TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hotter, Hottest!

Lowri -  It is too hot to do anything.  It has been 105 out here at Papa Ron's place.  We have been staying inside in the air conditioning.  Hot, hot, hot!

My half-sister, Nikki, took a Group 1 yesterday in California!  She is amazing.  I want to get a Group 1 too!  I have other half siblings out showing.  They are doing well too.  Everyone is out showing except ME!  I LOVE showing.  I really, really want to go to another show - soon!

Kearney - We have been locked up a lot because I am shedding - a LOT.  I can't wait to get rid of all the dead hair.  I know I will be cooler.  TM has been brushing me, but I am still losing a lot of coat.

TM listed the mini-farm with a realtor.  She says she is practically giving it away.  Today she and PR went over and did a lot of little touches.  TM fixed the chainlink fencing and painted some doors and all the baseboards.  PR came over and replaced the wax ring in the master bathroom.  He showed TM how to do it.  She wrinkled her nose a lot <G>  She doesn't like getting her hands messy - unless it is with stock.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lowri - It was very hot today.  TM kept us in the house for most of the day.  I got to work ducks for a few minutes, then Mama Cheryl got here.  I tried and tried to go say "Hi", but TM wouldn't let me.  She wanted me to work ducks even with the distraction.  FINALLY, I got to go say "Hi" to MC.  She had brought Dinah and Treasure.  We all got to work ducks today.

Kearney - TM was trying to separate the ducks so Treasure would work the fresh ones.  But, I pushed the ducks to close to the fence, and one darted through it.  You would think they would be too big!  TM dropped me over the fence and told me to get the duck.  One problem, it had gone through the fence in the jungle at the back.  I could barely work my way in.  Finally, TM came back to help.  I drove the duck up to the fence and pounced on it.  I don't think that is what TM had in mind.  She called me off, but MC couldn't find the duck.  I went back in and wagged my tail a lot and jumped here and there, but no one heard the duck.  TM says if it is still alive, it will come home.

I had to get a bath because of all the poison ivy in the jungle <G>  TM is very allergic to it.  She soaped me up really well - all over my body.  It took her quite a while to get all the soap out.

Lowri - I got a bath too!  TM gave me my hot oil treatment.  Both Kearney and I are blowing coat to some extent.  TM says I am probably getting ready to come into heat again.  I just think it is hot out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herding Premiums Have Arrived!

Lowri - TM got my herding premiums mailed out today (We aren't telling Kearney, but he isn't entered).  I am entered on Ducks for both A and B course.  If I am very, very good, I will get lots of letters!  I am also entered on A course Sheep, but I can't get any letters from them yet.  I have never trialed on sheep before.  I am not sure that I can be very, very good - bouncing is so much fun <G>

TM says I have plenty of time to practice, the trials will be the first of September.  She said I could either go to dog shows or herding trials.  I am going to the HERDING TRIALS! 

Kearney - I know I am not entered.  TM said that she has to sell the mini farm before she can spend too much more money on me.  I guess I shouldn't have finished my Dual Championship so fast, then I could still trial.  TM says that when she has more money to blow, I can trial again.  I really, really like to trial <sigh>

Monday, June 25, 2012

TM Sold My Ducks!

Lowri - TM sold my ducks!!  What am I going to do for herding?

Kearney - Lowri, you are being overly dramatic again!  TM sold one adult and three of the baby ducklings.  That is all.  You still have plenty of ducks to herd.  Grow up!

Lowri - Whew, I am so relieved!  I thought maybe because I was bouncing at the ducks, TM got rid of them. 

Kearney - TM loves herding ducks.  She isn't going to get rid of them.  We even have some at the house in town.  We are going to get lots of herding time this summer!

TM went to the mini farm today to do more work on the carpets.  She was very busy.  She was quite happy with how it all turned out, I could smell it.  Afterwards, she went to our favorite place.  She went to the place where they have all of our organ meat.  She got a big box full.  It is going to go into our food.  It will be great!

