TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Again

Kearney -  We are finally home again.  We are back with PR.  TM was very happy to see him again.  Lowri and I are sacked out trying to rest up from the trip.  You would think that we would be plenty rested up as we didn't actually do much - other than Lowri - but we are exhausted.

Lowri - I had the VERY BEST time at Nationals.  If I listed all of my accolades, it would be a huge list.  Oh who cares, I am going to list them.  Kearney, my Daddy's and Treasure's first, of course.

My Daddy, Chase, finished his HXAs title on Saturday and picked up a Herding Champion point on Sunday.  He only needs 14 more points to be a Herding Champion.  Ginger and I got him 4th place in Stud Dogs.  He is now on his way home with MP.  She is very excited to have him back.

Miss Treasure was an excellent girl.  While she didn't quite Q on Saturday, the next day she won her class and tied Kearney for Reserve High in Trial.  Kear won because he was in a more advanced class.

Kearney was AWESOME!  Almost as awesome as me <G>  Saturday, he placed 2nd in advanced sheep at the all-breed trial and earned a point to complete his Dual Championship!  He won his B-course Intermediate Duck and A-course Advanced duck classes.  He was High-scoring Cardigan on Sheep and High Combined.  On Sunday, it was a Cardigan-only day.  Kearney won almost everything.  He won his B-course Intermediate Duck, A-course Advanced duck classes and his A-course Advanced sheep class.  He also was RHIT, High-scoring Champion and High Combined.  He also completed his HIBd title.  That was all he did all week.  It was pretty good, but I did better <G>

I was MAGNIFICENT!   I was High in Trial on Saturday at the all-breed trial, High-scoring Cardigan on Ducks and High-scoring Champion.  I won my B-course Started Duck and A-course Started duck classes.  I won a beautiful, embroidered chair for TM.  She LOVES it!  On Sunday, I was a little too excited to Q in my B-course class, but I won my A-course Started class.  That was it for herding.

Then we moved up to the host hotel.  I had Monday off.  On Tuesday evening, I competed in the Megan.  That is a match for Champions only.  It is judged by three breeders.  I was competing with the top Brindle bitches in the country!  I made the cut with five other bitches.  The judges thought I needed to grow up a little bit more, so that was it for me in the Megan.  On Wednesday, I competed in Puppy Sweepstakes.  MP about had a heart attack because there were three of my Daddy's daughters that made the cut in our class; me, Ginger and Naughty Nola.  I won the class, Ginger was second.  I went on to win Best of Opposite sex in Puppy Sweepstakes.  I had Thursday off to rest.  On Friday, I went back to work.  My sister, Ginger, went Reserve Winners Bitch.  I won my Herding Titled class.  As I was the only one entered, it would have been hard not to win it.  On Saturday, I competed in the Best of Breed class.  WOW!  The entry was amazing.  There were some absolutely beautiful dogs there.  I made it until the final cut, and just missed getting an Award of Merit.  Oh well, maybe next time...

As I said earlier, Ginger and I helped my Daddy get a fourth in Stud Dog.  We also helped my beautiful Mama get a FIRST in Brood Bitch.  Then the Nationals were over and we got to head for home.  I am going to sleep now.  I am pretty tired.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday at Nationals

Lowri - My sister, Ginger, was Reserve Winners Bitch today.  She looked awesome.  My half-sister, Nola, was fourth in her class and Miss Monroe was third in 9-11 Veterans.  I won my class.

Kearney - I would HOPE so.  You were the only one in it!

Lowri - The judge said I was very pretty!  Then after my picture, I had my eyes checked.  I passed with a normal.  Now we are going for walks and then TM and MC are going for dinner. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CWCCA Nationals

Kearney - TM is trying really hard to report on what is going on, but her computer won't connect at the hotel.  She has to find a hot-spot and can only type as long as she has battery.  She is typing very fast, but that means lots of typos.

