TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lowri  - Every Thursday morning TM goes to the ALPS.  When she came back this morning, she told us that next Thursday, Kearney and I get to go!  I am so excited.  What does the well-dressed puppy wear to the famous mountain range?  How high do you think we will get to climb?  Do I need a passport?  Quick, I need language lessons!

Kearney - ALPS is an Alzheimer patient day care facility here in town.  We get to go and kiss up to a lot of old people.  You know, like TM but even older.  I got to go last year when I was a little puppy.  They still remember me.  In fact, they ask about me all the time.  It is great.  We get lots of hugs from everyone.  We just have to be careful and not pee on the floor.

Lowri - no mountains?  no passport?  old people?  Do they have food?  I am okay with it if there is food.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training TM

Lowri - This morning, TM's first client didn't show up, so TM had more time to play with me.  At one point, she got cookies out and gave a piece to my daddy and one to me.  They were very tasty!  She told my daddy to kennel up and gave him a piece when he did.  I RAN to my crate because I know TM will feed me if I am in it.  The door was shut!  I turned around cause TM said my name and a new word "Come".  She showed me the cookie, so I beat feet over to her and tried to look cute.  TM gave me the cookie - just for looking cute.  A minute later, TM said my name and the new word again.  she showed me the cookie and I dashed to her.  I got the cookie AGAIN!  Too cool.  I have trained TM to give me cookies whenever I run to her after hearing the word "Come".  I am so clever!

I have also found out that I can get TM to give me the cookie when she dangles it over my head.  I set my rump on the floor so I can see it better and sure enough, I get a cookie.  I think the word I taught TM to use is "Sit".  She is very predictable!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Papa Ron

Lowri - Today is Papa Ron's birthday.  TM brought him pork steaks, baked potatoes and peas.  PR cooked the pork on the grill.  It smelled soooo good!  I didn't get ANY of it!  That is just rude.  After all, I am just a puppy and I am hungry all the time.  I tried looking pitiful, but it didn't work at all.  Aidan is getting the scraps with his breakfast.  Boo!

Kearney - Happy Birthday to Ron.  He makes TM happy, so she brought him dinner.  She also bought him 35 baby pheasant so he can teach Aidan how to hunt.  When they come in May, Aidan will go berserk!  He chases all the birds that fly around here.  Aidan is a Vizsla.  TM says that is short for wild, pointing, red sporting dog.

So here we are at PR's home.  Chase has to stay in the xpen because Aidan and I are best friends.  Lowri is on TM's lap, and I am going to sack out on the floor where I can keep an eye on TM.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Daddy is Here

Lowri - My daddy, Chase, has come to live with us for a couple of weeks.  TM says it is so he can practice herding ducks until we go to something called the Nationals.  I am just glad he is here.

 After TM finished working today, she came outside and took Kearney to play with the ducks.  I TOLD her I wanted to play too, but she didn't listen.  Both Kearney and my daddy got to play.  She kept practicing this one thing called STOP.  I asked Kearney what it meant.  He said you are supposed to stop moving until TM says you can go again.  That is boring.  Kearney said he thought so too, but TM was being very quiet when she said it.  That is when you REALLY need to listen.

After my daddy got to play with the ducks (he practiced that STOP word a lot too), TM got on this red machine that really made a LOT of noise.  I was a little bit afraid, but Kearney said it would not come into our yard.  TM drove it really fast and it threw the grass everywhere.  Then we got to go out and play in it.  Our feet turned green <giggle>  The best part is when Kearney plays his favorite game tomorrow, Roll Lowri in the Grass, I don't think I will get so wet.

Kearney - TM and I went out and moved the ducks.  We did a lot of circles around the ducks both ways, walking up to the ducks, and STOP.   When Chase played with them, I shouted out a lot of insults.  I mean, really, he wasn't doing it right and I can do it so much better.  TM seemed please with him though. 

Sunday Trial

Lowri - Oh Boy, was Kearney ever in trouble!  I heard TM say he lost his mind.  She was NOT happy with him.  He and Chase were both acting weird with Treasure, Kearney's sister.  They both thought she was beautiful.  I mean, gross!  She is Kearney's sister.  Back to important things - ME.  My momma, Scout, and my sister, Sally, came to the trials to visit.  MC and G'ma Janet let us out into a muddy field to play.  We had so much fun!  I got rolled and rolled in the mud <G>  There were big puddles to play in, it was GREAT!

