TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boo - TM is Ignoring Us

Lowri - BOOO, TM has been ignoring us.  We need more attention.  Yeah, we get cookies, we get scritches, we get fed, we get to go out to play, we get to come in and chill, but we do NOT have TM's undivided attention!  Take today, TM got up early - it was still almost dark!  She let us out and then started work.  She fed us around 11:00 and then went back to work.  She worked until after 6:00, ate a little supper - did NOT play with us - okay, she gave us scritches.  Then she went outside and worked until dark on the lawnmower.  She finally got it started and mowed the lawn.  When she came back in, she sat at the computer and read her email!  Yes I got my ears scritched again, but I am a puppy.  I NEED attention!  I think we should go on strike!  Kearney, chime in here and support me.

Kearney - Grow up, Lowri.  TM is working to feed us and take care of us.  She is about ready to go sit on the sofa so we can snuggle.  Get over it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lowri - There are sure a lot of rules to live with.  TM doesn't let us bark frivolously, we have to go outside to go potty, we have to be quiet in the house, I am not supposed to get muddy (BOO).  Today, I was outside barking at Kearney.  TM finally got up to check why.  She got to see a full-fledged FRAP in progress.  Kearney and I were having a ball.  We were racing around the yard, chasing each other and rolling in the wet grass.  TM finally realized WHY I am muddy every morning.  As we frapped, I would stand next to the back deck.  As Kearney feinted towards me, I would dive under the deck into the dirt.  Then I would leap out and we would charge around the yard again.  I would roll in the grass and turn the dirt into mud.  It was GREAT! 

TM says that tomorrow she is going to plug the hole under the deck.  She says she is going to see if I can't stay clean for a while.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Show Photo

Lowri - TM hates show photos, but here is one of me that MC had taken at my last show.  One of these days I will have letters with my name!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chase Did My Job

Kearney - Chase got to go first in herding today.  He got to do my job and have all the fun!  I told TM that I wanted to do it, but she took Chase instead.  He got to drive the cows out of the field (he can have that part!).  Then he got to go bring the lambs into the pen.  TM's sister called just as they got out into the field, so Chase had to do a long sit while they talked.  The lambs just huddled in a group and didn't move.

Once the phone call was over, TM had Chase bring the lambs in and then used him to gate-cut the three she wanted to work.  Then he got to take them into the big field and train on them.  I don't see why he got my job!  I am the good boy!!!  TM was really happy with how Chase worked too.  I just can't get a break.

When it was my turn, I started out doing my usual good job.  Then there were a lot of distractions.  I had a hard time keeping my mind on working.  There were some guys on the property next door riding some VERY loud motorcycles and ATVs.  It was so loud, I got nervous.  TM didn't hold it against me.  She was very patient and just kept telling me what she wanted me to do.  I tried hard!

Lowri - I got to go last - again.  TM let me work the six wild lambs in the round pen.  She put me on a long line and had me drive the lambs around the pen.  After that, I got to fetch the lambs and hold them to TM.  It was fun.  At the end of my lesson, I got to hold the lambs near the gate.  TM had me hold my stop while the lambs left the pen.  She told me I was the BEST girl!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy Saturday in September

Kearney - Whew, TM sure was busy today.  She started by going and getting 800 pounds of grain for the livestock.  After she unloaded that, she hooked up the trailer and went back to the farm and bought a ton of alfalfa hay.  It was fourth cutting and smelled very good.  She stacked it in the barn and then came up to the house and had lunch.

Then MC came over with Chase and Treasure.  TM got to train all four of us.  I got to go first.  I helped TM set up all the stock for all the lessons.  I even moved the COWS!  It was scary, but I did it.  Then I got to take the sheep through an Advanced course.  TM made me practice wide outruns.  I listen to her very well.  She was happy with me.

Chase went second.  He had a beautiful outrun and a pretty nice run overall.  MP will be posting the video once MC sends it to her.   TM told him he was a good boy.

Lowri - For once I wasn't last!  I got to go next.  TM put some of the big mamas in the round pen for me.  I got to bounce around and have them stay with TM.  Then she told me to "hold them.'  I think those are some of the best words a herding dog can hear!  I got to make the big mamas stay in the corner.  TM tried to make them move, but I made them stay right there.  It was GREAT!!!

