TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Week

Lowri - This is the start of my new life of getting ALL the attention.  Unless we are at PR's place, then Aidan and Daisy try to hog it all.  I have looked and looked for Kearney, but I guess I have to believe TM when she says he is somewhere else eating all he wants to and herding too.  WHAT?  TM says I can't go there - Not for many, many, MANY years!

I got to go to a dog show this weekend.  MC brought all of her dogs and we went to Greenville, SC (that is shorthand for South Carolina).  TM liked the judges that were there.  So did Libby's people, and Mick's people, and Leo's people, and...WOW!  There were nine or ten champions in the ring.  It was a very busy place.  Libby won on Saturday and Sunday, but the judges really, really liked me too.  I am excited about this fall.  I am going to get to go to LOTS of dog shows.  TM and MC both think that I should do very well.

When we got home, I got to herd both sheep and ducks!  TM says I get to go to a herding trial the first of September.  If I do well, I can add LOTS of letters to my name.  That would be AWESOME.  Miss Treasure is going with us.  I agreed to lend TM to her for a little bit of training and trialing.  Just so she remembers that TM is MINE!

I have been helping TM move the ducks and sheep.  She brought five of the ducks back to town with her.  They have been very quiet today.  They have really enjoyed standing in the wading pool.  I think they have been in there all day.  I shouted some insults, but they ignored me.  I will get to do more than shout insults tomorrow.  They had better not ignore me then!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Those of you that have followed my blog may have noticed that Kearney's personality had been changing a bit.  Last week when I took him to the vet, we determined that he had a brain tumor.  I opted not to do the definitive test of an MRI based on the empirical evidence.  He was blind, or nearly so, in his right eye, he had skeletal remodeling in his skull and his personality was changing.  My vet did not offer much hope beyond "maybe it will stop here". 

This week, I have observed him getting more and more stressed when he was not right by me.  He would leave a small pool of drool at the door every time he was outside.  His personality continued to change as he forgot how to do things (like sit). 

Today, my kind, gentle, lovely-tempered guy tried to attack Lowri when she walked by.  Fortunately, he was in a crate at the time.  I took him back to the vet.  She was shocked at the speed this had progressed and commented on the visible remodeling in his skull in the last six days.  In keeping with my desire to be the best possible steward to my dogs, I chose to put him down to stop any suffering on his part.

I stood with him and held him as the sedation took effect.  I talked to him and told him what a good boy he was as he crossed the bridge.  I stood and petted him until I knew he was not suffering anymore.

Thank you all for sharing his life with me...TM

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Lowri - I got to go to the chiropractor today.  He said I was in great shape.  I gaited for him and it was very smooth.  He found a couple of spots on my back to adjust.  Now I feel even greater.  TM told him that it just came out in the statistics that I was the #8 Cardigan in the breed.  He said I was pretty enough to get ranked even higher.  Boy, was I preening!

On the other hand, something happened that I couldn't believe.  Today, we were in the house and Kearney started barking.  He barked three single barks.  When TM was done with her client, all she did was come let us outside.  I don't see how Kear gets away with that stuff!  Just because he has ALWAYS been the good dog, you would think TM would jump his case too.  She didn't.  I might protest to the dog union.

Kearney - TM was ignoring us, I wanted her to pay attention.  It is that simple.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rabbits and Visits

Kearney - We went to Mama Cheryl's tonight to get some stuff for me and to load up for the dog show this weekend.  While they were loading up, I went exploring - all by myself!  I was only gone for about two minutes.  It was fun.  It was especially fun when I got back, because TM and MC were very happy to see me.  I don't know why I have never gone off by myself before.  I was just exploring.  Anyway, they both made a big fuss over me.  I liked that!

Lowri - When we got home, TM let us out into the yard.  Those darn bunnies keep trying to take over.  There were two in the yard tonight.  They hide under the shed and run really fast.  I was faster!  Kear helped me trap one and we...

Kearney - Lowri!  I thought we agreed NOT to talk about it!

Lowri - It was a stupid bunny.  It deserved to get caught.  I mean, really, have you SEEN how short our legs are?  And we caught a bunny?!?!  I'm just mad that TM took it away from us.  I was planning on a late supper!  TM still has me on a diet.  Oh well, I will get good stuff at the show this weekend.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lap Dogs

Kearney - I am turning into quite the lap dog.  I use to be like my mama and do drive-bys.  I would jump into TM's lap, say Hi, and jump off.  Lately, I have taken to curling up in TM's lap.  She pets on me.  I am really liking this.  I don't think Lowri likes it at all.  She has always been the lap dog and now TM's lap is like a time-share.