Kearney - Treasure came with us.  TM said she was in heat.  Chase and I thought she was HOT!  TM kept taking us away from her to herd sheep.  We blasted through the course so we could get back to Treasure.  She was so HOT.

We had thunder boomers happening all night.  Chase and I kept reassuring Treasure it was okay.  He and I eyed each other a few times.  I told him what I would do to him if he and I got out of jail.  Treasure was so HOT.

We had a long ride home in the car.  Evidently when I blasted through the course, I hurried a bit too much.  Chase evidently hurried the right amount, because he was Reserve High.  TM says I didn't Q.  But man, you should have smelled Treasure.  She was HOT!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Trial

Kearney - Holy cow!  When I said we were getting up early, I didn't realize it would be the crack of midnight!  MC and TM got up at 4:00 AM and were on the road by 4:30.  It was a good thing too!  It POURED on us on the way down.  TM and MC were both getting stressed by the dark, the rain and the winding road.  I could smell it!

We got to the trial in plenty of time.  Lowri got fed, but no one else did.  I remember being a puppy and getting all the food all the time...  TM and MC walked us around for a while until we pottied.  I mean, geez, no privacy at all.

When the trial started, so did the thunder and lightening.  Only two people in Advanced got to run, then they called a break.  We all went back and sat in the car so we wouldn't get hit by the lightening.  After about 15 minutes, the last Advanced dog got to run.  Then it was my turn.  I was very excited and did my best to make the sheepies mind.  TM told me I was excellent (but no AWESOME for me today <sigh>).  Then Chase got to run in Started.  I didn't get to see his run, but TM and MC were both very pleased.  We had another delay before Treasure got to run in Herding Tested.  MC got to handle her.  Treasure was VERY excited and ran and ran.  The judge said she didn't quite do the job today, but Treasure was sure she had chased the sheepies very well.

When it was all over, I got High!  Chase was pretty pumped.  He took second in his class and was only one dog out of being Reserve High.  MC and TM were very happy with us.

Lowri - But everyone loved ME the best.  I got lots of scritches and loves.  It was very tiring, but I stayed awake as long as my fans were there.  Herding trials are the BEST.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grinders and Trials

Lowri - <giggle, giggle>  TM and MC were talking last night about the electric thingy that grinds our food.  They both got out their instructions and GUESS WHAT!  MC was putting her cutting blade in backwards too!  Boy, I hope they don't read instructions on how to make puppies mind.  Just think about what I can get away with...

Kearney - We are going to spend tonight at MC's house.  Then, VERY early tomorrow morning, we will get up, potty really fast and jump in the car.  We are going to herding trials.   

The Started class was really easy for me.  I just had to make sure the sheepies or ducks stayed with TM.  I understood how to do that.  TM said I was the best in the trial twice and second best once.  Chase said I got High.  I think he was right, because I was walking on clouds when TM said "AWESOME."

I am in Intermediate now.  I have been trying really hard to listen to TM, but I don't quite understand why she wants the sheepies to go away from her sometimes and to her at other times.  It is very confusing.  I just know that I get lots of praise when I listen and try hard to do what she tells me too. I am going to try really hard to get her to say AWESOME again.  It makes my insides wiggle.

Mixing up Meals

Kearney - Last night, TM mixed up a bunch of food for us.  It smelled soooo good!  She used apples, asparagus, broccoli, organ meat, chicken and some stew beef.  She packaged it up and froze it so it will stay good.  Lowri and I LOVE it when she mixes up new food.  We get to patrol the floor.  Anything drops, it is ours.  We were drooling, watching her.  I think she dropped a couple of pieces on purpose.  YUM!  We also get to lick up the bowls.

Lowri - TM mutters bad words when the electric thingy doesn't work right.  This morning, I heard her tell Kearney a secret.  She said that last night in bed she figured out she was putting the cutting blade in backwards.

