  She said it went much faster and better when she put the cutting blade in correctly.  I think she said she made 20 pounds of food in about an hour - including packing it up.

Lowri - Yeah, she didn't say bad words or anything.  She also didn't drop much on the floor this time.  It is way more entertaining when she puts the blade in backwards.  But we still got to lick the bowl!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby ducks!

baby Call ducks
Lowri - We went to bed at 8:30 last night and didn't get up until 7:00 this morning - even TM!  We were so tired.  After we had breakfast, TM took us out and showed us the two baby duckies.  They are so cute!  I am sure I could catch them, but TM won't let us near them.  Boooooo

Romping in the grass
Kearney - after breakfast, we played roll Lowri in the grass.  It was great fun (G)  The baby duckies are hardly a mouthful.  Of course, I wouldn't test that out.  At least, not if anyone were watching.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We are HOME!!!

Watching video results
Lowri - I had so much fun at the Nationals!  I got to watch my half-sister Nicki go Winners Bitch (TM says I can say that word - unless that is what I am calling her).  My daddy went Best Brindle Dog in the Megan, he won the herding titled class, he helped g-pa Hunter to second in the Stud dog class, and then he made the CUT in Best of Breed!  My Uncle Pie not only made the cut, he has MERIT!  Everyone was so excited about that!  My half-sister Ali also placed in her class, and Kearney and Treasure placed in their classes.  What a week for my family.

Kearney and me trying to catch a nap.
I got to sit on TM's lap for most of the show.  That way I could see what was going on.  I also got to pose for too many pictures to count!  I got to give people kisses.  Some people either stole me from TM or just wanted to borrow me so they could show me someone else.  I got lots of kisses in that way!  The Nationals are fun, fun, fun.  Too bad TM says we can't go to another one until next year.

Kearney - After all the fun was done, TM and MC loaded up all the crates and grooming stuff and started for home.  For a little while, I thought MP was going to keep Chase, but she sent him with us.  We all got in our crates and fell right to sleep as TM drove us all homeward.

MC, me and my daddy, Chase, napping
It was a very long trip!  TM and MC kept stopping to let us out, but I have to say, I was quite tired of being locked up for 10 whole days!  We got to stop at a motel to sleep, but we didn't stay long enough to get good rest.  TM and MC finished the drive home and then unloaded and started doing laundry.  I thought Papa Ron would come over, but TM said she planned on going to sleep early.

Me and my dad at the Nationals
Lowri and I finally got to get out and run around.  We chased each other for a long time just to burn off the extra energy.  Now I think we are ready to go to bed too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday is about the Girls!

Kearney - My sister, Treasure, was third in the AM Bred class.  She looked very good!  I was very proud of her.  I thought she should have taken second but the judge didn't ask me.  Overall, TM says the judge has done a very good job.  MC got Treasure's picture with the judge.  I don't know about everyone else, but I am getting pretty tired.  I will be glad to be going home tomorrow.  I haven't seen a sheep in DAYS now!

Lowri - I am still a good luck charm!  Today my half-sister went Winners Bitch!  We were all excited and were jumping up and down.  It was so much fun.  I am having such a good time.  I am going to be a show dog too!  At least, when I am not herding ducks and sheep.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday - It's about the Boys

Kearney - I got to go into the ring today.  I didn't do as well as TM had hoped, but she said she is still taking the Best Dog home with her.  I love my mom! 

Lowri - You looked very handsome, Kearney.  But of course, today was really about me - AGAIN.  I had a couple of professional handlers put their hands on me.  They said I was beauuuuutiful.  One nice lady picked me up off TM's lap and just walked away with me.  She said she was taking me home to Georgia with her.  She gave me good scritches.  TM finally came over and took me back.

My daddy won the Herding Titled class.  I was his good luck charm again!  I sat there and watched and watched and then he WON.  My granddaddy, Hunter, went second in the Stud Dog class.  Daddy and Aunt Dolly helped him.

I don't ever want to go home!  This is sooooo much fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday at the Nationals

Lowri - I am having the BEST time!  My fan base has continued to expand.  EVERYONE loves me.  Several people have said they want to visit more with my daddy because they like how I look.  Of course, some of it is because my dad is very handsome.  They are thinking of bringing him some girlfriends.  I hope my mama doesn't hear about this!  I think my daddy is a playboy.  I am way too young to learn this kind of stuff about my daddy.