Treasure got to go last.  She made the big mamas move around the pen and then finally got to take them through the big field to put them away.  She did a very good job.  TM was very happy with all of us.  We are VERY GOOD dogs!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Kearney - A long time ago, when I was a puppy, my Aunt Dora was very sick.  She got all of TM's attention.  As a consequence, I got to jump out of chairs and run down the 15 steps at PR's place.  I did a lot of stairs and as a result of all that pounding as a puppy, I turn out too much in my front pasterns.  Once TM realized what happened, she did a lot of work on my front legs and helped them.  I was able to finish my championship, but TM won't let me learn Agility because she doesn't want to risk me getting hurt with all the jumping.  Actually, she says she would let me jump, I just am not allowed to land.  That makes it difficult to do <G>

Lowri - When I came to live with TM, she saw what a beautiful front I have.  She told PR that I was NOT to jump out of chairs nor could I go down stairs by myself until I was a year old.  Since PR has a bad back (just had surgery a couple of months ago), TM gets to carry me.  Every time I need to go outside when we are at PR's place, TM carries me down the stairs.

Usually, when we are ready to go out, I jump into PR's lap, so TM doesn't have to bend over as far to pick me up.  Sometimes I go running to the door with the other dogs, and they go right down the stairs.  I wait, sort of patiently, for TM.  The last two nights, I have "helped" TM.  I wait until she is ready and then I sort of lift up and twist so I end up in the right direction as she picks me up.  It makes TM's job a little easier.  TM laughs and gives me a hug.  I make TM happy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quiet Couple of Days

Lowri - We have had a couple of quiet days.  TM has been working long hours, so not much else is happening.  The plumbing continues to work well and that pleases TM.  Kearney and I talked her into relaxing on the sofa last night.  I crawled up on her lap and got my ears scratched.  Life is good.

Kearney - TM went to the Senior Citizens Center today for their health fair.  She was donating her time giving chair massages.  We haven't told her that she is old enough to go to the health fair AS a senior citizen.  We value our lives too much <VBG>

Monday, September 19, 2011

Herding Videos

Lowri - Here is a video of me herding.  TM thinks I am coming along just fine.  She has entered me in PT at a trial in October.

Kearney - MC took video of me too, but I am on the lambs and had to be working so far back, all you can really see is me trotting. On occasion you can see me and the lambs in the same picture, but it just doesn't work out well for viewing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Letters.

Lowri - I didn't get any letters this weekend.  The judge thought I was pretty, but didn't think I was pretty enough.  I acted very silly in the ring and really made MC work to get me to stack.  Oh well, we will try again in November. 

TM says I might be able to get letters behind my name in early October.  I am going to go to a herding trial and show off how I can control sheep.  I am excited!

Kearney - Friday night we went down to MC's house to stay the night.  I got to sleep with TM.  I really like that.  I can snuggle up close and guard her all night long.  It makes for a good night.

We got up EARLY Saturday morning for the drive to Chattanooga.  MC put me out in the back yard with Miss Monroe.  I hurried up to potty, so I would be ready to go.  TM and MC hurried around and got ready to go.  They finished loading up, took a last potty break and then walked out to the car with Lowri, Chase and Treasure.  I was shocked when they drove off without me!  I mean, I ALWAYS get to go.  I guess that is the downside of finishing my championship this summer - I get left behind nowadays when they take Lowri to the shows.  I don't think I like that at all!  At least I got to go home with TM.  She says I am still the best dog.  I suspect she tells Lowri the same thing!

We got to herd today.  That was good.  TM is getting us ready for the herding trials in October and November.  I think we are all doing a good job!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Plumbing Wars are OVER!!!!

Kearney - The plumbing wars are over.  TM is dancing around the house.  Scared me a little when she started singing.  Not something you want to hear.

PR came over this morning and brought his two helper guys.  They dug out the old line and installed the new one in about 3 1/2 hours.  They snaked the line to the kitchen as well.  They added two "clean out" spots for future use if needed.  Then they hauled away the old concrete line.  When they covered up the line, they raked everything smooth.  TM is very happy with the job.  Even better,  it only cost about a third what the plumber would have charged.  That means that TM did not spend ALL my trial money.

Plus, TM went out last night and made a gate thru the fence, so now the Heat and Air conditioning guy can get to the heatpump without going clear around the house and through our yard (not that he needs to anytime soon!).  All in all, quite a successful adventure - if unplanned.

Lowri - Kearney and I have been stuck in crates all morning.  We didn't even get to greet the guys!  At least we got fed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dog Show on Saturday

Lowri - I am going to another dog show this Saturday!  It will be in the city where I was born.  I will get to see my beautiful Mama, Scout; my sisters, Sally and Ginger; and my brother, Tommy.  We are going to have so much fun!