Lowri - TM has been sitting on the floor and playing with me.  I bring her a toy, she throws it and I run and get it and bring it back to TM.  It is a fun game!  We have been playing this game quite a bit lately.  If I am sneaky, I can con TM into a game of tug-of-war too.

We helped TM dig potatoes and helped PR make some jerky.  That part was yummy!  The potatoes - not so much.  We also go to herd.  I herded both sheep and ducks.  Kear herded ducks.  It was a good day!

Baths and Herding

Lowri - I got my hot oil bath yesterday.  I feel so good.  TM really massaged it into my coat.  Now it looks shiny and clean.  Just in time to go herding <G>

We are back at PR's place for the weekend.  It has rained every day for a week.  The grass is really tall.  PR needs to mow!  He says it is too wet to get the big tractor out.  I am not sure how the duck herding will go.  We may lose the ducks in the tall grass.

I am going to get to herd the mama sheep and the older lambs.  We have been herding them for two weeks now.  They are starting to tame down a bit.  It is interesting when I herd them.  TM just walks and expects me to hold them to her.  She doesn't say anything, she barely looks at us, she just walks.  I am having to make my own decisions on what to do and when to do it.  I LIKE it!

Kearney - I don't get to herd much these days.  TM lets me work the ducks to keep me happy.  I love working them.  She told me that Lowri will be working the sheep from here out.  Apparently, I don't need to help her with them any more.  She is old enough to dog break the lambs.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but at least I am herding.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vet and stuff

Kearney - I had to go to the vet this morning.  She is a nice lady, but I do not like the temperature thingy.  It is cold and she puts it...where the sun don't shine!  My temp was fine.  She listened to my heart and said everything sounded fine.  I weight 36.7 pounds and I am a very handsome boy.  That is about all I know.  She didn't give me cookies or anything!  What is the point in going if you don't get cookies?

Oh, I did get an x-ray of my head.  TM was surprised to see that I do have a brain.  I think she was teasing me though.  She knows I have a brain.

Lowri - Well, I am glad I stayed home if no one got cookies!  At least I got some scritches because TM felt guilty at leaving me by myself.  I don't think I need an x-ray of my head, TM says we don't need to see the vast open space full of dust balls.  I HOPE she is teasing.

TM wasn't very busy today for work.  She had better start doing more, I need cookies and money in my show fund!  Oh yes, she also needs to buy me some more hot oil stuff for my bath.  I LOVE being a girl :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bad Dog Collar

Lowri - Boy, is TM ever out of sorts today.  She has been grumpy all morning - just towards ME!  Okay, so she kissed me on the nose when she did my toenails.  So she took me herding and told me I was wonderful.  So she gave me hugs and scritches.  She made me wear the BAD DOG collar - in the house!

I wasn't doin' nuthin either.  Okay, so I instigated some rough housing with Aidan.  So TM told me once or twice to knock it off.  So maybe it was more than once or twice.  Putting the bad dog collar on me just isn't right!

Just because I never listen until she says "bad dog."  I am BUSY!  Doesn't she know that?  I don't LIKE the bad dog collar.  I think I will just lay here in TM's easy chair with my head on her leg.  I can't get into too much trouble that way.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Bull

Lowri - PR bought another young bull at the auctions yesterday.

Kearney - Yes, ANOTHER cow.  Just what we need is MORE cows!

Lowri - After TM worked on her clients, we came to PR's place.  TM stopped at the barn and looked at the young bull.  He was locked in the middle field by himself.  Thor was hanging with him.

Just before dark, PR went to check on him and he was GONE!  Jumped the fence and was nowhere to be found.  TM and I got to go out and look for him.  We didn't see him anywhere.  TM even had the big flashlight.

This morning, TM got up early and we went looking again.  Poor Kearney got left at the house.

Kearney - THANK GOD!

Lowri - We looked and looked.  No bull.  Finally, TM caught sight of him out on the driveway walking toward the road.  We jumped back in the car and roared over to him.  TM had to drive on the pasture to get around him and get him stopped before he got to the road.  About that time, PR came down on the ATV.  He went out through the small trees and got around the bull.  PR was great!  He herded him back to the barn and then he and TM got the young bull into the field with Gracie and George.  Whew!  Hopefully, he will stay there!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good dog

Lowri - While Kearney is generally the Good Dog, he isn't ALWAYS the good dog.  Just sayin'...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Kearney - We came back to town today.  It looks like our timing was pretty good.  The road may be done for now.  That will be good for TM's pocketbook.  She can go back to work now.