But, back to me...I am including a picture of me with some of my fans.  TM has promised to try to take more pictures.

MP and my daddy continue to have a great time at the show.  My half-sister, Nicki (I told you my daddy has a wandering eye), won her sweepstakes class.  She was also considered for BISweeps.  I can't wait until I can try my paw at showing.  MC has promised to be my handler!

Kearney - I think I stayed up too late talking to DC Beli last night.  I don't feel so good today.  TM gave me something to settle my stomach and I am resting today.  I hope I feel good tomorrow, because I need to look my best.  MC is going to show me tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We are at the Nationals!

Lowri - My Daddy just won Best Brindle Dog at the Megan!  I was there watching.  I am sure that I am his good luck charm.  I am his baby girl. 

Oh, Oh, Oh!  I am getting so many scritches.  I have had at least a dozen offers for new homes if I am not happy at TM's.  One man even offered TM 25 cents for me!  I am worth MONEY!  I was relieved that TM turned him down.  She has sheep and ducks!

Everyone here loves me.  I can hardly walk down the halls without someone wanting to talk to me.  I had one guy walk by with a BIG camera.  I started preening for him to get my picture, but he walked right on by!  I just don't understand why he didn't want my picture.

Kearney - We had a good time with Curly and TM's family.  I gave Curly one of my toys as a host gift.  He really liked it.  Then we had another long drive from San Antonio to Houston.  We got the van unloaded and got moved to our new room.  It is a big room.   Mama Cheryl will be here tomorrow night.  That will make Treasure very happy.

But tonight... DC Beli is sharing our room tonight.  He brought Amy with him.  I am in awe of him.  He was the very first Cardigan Herding Champion and I am SHARING A ROOM with him.  WOW.   Maybe he will give me some herding pointers so I can get TM to say AWESOME again.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy Monday

Kearney - We have had a very lazy Monday after the frantic last week.  Treasure, Curly and I have all gone on walks, played, eaten and rested a lot today.  Treasure finally figured out the dog door.   For a while she would only come in or out if she was immediately behind me so I lifted the flap for her.  Curly has been an excellent host although he wants to be boss.  At least he isn't really demanding about it. 

TM has pretty much stayed put where I can keep an eye on her.  She has gone out once or twice to visit with family.  She is behaving pretty well.  She hasn't embarassed us yet.

I hear that Lowri is keeping Mama Penni busy.  She is getting into all sorts of trouble and is watching everything so she can learn how to get letters after her name.  I will be happy to see the brat.  She likes to play with me.

Sunday's Trial

Kearney - I had another good day.  TM is very happy with me.  I won my Intermediate sheep class and now have new letters after my name.  They are HIAs.  Only one dog qualified on ducks.  It was a Border Collie.  I can't repeat what TM calls them.  I know she is just kidding, but BC's just have so much instinct and are soooooooo fast!  TM says that if she had paid more, she could have gotten my legs too.  I think she is just joking.  I think she likes my short legs.  But, it would be nice to be as fast as a BC!

Chase qualified in his started class and placed fifth.  It was a HUGE class of 16!  He won High Scoring Cardi Champion again.  He was a good dog too.  Treasure got her first PT leg.  We all had a good time.

Then TM left Lowri with Mama Penni and took Treasure and me to San Antonio.  We got to play with Curly.  He is a little black dog that belongs to TM's family.  He was lots of fun.  TM also showed us the dog door.  WOW! Curly gets to go in and out whenever he wants too!  I am jealous - well I am now, since TM showed me how to use a dog door.  I was a little bit afraid of it at first.  But now I can go in and out too.

Lowri - Man, everyone got new letters with their name except ME!  That is so not fair!  I want letters too.  TM said I could use the letters C U T E with my name, but I don't think they are official letters like Kearney, Chase, and Treasure's letters.