Lowri - I am still the BEST DOG!!!!  I made the cut in a HUGE Brindle bitch class in the Megan.  There were some fabulous bitches that didn't.  TM was crying over the beautiful class.  My half-sister, Nikki, also made the cut!

On Wednesday, I won the 15-19 month old Sweepstakes class.  My sister, Ginger, placed second.  My other half-sister, Naughty Nola, also made the cut.  I then went on and won Best Opposite in puppy Sweeps.  I am having the BEST time! 

Uh-oh.  We have to go.  TM's battery is almost shot!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

CWCCA Nationals All-breed Herding Trial

Kearney - Now Lowri will be completely insufferable!  She went High In Trial!  She beat Chase and ME!  This will NEVER do!  I did finish my Dual Championship.  TM was very happy with me!

Lowri - I am the best dog!  I am the BEST DOG!!! 
Here are pictures of today's results.  Notice the streamers blowing in the wind! 

I went High In Trial

I finished my Dual Championship!

I finished my HXAs!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I am Ranked, I am Ranked

Lowri - WOW!  I am famous!  I am ranked in Showsight.  I am #9, right behind my sister, Nikki (#8), and right ahead of my Uncle Pi (#10).  My Daddy's breeders have to be so very proud!

Kearney - There will be NO living with her now.

 Dog Name
     Owner and Breeder
GCH CH Aubrey's Tails Of Mystery (F)
Owner: C Savioli/V Savioli
     Breeder: S Michael/C Savioli/V Savioli
1 13
GCH CH Mariel's Harvest Moon (M)
Owner: M Mizelle/J Bruce
     Breeder: M Mizelle/H Jones
0 2
GCH CH Claymore's Madame Butterfly (F)
Owner: T Stewart/J Stewart/J Glenn
     Breeder: T Stewart/J Stewart/R Huff
0 0
GCH CH Serah Celtic Legend Of Llynhill (M)
Owner: B Tannahill/P Smith
     Breeder: P Smith/J Smith
0 0
GCH CH Telltail Like A Rolling Stone (M)
Owner: L Sams
     Breeder: E Robertson/P O'Donnell
0 0
GCH CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Paper Tiger (M)
Owner: W Bendinelli/J Williams
     Breeder: J Kimes/B Hoffman
0 0
GCH CH Avalon's American Day Of Infamy (M)
Owner: S Eighmy
     Breeder: J Maxie/J Maxie
0 0
GCH CH Wellshire Absolut Magic (F)
Owner: C Tompkins/P Weller
     Breeder: P Weller/E Weller
0 0
GCH CH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment PT (F)
Owner: P Adrian/S Shields/C Kienast
     Breeder: J Suber
0 0
GCH CH C-Myste Baledwr Free To Disagree (M)
Owner: C Cannon/A Katasse
     Breeder: J Kramer/A Katasse/C Cannon
0 2
GCH CH Legacy Legend's Run For The Triple Crown (M)
Owner: S Wilson/C Clark
     Breeder: S Wilson/C Clark
0 0
GCH CH Twinroc Buckaroo Forever Romeo (M)
Owner: M McGuire/L Buck
     Breeder: D Slaboda/L Buck
0 0
GCH CH Twinroc Santa Paws (M)
Owner: P O'Donnell
     Breeder: P Slaboda/D Slaboda
0 0
CH Mc Lea's Hurricane (M)
Owner: L James/J James
     Breeder: L James/K Lyons
0 0
CH Blacksheep Smoking Gun (M)
Owner: D Small
     Breeder: J Kimball
0 0

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yowza! Busy!!!

Lowri - Kearney got to have the chiropractic adjustment today.  While I wanted it, he hasn't had one, so I nobly gave him my spot.  I do love my Kear!

Kearney - I was a bit nervous about getting the treatment, but it wasn't too bad.  He said my back was really out of alignment.  TM is going to give me/us massages as soon as she gets done packing.  She has the van loaded to the popping level and MC is bringing a bunch of stuff tomorrow - along with the trailer.  I am not sure how they are doing all of this, but they load up like this every time they go to Nationals.

