TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Lowri - This court is now in session.  All rise while I find the best seat.  Okay, now the court is going to prove beyond all doubt that TM (The Mama) picked up a baby cottontail in the carport and DID NOT feed it to me.  That is a direct violation of the Law.

TM - Wah wa wa wah?

Lowri - The Law of Lowri.  On page 136, it states that any bunny caught trespassing on the property should be immediately fed to Lowri. 

TM- Wah, wah wah.

Lowri - You want an attorney?  Okay.  The court appoints Kevin as the defendant's attorney.


Lowri - Just because he is my son doesn't mean he can't be impartial. 

How does the defendant plea?

Kevin - GUILTY.  May we move on to sentencing?

Lowri - Absolutely, unless TM wants to move on to a trial by my peers.  I can assure you that we invariably hand out heftier sentences.

TM - Wa wa wa wah.

Lowri - Evidence?  Kevin, sniff her hands.

Kevin - Oh yes, definitely a cottontail.  <sniff, sniff>  I would say about three weeks old.  TM set it free on the other side of the fence, where it promptly scampered away.

Lowri - Yup, guilty.  We sentence the defendant to a penalty of treats equal to the bunny's weight, or...

Kevin - EACH, each of us gets treats equal to the bunny's weight.

Lowri - Hmmm, yes, each of us will get treats equal to the bunny's weight, or a month of belly scritches to be performed immediately after work each night on each of us.

Kevin - Are you sure both don't apply?

Lowri - Well, it is her first offense.

Monday, July 27, 2015

TM is STILL Working on the Van

Lowri - I hope TM gets done with the van conversion soon.  I am not getting all the attention I deserve.  TM IS letting me herd, but I also need more lap time.

Kevin - I got to go to handling class tonight.  Lowri had to stay home.  I got LOTS of cookies.  I even let a couple of men pet on me.  They were giving me good cookies.  TM kept them well supplies.  I stood nicely and moved out well.  It was TM and me for the most part.  I LIKE handling class.  Lots and lots of cookies and scritches.  TM said I am going to a dog show next month.  I think that will be just fine. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Lowri - TM made us food tonight.  She made about 45 pounds - most of which is now in the freezer.  We are very thankful that she is messy.  We get to hang around her feet and clean up everything she drops.  This batch is great!  It has apples, chicken, heart, liver, kidneys, veggies, eggs...I don't know what else, it makes my head spin with YUM.

Kevin - TM put a pan down for us to clean up.  Both of us were trying hard to get to the best parts.  Lowri tried to use her inner bitch to make me back off.  TM yelled at HER!!!  The perfect one!  I got to finish cleaning up the pan.   I guess we know who was the GOOD DOG tonight!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ducks and Babies

Lowri - After work, TM mowed most of the lawn.  She would have mowed it all, but she ran out of gas.  Since she got done before dark, I got to herd ducks.  TM got them out of the pen all by herself.  Then she came and got me.  I got to drive them all over the yard.  Then we stopped them and waited until they started to separate.  TM calls it a shed.  I came through three different times and covered the two ducks.  <snort> I could have turned either way to cover two as we only have four ducks.  TM was very happy with me.  I was a GOOD dog.

We are practicing because I am going to get to go to FOUR sets of herding trials this fall and early winter.  It will be one a month covering a variety of states.  I am just excited.  I will be trialing in A and B Course ducks.  TM says she can't afford to trial on sheep too.  We will do that next year.

Kevin - I didn't get to herd.  TM says the funds don't extend to me herding this year.  I will try next year.  I am going to get to go to a few shows this fall.  I think there were be a total of four.

Oh, Oh, Oh...I almost forgot!  I am a daddy again.  This is with my third girlfriend.  I am a gadabout and a cad.  I get 'em pregnant and move on.   My SEVEN babies were just born.  Their mama is a beautiful brindle girl.  I was her boy toy.  There are four boys and three girls.  I hope I get to see them soon.  TM says we can't visit for a while because there are some bad bugs going around.  If I catch any of them around my babies, I will rip them apart.  I am not letting bad bugs get to my babies.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barn Hunt

Lowri - TM and I had the BEST time this weekend!  We went to a Barn Hunt.  It was my first time to trial.  I got to do six trials in three days.  That means I got to hunt rats SIX separate times!  The rats are in these stupid tubes.  I could smell them and hear them but I couldn't get to them.  I am sure they would have been tasty.  Oh for opposable thumbs (sigh).

TM said I got my RAT Novice title and my RAT Open title.  She said the next time I go out, I will get to find FOUR rats in each trial.  Oh man!  I can't wait.  I also got the "Small and Mighty" award for the small dog with the fastest time in all eight open trials.  TM said my time was 45.21 seconds.  She said I was smokin' hot.

Kevin - I got to go, but I didn't get to play with any of the rats.  I am okay with that.  I will let Lowri catch all the food - as long as she shares.

Today, TM got a tool out of the car.  She took a plastic piece off it, and that piece fell to the ground.  TM evidently didn't hear it fall.  I did.  When TM was reassembling the tool, she looked and looked for that piece.  She kept looking at me and glowering.  She finally found the piece about 20 feet from where she had been working.  It had been mangled.  My expert opinion is that it had a nice crunch to it although the flavor was nothing to brag about.

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Trick

Lowri - I learned a new trick today.  It is AWESOME!!!  TM needed me to help her separate the ram from the goats and then the billies from the nannies.  The ram ran into the barn (after I brought him back to TM twice from the far end of the field).  He wouldn't come out.  TM sent me in to get him, but the ram just shook his head at me.  I'm NOT stupid, I knew he meant business.  TM went in and made me get behind him.  Then she said "Hit him!"  I came forward and TM said it again.  I bit him and made him move.  TM praised me!  When she told me to hit him again, I did.  It is a great trick.  I LOVE it!

Then TM moved the nannies to the middle field.  They didn't want to go.  I got to make them move.  I got to bite one of the nannies on the nose.  It was very exciting.  They finally moved and TM praised and praise me. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Barn Hunt and Cows

Lowri - I got to go to Barn Hunt class today.  I was AWESOME.  Well, after the rats got there I was great.  TM used the time before hand by having me do tunnels.  Once I figured out that there were no rats on site, I expressed my displeasure - on top of the highest bale of straw.  One little poop.  TM then expressed HER displeasure.  She won.

Anyway, once the rats showed up, I was flawless!  I got to do three runs.  I had sooooo much fun!  I am ready for the trials in two weeks.

Kevin - I didn't get to do Barn Hunt practice, but I got to go.  I did get to sniff and paw at a rat in a tube.  TM patted me and told me how good I was.  I didn't pee or poop inside at all.  I was good.

Lowri - We picked blackberries when we got home.  They are sooo good.  Kevin loves to help pick, but he doesn't share.  He just eats them himself.  I like it best when TM tosses me some.  That way I don't have to hit the thorns.

When TM went to put up the chickens, she saw the cows were out.  I got to help put them up.

TM - Lowri...

Lowri - Well I barked encouragement from the house.  After she was back at the house, TM decided she needed to lock the livestock in the far field so they couldn't get out.  I got to go help!  I got to ride down in the Gator and then...well, I waited there in case TM needed help.  I looked fierce, and waited for her call.  She was able to manage it herself, but I was ready.  TM wouldn't have worried, but the bull needed to be moved too.  TM doesn't like the bull.