TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is good!

Kearney - Life is again as it should be.  TM and Lowri are here with PR and me.  I can relax because my world is right again.

Lowri - Life is good!  I am back with my Kear.  We are chillin' at PR's place.  I am curled up on TM's lap.  Aidan is on PR's.  Kear and Daisy are snoozing on the floor.  We are all happy again.

Last night, TM fixed us food.  I sat there and drooled!  I finally got to help TM clean up.  I licked the bowl clean.  Yum!  TM also played a new game with me.  She has this plastic toy, I think she called it a dumbbell.  She would throw it down the hall and I would chase after it.  When I picked it up, TM cheered!  I was very excited.  We played this new game a number of times.  It was awesome! 

MC says the photographer sent the pictures from Tallahassee.  Here is one of them.  We are saving the slightly better one for the Bulletin.  Have you ever heard of a picture being sent in two days?

Monday, February 27, 2012

By Myself

Lowri - I am here by myself!  Well, TM is here, but Kear isn't.  I miss my Kear.  TM says we are going to PR's place tomorrow and we will bring him home on Wednesday.

I got to herd ducks today!  Since Kearney wasn't here, I got to go into the pen with TM and bring them out.  That is the first time I have done that!  I am so excited!  Then I did some outruns and fetching with TM.  My ducks have a pretty good idea that TM is safe.  That means they will stay in her vicinity.  I doubt if the trial ducks will do that.  TM says I need to slow down and work farther away from the ducks.  That isn't very much fun <G>

When we were almost done, TM set up the free-standing pen and I got to put the ducks in there.  This could be fun!  I was way too wild the first time and then I settled down a tiny, tiny bit.  All in all, I penned the ducks three times.  I got LOTS of praise each time.

I love my life.  One day I get to be a show dog in Florida; the next, I am a duck dog in Tennessee!  Can life get better?  I guess it could if Kearney was here too.

I almost forgot.  I told you that my friend, Kathy Buxton, sent us a present.  Here is the picture of me with my buddy, Snoopy.  I guess I am not alone after all!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday in Tallahassee

Feed me, PLEASE feed me!
Lowri - I discovered something really amazing today.  Did you know that if you do really well at a dog show, you get prime rib?!?!?!  I did NOT know that before.  I can assure you that I know it now, and this is going to cost TM!

I had the best time today!  I got some baked chicken just about every time I stood still.  It was awesome.  If I didn't get the chicken soon enough, I moved my feet some more trying to get the pose JUST right so I would get more chicken.  Even if MC wasn't looking at me, I stood there and posed and posed.  I LOVE getting fed.

Then after my part of the show was over, we went to see a very nice man who wanted to take my picture.  My judges wanted to be in the photo with me, and the nice man took several pictures of me.  Everyone was so nice to me.  Most important of all, MC gave me some prime rib.  She tossed a piece out in front of me.  When I saw I couldn't reach it, I looked back at MC to see if I couldn't have her give me more.  TM picked the piece off the floor and held it out to me.  Fortunately the nice man took the last picture before I actually started drooling.  Man, I wanted that prime rib! 

I am still being judged here.  I went BISweeps and BOS in Breed.
I LOVE dog shows!  I got to sleep with TM.  I checked on her all night to see if she was sleeping.  I would shove my nose in her face so I could see if her eyes were open.  She would push at me.  I know she really just wanted me to snuggle close, so I did.  Then I would get up and walk across TM to see if my Daddy or Miss Monroe were awake.  TM would pat me some more.  I LOVE my life!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday in Tallahassee

Lowri - We are down in Tallahassee for dog shows.  I got to see a lot of my friends.  I also met some people and dogs that I hadn't known before.  It was a really good day.  I love meeting people and their dogs!

First off, I got to show in Sweepstakes.  The judge thought I was the best girl puppy there.  MC gave me lots of chicken for bait.  It tasted great!  Then I got to watch all the other Cardigans in the classes.  Miss Vivian was the judge.  I give her two paws up for her first judging assignment!  Then I got to go in with all the Champions.  WOW!  There were some VERY nice dogs there!!  Best of Breed went to Dickens.  He looked great!  I got Best of Opposite Sex.  MC and TM were very happy with me.  They said I showed very well.  It was great fun!  Tomorrow we get to do it again with different judges.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I got to meet Kearney's uncle Harry.  He is an amazing dog.  He is famous!  I suppose I should afford Kear some more respect since he has famous close relatives.  Or not...