Lowri - Oh yum!  More food!  Yum, yum, yum!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Kearney - It was hot, hot, hot today!  It was clear up to 98 at PR's.  TM cancelled herding lessons for today.  We just hung around all day.  TM used the dremel on all our our toenails.  Even Aidan and Daisy.  After supper, we got to go herding ducks.  By then, it was down to about 90 degrees. 

TM gets frustrated when I refuse to consider that there are ducks in the field.  I focus on the sheep in the next field.  I try and try to figure out how to apply her commands to the sheep.  I finally give in and go get the ducks for her.  It makes her crazy <G>

Lowri - I got to herd the ducks just before dark.  I was the good dog!  Well, TM might not agree, because I was bouncing at the ducks - but I did keep them together!  Doesn't that make me the good dog?  I think herding ducks is way fun when you bounce.  They flap and run.  What a hoot <G>

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back at PR's

Kearney - We are back at Papa Ron's for the long weekend.  TM stopped at the mini-farm to clean carpets some more.  She now has to go buy a new carpet cleaner as hers gave up the ghost.  She did some painting instead.  Because painting is a pretty quiet affair, Lowri was worried that TM wasn't still there.

Lowri - Yeah, Kear, I was the one worrying, sure...

Kearney - I am ignoring you.  Since Lowri was worried, I showed her how to check.  I scratched on the door.  If TM isn't there, no harm.  If she is, she immediately comes out and says "bad dog".  You not only get to hear that she is there, you get to see TM too <G>

When we got to PR's place, TM stopped at the barn and took care of the animals.  She let the ducks out into the duck arena.  I got to take them out of the the pen.  I did a really good job.  TM said so.  I got behind them and pushed them toward the open gate.  I did some work to cut them off as they tried to escape.  I got them into the arena and they immediately started chasing bugs.  I went and climbed into the stock tank.  It felt so good to loll around in the water.  It was great!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Lowri - Oh man, TM made food for us tonight.  She made about 40 pounds worth.  I got to do most of the cleanup.  There went my diet!  TM did put the biggest pan out for Kear to clean up, but I got to finish it.

Kearney - TM has been working very hard!  Today, she went to the mini-farm first thing.  She took a fan so the carpet would dry faster.  She also turned down the AC since she forgot to do that last night.  Then she worked for hours, mowed the lawn, ran some errands and then made us food.  She also talked with PR through Skype.  It is no wonder that we didn't have time to work ducks!  Maybe we will get to work with them tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duck Herding

Lowri - We got to herd ducks at TM's - FINALLY!  After TM finished with work, she took Kearney out.

Kearney - I got to go fetch the babies to TM.  They were very cute.  They were all sitting in the wading pool.   I went around behind them and stopped and waited for them to get out.  I was very patient, not only then but when I needed to bring them out the gate.  These are pretty young babies.  They are just now getting old enough to work.  They are only about five weeks old.  I waited on them to figure out how to get out the gate.  Then I drove them around the yard.  I am getting good at waiting on them and not rushing.  TM was very pleased with my work.

Lowri - Then I got to work them.  It was weird.   TM just walked around - generally so I would have to swing wide on a "bye" to hold them near TM.  She didn't give me commands, just watched to see what I would do.  I wasn't sure about that at all.  I tried to go to TM, but she didn't want that.  I think TM figured out that I can drive just fine when she is to my left, but I am not very good at it if she is on my right.  She says she is going to do this exercise until I figure out how to work ducks this way.  I don't's weird.

When we were done with that, I got to hold the ducks.  That is my favorite!  It is Kear's too.  When TM told me to "hold 'em", Kear exploded barking.  He wanted to do it.  TM just ignored him.  I got to hold the ducks while TM opened the gate.  If the ducks moved, I just twitched my head and they froze.  What fun <G>

Monday, June 18, 2012

Group Place

Lowri - I got to go to the group place again yesterday.  This time I won a fourth of it.  TM and MC were very excited!  I got lots of good cookies.  It was MP's birthday and she had specifically requested that I get her part of the group place, so I did.  TM says MP should have more birthdays.