I got to play with a whole bunch of people today.  I even got to meet my Uncle Pilot for the first time.  Everyone loved me, even Uncle Pilot.  Then I started another BIG adventure.  I am spending two nights with MP and G'ma Carolyn.  That should be really exciting!  Of course, I am going to have to wait until Tuesday so I can tell TM all about it and have her post it for me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday CWCCA Herding Trials

Kearney - It was HOT today.  This morning was okay, there was a breeze and TM had parked under a tree and put sun screens on the van.  This afternoon was just plain hot.  We took lots of naps and drank lots of water.  TM also dumped Chase and me in the water trough to cool us down.

TM said I was a good boy today.  She said I was "Excellent".   I got my first Intermediate duck leg and was High Scoring dog on ducks.  Then on sheep, I started out having a gooooood time.  TM said I went deaf.  I didn't, of course.  I was just having too much fun on my own.  I finally settled down and finished the course.  Even though I was pretty wild, I qualified for my second Intermediate Sheep leg.  I was the only intermediate dog to qualify.  TM has hopes that I will be a good dog tomorrow.  But I gotta say, I AM still a puppy. 

Chase was a pretty good boy.  He didn't qualify on ducks but he finished his Started sheep title, so he gets to add HSAs after his name.  My sister, Treasure, qualified in Herding Tested.  That gave her the HT letters after her name and gave my mother, Hannah, her Register of Merit Silver title.  TM says I have to add that all the titles are pending AKC or CWCCA verification.

Lowri - Chase and Lowri got letters.  I want letters!  TM didn't let me chase the sheep or ducks at all.  G'ma Carolyn and Mama Penni held me while TM was busy with everyone else.  I watched and watched, but remembered that I shouldn't offer pointers.  Apparently, the dogs that are working don't like it when I tell them how to do it.   

I got to kiss lots of people and a number of different dogs.  I entertained myself with an empty water bottle for a while.  In general, I was VERY charming.  I ended up deciding that it was just too hot and I crawled under MP's chair and sacked out.  I hear we are going back tomorrow.  I hope I get to kiss people again!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally at the trials

Kearney - We finally got to the trial site today after nine hours in the car.  TM walked us all around.  We saw some ducks and geese just ambling around the farm.  I wanted to put them away, but TM thought they belonged loose.  The other thing I have to say is "It is HOT!"  TM walked us down to the pond.  Lowri jumped right in, but I wasn't going near it.  I am pretty sure TM wanted to put me in it and it was way bigger than the water hole she usually dumps Chase and me in!

We are now in the motel room resting for tomorrow.  TM says we will get up bright and early to go to the herding trials.

Lowri - There were lots of fascinating smells on the trip over.  We traveled for miles on a bridge through the swamp.  I wanted to get out and check it out or at least see it, but TM had other plans.  She wanted to get to the trial site.  I tried to see, but Treasure was the only one who had a room with a view.  I kept asking her for updates, but she was too busy sleeping.  What a waste of a view!

TM says I was very, very good on the trip.  I pottied when I was supposed to, and was quiet for almost all of the trip.  I did yip twice.  I was sleeping and stretched out.  My toes got caught and it startled me.  It startled TM too (G)  My toes got unstuck right away, so TM didn't even have time to slow down to come check.

When we got to the trial site, I saw some dogs herding sheep.  I offered some pointers, but TM shushed me right away.  I was just trying to help.  Tomorrow I will get a good spot to watch - on MP's or G'ma Carolyn's lap.  I plan on offering pointers then.  Maybe no one will shush me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Halfway to Houston

Kearney - TM booked us into a motel halfway to Houston.  We are somewhere in Miss Ippi.  TM wanted to give us a chance to get out of our crates and play for a bit.  Right now Lowri, Treasure and I are on the bed with TM.  Chase is in a timeout cause he felt he should be the boss.  TM assured him that he wasn't.  I am stretched out on the pillows just waiting for the room to cool off some more.  TM still has to program the GPS with instructions for tomorrow.  Then we will all go to bed.

Lowri - I got to see G'ma Janet!  She let me out of jail and walked me and Kearney while TM fed the van.  When the van was full, TM got Treasure and Chase out and we all got to play and potty.  TM picked up some stuff from G'ma Janet to give to Mama Penni.  Then we all got back in the car and went for a long time.  I tell you, I had my legs crossed before TM finally stopped and let us out!  Now I am ready for bed.  Traveling is hard work!


