TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and Farm Work

TM - I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  We had a lovely service in church.  It was good to spend time in reflection on the reason for the day.  Dinner with family made it end nicely.

Lowri - I had a great day too.  I got some Easter dinner.  It was yummy.  I also got to help TM with the sheep.  She bought some trimmers for the sheep's feet.  The ram really needed his feet trimmed.  So, after an early dinner, we went down to feed and work.  Of course it started raining right then.

Poor TM.  She discovered when we got to the barn that her oilcloth slicker was back in town.  She got a rain jacket out of a cubbyhole and a hat and we went to work.  I herded the ewes and ram into the small pen.  TM moved two of the young ewes back out as their feet were fine.  I had to sit to the side.  It took several tries before I understood I was suppose to stay there and NOT help TM move the two ewes out of the pen.  TM actually yelled at me!  Sheesh!

Anyway, I sat there and TM went to work.  She caught the sheep one at a time and trimmed their feet - in the pouring rain.  Okay, picture this, TM bent over wearing a rain jacket and jeans that are too big...on second thought, DON'T picture it!  She was doing a plumber imitation.  Let's just say she got very, very wet!  I got bored after a bit and went exploring.  TM finished up all the sheep and we moved them out to the big field.  Then we went to the barn and built Gracie a stall inside.  It is nice that she can stay dry.

Okay, I don't get this part.  It is raining buckets, I am soaked and TM tells me to "go to water."  Seriously??  I did and she rubbed the mud off me.  Then she hosed me clean.  It's a good thing she keeps a towel in the car.  When we got back up to the house, it quit raining. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Lowri - My rooster is fitting in well.  He is strutting around the bird yard, eying the young chicks.  They hurry out of his way.  The pheasant don't quite know what to make of him.  He sure is handsome.  He is a big Rhode Island Red.

Gracie, the cow, is going to have a baby!  She is starting to build a bag.  TM thinks she will have it in a few weeks.  I can't wait.  Maybe I will get a calf to go with my lamb and my rooster.  (TM here - I sort of sold Lowri's lamb last week.  I had someone who wanted her and I just let her go.  I have been telling Lowri that the OTHER triplet ewe is hers.  I am not sure she has figured it out yet.  I don't plan on telling her.)

My Daddy is at the Nationals.  He competed at the herding trial today.  NO ONE has told me how he did.  TM doesn't know either.  There were sheep and ducks and LOTS of Cardigans.  I wish I was there too!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Lowri - It's Friday, it's Friday!  I am so happy we are at the farm.  I love it here.  I jumped on PR to tell him how happy I was to see him.  Aidan wasn't too thrilled with me but I didn't care.  I love being with PR.  TM likes it too.

On our way to the farm, we had an adventure!  TM drove us to this place out of town.  She left for a few minutes and came back with a rooster in a box!  She put him - and the box - in the crate next to me.  I went crazy on the way to the farm.  The rooster smelled AWESOME!!!  I tried and tried to get to him.  I don't remember much of the rest of the trip.  I do have a vague memory of "baddog" being said several times, but I am not sure.

The rooster is five months old and is HUGE.  I don't think the chick chicks are going to like him -  at least not for a few months.  I am not sure what the pheasant are going to think of him, but they are all in for a surprise in the morning. 

On another note, my Daddy is at the Cardigan Nationals in Arizona.  He will be herding tomorrow.  I have my paws crossed for him.  I hope he listens to Miss Ellen.  In 2011, he was the High Scoring Champion at the herding trials.  In 2012, he finished his Herding Excellent title on Sheep (HXAs).  I can't wait to hear how he does this year!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

All Gone and other stuff

Lowri - TM and I were kind of sad to see the neighbor dog was gone this morning.  Apparently, Animal Control came and got him last night.  Even though he had a hideous bark, we are sad.

