TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lowri's Okay!

Kearney - We finally heard from Lowri tonight.  She is having a ball at MC's place.  She is playing with Treasure and is keeping a careful eye on my Aunt Monroe.  Miss Monroe is generally pretty good, but she is definitely the Queen of the house!

I was afraid to tell Lowri that TM made a batch of raw food last night.  I got to do the clean up and that is ALWAYS her job.  Fortunately, MC made raw food last night too.  Lowri got to help clean up for MC.  Whew, we dodged that bullet!

Chase and I both worked ducks today.  Our outruns were quite nice.  TM mainly just worked us on moving slowly and giving the ducks some room.  We are putting our best paws forward - lulling TM for the trials <G>

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Herding Trial this weekend

Kearney - We are assuming that Lowri's dognapper is treating her well.  She is such a cute little thing, I can't imagine anyone treating her poorly - especially MC.  TM said that MC is taking Lowri to the show in Lexington, while Chase and I go to herding trials.

We received the confirmation on the trial times.  TM wasn't thrilled that we get to sit through all the sheep entries before we can head home on Sunday, but it isn't a very big trial.  I think there are only 26 entries on Sunday.

I am going to trial in Advanced ducks on A course, and TM is going to try B course for the first time ever!  We are going to run Started ducks on B course.  TM has been busy reading the rules.  She is trying hard not to panic!

Chase is going to run on Started ducks in A course.  I think he should be able to do the job - as long as he doesn't go brain dead.  I sure hope there aren't any females in heat - that would really ruin TM's weekend!

Both Chase and I are trying hard to learn everything we can.  I know that at the trial we will be doing well to remember half of what we know.  It is just something about being at a trial.  There is so much adrenaline flowing and it is strange surroundings and strange ducks.  They won't know they are supposed to mind us.  It will be weird!  TM says we can do the job.  I sure hope so.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Kearney - Lowri was dognapped!  MC came up and traded Lowri for Chase!!!  I would NEVER have thought TM would go for that trade.  I can't believe this!

Oh well, I did get to go herding ducks.  Chase and I both got to tonight.  Chase went first.  His initial efforts were laughable!  He was so convinced that there was a breedable female in the yard that he lost his mind.  TM told him to get his act together and start working.  Once he looked around a bit, he decided he had better herd.  He did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. 

Then I got to herd.  I still am cheating at the top of the outrun.  TM warned me that I would have to fix that.  The rest of my work was very nice, if a bit fast.

Then Lowri and I were put in crates.  TM and MC put Chase and Treasure on the table.  After the breeding took place, TM and MC said Treasure was still a hussy!  When they were past the point of no return, MC realized that Lowri's crate was uncovered.  Poor Lowri, she may be scarred for life.

MC put Treasure in a crate and then came back and took LOWRI!  TM sniffled a few times but said if Aunt Betty could be strong, she could too.  TM said she will trade back on Sunday and bring Lowri home.  I hope MC doesn't hid her!

Sunday Afternoon

Kearney - TM didn't feel quite right on Sunday, so Lowri and I were outside while she took a nap.  I tried and tried to keep Lowri quiet, but it didn't work too well.  After her nap, TM felt fine and took us herding.

I got to herd the big mama sheep.  TM brought them all into the herding field.  Harry, the older wether, and the young ram came in too.  TM was not happy with my outrun, so I had to do it several times until she was happy with it.  I was cutting in too tight at the top.  After I did a better job with that, I took the sheep through the course.  At the upper corner (#3), I didn't want to go in because the cows were on the other side of the fence.  I am pretty sure they will get me if I try to get the sheep out of that corner.  Of course, that is why the sheep hang out there <bitterly>.

Anyway, TM had me doing circles both directions IN that corner.  The Away was scary as I had to look the cows in the eye as I went through.  TM said she was proud of me for trying. 

Lowri - I got to go first Sunday!  TM let me work the grown up sheep in the herding field.  I was very good - as usual.  Then TM did something really fun.  I put the sheep in the exam pen.  It has three sides to it.  I got to be the fourth side <VBG>.  TM went into the pen and pulled some of the hair off the sheep.  They are shedding, so it isn't bad for them.  When one of the ewes objected, I got to hold her in the pen.  I didn't quite get it right the first couple of times and she escaped.  I quickly brought her back.  TM was very happy with my work.  Boy, was I pumped up!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Chatre are coming! The Chatre are coming!