Kearney - LOWRI!  You are not supposed to tell that.  TM told me she should have read the directions.  The electric thingy will probably work better with the blade facing the right direction.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About TM

Lowri - I get to talk first today!  TM is a massage therapist.  I practiced hard to say those words.  She works on people and is K9 certified too.  When my dad, Chase, first came to stay with TM and MC, he flew out here in a big airplane.  He was pretty tired, so TM gave him a massage to relax him.  I think he looks silly with his tongue hanging out, but here is a picture of him getting his massage.  MC took the picture so all of his kids could see what a dork he looked like.

Kearney - TM isn't just a "feel good" massage therapist, she fixes problems when she can.  When I was a puppy, my Aunt Dora (DC Kollage's Star Seeker, NA NAJ RN) was really sick.  TM didn't notice how much I was running down stairs and jumping off laps.

I ended up with my front legs turning out too much from all the pounding my legs got.  Once TM got over losing Dora, she noticed how bad my legs were.  She set me up on the table as cleanly as she could and took a picture of them.  Then she worked on them for about five minutes a day for four days.  On the fourth day, she took another picture.  If I do say so, I am now much handsomer!  TM will still work on them on occasion. 

I like the "feel good" massage the best.  It makes my back feel soooooo good when I have been locked in jail for a while.

Beautiful Day

Kearney - It is another beautiful Spring morning.  Yesterday was perfect!  We got to play outside most of the day.  TM had to stay inside and work.  She only came out a couple of times.  She says she has to slave away so we can eat and play with the sheepies.

I heard TM and Mama Cheryl (MC) talking.  We are going to a herding trial this weekend!  I am so excited.  My sheepies know all about me, but sheepies at trials are usually afraid of me and they can run fast.  TM says I have to listen to her, because we only want the sheepies to walk.  What fun is that?!?!

Chase and my sister, Treasure, are coming too.  Chase is in the Started class.  He really likes to make the sheepies run.  TM says he has to work even farther away from them than I do.  He has something called power.  The sheepies know who is boss when he walks into the arena.   TM is working to build my power.   She says Chase's is innate, while mine will have to be built up.

Treasure will be handled by MC.  She will be in Herding Tested.  She just has to do some basic stuff, but that is okay because she is a girl.

Lowri - What do you mean she is a GIRL?  I am a girl!  I have lots of power already.  TM and MC said so.  Besides, Treasure could get letters after her name this weekend!  I wish I had letters <sigh>

Poor Treasure!  She only has one mama. MC is a good mama, but still, it is much better to have a lot of mamas - especially at Christmas!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best Game

Kearney - I got to play my favorite game this morning.  It is called "roll Lowri in the grass".  It is even better if there is a lot of mud, but dew is okay.  Boy, was she SOAKED <vbg>

Lowri - NOT FUNNY, Kearney!  And to make it worse, TM took this weird picture.  At least my ears are standing up now - and no crown!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chillin' Out

Kearney - After we have been herding or doing other hard work like keepin' TM entertained, we like to hang out in the sitting room.  It is best when TM is sitting with us, but sometimes she leaves to go potty.  I am not sure she is housebroke, because she does her business in a room in the house.  We know enough to go outside!  Lowri and I tell her to "go potty", but we don't say it loud enough for TM to hear.  Sometimes, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

Lowri - Here is a picture of me hangin' with my friends and my dad.  I like playing with Aidan, the Visla, the Vizla, the Vi...the red dog (hey, I am only 3 months old!).  He lives in Ron's house.  He sleeps on Ron's lap every evening while we watch TV.  Thor lives with the sheep - and boy does he SMELL like it!

Ron also has a little dog with a pushed-in face.  Daisy is a funny-named breed - I think it is peking duck or something like that.  I remember, she is a peeking knees.  I told you it was a funny name.

Monday Morning

TM says that no feathers were pulled in the taking of this picture.
TM just got some more pictures ready to display.  They are all of LOWRI.  How come I don't have more pictures.  Oh, she also put in one of the wild turkeys she saw on the way home.  She wouldn't let Lowri and me out to see them.  I am sure I could have herded them!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I got to chase sheepies, I got to chase sheepies!!!  It was so exciting.  Mama Cheryl carried me into the round pen while TM had Kearney move the sheep around.  I squealed and squirmed until MC put me down.  First I had to get a snack, then I SAW the sheepies.  Kearney brought them over near me and I felt my life snap into focus!  I immediately launched into pursuit.  Next thing I knew, TM stepped in front of me and blocked my access to the sheepies.  I tried to go around her, but she kept stepping in front of me, saying "that'll do". 