We went down to be with MC this afternoon.  She was having cataract surgery on her left eye.  TM drove her there and waited with her.  When TM brought her got home, she had a big, clear plastic patch over that eye.  It didn't make her look very much like a pirate.  The doctor said she has to take it a bit easy for a while.  No lifting of hay bales.  Good thing she thought ahead and carried some down to the sheep.  TM offered to feed the sheep, but MC said she had all ready done so.  Those LYING sheep tried to get TM to feed them again!  Have they NO pride?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neighbor Dog

Lowri - TM called Animal Control this morning.  They said they would be out to check on the poor neighbor dog.  Before they got there, the new neighbors showed up.  TM talked to them about him.  They said Animal Control was supposed to pick him up on Monday.  Apparently, he snapped at the lady (old owners).  She said she was afraid of him and wouldn't take him to the new home.

I ask you, WHAT DID SHE EXPECT?  They never touched their dogs.  The poor things sat in their yard hoping someone, anyone, would talk to them.  TM did every time she was outside.  The poor dog that was left, just wanted someone to love him.  TM and I are very upset over this.  It is sad.

I am so glad I have someone who cares for me and friends that love their dogs.  Please give your dogs an extra scritch tonight.  All dogs need hugs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We're Upset

Lowri - TM and I are upset today.  The neighbors sold their house last week and packed up and moved over the weekend.  They took two of their three dogs.  The third one they LEFT!  I don't know how people can do that.  TM thinks they may have given him to the new owners, but those people haven't moved in yet.  I feel so bad for the poor dog.  Who could do that????

Yes, he is noisy and has been a mess since they brought him home as a puppy.  Yes, he has a hideous bark.  But to just leave him alone with an empty house?  I have barked with him today and run the fences with him because he is lonely.  TM is going to call Animal Control in the morning and report the bad people.  Yes, he has shelter.  He probably has food and water, but he is ALONE!

I am glad I live with TM!  Papa Ron was pretty shocked that the people could do that.  If I ever see them again, I am going to bark at them!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Lowri - I had the best time today.  I helped TM a LOT.  I helped her separate the lambs from the ewes.  We put together two sets of ewes.  Each set had two older ewes and an older lamb.  Once I got everything set up correctly, we had company arrive.  MC and another lady, Miss Carol, each drove up within a couple of minutes of each other.

TM is helping Miss Carol learn to herd.  She talked with her for a bit and then MC got Dinah out.  TM took her out and worked her on one of my sets.  She did quite a nice job.  TM has high hopes for her at the herding trial in two weeks.  Then Miss Carol brought out her dog, Derby.  Derby is a nice dog.  She was polite.  Miss Carol, TM and Derby went out to work.  When they were done, MC had taken about 500 pictures.  TM told Miss Carol that Derby is going to be a very, very good herding dog.  She even told her why she thought that.

I got to come out to change sets.  I worked the new set for just a minute so TM could show Miss Carol how I balance to my stock.  Then TM worked Dinah again and then Derby got to work again.  Treasure got to work ducks when they were done.  She did a pretty good job.  TM is hoping she will hold it together at the trial.

After a quick break, TM and I came back down to re-sort lambs.  We loaded up the ewe lambs and headed for Knoxville.  TM and MC were selling some of the lambs.  That went fast.  TM and MC loaded up Big Mama and the little triplet and we headed home.  I never even got out of the car!  TM unloaded the two sheep in the rain, unhooked the trailer in the rain and went up to chill with PR.  Fortunately for us, she took a shower.  She was very smelly!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

TM is a HAM

Lowri - I had a blast today.  I got to bark at people walking their dogs.  I got to chase every bunny that even thought about coming near our yard.  I got to root under the shed.  I got to roll in the grass.  I got to do anything I wanted to do because TM was gone.  She was out learning to be a HAM. 

I think she was already pretty much of a ham.  She clowns around a lot.  But, apparently, this was not a clowning kind of class.  TM was studying to take the Ham radio operator test.  She evidently studied hard, because she passed the test.  At least I got fed before she left.