Lowri - TM even programmed all the pertinent info into the GPS.  It tells her where to go...I am just leaving that one alone!

So bright and early tomorrow morning, we get up, stuff the rest of the stuff in the van and off we go.  I will get to herd strange ducks on Saturday.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Day

Kearney - Boy, we had a busy day.  First, we got up and it was raining.  TM did a happy dance because that is what the garden and the fields needed.  Then she loaded us up and drove back to town.  We got here just in time to unpack and then do a full day's worth of work (TM, not us).

Lowri - Then it was time for my very favorite!  TM made us some dog food!  She did about 40 pounds of raw food and put it in the freezer.  Kearney and I got to clean up.  He is a silly dog.  When I start eying his bowl, he growls.  He can sound pretty ferocious.  I just bat my eyes at him and move on in.  He growls some more just for show as he moves to another bowl.

TM was planning out our day tomorrow which starts early at the chiropractor.  Once she got to thinking about it, she realized they had made a mistake.  The appointment was for my Daddy.  He is at Mama Cheryl's house.  NOT here.  Oops!  TM called MC and they agreed they had too much going on to add in a quick trip to hand off my Daddy.  So now, I get to go get adjusted in the morning in his place.  Poor, pitiful me ;)  NOT!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TM is Packing

Kearney - TM is packing up and it is only Tuesday.  Today she cleaned the minivan out, vacuumed it and reloaded a bunch of stuff.  Now she is writing LISTS of things to do. 

Lowri - And did you notice, Kear, HERDING is NOT on any of them.  You would think that TM would be doing some last chance training, but NO. 

Kearney - She was going to when one of the three ducks we have here started setting on her eggs.  That would only leave us two ducks to herd.  At a trial we will have five.  It is kind of hard to train us with only two ducks.  Besides, she was really happy with how we worked this weekend.  You just have to remember not to be so pushy!

Lowri - TM is going to make us some trip food tomorrow.  Guess who gets to help clean up - that would be ME, ME, ME!  I love helping TM make food.  Oh yeah, I got my hot oil bath and massage today too.  I am the pampered princess.  Maybe that will be my new name.  Not Zena, the Warrior Princess, but Lowri, the Pampered Princess.  Yes, I think that works.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Busy Day

Kearney - TM and PR had another really busy day.  PR went out and did farm work on the tractor.  TM went to town and bought a bunch of stuff.  When she got home, she went out to the garden and finished planting a bunch of stuff.  Then MC came over and we all went herding.   When we were done with that, she finished up the garden and made PR some apple dumplings. 

Look at how far I am off my sheep!
Lowri - TM got some good pictures of me.  I just want to make sure everyone notices that I am WAY off my sheep.  I worked the lambs and had a good time!

My Daddy got to go next.  He did such a good job, TM decided to stop after his first practice run.  She didn't see the point in making him continue to work when he did it right.  He was a very good boy.

Kearney - My sister, Treasure, got to go next.  She was pretty silly.  She barked every step all around the field.  TM says her outrun still isn't all it should be, but she is very responsive and is having a really good time.

I went last.  TM says I am ready to trial.  I am pumped!  We are leaving for National on Friday.  That is less than a week!

Lowri - MC sent us this picture she took of the ducks.  They are sure growing fast!  I don't think we will even recognize them when we get back from Nationals.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chiro and Herding

Lowri - My Daddy and I went to the chiropractor yesterday.  Both of us needed adjustments on our backs.  We are going to go back this coming week for another adjustment.  It was kind of strange, but I felt great afterwords.  TM also went in for an adjustment.  I can't tell that she is moving any better.

Kearney - TM had to stay home until the store delivered her roof shingles.  They didn't get to her house until almost noon.  That put her really late getting to PR's place.  Once we got here, she was really, really busy!  She planted stuff in the garden, put a fence around the garden and checked her fruit trees.  One needed some water badly.  She put some mulch around its base and watered it.  Then we finally got to go herding.