Since I am going to be bathed and primped for the show, I decided I needed to show off my tomboy side today.  I got good and muddy!  TM isn't letting me near the sofa tonight.  She is a spoilsport! 

She hopes that my whites will get white again.  I had the best time getting this dirty!  It is funny, I am filthy and Kearney is still clean.  How does he do that?  TM hopes I figure it out and try it myself.


Lowri - TM is cleaning the house because the housekeeper comes tomorrow.  Does that make any sense to anyone???  Why hire someone to clean your house, if you are going to clean it before they come?

Anyway, Kearney and I waited in the sitting room for TM to finish and come sit with us.  She just started laughing when she saw me hanging out on the sofa.  At least I got her to stop working and come sit with us for a while.  I am very thoughtful.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TM is Happy

Kearney - TM is happy. PR is coming on Friday with two helpers.  They are going replace the sewer line.  In the process, PR is going to run a snake through the sink line.  That should make the sink drain better.  It is fortuitous (TM taught me the new word) that they will have the sink line easily available.  TM is excited that the Sewer wars will be over!

Last night, we were in the sitting room watching TV.  I was snuggled against TM and she was rubbing my ears.  We had to go back to the kitchen so TM could Skype with PR.  When she was done, we went back to the sitting room.  There was Lowri, curled up on the sofa.  She had snuck down the hall when TM wasn't looking and got comfortable.

Lowri - What???  I knew TM was going to come back to the sitting room.  Besides she left the door open.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Herding Sunday

Kearney - TM let us go herding the sheep this weekend.  On Sunday, I rounded up the lambs and put them in the round pen.  Then I helped TM gatecut three out.  TM meant to cut out two of the tamer lambs and one of the wild ones.  The last one fooled her into thinking it was a tamer one.   Once we had those three out of the round pen, TM had me work the six remaining lambs.  Without any commands, I held the lambs too her without crowding them.  MC got to see me do it.  I was AWESOME!!!  Both TM and MC loved on me <G>

Then I took the three lambs out onto the herding field.  Here is a picture of me fetching them to TM.  I did a pretty good job of taking them around the course.  It was only pretty good because they were WILD and very fast.  Have you seen the length of MY legs???  I did eventually cover them and made them mind.  My only really bad move was when I repenned them.  I went into the field with them.  TM was shocked!  That would be an immediate NQ at a herding trial.  I guess I had better not do that again!  TM will shut the gate faster at a trial <G>

Lowri - Both my Daddy and Treasure got to work before me.  How fair is that???  How can I get princess pay if no one allows me to work?

Daddy did a pretty good job.  I yelled out some pointers, but no one cared what I said.  MP put some pictures of my Daddy working on her blog.  You can see him at

Miss Treasure got to work the six wild sheep in the round pen.  She was very funny as she chased them.  Every time her front feet hit the ground she yipped at the sheep.  TM and MC were giggling.  Every time TM told her steady, she slowed down.  TM worked her on looking back.  Treasure did an okay job on the wild lambs.  TM is going to put her back on the big mamas next time.

I FINALLY got to work.  TM let me work the six wild lambs.  TM and MC were both laughing as I bounced along.  I bounced to make the lambs move, and I bounced to keep them from running past TM.  When she walked thru the center of the round pen, I covered the wild lambs.  I was trying to make them stay with TM, but all I really did was a big serpentine thru the pen.  I did sort of keep them with her.  Then TM stood in the center of the pen and had me bring the lambs to her and not past her.  That is harder to do than you might think.  I have to stop way away from the lambs.  TM says this teaches the lambs that she is their only safety zone.  It was interesting!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ongoing Plumbing War and Herding

Kearney - Poor TM.  The plumbing problem is not going to be an easy fix.  She is going to have to replace her concrete sewer line.  At least they know where it is now (it goes right under the heat pump).  They will probably ditch around the old one, go out past the heat pump and then out to the "y" connector near the street.  The plumber was astonished that TM hasn't had problems before now.  He said they certainly have had problems with it in the past.  Looks like TM is going to be using a LOT of my trial money! 

I wonder what kind of job I can get.  I am a very serious fellow.  Not interested in girls anymore (boys neither).  I work well under direction.  Do you think a shepherd might need a good sidekick?

Chase, Lowri and I got to go herding this morning.  I started on the VERY light lambs.  They just haven't been worked a lot.  I took them through the advanced course.  That was after I put them in the round pen and then helped TM gate-cut the three she wanted to use.  Then I pushed them out into the trial field.  THEN I got to herd them.