When she got home, we packed up and went to see Papa Ron.  I love it at the farm.  TM let Aidan, Daisy and me out while she played in the garden.  She did some scowling at Aidan because he had dug up some of her strawberries.  She replanted them and watered everything.  Tomorrow I get to go herding.  I can't wait!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dory is Eating All She Wants To Eat

Lowri - I hear that Dory, my father's latest girlfriend, is being allowed - no, encouraged! - to eat all she wants.  Will someone PLEASE tell TM that this is the PROPER way to treat a girl who is pregnant?  I am not getting ANY extra food.  TM says I won't get more food - beyond my normal daily rations - until April 11th.  She says I don't need to get fat.  I AM PREGNANT!  I NEED MORE FOOD!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lowri - I thought I was going to have to report The Mama to the authorities.  She seemed bent on STARVING me today.  I did not get my breakfast until almost 3:00 today.  Sure, TM SAYS it was because she was slammed at work.  Just because SHE didn't get breakfast until AFTER she fed me, doesn't mean I was starving any less.  It is a good thing I don't know how to dial the phone.  That's all I have to say...

On a brighter note, TM made me four weeks of food last night (what she did last night does NOT counteract starving me today).  She is busy reading the new puppy care books by Myra Savant Harris, R.N., as well as some other puppy articles.   One said I shouldn't get liver daily, so she immediately pulled stuff out of the freezer to make me another batch.  The first batch has some liver mixed in the ground-up portion, not a ton, but TM isn't taking any chances with my babies.

I now have about two months of food in the freezer.  She will have to make ANOTHER batch when I am about seven weeks along to remove the raw, meaty bones.  I am ALL in favor of her continuing to make me food.  I need LOTS of food - for my babies, not for me, for my babies.  Are you buying that? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Great Huntress

Lowri - I AM the Great Huntress.  I have great hunting abilities.  Last night Aidan and Daisy came to town with PR.  I showed them around the yard and was a good hostess.  When TM and PR were in the sitting room watching TV, I laid on both of them.  I let Aidan have PR's lap, but I made sure PR had plenty of dog to scratch - namely ME.

This morning TM let Aidan, Daisy and me out.  I took off for the shed with Aidan in hot pursuit.  I let Aidan flush the bunny right into my jaws <smirk>  I caught it and I wasn't sharing!  Aidan grabbed the head, but I was NOT letting go of my prize.  When PR called, Aidan and Daisy dashed right in.  I knew better.  PR squealed on me to TM.  He told her I had caught a bunny.  Sure enough, TM came out and took MY rabbit away.  I NEED to eat!!  I have babies coming!  This wasn't a little, bitty bunny either.  It was a fully grown rabbit.  AACK!  I hope it wasn't the Easter Bunny!!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm Number 7 Thru February

From a show last fall

Lowri - I am the number 7 Cardigan both in Breed statistics and All-Breed Statistics thru February!  That is so very cool.  I did it in two show weekends.  That's right, thru the end of February, I only went to two weekends of shows - four shows total!  And I am Number 7!

Sadly, I am done showing until late fall.  Puppies will do that to a girl.  That is probably it for my top-10 rankings this year.

Here is the link for the All-Breed Statistics:

Here is the ShowSight list of the top-10 Cardigan-Only statistics:

 Dog Name
     Owner and Breeder
GCH CH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh  (F)
Owner:    D Planche/D Shindle/J Divens
     Breeder: J Divens/B Divens/D Shindle
GCH CH Aubrey's Tails Of Mystery  (F)
Owner:    C Savioli/V Savioli
     Breeder: S Michael/C Savioli/V Savioli
GCH CH Mariel's Harvest Moon  (M)
Owner:    M Mizelle/J Bruce
     Breeder: M Mizelle/H Jones
GCH CH Serah Celtic Legend Of Llynhill  (M)
Owner:    B Tannahill/P Smith
     Breeder: P Smith/J Smith
GCH CH Allegro Southern Charm  (M)
Owner:    J Lamy
     Breeder: J Lamy
GCH CH Kosmar Striking Back Of Bridgelady  (M)
Owner:    M Stahr/G Roach
     Breeder: B Money/H Jahelka
GCH CH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment HSAd HSBd  (F)
Owner:    P Adrian/S Long/C Kienast
     Breeder: J Suber
GCH CH Aurigan Dunes National Treasure  (M)
Owner:    Y Loveland/W York-Patten
     Breeder: D Phillip/P Bennett
GCH CH Afara Send In The Clowns  (M)
Owner:    E Banaszak/P Chen
     Breeder: P Chen
GCH CH Turn-Key's Little Big Man RN  (M)
Owner:    M Hulme
     Breeder: T Bosemer/B Money
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Herding Lambs and Sif