Kearney - Well not quite "Takeoff" yet.  TM still has to take Lowri to the ALPS so the people who can't remember stuff (although they still remember ME) can play with her.  Then she has to work for about four hours and then finally we get to leave.  We have a stop in Knoxville to pick up Treasure and one in Chat-a-new-ga to get something from G'ma Janet for Mama Penni.  Then we are officially off.

I think TM has packed the entire house.  You should see the van.  There are twelve crates - for FOUR dogs!  Then there is the stuff to make us look pretty and stuff to herd with and stuff to make TM and MC look pretty and...and...and.  I heard the poor van groaning!

Lowri - I get to go kiss people this morning.  Then I get to go to Houston to kiss people.  I have such a busy schedule planned.  I LOVE greeting people.  And Kearney, we aren't just getting Treasure in Knoxville, MC has packed all our food!  We have to get it.  Food is almost better than people.

Lowri - We just got back from ALPS.  Those people LOVED me.  I had so much fun kissing everyone!  I don't know how many people I visited with, but there were two rooms full of them.  I was kind of tired when I got done, but I WANT to go back!  TM said I was a good girl and didn't tinkle once. 

Here are some pictures of my new friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T - 1/2

Lowri - I am not speaking to TM!  I fully understand being mad at our mamas, Nicky.  Both Kearney and Chase got to work ducks this morning and sheep this afternoon.  What did I get to do???  I got a BATH!  So not fair.

Kearney - To make up for our less than stellar duck work, both Chase and I did very good work on sheep.  TM was very pleased with both of us.  That didn't stop her from dumping us in the water hole.  Oh well...

But the most fun was when TM wanted to find the furminator.  She knew it was in a bag somewhere.  She searched through every bag - even the ones in the van.  She kept telling me that she knew I had hid it, but I didn't.  I WANTED the old, dead hair out.  She finally found it in a bag she had already looked through twice.  She put me on the grooming table and started to work on me.  She said I must have heard that I was going to a dog show, cause I turned loose of all my coat.  I just want to be cool so I can chase the sheep in Houston.  We leave tomorrow afternoon.  I can't wait!

T - 1

Kearney - TM let both Chase and me work ducks yesterday.  We were both a bit excited and had fun.  I was fast in taking directions and over-flanked each time.  You should have seen TM's face, cause we are doing the last minute work on stock (G)  I finally gave her a break and slowed down to do some very pretty work.  Then Chase came out and did the same thing.  It was too funny.  I shouted at him some to go faster, but he also decided to behave.

Tonight, we will work ducks again, go to Papa Ron's and work sheep. Then tomorrow we leave.

Lowri - TM cuddled me some last night.  She likes to rub my freckles on my belly.  Then she put me on the table and had me do something called a stack.  I kept moving because she had some food right in front of my nose.  She would take the food away, place my feet again and get the food out.  OF COURSE I would move, I want the food!  TM was very patient and kept putting my feet where she wanted them until I left them there.  THEN I got the food.  I think I understand this game.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two days before we leave!

Lowri - I live in the penthouse suite when my daddy is visiting.  When TM brings our food, I go racing to the suite.  I stand up and give a jump.  TM helps boost me the rest of the way.  I LOVE food.  I will do most anything for food!

This morning, TM looked for her camera so she could take pictures of me and my daddy out playing in the yard.  When she realized the camera was already packed in the car, she decided not to take pictures.  She was NOT going to unpack a single thing - it might not make it back into the car.  So hear is another picture of me, herding the ducks.

Kearney - Fortunately for us, TM found her list for packing.  It had been on the computer that was dying.  TM  had copied all the files, but they are still on the thumbdrive (I know all these computer words, cause TM was once a techie - she sometimes speaks those words).  Anyway, she now has it on paper.  She checks things off as they make it into the car. 