It wasn't a play at herding kind of day.  We had to do real work.  I had to bring the lambs up and hold them for TM.  She was giving them shots and stuff.  I did a really good job and helped TM a LOT.

Lowri - Then TM came and got ME.  I was the BEST dog for the next job!!!!  I have NEVER been the best dog before!  WOW!  I got to go into the big field and bring all the big sheep down to the middle field.  Kearney couldn't do it because the cows were there.  My Daddy couldn't do it because he doesn't like going through the baby blackberry bushes.  I went up (and chased the sheep three times around the big field - oops) and brought them down to TM.  She said I was awesome! 

Chase - I got to go last.  I got to work the sheep that Lowri brought down.  I took them around the field doing an advance run and then we did some gate cutting of two young ewes.  I helped TM doctor them because they are due to lamb in May.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mama Cheryl Was Here

Kearney - Mama Cheryl came over to TM's place tonight.  She brought Treasure and Chase so we could all go herding on ducks.

Lowri - I got to go first!  I LOVE going first!  TM had me sit at the post and wait.  MC put the ducks in a little circle pen.  When everyone was ready, TM made me wait some more.  Finally, she sent me to get the ducks.  I went running around behind them and MC lifted the circle.  I brought the ducks to TM.  I got to drive them around for a bit and then took them back to their pen.  MC caught them up and put them in the circle pen again.  I got to do it all over again.  It was FUN and I didn't pay any attention to MC - there were ducks to herd!

When we put the ducks up, MC asked TM if she would lose points for waving the stick around.  When TM said she would, MC told her she did it a lot with me.  TM laughed and said she HAD to with me.  I am not sure that was a compliment!

Chase - I got to go next.  I was VERY good.  I will admit that my stops were pretty lousy until TM walked through the ducks and had some quiet words with me.  My stops miraculously got better ;)  My second outrun was pretty straight.  TM made me come right back and do it again.  My next two outruns were very good.   So overall, maybe I was just good and not VERY good <sigh>  But, TM didn't need to carry a stick when I worked!

Kearney - TM had me work next.  I did two very nice outruns.  That is all TM had me do.  Then Treasure got to work.  She was EXCELLENT for just starting on ducks.  TM is thinking she may go far with ducks.  I was proud of her!

MC and TM went out to dinner afterwards.  It smelled very good when they got back, but they didn't bring us ANY.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Day

Kearney - PR was here last night and he and TM went to order the shingles for her new roof.  TM was very poor when they got back.  They retreated to the sitting room and we all went in with them.  I am not sure our sofa is big enough for everyone.  PR had Aidan on his lap, TM had Lowri while Daisy and I were curled up next to TM.  We stayed that way for quite a while and then I got down.  It was just too crowded.

Today, PR left bright and early.  He had to go back home to take care of the stock.  TM stayed here to work.  When she got done, we got to go herding.

Lowri - I got to herd first!  TM was only wearing a light sweater over her jeans and shirt, so she was cold.  That meant I only got to herd for a little bit.  I was very good and mostly kept the ducks together.  I was just getting good and warm, when TM said "that'll do."  We hurried back into the house.

Kearney - TM grabbed a coat and took me out.  I did an outrun and drove the ducks around for a bit.  TM didn't let me do much of any kind of pattern.  She just had me listen to her and move the ducks around as she asked.  I got to finish up with a hold.  That is my favorite!  Tomorrow, MC is coming over with Chase and Treasure.  She is going to help us with the ducks.  Then she is leaving Chase with us for the weekend.

Lowri - Tonight, after TM talked to PR on skype, I got to get my hot oil bath and massage.  I feel great!  I love being a show dog <G>

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Days and Counting

Kearney - In 10 days we leave for the Nationals.  I am beginning to smell the excitement.  TM is busy planning and training.  She hasn't started packing yet, but the lists are out.  I didn't get to herd yesterday.  TM had to mow the lawn, put in the water bucket that always stays full for the ducks and herded with Lowri.  I TOLD her I could move the ducks where she wanted them, but TM wanted Lowri to do it. 