About an hour before Groups, MC told TM to give me another bath.  They thought it would be refreshing as it was pretty warm out.  It was COLD water!  I got very refreshed!  At least I shook all over TM <G>  MC groomed me up and I looked great.  The judge thought so too.  He was someone I had seen when I was a puppy.  Mr. Hartinger had given me a 5-point major and best puppy about nine months ago.  He seemed pleased when MC reminded him about that.

Kearney - I stayed with PR this weekend.  TM brought me a present of a new bed.  She put it down by Daisy's bed and showed it to me.  I stayed on it for quite a while.  TM says it was a great bargain.  It is the size of my crate and about four inches deep.  The fabric is good quality.  There was a vendor at the show who was selling them.  TM got it for $10.  The vendor sold out the first day.  MC went back on Sunday to get another one, but they were gone.

TM here - I have heard from a couple of readers that they cannot post to my blog.  I have no idea why that would be, and I am sorry.  Are you able to post to MC's blog?  Her blog is  It is the same host as mine.  You are also welcome to send me an email at  I will post your comment to the blog.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dog Show in Waynesville, NC

Lowri - We went to the dog show in Waynesville, NC today.  I hold a special place in my heart for this set of shows.  A year ago, this weekend, at these shows, I got my very first point!  I had never been to a show before - well at least not one I got to show at.  I had been to Nationals and sat on TM's lap and watched and watched.  I even had a couple of people try to steal me from TM - right off her lap!  I also went to one other show.  I watched and watched there too.  Some people at the show commented that they thought I was trying to get my judge's license.  I was just trying to figure it all out.

Anyway, I got to show today.  MC groomed me up and put a really pretty collar and leash on me.  Then we went and showed on red clay!  In the dirt!  Fortunately, MC had dried my feet really, really well, so none of the red clay stuck to my white toes.  I went Best of Breed!  I got to go to the group place again.  I don't understand the judges at the group place, not one of them has thought I was special enough.  The judge today, kept looking and looking at me.  He could hardly take his eyes off me.  But did he award me?  NO!  I am not sure what I am going to have to do.  MC and TM both said I was looking very, very nice.

Oh well, we go back and try again tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog Show Tomorrow

Lowri - Well, I finally got my hot oil bath and massage.  I am ready for the dog shows this weekend.  I can't wait to get out and see my fans.

Kearney - sheesh!  Low, the reason you didn't get your bath until this morning is because TM and PR have been WORKING!  Last night they went to the mini-farm and PR painted the entire interior of the house and garage.  He is amazing!  His sprayer is very good.  TM finished taping and did some trim work.  She is going back tonight and doing some more trim as well as turning on the water heater so she can clean carpets - around your shows!

Lowri - We are pretty lucky, aren't we, Kear!  TM even fed us this morning.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Kearney - Here is a picture of the back of the house on the mini-farm.  TM said she couldn't get the front, because of the hill and the chain link fence (the front goes out about 20 feet and then slopes down.  By the time you get far enough from the house to get it all in the picture, you are down hill and the fence is in the way).  There are also two shots of the view to the left of the back of the house.  One is from up on the hill behind the house, the other is from the front yard.  The pond belongs to the neighbors.  Ours is in the back next to the barn.

We do have a couple of Bradford pear trees just to the left of the garage, plus a maple tree in the front yard.  There are trees on the hill and trees along the spring creek.  Most of the ground is pasture - where I can herd sheep.

I barely remember this place.  I think I lived here with Dora and Angus.  That was a long time ago.  I think I came to the mini farm when I first came live with TM.  I think we already were dating PR.   Wait!  I remember, this is where I first got to herd sheep!  My very first blog entry shows me herding sheep at the mini-farm.  Wow!  That is a trip down memory lane.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in Town

Kearney - We are back in town.  TM left PR early this morning, stopped and picked up the eight thugs (aka young ducks) and then went to get us some organ meat.  She scored us about 30 pounds of heart, liver and kidneys.  We are going to have some GOOD food!