All last night, TM was busy.  She would let me out and Chase and Lowri in.  Then pack some and let Chase out and me in.  Then pack some and let Lowri and me out and Chase in.  This went on for HOURS.  One time she let Lowri in and Chase out with me.  Fortunately, she realized her mistake quickly.  Chase and I were just starting to say words about just whose house this is - MINE!  Finally, the dogs that were in went out, came back in and we all went to bed.  I know I was tired just watching TM.

So now there is a big pile of stuff on the sofa.  TM can't load it until she picks up some stuff from Papa Ron's place tomorrow night.  So I guess there will be no lounging for us!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lowri - WOW, we have been busy at our house.  This morning we came home from Papa Ron's house.  Then TM unloaded the van, and started repacking it.  We have stuff everywhere!  TM keeps muttering about the list, where is the list?!?  She has four crates set up, a bunch more folded up, there are bags and boxes and STUFF - that is in the van.  You should see the house!

Then in the middle of it, TM loaded me in the car.  I got to go on a trip by myself!  We went to this building where there were dogs and cats and people.  I started beating TM with my tail the minute I saw the people.  Of course, they all came and crowded around me to pet me.  They commented on how cute I am (duh!) and how BIG my feet are. 

Then I got to go in to see the man.  He had two ladies helping him.  They petted and petted on me.  I kept trying to kiss the man, but he stayed just out of reach.  The man said I weighed 16 pounds 12 ounces.  TM said that was just right as I am 16-17 weeks old.  Then the man STABBED me!  I looked up at the ladies and they told me how brave I was, so I didn't cry or anything.  But, that is IT for the more kisses for him!

TM said that I got my rabies shot so I could go on the big trip.  We are going to Houston, wherever that is.  TM told the people that I got to go on the trip just so I could greet people and kiss them.  YES, I knew this trip was going to be all about me!  Can we go today?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farm Work

 Kearney - I got to help TM doctor the lambies this morning.  I brought the babies into a corner and held them for TM and Mama Cheryl.  They gave the lambs shots and wormed them.  When they would try to catch a lamb, I made sure the lambs didn't escape.  It was very exciting and got my blood pumping. 

When they were done with the doctoring, I got to drive the lambs both ways around the pen.  That is hard to do when your blood is pumping!  Even so, TM was very pleased with me.  MC took some pictures - finally, I have pictures of ME!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dog Breaking the Lambs

Kearney - TM took me out to the round pen to work the weaned lambs.  I made sure the mean mamas were nowhere around, cause they have butted me before!  Once I was sure it was okay, I rounded up the lambs and, brought them to TM.  We walked back and forth around the pen.  TM reminded me to stay far off them so I wouldn't scare the lambs.  I held them very well.  TM told me she was very proud of me.  My tail went way up in the air, I was so happy.

Then TM took me back to the car.   She dumped me in the water hole and rinsed me off.  It was COLD.  My poor...umm, unmentionables...tucked right up.  TM put me up and got Chase out.

He didn't stay as far off the sheepies as I did, so he had to fetch them back a lot more.  TM kept making him work until he got the idea that the lambs were supposed to stay BEHIND her and follow her along.  Either he got the idea or he got tired.  Either way, she was happy with him too.  He also got dumped in the water hole to be rinsed off.  We have a LOT of mud here.  It rained hard last night.

Lowri - I had to stay in jail.  TM wouldn't let me chase the lambs at all.  That is so not fair!  She did let me come with her to feed the cows.  Chase and Kearney had to stay in jail.  HA HA!  I didn't get dumped in the water hole.  <snicker> The boys sure looked funny when they got out of the water.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday

Lowri - I had a good day today.  TM gave me lots to eat, raw meats and veggies, nummie!  Then one her clients demanded to see me.  I got to run out all by my self.  The lady grabbed me up and snuggled me.  I got to check her tonsils when she said something.  TM laughed and said I had a very fast, LONG tongue.  I got lots of good kisses from the lady, but she was careful not to let me kiss her again.  I LOVE greeting TM's clients.

Kearney - I am saving my energy for tomorrow.  TM says that we will get to dog-break the little lambs in the round pen.  They will be very wild and fast.  Chase and I get to teach them to stay with TM.  I can't wait!  They are the most fun at this stage.  We have no idea what they are going to do.  TM says it is good practice for dealing with sheepies at the trials.  I am a lucky dog!