Chase took the same lambs through the Intermediate course.  I was kind of proud of him.  He took the sheep from the Handler's cone to the Y all by himself.  That was nice to see.  TM has been helping him do that because he just didn't quite get it.  But today, he did it all by himself!

The young spotted wether had broken his horn a while ago.  TM noticed that it was pushing into his face and was going to wear a big hole there.  She got me back out cause I am her "go to" dog.  I went and drove him up to a corner so TM could put a collar on him and tie him up.  I thought I was going to get to bite him, so I kept edging closer.  TM told me in no uncertain terms that I had better BACK OFF!  So I did.  TM cut the broken horn off.  The lamb seemed to appreciate that.

Lowri - I got to herd the six wild lambs in the round pen.  Boy, were they wild.  TM tried to just keep walking and let me figure out what I needed to do, but I kept getting a little too far forward and one kept splitting off back.  I had fun racing after her and making her come back and rejoin the flock.  TM finally stepped in and reminded me I was supposed to keep ALL the sheep moving forward.  It isn't as much fun, but I guess if that's the job, I'll do it.  TM told me I was a very good dog!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Poor, Pitiful TM

Kearney - This morning, TM's commodes started belching while the washer was draining.  She called the plumber again.  He thinks the main pipe (the one with roots) is broken.  That is NOT good.  It is definitely going to cut into my trialing money.  I may have to go get a job!

Lowri - Maybe I should get a job too.  Does being a princess pay well?  I could do that job.  I may try looking really cute and sad for the plumber tomorrow.  Maybe he will take pity on TM if I let him think I am going to starve.  We won't tell him that TM saved a bit of money for just this type of thing.

Okay, so like, I knew we were trying to save money.  I saw TM's green hose thing hanging on the fence - you know, the thing she uses to give water to the ducks.  I figured she would like a bunch of them, so I chewed it into a bunch of pieces and brought her one as a gift.  TM was NOT happy with my gift!  She even smacked me on the nose with it.  I also chewed the pipe insulation into many pieces.  She didn't like that either!  I guess you just can't please some people!!!  I am pretty sure she won't like the new spray nozzle either...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Have Roots

Kearney - Poor TM.  We had plumbing issues again.  TM called the plumber to try and get the problem fixed.  Diagnosis - we have roots.  He cleaned out the pipe, but said they will grow back again.  He said roots will grow through a pinhole.  Eventually TM will have to replace the pipe. 

Lowri - We got to stay outside and play for a lot of the evening.  When we came in, TM wouldn't let me sit in her lap.  Just because I was soaking wet?!?!  I missed her!  I wanted to be with her.  But, no, a little wet fur, and no lap.  I made sure she had a lot of wet footprints on her leg <giggle> 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Work

Lowri - Today, I got to go back to my regular job.  I got to greet TM's clients.  They are always amazed at how beautiful, smart and well-trained I am.  I think they have wonderful taste.  They also taste good <G>  I got to show off my lovely pedicure - thanks, MC!  After I got to greet the client, TM put me down and told me to go to the kitchen.  I flipped around and trotted smartly away.  Once in the kitchen, I turned around and came back into the hall.  I stopped at the end of the hall, because that is how far we are allowed to come without an invite.  I did need to be told twice that I was supposed to stop there, but then I laid down and kept a watchful eye on both TM and the client.  I was a VERY good dog!!

I also got to go out and herd ducks.  TM is teaching me to stay out far enough away from the ducks so they don't panic.  It isn't as much fun, but I get to herd and that is the important thing!  TM also had me practice the newest trick.  That is the one where I have to skim the fence and move the ducks out into the center of the yard.  That is still hard, but TM told me I was AWESOME!!!  I am going to get letters pretty soon!

Kearney - TM and I practiced two different parts of the outrun.  First, TM wants me to leave as soon as she tells me "Away" or "Bye".  I had trouble with this at the trial.  TM finally figured out that normally, she puts her hand out to direct me - as she says "Away".  She didn't do it at the trial, so I just looked at her to make sure I heard her correctly.  Now she realizes what she did that cost me some more points.

We also worked on the top of my outrun.  I need to make sure I stay out far enough so I don't make the stock move.   I did that a couple of times and TM quit and told me what a good dog I was!  I love herding!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Herding in Hazel, KY

Kearney - We just got home from another long day.  TM took Chase and me back to the herding trials for our second day.  I got to begin our day in Advanced Ducks on A course.  I hate to say this, but TM really cost me a bunch of points.  She made several mistakes on the course.  I listened to her and did what she told me to do, but she told me wrong.  I was able to overcome the mistakes and I still won the class.   