Lowri - Yes, she needs to.  My show fund is a bit lacking!

On a weird note, I got a bath today.  That isn't weird, but I got put on a table outside and TM blew me dry!  I didn't even know TM HAD a blowdryer.  If that wasn't weird enough, she then left me outside to play in the rain.  Why would she bathe me, blow me dry and then let me play in the wet grass?!?!?!

Kearnney - You're shedding, Lowri.  TM didn't care if you were clean, she wanted to get rid of the dead hair.

Rain and More Rain

Lowri - It keeps raining!  PR and TM are glad because it will help the fields to grow.  I don't like it much, because it means we stay in the house a lot.  I want to herd and explore!

Kearney - PR fixed the brakes on TM's minivan.  She said he scored Superman points.  I wish I knew how to get Superman points.  I have been scoring whimpy points.  I wouldn't help TM catch a lamb because the cows were all watching.  In fact, TM has been watching me pretty closely because she says I have been very slightly off for about a week.  Last night, she checked all my lymph node spots.  She hasn't done that in a while.  TM is a worrier.

Lowri - TM and PR watched Dogs Decoded on Netflix (might have been on Amazon or something else, as PR has them all).  Anyway, now when they call us up into their laps, they say they need endorphins.  I don't know what those are, it just feels like love to me.  I love the way TM rubs my back.

Kearney - I love the way she traces my blaze - one finger stroking between my eyes.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Herding Monday

Lowri - There were strange dogs here for herding!  A very nice lady brought two ACD (Australian Cattle Dogs) mixes for herding instinct tests.  Both of them showed intense focus.  The female was just a little softer and more willing to herd.  The male would have eaten the sheep.  When TM said he couldn't, he decided he didn't want to play any more.  TM got him to come back and work, but he really wanted to do it his way. 

I got to herd both sheep and ducks.  We have a BAD sheep.  She keeps challenging me.  TM was a little surprised that I was being wimpy.  She finally decided it was because I am getting ready to come into heat.   She says I am allowed to act that way when my hormones are all screwed up.

Kearney - I got to show the ACD's how herding is supposed to look.  Their mama didn't know anything about herding, she was just looking for a sport for them to enjoy.  I did a pretty outrun, lift and fetch and brought the sheep to TM.  Then I got to hold them at the gate.  I don't like the BAD sheep.  I hope TM gets rid of her!

We got to watch TM dig some potatoes out of her garden. 

Lowri - Yeah, I wanted to help, but TM doesn't let us in the garden.  BOOOOO!

Kearney - She had thought that she lost the war with the potato bugs, but she still had lots of good potatoes.  That made her very happy!  She has lots more to dig up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Rain

Kearney - It has been a weird weekend.  TM had Friday off and then worked on Saturday.  We got to stay with PR as TM was only gone for the day.  TM was especially happy that her housekeeper got to come, off her normal schedule.  She left Miss Ginger at the house cleaning.  TM LOVES it when Miss Ginger comes!

Lowri - We were pretty bored because we hadn't gotten to go out into the yard at PR's.  His yard isn't fenced and we can't just stay out unsupervised - even though it is a quarter mile away from the road.  When it had cooled off, TM took us out for a long walk.  We went down to see the stock.  When we got there, we saw a young duck had gotten out.  Aidan immediately pointed.  Kear and I froze as TM said "Stop".  Daisy ignored us all and dashed in and grabbed the duck.  Good thing she is so small!  TM yelled at her and she let go.  Aidan went back on point, we held our stop.  There went Daisy in again!  TM yelled at her again and opened the gate.  Kear and I helped herd it back into the pen.  TM was impressed that Aidan held his point so long.

Kearney - Today, TM built a small round pen.  She is going to Instinct test two dogs tomorrow.  Since she had torn down the old round pen and built us a regulation-sized duck arena, she didn't have a good place to do the instinct test.  We put the sheep into the pen and worked them for a few minutes.  TM wanted to make sure the sheep knew they were just supposed to move around the pen.

Lowri - I had one sheep that kept wanting to attack me.  I wasn't sure about it, but TM kept encouraging me.  I made that sheep move!

Now it is raining!  TM is doing a happy dance.  It already feels cooler!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday is a Day Off

Lowri - We are back at PR's.  TM brought the little ducks with her so none of them would make duck noise while people were walking around out front.  They rode in the van with us.  I was hoping to get to say Hi to them, but TM wouldn't let me near them.