Lowri - Kearney may score some good food, but TM has ME on a strict diet.  She and MC have decided that I am entering maturity and don't need quite as much food.  I hate to challenge that assumption, but I AM STILL A PUPPY!  I may be 18 months old, but I am a PUPPY!  Get that?!?!

Kearney - When we got to the house, TM put the young thugs out in their yard.  She noticed that there were some of the littlest babies missing.  She finally found two of the three that had gotten out, but that third one is long gone.  I can happily say that WE had nothing to do with it.  We were still locked up in the car.  Sadly, there are only seven left.

Lowri - If I had found it, I WOULD have eaten it.  I am hungry!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday on the Farm

Kearney - TM got up early and took all of us dogs out to play.  She turned the water on for the garden and we all just ran around and played.  Later in the day, TM took Lowri and me down to herd ducks.  I had put the ducks out in the arena, and they had escaped!  TM blocked the hole and I put the ducks away.  Then I helped her get out just the ones she wanted to herd with.  I took them into the arena and then moved them around while TM set up the hold pen.  While she did some raking (where PR had covered the pipe), I held the ducks in the pen.  TM just grinned at me while I stood there and held my ducks. 

Lowri - Then I got to work ducks.  I still don't like going in tight on the fence to lift them off, but TM is working with me on that.  I got to take the ducks clear through the course - well almost, TM doesn't have her Z chute set up yet.  She says she will do that next weekend.  TM was pretty pleased with my work for the most part.  I did more bouncing today than I have been doing.  That's cause I was the pretty dog this weekend.  I got to act blond today <G>

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Shows and Stuff

Lowri - This has been a super weekend.  I already reported about yesterday, but today was awesome too.  I went BOB again.  My beautiful Mama was Select.  In Colorado, my half-sister Nola was WB/BOS again  AND my daddy was BOB.  That finished his Grand Championship!  So now, my beautiful Mama and my Daddy both are Grand Champions and both have their ROMb (pending approvals).  My brother Tommy and my sisters Ginger and Sally are all Champions.  My brothers, David and Nick, and sisters, Alli and Abby, are champions of the heart, although Alli is also a show dog.  Nicky is known as the International Man of Mystery.  I have a fabulous family!

When TM brought me home, I got to stop at the duck arena and put the ducks away.  That makes it the perfect ending to an almost perfect day!

Kearney - I had a good day too.  I got to put the ducks out in the arena and then herd them around for a while.  Then I got to spend the day playing with Dinah.  She sure is cute, although she is much to fond of my tail!  I will miss the cute little bugger now that she has gone back home.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday, Shows and Stuff

Lowri - TM took me down to MC's last night.  I got my hot oil bath in the morning, and then we drove to MC's place.  I got LOCKED up while TM and MC went shopping.  I wanted to go shopping too, but NO, I got put in a crate.  Kear got to be outside with Treasure and Miss Monroe.  Even baby Dinah got the run of the kitchen.  I was the only one caged.  Just because I grumbled at Dinah when she grabbed my lips.  Oh well...

At the show in Asheville today, my sister, Ginger, won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners.  That finished her championship!  Because she finished her championship, my beautiful Mama and my Daddy both finished their ROMb titles!  So LOTS of titles for today. 

My Daddy won Select at his show in Colorado.  My beautiful Mama won Select in Asheville.  I won BOB.  It was a winning kind of day!  MC and I are sacked out in our motel in Asheville.  Poor TM didn't get to see any of it.

Kearney - Last night after we dropped Lowri off, I came home with TM and Dinah.  Dinah is kind of cute.  She slept in my crate with me last night.  She was very good.  She did not even wake us up this morning.