Whoa!  I forgot that MC is feeding me special tidbits after supper!  Of course, I am sharing with my Daddy, Treasure and Miss Monroe.  Okay, the truth is that MC is doing all the sharing.  Last night, we had grilled Mahi Mahi.  Tonight, it was prime rib.  Oh man, that was AWESOME!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Whoo Hoo - Dog Shows

Kearney - Lowri is going to a dog show, but I am on vacation!  I am staying with PR for the weekend.  TM made sure I had enough food and then she let me go back to sleep this morning when she left.  I am going to hang with my best bud, Aidan. 

Lowri - I am going to the dog show, I am going to the dog show!  I've had my hot oil bath and massage. TM massaged me some more last night.  She has loaded up the car.  I made sure the bait got in.  It is baked chicken, nummy! 

Speaking of nummy, TM thought I was a little thin, so I have been getting extra food!  Kear is a bit too fat, so she is cutting his food.  Poor Kear.  Food is great!  Anything TM puts down for me, I scarf down.  I don't care what it is, if it is in my bowl, it is MINE!  If it is in Kear's bowl and I can get to it, it is MINE <VBG> (actually, he growls at me if I look at his bowl).  I just gobbled down the last of the mutton chops.  I licked my bowl clean.  Maybe when MC feeds her dogs tonight, I will get more food.  Crossing paws that will be true!

TM just told me that I will get to be the bed dog this weekend.  We are not going to tell Kear, because he ALWAYS gets to be the bed dog when we go places.   I LOVE dog show weekends!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dog Shows and Shedding

Lowri - We have dog shows this weekend and I am almost completely out of coat.  TM says the only good thing about that is that I will be IN coat at the Nationals.  She gave me another hot oil treatment and massage last night.  I left what little remained of my coat in the bathtub.  What a mess!  TM says that I will never be as naked as Kear's mom would get, I have as much coat now as what she carried normally.

I have decide that getting the hot oil bath and massage is really good.  When TM calls me, I run into the bathroom and put my feet up on the tub.  TM lifts me in and hoses me off to get all the mud off.  Then I got shampooed to get my whites clean again.  THEN TM put in the hot oil on my brindle parts.  She massaged it in really well, let it sit and then rinsed me off.  I am very helpful.  When TM asks me to turn around, I do.  I don't shake until she tells me (sometimes I have to be reminded not to shake until she is ready <G>).  When she is ready, and tells me to, I shake my coat.  Then I get toweled off.  It feels great!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Because I am out of coat, TM has really been checking my weight.  Last night she decided I was just a little too thin, so I got Second Breakfast!  This morning, I got lamb chops - and a bunch of them.  Wow!  Burp...

Kearney - On the other hand, I am too fat.  TM says that since I got "tutored" - well a couple of months later actually - I have been putting on weight.  She has cut me back to the amount that Lowri eats, but now she is going to cut me back even further.  I got lamb chops for breakfast too, but mine were leaner than Lowri's - and I didn't get as much.  Oh, TM says to say that the "lamb" was six years old when he went into the freezer, so I guess it was really mutton-chops.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom

Kearney - Happy 10th Birthday to my mom and all her littermates!  My mom is Hannah, CH Bluefox's Having A Ball CD RN HSAds HIAs NA NAJ ROMs VC.  She lives with Aunt Cyndi.  They have been together for over two years now.  Mom helped Aunt Cyndi through some hard times.

My Aunt Monroe is CH Bluefox's Heatwave HT NA NAJ, 2004 CWCCA AOM.  She was also Best Red Bitch at one of the Megans.  She lives with MC.

My Uncle Harry is the under-achiever of the group <snort>.  He is CH OTCH2 Bluefox's Harrison UDX6 OM2 VER RAE NAP NJP VC.  I don't even know what all those letters are!  The rest of my aunts are champions of the heart.  

Lowri - Wow, Kear.  I didn't know all your mom's family were famous!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Free-Standing Pen

Kearney - TM set up the free-standing pen (aka ex-pen) in the middle of the yard.  I got to go first as our ducks have never done this.  I herded the ducks around the yard for a bit and then TM had me bring the ducks to the pen.  It took a little bit of effort, but  I got them in the pen.  TM left the gate open for a minute so I could see the ducks were in the pen and settled.  Then she shut the gate.