 Kearney - The Chatre are coming!  Chase was bred to my sister, Treasure, this afternoon.  We are now crossing paws that she settled.  We will know in six weeks, maybe sooner.  I sure hope I have little nieces and a nephew to play with.  MC and TM did the puppy chant - asking for exactly what they wanted as she was bred.  They are pretty silly. 

TM and MC went off playing today.  Lowri and I got to stay with PR.  When he let us out to go potty, Aidan, Lowri and I took off.  PR was NOT happy.  When we came back, we got locked up. 

Lowri - When TM came home, I was busy being sick in my crate.  She cleaned it up and gave me something to settle my stomach.  I kept it down even though I was sick again.  TM is keeping an eye on me.  We probably should not have listened to Aidan and gone exploring!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Herding Dogs

Lowri - Here are some pictures of me herding ducks.  In the first one, I am in Hot Pursuit.  The second one is all about the tongue.  In the third one, I am at the gate to pen the ducks.  I was a good dog!  
There is one of Kearney where he is holding the ducks.  You can see the tension in his body as he is waiting for one to move!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Lowri - MC is coming up tonight to help me with the ducks.  She is going to raise the circle holding the ducks so I can get to them.  I am so excited!  Finally, someone who understands the true purpose of herding.

Kearney - MC is going to lift the circle cage for you, me and Chase.  It isn't so we can eat them, Lowri.  It is so the ducks will stay in place until we get to the proper position so we can HERD them.

Lowri - Are you sure?  She isn't helping us forage?  That is so disappointing.

Kearney - She is also coming up so that Chase can check and see if Treasure is ready to be bred.

Lowri - Paws over my ears - LA LA LA LA.  I don't need to hear this about my Daddy and your sister!

Kearney - It is the reason that MC and MP first talked over a year ago.  MC wanted little TreaChas' (or Chasures).  Besides, I heard TM talking to someone about a potential boyfriend for you - in about two years.  TM, MC and MP are planning your future <G>

Lowri - Paws over my ears, paws over my ears!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Kearney - While I was in the house (see my halo?), SOMEBODY ate a quarter of a small pumpkin.  It was growing just outside the garden fence (inside the yard) at TM's house.  Chase had a stomach ache, so TM figured he was at least part of the problem.  Last night at PR's place, TM saw proof positive of who the real culprit was!  Did you know that if you eat pumpkin, seeds and all, the seeds go straight through?  Lowri does.

Lowri- I deny all charges!!!  But I will say that pumpkin is good <giggle>

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TM is Losing It (snicker)

Lowri - TM is losing it big time.  This morning she went to feed my Daddy and me.  She put ME in the big crate with Daddy's food.  I dug right in!  Then she went to put Chase in my crate with my food.  When she saw the wide blaze on my Daddy's face, she did a double take.  She immediately grabbed for the food I was eating and let me out of the wrong crate.  Oh well, I tried to get the bigger bowl of food <G>

We all got to herd last night.  I really bounced at the ducks.  They run FAST if they think you are going to eat them.  I gave it my best impression, but I was careful not to bounce ON them.  TM doesn't like it if you hurt them. 

TM was teaching me a new trick.  I am supposed to go right next to the fence to lift the ducks away from it.  That is a hard trick.  The ducks don't like me to do that.  I would much rather dive out at the last minute and go around them.  TM worked with me until I understood what she wanted.  I did it right several times in each direction.  TM knows that I will probably forget the new trick but she has promised to keep working with me until I completely understand it. 

My Daddy was silly.  TM sent him the opposite way and completely blew his mind.  She has been practicing an "Away" because that is his hardest direction.  Now he has forgot a "go by".  He is a silly Daddy <G>  TM will be working him in both directions from now on!  Other than that, he did a good job.