Here are some pictures that MC took of me yesterday.  In this first one, Sif is keeping pace with the lambs.  They aren't sure what to make of her, but they are more worried about me.  I was keeping them moving along the fence.   Can you believe how much SIF has grown?

Here I am doing my Border Collie imitation.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Sister, My Cousin and Herding

My sister, Ginger, and my beautiful mother, Scout
Today was a very good day!  My sister went Best of Breed at the supported entry for Cardigans in Louisville, KY.   Ms. Vivian Moran was the judge.  My beautiful mother was Select.  It was a very good show!  If you remember, Ginger was RWB at the Nationals.  She is very pretty. 

My boyfriend's son, Darren, just won BOB at Crufts.  My boyfriend is the #2 Stud dog in England.  If I understood Ms. Paula correctly, Darren is the only one of his kids that is over there.  That is pretty cool.  Now this part is weird.  Darren is my cousin.  His mother is my father's half-sister.  That means I am dating my cousin's father.  Ewww!  I may be scarred for life.

I think I want to talk about herding instead.  I got to do a lot of herding today.  First I moved all the ewes and lambs into the duck arena.  I separated the older lambs and moved everyone else back to the field.  Then I worked the lambs.  I did a VERY good job.  They are getting to be dog-broke.

Then MC came and Dinah got to work my lambs.  She did not do a good job of controlling them.  She likes it fast.  TM got me back out and I brought a well dog-broke ewe out.  That really helped steady the lambs.  Dinah did an excellent job after that.  When TM went to put the sheep away, Dinah went brain dead.  She was tired.  TM put her back on leash and helped her put the sheep back out.

Then TM and MC got the ducks out for Treasure to work.  They decided that Kearney must have gotten most of the herding talent in that litter.  Treasure is very willing to work them, but she doesn't understand the whole idea.  We hope that Treasure can finish her HSAd title in April.  If the ducks cooperate a little, she and TM should be able to pull it off.

 Now this is weird. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, Dickens, with Ms Paula.
Lowri - I just found out that my boyfriend is the #1 stud dog in the country.  He also sired the Best of Breed winner at Crufts this year.  I have EXCELLENT taste.  He is so handsome.  His kids are doing so well.  His...Wait Just a Cotton-Pickin' Minute!  He is a PLAYER!  I sort-of knew that, but this is PROOF.  What have I done?!?!?  I have given my heart, my virginity to a PLAYER.  He will NEVER be true.  He probably doesn't even remember who I am.  He...

TM - Wah wa.

Lowri - SQUIRRELS?  Let me out!  I have to chase them out of my yard.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Lowri - We haven't been doing much of anything.  TM works during the day.  I have been out sunning myself.  In the evening, TM gets on the treadmill and I get on the sofa to watch her.  When she finally is ready to sit, I climb into her lap and roll onto my back.  TM rubs my belly and chants puppy chants.  She is so silly, like she thinks she can influence what I am going to have.  I am enjoying all the attention.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday at PR's

Lowri - We drove to the farm last night.  TM was happy to see PR.  This morning, TM and I took a long walk then went to the barn to take care of the stock.  Whew, I was glad I got to stay in a crate.  TM was busy hauling hay for the cows - one bale at a time.  I think she hauled 16 bales.  Fortunately, they are pretty small so it wasn't too hard.

Then we went back to the barn and fed the birds, the sheep and Sif and Thor.  Then TM started re-baling some of the hay.  The ties have broken so she works hard to put them back to together.  She did seven bales for the sheep.  While she did that, Sif came into the barn for some petting.  TM is trying hard not to spoil her and mess her up as a livestock guardian, so no petting occurred.  Sif started barking at TM, demanding attention.  I could have told her that wouldn't work.  It didn't.  Pretty soon, Sif left to go play outside. 