I got to take the ducks out and let them go up the yard a bit.  Then TM sent me so I could pen them again.  I did it three times.  I got lots of hugs each time <G>  TM was very proud of me.  Then she left the ducks in the pen and called me off.  I did NOT want to leave.  I wanted more hugs <G>.

Lowri - But it was MY turn, Kear.  TM set me up and went over to let the ducks out.  I came with her.  Apparently, that is not what she wanted me to do.  I got scolded and put back where I had been.  TM said I knew better.  I did, but I wanted to play the new game with the ducks.

TM finally sent me and I went behind the ducks and got them out of the pen.  I brought them up to TM and we went around the yard a bit.  Then we went for the free-standing pen.  It was great fun.  I dashed this way and that.  Ducks escaped everywhere.  TM said that isn't the way we are supposed to do it.  She left the gate and came and helped me.  She said I wasn't quite ready to do this.  With her help, we got the ducks in the pen.  I got hugs too!

Then we went to put the ducks away.  TM wanted me to hold the ducks at the gate.  I wouldn't come to where she wanted me.  I wanted to keep working the ducks.  TM told me to "come".  I know that word, but I was busy.  Then TM quit talking and walked toward me.  I knew I was in deep trouble!  I took off.  TM kept coming.  She walked me down.  I ran until I got caught.  TM yanked me up in the air and told me in no uncertain terms that "come" was not negotiable.  Then she set me down and walked away.  I stayed right on her heels!  When she said "come", I CAME right then!  TM told me what a good girl I was and petted on me.  Whew!  I thought I had screwed up but good. Then we went back to the gate and I held the ducks while she opened the gate.  I got lots more petting.

Kearney - We got a surprise today.  The Fed Ex guy came with a package.  TM was surprised because she wasn't expecting anything.  One of our friends sent a HUGE Snoopy!  It is almost as big as we are!  TM said she will get some pictures and post them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy, Cold Sunday

Kearney - We got to go herding in the cold rain today...

Lowri - EXCUSE ME!  Who is this WE?  I certainly didn't get to herd.  I got to sit in the car and watch.  BOOOOOOOO!  I have to stay clean.  TM and MC are taking me to a dog show next weekend.  I want to HERD too!

Kearney - Anyway, Chase, Treasure and I got to go herding.  Chase went first.  I will let him tell how that went.

Chase - I was AWESOME and EXCELLENT!  I had a wonderful time!  TM was VERY happy with me.  I got to work with the big mamas and babies first.  TM set up it up so there were obstacles around (trees) that made me see how to Walk Up to the sheep.  If I tried to go around the sheep, it was really obvious.  TM was able to instantly correct me so I got a better idea of what she meant.

Then I got to go work the crazy lambs (we are going to call them the older lambs as they aren't crazy anymore).   I started my outrun by going straight up the middle.  TM yelled at me and I realized I had messed up.  I widened my run out and then finished a nice lift and fetch.  The lambs aren't course-broke and don't have a big draw anywhere, so they are kind of tough to move around the course.  I did a really nice job.  I got them in the pen and the stupid ram dived out.  I covered him and put him back in.  After the hold, TM set up the cross-drive.

She told me to get out away from the pen.  I surprised her by going clear to the cone.  She told me I was VERY GOOD.  Then she brought out the lambs and told me to parallel them.  I surprised her again by doing it <G>  I walked the lambs to the "4" and then TM told me to stay out and do an Away.  I surprised her by doing it again!  I walked the lambs across the field.  TM was VERY happy with me!  She set it up again and I did it again!  I was AWESOME!

Kearney - I worked next.  I had no problem with MC being in the field.  She was wearing a bright yellow rain suit.  I went right by her without even flicking my ear at her.  I did watch the stupid cow in the round pen.  I made sure she wasn't loose.  When I got the sheep to the "Y", they stopped.  Because I don't have any power, they just stood there.  TM told me to move them, so I started barking.  TM was happy with me because I didn't back down.  I didn't act like I was ready to bolt either.  She came over nearer to support me and I was able to get them around the course.   I was a very good boy too!

My sister, Treasure, was great!  She took the lambs through a Started course.  She listened to TM and stopped when she was told to.  TM was very pleased with her work too.  We are all nearly ready for our next herding trial.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Herding

Kearney - Boy, TM has been busy!  Besides working and taking us herding, she made some raw food for us last night and has also been working on something called "Taxes."  I am not sure what they are, but TM has been very busy with them.  She says she has an appointment with the accountant in early March.