Kearney - I went last.  I also did a new trick.  TM was VERY proud of me.  I walked the ducks down the fence in my "hold them" mentality.  I made them walk slowly toward the gate and I concentrated on keeping them in a group and walking.  I was intense, but not too close.  When we got near the gate, TM told me "Hold Them".  I moved a little farther out and didn't let them move!  TM said I did that drive down the fence EXACTLY right!  She is going to see if I can do it again.  I noticed that TM didn't interfere with me at all.  She just told me several times while I was working that I was a good boy.  I LOVED doing that.  It felt GOOD!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun on Sunday

Lowri - I had the most relaxing, fun Sunday.  It was very nice.  TM got up and fed us and then my Daddy and I got to go outside to play in the yard.  We got to be pretty lazy!

TM and PR planted some fruit trees and then TM mowed our herding field.  Then she went to the garden and dug up the potatoes and picked some pumpkins.  I sure hope she likes pumpkin, cause that is what she got the most of out of her garden.  It is a good thing that she doesn't have to depend on her gardening skills to eat, cause she and PR would starve!  They got a pitiful crop of potatoes.  I didn't even steal any because there was such a tiny amount.

After that, TM gave all five of us pedicures.  We were very good and didn't give her much grief over it.  Then she ran into town to get Thor lots of dog food (he doesn't get to eat raw like we do).  While she was in town, PR called her with some suggestions of things to buy.  When she finally got home, we got to go herding!

Kearney - I got to go first.  TM had the lambs in the herding field.  I got to take them through the advanced course.  TM was very happy with me because I did it with very little fuss.

Chase got to go next.  TM brought in six of the big sheep for him.  He did a very good job controlling the sheep.  TM had him run an Intermediate course.  She gave him some help going to the "Y" and a bit more going to the "Z".  She had him run the course twice.  He did much better the second time.  TM was happy with him.

Lowri - I got to go last.  I got to work the six big sheep in the herding field <giggle>.  I had sooooo much fun.  I did a Started course.  It was my very first time!  TM said I did a very, very good job.  I even did the outrun!  Okay, so it wasn't as pretty as Kearney's or my Daddy's, but it was my first time!  I made those sheep stay right with TM.  She walked along.  If the sheep weren't moving right with her, I bounced.  I did it in place, but it was enough to get those silly old sheep to move <G>  Then I ran ahead and bounced again to slow them down.  I had the BEST time!!!  My hold at the gate wasn't very pretty, but we did get the sheep to exhaust.  I am the VERY BEST puppy!

This morning, TM took us back to her house.  My Daddy got to work the ducks.  TM wondered who this dog was and what happened to Chase!  That is because he went out and worked like he should.  He did a lovely outrun, fetched the ducks to TM, stopped when she told him too and generally did a VERY GOOD job.  TM told him how good he was.  He was grinning like a fool (can I say that about my Daddy???).  Anyway, I am still the VERY BEST puppy!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pictures of Daddy and Me with Ducks

Lowri - Here are two pictures of my Daddy working ducks followed by two pictures of ME herding ducks.  We had fun!  You can see him eyeing Snowflake to make sure she doesn't go anywhere.

My Daddy even stopped when TM told him to - after she dragged him back to the right spot twice.  That seemed to clear out his ears.  TM was VERY happy with him after that!

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday!

Kearney - I was so glad to see The Mama when she came home from Ohio.  I had a good time with Papa Ron, but I really missed TM and Lowri.  Everytime I went outside, I went looking for TM.  Finally, Monday night, she came back.  We have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on everything.  TM has been a little cranky while she tried to catch up on sleep.  Lowri has been the Princess!  She thinks she is special - just because she won at WR.  I keep trying to tell her she is just my sister.

At any rate, I got to go herding today.  I worked the ducks.  I moved them all over the yard.  It was great fun.  Finally, I got to "hold" them near the gate.  That is my favorite part!  I make those ducks stand right there!

Lowri - I got to go herd ducks too!  It was fun to chase them all over the yard.  I like making them move fast <G>.

Tonight, we went to PR's place.  TM fixed supper and picked a couple of pumpkins out of the garden.  Now I am sitting in her lap, dictating.  Life is good.

Oh, yeah, tomorrow, Mama Penni is going to Texas to see my half-siblings.  She is pretty excited.  They are just baby puppies.  I can't wait to see pictures of them.  I don't blame them, but I have to say that my Daddy  is a player!  You would not believe it, but I have a LOT of siblings.  I hate to think about it, but Kearney's sister, Treasure, is just about to get my Daddy's attention.  He says she is starting to smell very interesting.  Poor Treasure, Daddy just isn't the faithful sort.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Lowri - TM and MC took and posted some videos of me and Ginger at Western Reserve.  I am going to put in several short videos so you all can see how fabulous we looked.

