TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is It An Otter?

Lowri - MC got this picture today.  Is it an otter?
I'm smiling.  See my teeth?

No!  It's ME!

Kevin - MC also got a picture of me.

I'm four months old.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun, Fun, Fun

Lowri - We will get the bad stuff out of the way first.  Daisy has gone from the duck killer to the chicken killer.   PR let the chickens out to range yesterday and then didn't realize he missed one when he locked up.  Daisy did not miss it.  TM found the dead hen when she took us out for our evening walk last night.  She was NOT happy about it, she likes her chickens.

Now on to the fun stuff!  Kevin and I got to help TM fix the electric fence in the big field.  We climbed the hill with her and stayed close - until she got distracted.  Then we made sure TM got some rest breaks.  She had to stop working on the fence every time we disappeared.  We gave her a lot of breaks.  Kevin and I went on some mad tears.  I just felt so good!

We also got VERY muddy.  It was AWESOME.  When TM was done, we walked out of the field and went right by the waterhole.  I couldn't resist.  I jumped right in.

Kevin - I didn't jump in, I was PUSHED - and NOT by my mama.  I got even though, TM had to carry me past the cows.  She was soaked by the time she put me down.

Lowri - Then we went down to the clean water by the beaver dam.  I jumped in again.  It felt great.

Kevin - I got pushed in AGAIN.  It did feel pretty good though.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Lowri - MP sent us pictures of my beautiful baby, Flutter.  TM says she is looking very nice.  I am a mother so I think she is perfect!

TM says I may get to see my boyfriend again this summer.  She says we might drive down to Florida for a rendezvous. 

Kevin - I want to go!  I want to see my daddy!

Flutter is about three and a half months old.

She has such a pretty face!

My baby!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Herding and My beautiful Children

Lowri - I got to go herding today!  I got to herd the ewes and the lambs and last year's lambs.  I had a GREAT day.  I let TM work with Dinah and Story on MY sheep.  I was very generous.  MC took some pictures of me working my sheep.  She also took pictures of my beautiful Fable.  Ms. Kathy set a picture of Peyton looking all spiffy.  I love getting pictures of my babies!

Kevin - I didn't get to go herding at all.  I just got to sleep on TM's lap.  That is almost as good as herding.  We also got to go for a lot of walks today.  I am getting very fast when I chase my mama.  Someday I will catch her!

TM is going to enter me in a cutting horse contest - well, I WISH she would.

Here I am holding my sheep.  TM says I am naked.

My darling Fable imitating the cows.

My first-born, Peyton.  He is so handsome.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Lowri - We live in the South for a reason.  That reason is because TM and PR don't care for cold, snowy winters!  TM is from Colorado and PR is from up North.  They each decided they were tired of the cold and moved to Tennessee.  We had anywhere from four to six inches of snow overnight.  It was great fun to play in, but my belly got cold!  I don't have six inches of clearance.

Kevin - You think you had it bad with your belly?!?!?  I am even shorter.  It was COLD running in the snow.

Lowri - I was only thinking of you and your cold parts when I tumbled you in the snow.  When you were on your back, your underparts weren't being dragged.  I thought of you a LOT today.  "Rolling Kevin in the snow" is a great game.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Handling Class

Lowri - We came back to town yesterday.  Then TM loaded Kevin in the car and they went to Knoxville.  TM was going to finish some routine care with MC's lambs.  Didn't she realize she would need me to help catch the lamb? 

Kevin - Apparently she didn't as MC caught it without even TM's help.  I got to play and play with my sister and Dinah and Story.  Then we went somewhere called Handling Class.  I got LOTS of cookies, just for running around in circles.  I got put up on a table and this lady got pretty personal.  She looked at my teeth and put her hands all over my body.  Then I got to run in some more circles.  There were lots of cookies involved.

Lowri - TM and Kevin got home in time to watch the Herding Group at Westminster.  TM was jumping up and down when the judge pointed to Coco Posh for FIRST PLACE!  We were barking to cheer her on.

Kevin - Miss Coco is my half-sister.  My daddy had an affair with her mama long before he met my mama.  I know he is being true to my mama, even though he lives in Florida.  He loved being here with us. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Losing my Place?

Lowri - Am I losing my place with TM?  TWICE today she left me at the house while she went out.  First she took Kevin and Thor with her to town.  Then, she left me while she went to lock up the chickens.  HAH!  She NEEDED me when she got to the barn.  Two of the stupid chickens had gotten out of the field and TM had to get them into the barn.  They didn't want to go.  When TM decided to have PR send me down, she realized she didn't have her phone either!  Double HA!  She had to put them away all by herself.

Kevin - Thor and I got to go to town!  TM took us to her favorite store, Tractor Supply.  They had a vet clinic there and Thor and I got our rabies shots.  I got to go into the store with TM.  I can see why she likes the store so much!  I got cookies!  I got checked out by the vet.  She got up close and VERY personal.  TM has told me that will happen a lot when I start my show career.  Then I got stabbed in my butt.  They were impressed because I didn't let on that I noticed.  That's when I got a cookie!

I had a lot of people admire me while I was in the store.  One guy even said he could tell I was a cattle herding dog.  He said he could tell because of my speckles.  TM didn't correct him and tell him that I have FRECKLES not speckles. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back at the Farm Herding

Lowri - TM had an incredibly busy week.  When she had down time, she very correctly played with us instead of typing my thoughts.  I also schmoozed some extra treats out of her.

MC came up today and brought Fable, Dinah and Story.  I graciously allowed them to herd my ducks.  Fable is having a bit of a tough week.  MC had to say goodbye to her old dog, Ms. Monroe.  Fable has taken it hard.  She is a bit insecure.  She was not happy to see the ducks.  TM ended up carrying her around and even catching a duck so Fable could see it.

Story did very well.  TM kept her on a long line and helped her move the ducks around.  Dinah also did a real good job.  TM spent a lot of time with her showing her how to move the ducks off the fence.  Both MC and TM were pleased with their work.

I got to work both the ewes and lambs and the ducks.  MC got some pictures of me working ewes and lambs.  One of the ewes really challenged me.  She chased and butted me.  I thought TM was crazy when she wanted me to go back and face her.  TM insisted that I move around the flock and stop when she told me to.  It was amazing, if I stayed out far enough, I didn't get charged.  TM doubts if I will remember that though.
Head 'em up, Move 'em out!

You think you can out move me???  ME???

Lambs are so much fun!
I got to do an Advanced run on the ducks.  TM said I did parts of it really well.  She said most of it was pretty UGLY!

Kevin - I got to play with the ducks!  Then I got to gait on leash.  MC gave TM some puppy crack (hotdogs) to really get my interest.  It WORKED!

I am sneaking around my ducks.

Whoops, I pushed a little too hard.

I love this dog show stuff.  There are LOTS of treats involved.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beautiful Day for Herding

Lowri - It was a beautiful day to go herding.  MC came up with Dinah, Story and Fable.  They all got to try their hand at herding.  Even Kevin got to herd.  I DID NOT get to herd.  I am DISPLEASED.  On top of that, I had a cold bath last night.  This is not my favorite weekend ever.

Kevin - I had the best time!  I got to herd ducks.  MC took a bunch of pictures before she realized that the memory card was not in the camera.  She missed a great picture of Fable and me with a big piece of sheep hair that TM combed out of the sheep last year.