Lowri - We got to herd TWICE today <VBG>  Once on ducks and once on sheep.  I am trying to be good and TM said I was awesome AND excellent.  She went ahead and sent in my entries for Started B Ducks for the Nationals.  I am already confirmed for my entries in Started A Ducks.  TM just decided that I should be able to do B course too.  She is going to start working me on something new.  I think it is called a free-standing pen, but I am not sure.  I guess TM will show me what she wants me to do with that.

I got to work the big mamas and the little lambs today!  The lambs are very funny.  They run fast and leap in the air.  They also think they can threaten me.  They would be WRONG!  I got to hold everyone in a corner.  TM would tell me to Hold Them.  I would try to sneak up, but she wouldn't let me.  I had to stay way back and just make sure that they didn't escape.  TM then touched each of them.  The lambs tried to run, but I didn't let them.  TM told me I was a good girl.  That made me grin.

I also got to go into the corner on an Away and bring all the sheep out.  I wasn't sure I wanted to because they were packed in there.  TM encouraged me, so I did it.  I went between the sheep and the fence.  It was fun.  Then TM said "that'll do."  I immediately went over to her and we left the field.  I was so very good!

Chase - I got to work the big mamas and the lambs.  TM said this was my best work ever.  I heard a number of "excellent" and "awesome" comments.  That made me feel very good!  I like working the sheep!

Kearney - I worked the big mamas and lambs last.  I had no trouble staying far enough out.  I didn't want to get too close.  The big mamas were stomping at me.  TM gave me lots of encouragement.  I did a good job too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hot Oil Bath and Massage

Lowri - Why is it that when I get just the right mixture of mud in my coat, TM gives me a bath?  I did get another hot oil treatment and a massage, but still...

Also, TM had time to take us herding this afternoon, and she DIDN'T.  Just because it was rainy and dreary, she stayed inside.  I could have made her smile.  I ALWAYS make her smile when we go herding.  Sometimes she laughs out loud.  I like that best <G>

Kearney - TM had a busy morning.  She had a bunch of errands to run before she started work.  She also spent time on the e-lip-tickle machine.  Maybe we can herd tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday after Valentine's Day

Kearney - We had a big day yesterday.  PR came over and took TM out to dinner.  He gave her a present of diamond ear studs.  She has always wanted a pair, so she was very pleased with PR's gift.  I am ashamed to say that we didn't get TM anything.  She said we showed her we cared and that is all that really matters.

We all got to watch TV in the sitting room.  Daisy was especially pleased to see that the Peeking Knees won at Westminster.  She was snorting on PR's lap.  Not that we watched much of the dog show, they just tuned in at times.  Dog shows aren't PR's thing.  TM said she got to see what she wanted to on Monday. 

Lowri - Today we got to herd ducks again!  I was excellent!  TM lets me gallop in big circles around the ducks in each direction.  Then I have to WALK up to the ducks and drive them at a walk - BORING.  I keep trying to bounce, but TM says "steady."  I have to do lots of stops and lots of walking up.  We go all over the yard.  TM occasionally gives me a "bye" or "away" command, then I race around the ducks until TM tells me to stop.  She thinks I am coming along very nicely!

Kearney - I got to work ducks too.  TM had me bring the ducks out of the pen.  Since I know my job, she only gave me a "bye" command.  I went in and did all the work to bring the ducks out into the yard.  Since, TM likes to be in charge, I know she had a tough time keeping her mouth shut.  I have been working with her on that.  She is kind of hard to train, but is gradually getting better.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Uncle Pie and Brother Holmes

Lowri - Well, today is almost all about me.  It is all about my family.  My Daddy's brother, Uncle Pie, won BIG at Westminster!  He went Best of Breed.  Tonight he competes in the Herding Group.  Do us proud, Uncle Pie!

Also today, MP had to send my big brother, Holmes, to his new family.  It was supposed to happen on Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate.  That means that MP had to take him to the airport twice.  She had to screw up her courage to say good-bye TWICE.  MP, I am sending special hugs your way tonight.  I know how much you are missing my silly brother.   My Daddy will be coming home to you in just over two months.  Then you will have his silly face to cry with.

Holmes is going to a very nice family in Chicago.  Maybe I will get to see him someday.  Holmes will have his Very Own Boy and his Very Own Girl.  That will make him very happy.