Lowri - I got to bring the ducks out of the pen and move them around the yard.  I got to poke the white duck a lot because all she wanted to do was lie down.  I made her walk with the others.  I did some nice wide outruns and flanks.  TM is beginning to think it might not be a disaster when I herd at Nationals.  I am sure I can cause her to despair before then :)

PR will be coming over here tonight.  He and TM are going to be ordering shingles for the roof.  He and his guys are going to re-roof TM's house while we are at Nationals.  TM will be very broke!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Catching some sun
Kearney - TM and PR went to church this Easter morning.  TM said it was a good service.  When they got home, she planted some stuff in the garden and then took us down to the barn so we could herd.  MC came about then and got some great pictures of the baby ducks!  That is one of PR's pheasants in the background.

Then we went herding.  We were ALL very good dogs!

Lowri - TM says I am ready to trial on sheep.  Not quite there on ducks yet.  Of course, I am entered on ducks at Nationals.

Some of my stash
 After we were done herding, MC hid our easter eggs in the grass.  We had a fine time hunting for them!  MC had put cookies in them.  I LOVE cookies!!!  At one point, I put my nose down and tracked MC.  I found a BUNCH of eggs!
I can't believe I ate all these cookies (burp)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Herding and Good News

Kearney - TM took us herding again.  Chase got to go first.

Chase - I had to move Gracie, the cow, out of the herding field and into the big field.  Then I had to go get the sheep who ran up the hill ahead of Gracie and bring them down.  TM wasn't thrilled that she had to walk up the hill to show me where to go.  She said that Dora would have done the blind outrun for her.  I could have too, but there are too many blackberry bushes and I don't like going through them. 

Anyway, we finally got the sheep down and back into the herding field.  About then, PR came back from the sale with the new, young bull.  TM put me away and went to help PR.  Thor took one look at the intruder and chased him up the hill.  There went TM back up the hill to make sure that Thor didn't chase him (George) through the fence.  Gracie was right behind George and Thor.  Everything settled down and we went back to herding.

I got to go back out and herd.  I was EXCELLENT!  TM told MP I was fabulous!  I actually listened to TM and worked with her.  She said I was the GOOD DOG!  Live is good <G>

Lowri - I got to go next.  Oh, before I forget - we have six baby ducklings!  They are sure cute.  Their mama is very proud of them.  Back to ME.  I went out and worked with TM.  She says I was excellent too.  I am working at staying back away from the sheep and not bouncing so much.  After we walked around with the sheep for a bit, TM had me do some driving.  That is pretty weird!  You are supposed to take the sheep away from TM.  That just sounds all wrong.  Anyway, TM says my stops and flanks are good enough that we can start practicing on that.   One of these days, I am going to trial on sheep!

Kearney - I got to go last.  TM put some grain out for the sheep to hold them in one spot.  Then she worked on my outruns.  I am really trying to get that done correctly.  I keep stopping to check in to see that I am doing it right.  TM doesn't like that, but I need the reassurance.  I was also a VERY GOOD DOG.

My handsome brother, CH Tommy
Lowri - OH, I almost forgot!  My brother, Tommy, became a new CHAMPION today.  His Mama Betty was handling him.  We are very proud of both of them!  TM stole this picture of Tommy from Ms. Betty's facebook page.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Lowri  - It is official!  I have more letters!!!  I didn't know they listed it as GCH  AND  CH.  That means three more letters!  I now have more letters in front of my name than ANY of TM's or MC's dogs EVER!  Of course, the letters behind my name are sadly lacking.  I sure hope TM does something about that!  Letters, I LOVE letters!