In this first one, I came into the ring and stood there for MC.

In this second one, I got to lead the class around the ring.

In this third one, I am on the table.

In the last on of me, I am going down and back and around.

I am also including one of Ginger on the table so you can see my beautiful sister.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Again

Lowri - We are finally home again.  We got home in the wee hours.  MC, Treasure and my Daddy all stayed the night.  They left this morning.  We had an uneventful trip home.  We took a brief side trip to Louisville to drop off my sister, Ginger, her buddy, Flirt, and my Aunt Kathy.  Ginger has a lovely yard with SQUIRRELS.  TM wouldn't let me chase them, but it was fun to see them.  We ran around and stretched our legs a bit.   Then we got back in the van (lots of stuff got taken out at Aunt Kathy's home).  We drove another five hours to get to our house.

I had the BEST time at Western Reserve.  I got to frap with Sally and Ginger, and see my beautiful Mama, Scout.  We had this huge area to play in, with a tent of our own for shade.  Our mamas gave us lots of water and we got to see everyone walking by.

Unfortunately Sally had to leave early on Saturday.  G'ma Janet had to go home and take care of her mama.  It was sad to see them leave.  TM talked to Janet several times to make sure she was still awake on the long drive home.  TM also gave her updates on how Ginger and I did at the show.

Friday night we were exhausted!  Ginger and I showed in Sweepstakes, our regular class, Winners, Stud Dog and Brood Bitch.  I also got to show in the Best of Breed class.  Do you know who all was there?!?!?  Famous Cardis - way too many to name!!!  And I got to be in the same ring with them!!!  WOW!  Sally showed in Sweeps and in Bred-by in the regular classes.  She looked wonderful too!  MC's Treasure won her class too. 

Saturday, we went back to the show.  I won the Sweepstakes class, Ginger was third.  Then Ginger won the regular class (6-9 month olds) and I took third.  Treasure won her class.  She and Ginger got to go to the Winners class, but the judge didn't have good taste at all and he ignored them.  We helped out Daddy Chase and Mama Scout in Stud Dog and Brood Bitch.  We slept good again!

Sunday we went back for more showing.  I won my sweepstakes class and Ginger was third.  Then I went BEST IN SWEEPS!!!  TM was very excited!  Ginger won the regular class and I placed second.  Treasure won her class again.  She and Ginger got to go into Winners again, but that judge didn't have good taste either!

I will say that I made a LOT of friends this weekend.  People kept telling me I was beautiful and petting me.  I had a number of people put hands on me and look at my teeth.  It was kind of personal, but they all said I was lovely.  When I was in the Best of Sweeps class, LOTS of people cheered for me.  That was very nice of them!

MC showed me and Treasure all weekend.   TM says she did a very nice job with me.  She was especially happy that she didn't have to go into the ring at all.  She just got to watch from afar.

It rained hard on Sunday.  They had a delay in the show of over an hour.  There was some bright flashes of light followed by big, booming crashes of thunder.  It was funny, whenever there was a loud boom, everyone on our end of the tent cheered.  Some of the dogs weren't sure if the thunder was okay, but with all the cheering, we decided it had to be.

TM, MC and Aunt Kathy loaded up the van.  My friend, Brenda, helped haul some of our stuff home - mostly G'ma Janet's stuff.  G'ma Janet had left us a bunch of stuff so we would be comfortable.  Our van was so full, Ginger and I got in our crates and they packed so tightly, our doors wouldn't open.  Fortunately we got to Aunt Kathy's house and unloaded BEFORE that became a problem.  Poor Aunt Kathy and Miss Flirt got packed into their seats too.  When we made a stop for gas, TM had to unload a couple of things so they could get out.  It was pretty funny <giggle>

Kearney has been at PR's place.  He got to run and play with Aidan and Daisy all weekend.  TM talked to him on the phone a couple of times.   He said PR was taking good care of him.  He had hoped to go exploring with Aidan, but TM had asked PR to make sure that didn't happen.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Lowri - Letters, I got LETTERS!!!!  TM says they aren't part of my name, but they are LETTERS nonetheless!  I was WB, BOW at CWCCWR today (Friday).  TM says that is a fine bunch of letters.  All I know is that I am exhausted!  I worked hard all day long!  I also helped my Daddy take a second in Stud Dog and my Mama win FIRST in Brood Bitch.