All in all, it has been quite a day for my family.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Herding on a Cold Sunday

Lowri - Once again, I was left out!  No herding for me.  TM said I was clean and she was a little short on time.  I think that is a lousy excuse!  I am the herding dog, I should get to herd.

Chase - I got to go herd the big mamas first.  TM had me walk them around the field.  I had to do a lot of stops again.  I hate that.  TM makes me just stand there while she walks around with the sheep.  When they start to leave her, she allows me  (ALLOWS me!) to go stop them.  I did like that Cocoa was gone <G>  No one butted me!

Then I got to go work the three crazy lambs and the ram.  It was quite a workout.  The ram wanted to stay and eat and the three crazy lambs wanted to run.  TM said she was very happy with how I worked.  Even with the wild lambs, I stopped and waited when I was told to.  She said that is a big improvement over how I was working just a month ago.  I was very good.  Now I am going home with MC and I get a hot oil massage!  That will feel very good after an afternoon out in the cold.

I had to pursue the crazy lambs a couple of times.
Kearney - TM let me work the crazy lambs first.  I had to work them without the stabilizing influence of the ram.  It took me three tries to get the lambs up to TM.  I paid a lot of attention to how they were moving and how they were trying to double back.  I took them through the advanced course - it was a bit shaky, but TM was really pleased with how I worked.

Then MC came out and tried to mess with my head.  I did a pretty good job of not letting her bother me.  I lifted the lambs off MC and worked them.  TM said I was Excellent!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Big Bad Sheep is Gone!

Chase - Whoo hoo!  Cocoa is gone!  TM sold her and two others today.  No more getting rolled by a stupid sheep.  No more getting threatened - well, probably still that, but I can handle all the rest of the ewes and lambs.  Whoo hoo!  Life is good.

I got to herd the crazy lambs and the big mamas today.  Both need different skills - and I have them both.  TM made me do a lot of "stop and wait" herding today.  I didn't like it very much, but the lambs did settle down.

Lowri - You think you had to stop and wait?!?!?  That is ALL I got to do.  TM barely let me work at all.  I had to do lots of stops.  She walked around the pen with the sheep following and I had to sit in the middle and...and...and...SIT.  Then she went and put me away and got Kearney out to do the actual work.   That is SO NOT FAIR!  I know how to do that work too.  TM wouldn't let me because I am supposed to just SIT there.  BOOOOOO!  She says it is teaching me patience.  I don't WANT patience!!

Kearney - I had to help TM gather up the sheep and lambs that she sold.  The COW was standing nearby in the next field.  The sheep threatened me.  TM still expected me to work.  I did, but it was under protest.  TM helped me and we got the job done without too much trouble.  When the guy came with the trailer, I got to help TM load the sheep.  I bit them and made them jump in the trailer.  It was nice to be able to say goodbye in such a fashion <G>  Now TM is down to eight sheep and five baby lambs.  I think she is happy with those numbers.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot Oil Massage

Lowri - Last night, on the advice of MP, TM gave me a hot oil massage.  She got some stuff at the store and put me in the tub.  She soaked me down and then rubbed the hot oil into all my brindle areas (except my head).  Then she massaged me for a couple of minutes while the hot oil did its stuff on my coat.  Then she rinsed me off and towel dried me.  I felt GREAT!  TM says my coat was very shiny. 

MP says TM should do this every week to keep my coat in great shape.  Since I like playing in the mud so much, I guess my coat needs all the help it can get. 

Kearney - Girls! <snort>  I am glad I don't have to be a foo-foo dog any more.  I got to play with the ducks for a little bit tonight.  TM needed to catch one of the boys to take it to PR's place, and I got to help.  The two girls at PR's place are laying eggs like crazy and trying to set on them.  TM figured a boy should be involved for the highest level of success in hatching out ducklings.  She and PR are going to collect the eggs for another week or so and then let the ducks try setting.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Working Ducks

Kearney - We got to work ducks yesterday.  TM had a break at work and spent it with us.  I got to go get the ducks out of the pen.  Once we got clear of the gate, TM told me to stop.  I did and watched the ducks head off down the yard.  When they got almost to the other side, TM sent me.  I went and got them, fetched them around TM and then sort of through an Advanced course.  We have different obstacles - like a trailer you have to get the ducks out from under.  TM told me what a great job I did.  I just wish it lasted longer!

Lowri - Well, I had to do a lot more of that hurry up and wait stuff.  TM only let me work if I was walking.  She spends a lot of time just making me wait on a stop.  My stops are getting pretty good now.  She thinks they should be even better, but I AM still just a baby - how much longer do you think I can work that? 