GCH CH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment PT - DN29684802

  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 22-MAR-2012
Number of Points 15
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 5
Number of Points 29
Number Major Wins 6
Number Major Judges 6
Total Number Judges 7
Events w/CH Defeated 8

  Herding Test - Awards Processed Through 31-MAR-2012
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two and a Half Weeks and Counting

Kearney - I am the Awesome dog, I am the AWESOME DOG!  I remembered how to do my outruns!  I did a beautiful, WIDE outrun to well behind the ducks.  TM was dancing around!  I was the GOOD BOY!  Then I herded them around the yard, remembering to walk with them, not hurry.  Then I took them down and penned them in a two foot square free-standing pen!  Then I brought them out of the pen and took them over to their pen to put them away.  I did a HOLD at the gate.  I made those stupid ducks wait until TM said they could go back to their pen.  I was AWESOME.  TM was so proud of me!

Lowri - I got to go first!  I brought the ducks out of their pen and then chased them - er, herded them around the yard.  Then I got to put them in the four foot square free-standing pen.  I did it three times!  My outrun did not make TM dance, but she says we will do what we can do at Nationals.  She is thinking she lost her mind to enter me on B Course.  I think it is FUN!

Chase - I practiced my outruns and walking the ducks around the yard.  It is way more fun to hurry them, but TM doesn't like that.  I also got to pen the ducks in the four foot square free-standing pen.  TM says I won't have to at Nationals (in two and a half weeks!), but it is good practice for me.  She says I am coming along just fine and I have my happy attitude fully back!  TM said I was a very good dog too!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Kearney - It is now official, TM and PR are married.  They have the certificate to prove it!  It took three trips to the courthouse before they got it done.  First, they didn't bring all the papers.  Then the paper was incomplete.  Finally, PR got it all right and they got the certificate.  TM was going to post it here, but it listed her full birth-date.  She decided the world didn't need to know that much about her <G>

Lowri - We are back in town.  TM brought us all (me, my Daddy and my Kear) back so she could do some work and we could herd ducks.  So far, we haven't made it out herding yet.  It has been raining.  TM says we will go out in an hour or so.  I can't wait!

TM is waiting for AKC to post all my letters with my name.  She looks every single day.  So far it hasn't happened.  She did see that the AKC has posted my Daddy's second HXAs leg.  They also show that Kearney is ONE measly point away from his Dual Championship!  TM can't wait for us all to earn more letters.  She also says my GCh will NOT be better than a DC for Kearney nor is it better than his CH and HXAds.  I say BOOOOOOOOOO.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Is it Sunday or Monday?

Lowri - We are still at PR's place.  We always go back to TM's house on Monday morning.  This is so confusing.

Kearney - TM took the day off work.  She and PR have had a relaxing day.  They shaved Thor's topline.  He had too many mats.  He looks pretty naked, but TM only did his top.  TM and PR also shaved Daisy down.  She had gone out and rolled in the burrs.  She was a MESS!  Now they both look silly.  We will be going back to work tomorrow.

Lowri - I got to go with PR and TM when they went to town.  I got to go by myself.  NO one else got to go!  I thought they were taking me out for a special treat.  Turns out I just got to go to the vet.  I got STABBED!  TM said it was my rabies shot, but that was a shabby trick.  At least I am legal for my trip to the Nationals.

Speaking of which, TM has seen all the counts for the classes.  We are all getting excited!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two are One?

Lowri - TM and PR got married today.  Mama Cheryl came up to be with them.  She was the official witness.  The minister said the two are now one.  I don't get that.  They seem to still be two people.  Do you know, Kearney?

Kearney - Nope, I don't get it either.  I am just glad that Papa Ron is ours now.  He is a good man.
The Mama and Papa Ron
Kearney - Chase, Treasure and I all got to herd late this afternoon, after TM went to church, came home, went back to get married, had a celebratory dinner with PR, MC and TM's family, Dave and Diane.  TM said we all did a very good job.  We didn't herd for very long, but we were excellent!