Now I am laying on TM while she is typing my thoughts.  It has been a good day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Franklin Shows

Lowri - I had a great time at the dog shows in Franklin, TN.  On Saturday, I went Select to the fabulous Miss Libby.  She was Best of Breed.  Ms. Kathy Davis' puppy, Belle, had a great weekend.  She went Winners Bitch on Saturday and again today for two majors.  She is 6 months and 2 days old.  Today, Miss Libby went BOB again.  My beautiful mama was Select.  She moved very, very nicely. 

Last night, I climbed onto MC's bed and into her lap.  I draped myself over her and just oozed cloying sugar.  MC rolled her eyes at TM and said, "She's pregnant!"  I couldn't help it.  I LOVE MC.  I LOVE TM.  I LOVE EVERYONE!

We had a long drive home after the show today.  TM read her new book to MC.  It is Myra Savant Harris' book, Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care:  The Seminar.  They were fascinated by it.  There was lots of stuff they didn't know, some stuff they had heard of, and some stuff they knew.  TM is going to buy her other books.  TM kept chuckling as she read different parts of this book.

TM said I am done with shows until later this fall.  I am going to miss my hot oil baths.  I guess I will still have to put up with the pedicures.  TM likes to keep my toenails short.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Lowri -  I have massage brain.  It is AWESOME! 

TM has been massaging my neck for over half an hour.  She has been reading and watching TV and she had a spare hand.  She used it to massage my neck.  She worked on each of the vertebra and down around my shoulder blades.  Wow!  Every little spot that even thought about being stiff...MUSH!  I was practically snoring I was so relaxed.  Imagine, a hot oil bath, pedicure, massage and having my coat blown dry...then a neck massage that just kept on going.  I couldn't even move.  Yawn.  I think I will go to bed.

Dog Show Weekend

Lowri - We are going to the dog show this weekend!  TM has already given me my hot oil bath, massage and pedicure.  My whites are sparkling!  I look FAB!  I mean, why wouldn't I?  I have a boyfriend and everything.  I don't think he is going to be at the dog show, but I can still look my best.

TM says we aren't going until VERY early Saturday morning.  She gave me my bath tonight so my coat has time to settle back down.  I just have to try to stay clean through tomorrow.  That might be hard.  TM has let me have the entire yard again.  What with all the rain and snow we had this week, I just might get muddy when I chase off all the bunnies.

It is going to be so much fun at the dog show.  I know my brother, Tommy, is there.  His Mama Betty isn't feeling too good, but they are still there. Maybe I will get to see my beautiful Mama and my sisters.  I don't know who all is going to be there.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Most Excellent Day

Lowri - It is snowing!  We have about two inches of the stuff.  I love it because TM's clients start calling and cancelling their appointments.  That means I get her all to myself.  That makes it a good day.

Since she had time on her hands, TM made dog food for me.  There was liver, heart, kidneys, chicken drumsticks and thighs, lamb chops, lamb burger, gizzards and hearts, carrots, applesauce and LEFTOVERS!!  Man, the kitchen smells GREAT.  Even better, once again, I got to help clean up.  I am enclosing a picture of me as a youngster helping to clean up.  Today is shaping up to be excellent!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday At the Farm

Lowri - I got to go herding again today.  TM spent time with me on my outruns.  I don't like going clear out around which makes the lift and fetch problematic.  I can control their heads, but I can't do a straight fetch to TM.  That makes her cranky.  It is hard to balance my need for control against her wanting me to listen. 

Today, I helped TM move one of the ewes out to the big field with our ram and the cows.  Her babies are old enough to wean.  I did a really good job helping TM.  We got her separated out with very little fuss.  Her babies are calling out to her.  It is kind of a sad sound.  Fortunately, they will forget about her in a couple of days.  TM makes sure there is plenty of grain for the lambs.  They are growing like weeds!