Anyway, walking isn't nearly as much fun as bouncing, but I will admit we get places faster.  I do get to do some flanks to the right and left.  TM lets me go really fast on those if I stay out from the ducks.  Overall, I am really liking herding.  Unfortunately, we don't get to herd today.  TM is off to the hospital to volunteer.  Then she will be working the rest of the day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Papa Ron's Place

Kearney - We got to go to PR's place last night.  TM was especially glad to see him as since she was at the dog show all weekend.  I went to my favorite place - the corner of the two sofas.  I like curling in a ball there.  TM moved Daisy's bed away from the corner a couple of weeks ago to see if it was the corner I wanted to sleep in or Daisy's bed.  I spend most of my time in the corner, but I will hunt out Daisy's bed occasionally.  I wish she would put it back in the corner.  Then I can have all my favorites together.

Lowri - I don't understand why Kear likes the corner.  I sleep in my favorite place all evening - TM's lap.  I get lots of petting and cuddling.  It feels so good!

Kearney - Our last sheep had her lamb last night.  It is a cute little ewe lamb.  TM wouldn't let me play with it.  She just fed everyone and then we started back to town so she could work.  We will get to come back on Friday.  Then we will get to play with all the sheep.  I think we will get to play with the ducks today.  I can't wait!

Lowri - I forgot - probably because I didn't WANT to remember.  TM caught me in the act of...hmmm...assuming the position.  While my house breaking manners are generally pretty good, they are not excellent.  She has been trying to catch me for a while, but I so seldom do it.  I DO NOT potty in the rooms I normally live in, but sheesh, we don't LIVE in the hall!  Anyway, TM caught me.  I was YELLED at, dragged to the location of my deposit, and whacked on the butt.  TM took full opportunity of catching me in the act!  I think I have it now (TM certainly hopes so).  We ONLY potty outside.

Kearney - And it isn't like she didn't have time and opportunity to potty outside.  Lowri was just too busy running around and checking all the bunny sighting spots.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Fun

Lowri - Life just keeps getting better!  We all got to sleep in this morning.  Then, TM took Kear and me out to work ducks.  That part was great!  Then we got to come back out in the mid afternoon to work again.  That made today very special.  Unfortunately, someone named Pam on the Corgi Herding list had given her a good idea on how to work with me.  While it wasn't for me specifically, TM immediately realized how well it would work.  BOO!  It involves lots of stops and just waiting.  Then when I finally get to walk up, I have to actually WALK!  If I don't, I get stopped and we go back into wait mode.  TM is also going to use this idea on my Daddy.  I bet he likes it as much as I do!  NOT!!

Kearney - It was great sleeping in.  I got to sleep on the floor by TM.  It is my favorite place in the whole house.  I usually go there when TM is typing up our blog after the interview.  Lowri curls up at her feet and makes sure she is safe.  Then I watch over TM all night.

Lowri is right.  It was great getting to go out and work the ducks twice today.  I love bringing them out of the pen.  I cover them wherever they try to go that isn't out into the yard.  I work them for a while and then TM say's "that'll do, Kearney."  I HATE that part.  That means I have to leave the field.  I have tried to pretend I am deaf, but it never works.  TM just says "KEAR, that'll do."  There is a bit of a bark to her voice then so I just sigh and go to her.  I really like working the ducks. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

WOW! Great Weekend!

Lowri - WOW!  I had a great weekend.  I got to go away with MC and TM and my Daddy for a weekend of dog shows.  It was all about ME all weekend long.  Last night, I got to sleep on TM's bed.  That was great!  We cuddled all night long.  I got massages on Saturday and on Sunday.  I did share TM with my brother, Tommy, today so he could get a massage too.  But that was all the sharing I did!

That is my beautiful Mama behind me.

Look at MC move!  I have trained her to really step out.

MC has the BEST liver

In the Group Place
Today, TM took me into the ring with some other champions, including my beautiful mother, Scout, and my sister, Sally.  The judge looked at me a lot.  Then he came up and put his hands on me.  I liked him a lot, but I stood steady.  He looked at me some more and then pointed at me.  All the people watching cheered!  I won, I won!  My beautiful Mama was Select.  TM was very excited.  But she walked away before I even got out of the ring.  When she came back, she still had her phone plastered to her ear.  She was talking to MP.