TM went to work on the mini-farm.  She painted the garage doors while Dinah and I napped.  When we got to PR's, she saw how much work PR had accomplished.  He had brought in all the big, round bales of hay.  TM immediately got the tarps out and covered the hay.  PR then cut a ditch through the duck arena.  TM put the four-inch pipe in the ditch.  After PR sprayed for weeds, he got the backhoe out and covered the pipe.  TM is thrilled that they won't have water flowing through the duck arena any more.

It has been a good weekend so far - and it is only Saturday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TM has been Slaving Away!

Lowri - Poor TM has been slaving away.  She has hardly had any time for ME!  I just found out she isn't even going to my dog shows this weekend.  I still get to go.  I am going with MC.  TM is staying home to do more work on the mini farm. 

Kearney - Yeah, the renters moved out and TM is going to sell it.  She has a lot of work to do and is meeting with the realtor this weekend.  PR is painting the place inside this weekend.  MC is going to let TM babysit Dinah while Lowri goes to the show.

Lowri - WHAT!!!!  TM is replacing me with Dinah???  I don't WANT to be replaced!  I love TM...What? MC has cookies?  Well okay then, I am off to MC's place for the weekend.

Kearney - TM wanted me to let our readers know that the mini-farm is for sale.  Here is some info on it:
It is a 1650 sq ft brick ranch on 6 1/3 acres.. The property is fenced and cross-fenced for horses, cattle, sheep or goats. The house is fenced with chain-link fencing - three separate yards. There is a pond with fish, a barn, two 2-car carports, and a spring creek that runs the length of the property. The house has three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and an oversized two-car garage. Located in beautiful East Tennessee (where there are no state income taxes), an hour from Knoxville and an hour from Bristol. The property is 2 miles from I-81. It has city water, a septic system and a paved driveway. It was built in 1992 and is zoned for agriculture. It has a relatively new roof (less than 5 years old), new heating system and new paint inside.
 Lowri - Watson Murray, you might want to think about this place.  TM could even work with you and your mom on herding!  I think it is a long way from Napa though.  The commute might be rough.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday on the Farm

Kearney - Too funny!  More people in Germany have viewed my blog today than people in the US.  Welcome!

Lowri - We had SO much fun yesterday!  TM locked us in the ducks arena with Aidan, the Vizsla, while she worked on the new duck pen.  Aidan was hysterical.  He was so close to the pheasant, he went crazy.  The birds quickly figured out that he couldn't get to them, so they settled down.

Kearney - All except poor Homer.  That is the male pheasant the PR released.  Aidan took one look at him and chased him out of the arena.  He didn't stop to point until Homer flew away.  I thought pointers were supposed to point FIRST!

Lowri - Anyway, there was a mud hole right next to the pen.  All three of us were mud from head to tail.  Even Aidan had mud on his head.  Poor TM had to give all three of us baths after she had spent all day working.  We looked great <G>  I looked AWESOME <VBG>   TM just sighed because I had gotten my hot oil bath the day before.

Kearney - Lowri had so much energy.  She would play in the mud and then take off around the arena like a wild thing.  Aidan and I were obligated to give chase <G>   TM took a short break to watch us.  We had so much fun!

Lowri - Now we have a new duck yard.  It will be a lot easier for TM to catch ducks for us to play, herd.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ducks and More Ducks

 Lowri - Holy Cow!  Do we ever have ducks!  The white mama duck finally hatched out her babies.  When we got up this morning, we saw that she had eight little babies.  The brown mama has eight big babies.  We are overrun with ducks...well, maybe not overrun.  I could take care of that problem...drool.
Kearney - Lowri!  We aren't supposed to eat the ducks...drool.

The older ducklings got out twice very early this morning.  The brown mama woke TM up - twice - and asked her to go get them back.  She was calling for her babies - LOUDLY.

TM went to the store and bought some 1/2 inch square mesh fencing.  She put that up this morning.  The ducklings should be properly corralled now - darn it.