Chase got to try Started Ducks again.  He was being a baddog.  He wouldn't sit at the Handler's Cone - even though we ALWAYS do.  He said there was a lady dog in heat and that was more important than stupid ducks.  When TM finally got him to behave, she sent him for the outrun.  He started bringing them to TM and then lost his mind again.  TM helped him recover and they tried to finish the course.  Chase lost one duck and they did part of the course with only four.  He finally got them all back together, and then lost a different one.  Of course, Chase ended up in good company, none of the Started Duck dogs qualified.

I finally got to go back out to do B course Started Ducks again.  TM told me I would have to be darn near perfect if I wanted to be High in Trial again, so I was.  I scored a 91!!!  TM told me at least four times that I was AWESOME as we left the course.  I was very happy!

Lowri - TM finally came back and got me!  I was at MC's place for the weekend.  I got to show her all of my loot from the Lexington show.  I was AWESOME too!  I donated a couple of the toys I won to the pile for Treasure's puppies.  I guess I am going to have some more half siblings!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a Day!

Kearney - WOW!  We had a fabulous day!  Lowri went to Lexington, KY with MC.  She showed in Sweepstakes and went Best in Sweeps.  Her brother, Tommy, went Best Opposite in Sweeps.  Then Lowri went WB for 5 more points.  She was also named Best Puppy.  Tommy went Best Opposite Puppy.  Lowri managed to get a Puppy Group 2!  She had the best time with everyone.  There were a whole bunch of Cardigans playing in the xpen.  G'ma Janet has a picture of that.  It looked like fun.

Chase and I are in Hazel, KY at a herding trial.  It was supposed to be 99 degrees today, so they started the trial an hour early.  Was TM ever surprised to see dogs working when she showed up about 50 minutes early <VBG>  They told her not to panic.  She had plenty of time to get ready.

My first class was "B" course Started Ducks.   Neither TM nor I had ever done that before.  TM listened to the judge and tried to follow directions.  When she sent me, I just looked at her.  I had never worked in a field like that before.  She told me "Away" again, so I started out.  I finally saw the ducks and did a pretty good job of taking them through the course.  TM forgot that she was supposed to be in front of the ducks, so she lost us some points.  When it was all over, I was the only dog to qualify on "B" course.

After the trial sheep runs (I wasn't entered), we competed in "A" course ducks.  I was the last Advanced run.  I did a pretty good job again.  I won that class too.  Then Chase tried.  By then, it was really hot!  The ducks decided not to leave the shade.  Even with TM helping, Chase couldn't make them.  Finally, TM decided to make sure Chase got some work and they did the rest of the course, and just didn't do the turn around the handler's post.  Chase did a decent job for the rest of the course.   Not one of the Started Duck dogs was able to get the job done.  Too bad!  TM was really thinking Chase would do fine.

I ended up going HIT.  TM was very happy with me.  I have been snuggled up with her since we got back to the motel.  It sure is much nicer in the air conditioning!!!  Tomorrow is not supposed to be as hot.  That will be good.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Kearney - TM has the car packed.  We got to work ducks one last time.  She worked on her few clients and was getting ready to head out for the trial by 3:00.  That was until 1:30.  Her last client was here, patiently waiting to use the bathroom, when suddenly there was water on the floor, in the bathtub, in the shower and the toilets were stopping up.  TM started giggling - is she weird or what?!?!?  She got things under control as best as she could, let the client use the restroom, and then went and did that last massage.

When she was done, she used that plumber's snake thing and called PR.  She is trying Liquid Plumber and if that doesn't work, PR will come over tomorrow (with someone to do the heavy lifting).  He will see if he can fix it.  We are now scheduled to leave by 4:00.  TM is still giggling.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Leave Tomorrow!

Kearney - One more day and we leave for the herding trials.  TM is fixing our cool beds because it is supposed to be HOT.  She has made her list and has the car mostly packed.  We are planning on leaving about 3:00 tomorrow.  We are stopping in Knoxville to give MC her birthday present.  With any luck at all, we will see her before she and the girls leave for Lexington.  Hopefully, Lowri will do well at the show.

Chase - HA HA!  I was the best dog herding tonight!  I did everything TM asked me to do.  She was very happy with me.  When she told me I was done, I jumped and jumped and bit her hands.  I was very excited.  Kearney was the bad dog tonight.  He forgot he was supposed to go clear around the ducks when TM told him to, not just to balance.  TM made him do it several times before his brain kicked in.  I was the GOOD dog, I was the GOOD dog!!!