My sisters and I went 2nd (me), 3rd (Ginger) and 4th (Sally) in Sweepstakes.  Ginger took 2nd in our 6-9 month Puppy Bitch class (I won).  Sally took 2nd in her Bred-by class.  Then after I won, Ginger got to come back in.  TM was talking to MP - crying because I won - when she started really crying because Ginger went RWB!  People are strange. 

Well, I have to go, I can barely watch TM type!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Western Reserve

Lowri - I am going to Western Reserve!  We leave in the morning right after I see my chiropractor.  Tonight I am getting my spa treatment of a massage and a pedicure.  Then I get my bath.  I am being pampered.  I think it is to make me forget that Kearney isn't here. 

TM has been packing all day - when she wasn't working.  I have been supervising.  I am a good supervisor.  Let's see, my dog food, check; my treats, check; my grooming equipment, check; my ducks - WHAT???? no ducks?  Oh well, I had to try (giggle)

I may not get to talk all y'all for a day or so.  TM is taking the computer, but tomorrow is going to be very busy.  Oh, got to go.  My name is being called for my spa treatment!

Getting Ready

Lowri - We lost Kearney!  We had him at PR's house, but when TM drove off, he was still in his crate in the house.  I told TM about it, but she said Kearney was having a vacation with PR while we went to the Western Preserve.  I don't like this at all!  Kearney is my buddy.  He keeps me in line!  What am I going to do without him?!?!?

Hmmm, well, first I got fed (that's good), I have TM all to myself (that's good), I got to herd the ducks and NO ONE else did (that's very good), TM is packing all my things for the trip (that's good).  Ohhh yes, Treasure and my Daddy are going with us (that is very good).  I just hope we aren't going to that really noisy place that we went to two weeks ago!

TM says that I need to practice being a big dog (not good), I have to depend less on Kearney (not good) and I will get all the treats myself - except for a few that I am going to share with Treasure and my Daddy (mostly good).  Okay, I guess it is okay that we left Kearney behind.  But, I MISS him!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Want to Watch TV

Kearney - Last night TM was working at the computer.  We wanted to play with her.  So I went over and bounced on her leg.  Lowri did too.  TM played with us for a minute and then went back to work.  So I bounced on her leg again.  She let us out.

Lowri - When we came in, I bounced on her leg.  TM ruffled my ears and asked what we wanted.  She said she knew we had been fed, we had just been out, what did we want?  When she went back to work, I bounced on her again.  Finally after about and hour of this - and two trips outside - TM gave up.  We went to the sitting room to watch TV.  She turned it on, we all got on the sofa together, and we promptly went to sleep.  We had TM to ourselves and could cuddle with her.  Life is good.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bowling for Sheep

Lowri - MC took some more pictures of me herding yesterday.  This first one is my favorite.  I call it "Bowling for Sheep."  It is not TM's favorite (giggle).  She thinks I should work quietly and well off the sheep.  It is WAY more fun to go bowling!  The second picture shows that I am behaving myself.   I am holding the lambs in a corner. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Herding Again

Kearney - I got to work the lambs.  They were pretty wild.  TM just walked while I held them to her.  They didn't want to stay with her either.  I made them stay with right with her.  TM didn't need to give me directions.  I love that kind of work.

My sister, Treasure, did a good job too.  She worked in the big field with two older sheep and the young ram.  She mostly made them stay with TM.  At one point, she lost them and chased them out of a corner back to TM.  It was great!

Lowri - My Daddy did some very good stock work.  As long as he is fetching them to TM, he is outstanding.  He doesn't like the whole driving thing.  TM keeps working with him.  He will get it someday.  He got to put the sheep in exam pen.  TM let him figure it out and he DID.  He even held them there. 