After I rested for a bit, MC groomed me again.  Then I got to go to the group place.  A different judge looked and looked at me and then went over me with her hands.  After a bit, she walked around and pointed at a bunch of us.  We were invited to stay while everyone else left.  Everyone cheered when I got to stay too.  There were four dogs that the judge especially liked today.  I wasn't one of them.  TM called MP again and then we packed up and came home.

I am glad to get home.  It was a great weekend, but I am pretty tired!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday at the Dog Show

Lowri - I got to go to the dog show today!  My beautiful Mama, Scout, was there.  I got to play with my brother, Tommy.  That was lots of fun.  My new champion sister, Sally, was full of herself.  She didn't feel the need to play with me, so I agreed to leave her be. 

It was weird, I only showed one time.  I have always had to show in several classes before.  Any way, Mick, a very handsome red dog, was Best of Breed.  My beautiful Mama, Scout, was Best Opposite.  I was Select!  It was my first Grand Champion major!  I now have six points.  I was very excited.  MC took me into the ring.  TM said she showed me beautifully!

TM stayed outside the ring and took pictures with MC's camera.  She got some awesome photos of me standing and moving.   TM said they were wonderful pictures, all in focus and every one of them a spectacular shot.  Unfortunately, she couldn't prove it because the card was not put in the camera.  She didn't have a single photo of me.  Oh well, there is tomorrow.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Lowri - It's Friday!  TM is done with work for the week.  Tomorrow morning we are going to the dog shows!  I am so excited!  It will be all about me all weekend!  Me, me, me!  What a great weekend I am going to have.  On top of all that, I get to see my beautiful Mama, Scout, my champion sister, Sally, and my soon-to-be champion brother, Tommy.  It is going to be wonderful!  So many people to see, so little time...

What!!!  I need a bath?  Oh man, can't people tell that I am a natural beauty? 

Kearney - We didn't get to herd today.  TM is typing on the computer and it is still light outside.  We could spend about 30 minutes herding, but NO, TM is busy getting ready to go to MC's place <sigh>

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabulous Thursday

Lowri - Wow, today has been great!  TM's housekeeper came - so TM is relaxed and happy.  TM went to ALPS (the local Alzheimer's day care) and got to make a lot of people smile.  We got to herd the ducks when she got home.  Then we heard the BIG news!  My sister, Sally, is a CHAMPION!  My brother, Tommy, went RWD again.  He only needs one measly point.  But, Sallywags has LETTERS!  And if the day could get any better after all that, TM make us about 40 pounds of raw food.  Yummmmmm!

Kearney - Congratulations to TM's friend, Miss Janet, and Sally!  They finished her championship from Bred By.  Sally is Miss Janet's first Bred By Champion.  We knew Sally would finish, it was just a matter of time.  Now we are on Tommy watch.  We are waiting with paws crossed to hear how he does tomorrow.  Go, Tommy, Go!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Half a Week has gone by.

Lowri - IT'S Wednesday!!!  We got to go herding the ducks tonight!

Kearney - TM's last client was sick, so TM got done at 5:00 tonight.  She put on her outback duster long coat and her Tilley hat and took us out in the rain to herd ducks.  TM says I am coming along nicely.  I drove the ducks all over the yard.  Too soon, TM said, "That'll do."  I didn't want to, but I came in. 

Lowri - Then I got to go!  I was so excited.  I bounced out with TM into the yard.  She quietly told me to come and sit.  I did both!  I wanted to go get the ducks, but TM wanted me to wait.  After a VERY LONG time, TM sent me.  I did a nice outrun and fetched up the ducks.  The two lady ducks don't like to stay with the boys.  They waddle along and try to escape.  When one would just stop, TM had me stay behind the duck.  When nothing happened (and I stayed RIGHT where I was supposed to!), TM softly said push 'em.  I nudged the duck.  After a couple of nudges - NO teeth! - the duck got up and waddled off.  TM told me to stop.  I waited until the duck got a ways ahead.  Then TM let me go get them.  She says she is making sure I understand I am not supposed to grab them when they start to move. 

I also had to do some lifts off the fence.  TM noticed right off that I do it really well on a Bye, but my Away is pretty bad.  Guess what I worked on...yep, Away.  Why does TM always figure out what I DON'T want to do, and make me do it?  Oh well, I finally figured it out.  TM put the ducks away and told me I was awesome.  I did some more bouncing <G>