I got carried back to the car with both TM and MC scritching me.  Then they called Mama Penni and told her how good I was.  I listened for as long as I could, but I decided I needed a nap.  I had worked hard!  TM says there will be pictures posted on Monday. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the Farm

Kearney here...TM (The Mama) got up this morning and went out to start working on the pasture fence.  We got to go with her!  We ran all over the field helping her.  Then she realized that the steer was missing.  She called and called for the sheepies.  Why would she do that when she was looking for a cow?

She finally saw the cow and went to get him.  He crawled back over the fence before she could get behind him.  When we all got back into the pasture, Chase and I thought we should move the steer back to the other side of the pasture.  Lowri tried to help us.  It was pretty funny, TM's voice went really high, almost a squeak, when she saw her.  After she caught Lowri, we got locked up.  TM and Ron spent the rest of the day working on the fence.  They sure are tired now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Family

I wanted to show off my beautiful parents.  My dad is Duncan (multi BISweeps CH Kollage's There CanB Only One, RA HSAsd).  We lost him recently and we are all very sad.  This picture shows how brave he was!  He made that sheepie mind.  See how she is saluting him?!

My mom is the beautiful Hannah (CH Bluefox's Having a Ball, CD RN NA NAJ HSAsd HIAs VC ROMb).  She lives with Aunt Cyndi now and gets to rule the roost - whatever that is.  The Mama (or TM as Lowri and I call her) couldn't find the pictures of my doggy mama herding sheep.  She says her computer crashed.  All I know is I DIDN'T DO IT - It must have been Lowri!!!

Kearney, you dumbhead, it wasn't me.  I was being an angel, like always.  Besides, we never heard it crash.

I don't have a picture of my beautiful mother, Scout (GCH Cardiridge Jean Louise Finch, RN HT CGC), but you can see her on my brother, Big Nick's page - if you can see past all his hair (giggle, snicker).  TM took this picture of me with my dad, Chase (AM/CAN CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness, CD RN PT TT CGC).  Wow, I sure hope I get letters with my name...

TM says if I keep chasing the ducks like this, I just might eventually get some letters.  I want them to be IAMBETTERTHANKEARNEY, because I AM!

TM says I have to apologize to Big Nick if I want to keep my angel status.  Hmmm....Sorry, Nicky.  It is just that EVERYONE loves you because you are so stinkin' cute!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We live in Tennessee

While Kearney and I were outside playing yesterday, the mean ol' ducks started teasing me about my mamas.  Apparently Mama Penni is also my G'ma Penni.  They made me so mad, I chased after them and tried to catch them to punish them.

Kearney told me not to worry.  We live in Tennessee.  That kind of stuff happens all the time here.  He said that his Mama Cheryl is also his G'ma Cheryl - on both sides!  He also said Mama Susan is his Great G'ma. as well.  Whoo - she must be really old!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog!

Wow, we must be famous!  We are on the internet now.  We are Kearney (aka Bluefox's Kearney, HSAsd) and Lowri (Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment).  Our mom is Susan.  She does the typing because we just don't have that skill down yet.  We are Cardigan Welsh Corgis and we herd!

I am Kearney.  This picture is from last year when I was only four months old.  I LOVE to chase sheep and ducks.  My mom, Susan, is the pack leader and she directs me to help her catch the livestock.  She isn't very good with that whole "I drive them to you, you kill them" thing.  I drive them to her over and over again.  She just lets them go.  Fortunately, she is really good at buying food or we would starve!

Hi, I am Lowri.  I am three months old.  Here is my photo from today.  Aren't I cute?  I have lived with my new mom for about a month now.  I have her totally wrapped around my paw!  She says I have two other moms, Penni and Cheryl.  I must be really, really lucky to have three moms.  At least I should really make good hauls on my birthday ;)

Mom says we have to go outside now.  Maybe I can go find the ducks and bark at them some more.