I am going to post some of my pictures from yesterday, because MC takes great pictures.   TM really likes that I work like a cutting horse when I am holding the stock.  She just wishes I would work a little farther off the sheep.

Here I am bringing the sheep to TM
The lambs are very wild.  I am having a BLAST!
They are all supposed to stay together.  I am making that happen.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sif Update and Stuff

Lowri - So we are at the farm and I just have to say EEEEWWW.  Aidan thinks I am HOT!  TM and PR have been leaving me in the xpen so he can't bother me.  For those of you who may not remember, Aidan is PR's neutered Vizsla.  He is handsome, but I am true to my boyfriend.

MC came up this afternoon with Dinah and Treasure.  Dinah got to herd my sheep and lambs and Treasure herded my ducks.  They both did a very good job!  TM thinks that Dinah will easily get her HT in April and Treasure should do fine on the ducks - as long as the ducks are willing to cooperate.  TM was very happy with their work.

I got to do all the set-up work.  I had to help TM gate-sort the sheep and lambs.  It would have worked a little better if TM had paid better attention when she was managing the gate.  But, she finally got the right lambs in the correct fields.  Then I went to my crate and yelled instructions to Dinah while she herded my sheep.
The ram, Sif and Thor. 

Finally, TM got some more pictures of Sif.  She is still pretty cute!

Thor is taking really good care of Sif.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Met the Boyfriend Again

Lowri - So MC came up again last night.  TM already had my boyfriend warming up and had checked him out on the slide with the microscope set to 80X.  Amazing how that works when you look using proper magnification.  Poor TM.

MC looked at the slide and then off we went to the big dog table.  I have to say, the romance books just don't know what they are talking about.  Having a boyfriend is not all that great!

Once the deed was done, TM and MC went out to dinner.  Yet again they had fajitas and I didn't get any!  Don't they know I am carrying BABIES?!?!?!  I NEED more food - especially fajita chicken!

Now we are up at Papa Ron's for the weekend.  TM always is more relaxed there.  She sleeps better too.  Good thing PR gets up early, we would never get fed if we had to wait on TM!  When she got up, we went down and fed the livestock.  Sif is looking very cute.  She and Thor followed TM around as she moved stock to different fields.  Sif only got under TM's feet once.  She probably won't do that again.  She tripped TM and got stepped on.  It is hard when you are a puppy just learning how to get around.

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Boyfriend

Lowri - So, my new boyfriend arrived in a cold box yesterday.  TM immediately opened the box and put two small vials in the refrigerator.  I wasn't impressed.  I didn't see how she and MC were going to reassemble him.

About 6:30, TM finished with work and MC arrived right then.  Then it got weird.  TM pulled out her brand new microscope.  They pulled half my boyfriend out of the frig and put him into warm water - body temperature.  They didn't want too warm him up to fast.  They put a drop from the vial onto a slide and looked at it under the microscope.

There was lots of muttering and taking turns looking.  They couldn't see anything.  More warming, another slide, another drop.  More muttering.  Lots of worried looks.  More warming, again with the slide and muttering.  It wasn't that my boyfriend was dead, it was that they couldn't see anything.

Finally, TM said, "I know the collection was very dense and motile when Paula collected it.  Lets just do it and then figure it out."  They took me into the back room to the large dog table.  MC scratched me on my neck and....I am not going to tell the rest.  Lets just say that I did not see my boyfriend ANYWHERE!

When they were done with me, I got put in a crate.  TM didn't say anything, she just took that last drop left in the vial, put it on the slide, changed the magnification on the microscope from 150X to 80X and looked again.  Then she started whooping.  MC dashed over and looked and then they did a happy dance.  Apparently, the pieces of my boyfriend were dashing all around.  They looked healthy, happy and they were all over that slide.  TM and MC kept taking turns looking and they kept doing happy dances.  Apparently, 100X is perfect, but 80X is okay.  150X is NOT!

I am going to have babies!  My boyfriend's name is Dickens, MBIS GCH Twinroc Santa Paws.  He even has herding instinct!