I got to work the lambs too!  I worked really, really hard to hold them to TM.  They were a lot wilder with me than they were with Kearney, but I managed to keep them near TM.  It was great fun.  I learned a lot in the past two days about working farther out from the sheep.  They tend to move slower if you are not that close to them.  It isn't as much fun, but it also isn't as much work!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Herding Ducks

Lowri - MC brought my Daddy up to TM's house so we could herd ducks.  Here is a picture of him.  Isn't he handsome?  MC will bring him to PR's place tomorrow to herd sheep.

Kearney - I think we should mention that we had no Party Poopers last night.  Daisy and Aidan both made it through the night.  Neither Lowri nor I are showing any signs of illness.

I got to herd ducks too.  MC took LOTS of pictures.  Here are a couple of me.  If you look closely at the second one of me, you can see my tongue sticking out.  That is just like my daddy, Duncan, would do.

Lowri - Here are a couple of pictures of me herding ducks.  I am a bit wild, and I think the ducks should stay right at TM's feet, but I am learning.

I am driving the ducks in the second one.  TM was very proud of me!

TM posted two more pictures of me on Facebook. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bug Going Around

Kearney - Aidan had a bug.  Now Daisy has it.  Daisy isn't as sick as Aidan was, but she messed in her crate.  Lowri and I are feeling okay.  I hung out in the kitchen last night while everyone else was in the sitting room.  It was quieter.  TM kept checking on me, but I seemed to be okay.  When bedtime rolled around, I went into the bedroom and jumped on the bed with PR.  I was curled up next to him when TM came in.  PR, who doesn't like dogs on the bed, was just petting and talking to me.  I like PR.

Lowri - Poor Daisy.  She isn't as smelly as Aidan was, but she isn't feeling very good.  I think I might have brought the bug home from the show.  Don't know where else they would have picked it up from.  So, either we are going to get it or our immune systems are tougher than Daisy's and Aidan's.  We need to stay healthy, because Western Deserve is next week.  TM is going to keep an eagle eye on us!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Party Pooper

Lowri - TM is a PARTY POOPER!  She put the duck food in a tall kitchen trash can so I can't get to it - and I tried!  Then last night at PR's place, I was playing chase with Kearney (in the house).  She told Kearney to stop.  Then I was wrassling with Aidan and she sprayed both of us with the water sprayer.  Just because we wouldn't stop when she warned us a couple of times?  Party pooper, party pooper.

Kearney - TM may occasionally be a party pooper, but she loves us to distraction.  Lowri gets to sit on her lap a lot.  I could if I wanted to, but I prefer sleeping on the floor where it is cooler.  I pick a position where I can keep track on TM as she gets up and down all evening.

This morning, she got up before the alarm went off to come out and check on us.  She smelled the mess Aidan had made.   He was sick.  She got PR up so he could help her clean it up, while she took the crate out to hose it out.  His blanket is history!

Lowri - It was about time she smelled the mess!  While I am very sorry Aidan doesn't feel well, he stunk up the whole house.  Whew!  I was glad to get outside.  Poor Aidan will be going to the vet today, because he still has stomach cramps.  I hope he gets to feeling better.  He is one of my best buddies!  Daisy, the Peeking knees,  is visiting with us today while PR goes to see his doctor and gets Aidan in to see the vet.  Hmmm, I guess you could call Aidan a party pooper too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Baddog Lives On

Lowri - We had a pretty quiet day today.  TM brought us home from PR's place and went straight to work.  We hung around outside for most of the day.  I finally got bored and moved the x-pen that was guarding the duck food.  When I wiggled in, I tore open the bag.  The food was yummy!  When TM let us in to feed us, my tummy was full.  I tried to avoid TM checking to see how tight it was.  She felt my tummy and then put almost ALL of my food back!  I only got a tiny bit.  TM wasn't sorry at all that she was starving me!  Then when she mixed up twenty pounds of our fresh food, I didn't get to clean up!  I am a growing puppy.  I NEED food!

There is something else I did that TM is blaming me for, but I can't remember what it is right now.  WAIT, I meant something else that HAPPENED that I am getting the blame for.  I didn't do it, really!  See the halo?

Lowri Herding

Lowri - Here is another video of me herding - thank you, MC!  I appreciate all the photos and videos you take of me.   I love herding with TM.  We have so much fun <G>