When we got to PR's, I helped TM vacuum.  I barked at it and tried to attack it.  I am sure that was helping.   I also helped her put up the corn.  I sat at her feet and every time a kernel jumped off the counter, I grabbed it and made sure it didn't escape. TM didn't seem to mind that I swallowed the escapees.  I started to help with the drying of the herbs, but they smelled pretty strong.  I decided I would be more help bugging Aidan in the living room.

Kearney - As soon as it cools down, we get to go herding!  I can't wait.  It has been so very long since we got to.  We have trials coming up.  We need to practice!

Lowri - (I think Kear forgot that he isn't going to the trial - I'm not going to be the one to tell him!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in Town

Lowri - We are back at TM's place.  She was busy all day with clients.  At one point, she saw the road guys walking around out front.  She stepped out and asked when they were starting.  Uh-oh, they are starting tomorrow.   TM's road is going to be out of whack for almost a week.  TM cancelled all of her clients for tomorrow.  We are going to get a few days off!

She was planning on taking us out to work ducks tonight, but a bad storm blew in.  TM was dancing because it was raining.  PR says it rained for two hours at his place.  That made TM very happy!  MC said it was a BAD storm.  It knocked down a tree and knocked out the power.  How can one storm make some of my people happy and others not so happy?

I forgot to mention a couple of days ago that I helped TM some more.  She was trying to remember the hose at the mini-farm.  She didn't want to forget the good spray nozzle.  I helped a lot.  There is no way she can forget the good spray nozzle now.  She might forget the bad one, though <G>

Kearney - Low, chewing up the hose and the good spray nozzle does NOT help TM! 

Lowri - I did NOT chew up the hose!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Kearney - Happy Independence Day!  All those fireworks are supposed to mimic bombs bursting in air.  I think they are loud, at least they would be if they were anywhere nearby.  This year, we are all at PR's place out in the country.  There are some fireworks going off way off in the distance, but none are near us.

Lowri - MC came up for dinner.  PR's youngest son was here too.  He has a good lap.  I tested it out.  Aidan is going to get the best breakfast.  He is getting all the stuff from their steaks.  Boo!  I want some too.  TM says we will get breakfast when we get back to town.  She has to go back to work for the remainder of the week.

Kearney - This afternoon, TM and PR brought in all the hay from this cutting.  PR had the baler fixed.  He changed the settings on the baler to make smaller bales.  They were only about 30 pounds each.  TM really liked that.  She said they will have to feed more bales, but they sure were easy to move around.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd

Lowri - TM is NOT paying me enough attention!  I keep trying to get her to notice me.  It will be her fault when my inner baddog gets out!

Kearney - We had a pretty quiet day.  TM worked with lots of clients, rented the duplex and made apple dumplings.  PR is going to be very happy tomorrow when he gets that present!

Lowri - I spent some time behind TM while she was on the computer (NOT typing our thoughts!).  She kept hearing me slurping something.  Finally she looked.  I was busy licking something under the refrigerator.  She got up and put something in front of the lickable stuff.  A little later she let us out and started making the apple dumplings.  When she opened the refrigerator, she saw where the milk jug was leaking.  I guess I won't get to clean up any more milk from the floor <sigh>  I was HELPING!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heatwave Continues

Lowri - Yet another day of doing nothing <sigh>  We just stayed around in the house in the air conditioning.  Just because it was 102 degrees.  I could have still done some herding.  I am sure of it.

Kearney - Well, TM didn't have time when it was somewhat cooler.  She worked in the garden, picked some corn and peas, checked on the livestock and grass - it is almost gone.  Then she went to town and did some shopping, went to the mini-farm to finish up there, came back to PR's and fixed the hose to the automatic waterer for the birds.  Up at the house, she did laundry, fixed a late lunch and then shaved Daisy. 

Lowri - <snort, snort> She really is a Peeking Knees now.  Shoot, you can see her knees, her toes, everything.

Kearney - Tonight, just at dark, TM went down to turn on the water for the garden.  After she hooked up the hose and turned it on, a HUGE, I mean HUGE, BIG, GINORMUS, black snake - I would say slithered, but nothing that big slithers - away from the hose right where she was.  I was proud of TM, she didn't run shrieking, she was more interested in seeing how big it really was.   She came up and told PR it was five feet long.  That is bigger than any snake I want to see!!!!