TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Herding, with Pictures

Lowri - I finally got to go HERDING again today!  TM brought up the big mamas and put them in the duck arena for me.  I got to, herd them all around.  TM was still making me stay out and insisting on wide flanks.  I was just thrilled to be out working again.

MC and Miss Dinah came up to herd too.  While TM was waiting for them, I got to put the big mamas in the small pen and THEN I got to go herd CHICKENS!  What a HOOT!!  TM sent me down to the far end of the field.  They were hiding in the shade.  I actually did a pretty good job of herding.  I didn't try to catch and eat any of them.   When MC got here, she said she would have loved to get some pictures of that.

Dinah did a really nice job of herding.  She hasn't been on stock since April, when she got her HT title and caused TM to get a bad knee.  Fortunately, TM's knee is doing fine now.  Dinah was very, very good.  She listened to TM and was very responsive.  TM finished the lesson by having Dinah help her pen the ewes.  Dinah even flanked the right directions!  TM gave her heaps of praise AND scritched her belly. 

I got to work again afterwards.  TM was hopeful that there would be a couple of good pictures.  MC said it was not looking good.  The grass is so long, all you could see was my back and ears.  She is going to send some to TM to check out.  I will have her post them later.

Moving my sheep.
Where we going, TM?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Stuff from Yesterday

Lowri - I totally forgot to tell everyone that I had my hot oil bath yesterday.  I got massaged and shampooed.  Then TM took me out on the back porch and set up my table.  I got blown dry.  TM didn't care so much about getting me dry.  She was more interested in blowing out the old, dead coat.  I thought it felt great!

I am just about done with my shedding.  TM will be very glad when I stop.  She says she has groomed two dogs' worth of hair out of me.  She figures that I should be in heat in about six weeks. 

She is now thinking about doing pedicures for all of us.  We get them done every week.  It is my least favorite thing.  Couldn't I just get my hot oil bath without the pedicure?

Farm Fresh

Lowri - We are finally back at the farm.  It rained today.  That made it a bit foggy here.  That seemed odd.  But, oh well.  As soon as I got out of the car, I dashed off to see my bunnies.  They were all there and still in their cages, so I couldn't get too them - darn it!  I have checked on them every time I have been let out tonight.

TM raced the rain this morning.  We went for our walk and then hurried home.  TM decided to see if she could mow the lawn before the rain got here.  Turned out that a bunch of her neighbors had the same thought.  They were all waving at each other as they dashed around with their mowers.  I think all the people won.  Then the rain poured! 

We didn't come to the farm until really late tonight.  TM had to go offer support to some friends in the early evening.  They have all been friends for a long time, but haven't seen as much of each other in the last couple of years because the lady's husband wasn't healthy.  He crossed the Bridge this week and got to see Kearney.  TM said he was a nice man and gave Kearney a bunch of pats for us.  TM and MC both went to the service.  There was lots of hugging going on.  TM said the service was very nice.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy, Happy!

Lowri - Tonight, Mama Cheryl came to visit.  She got to come with us on our walk.  I got to show her my power trotting.  It was great.  Then we went to the field that is bigger than the group place.  There were BUNNIES!  That just fried every one of my brain cells.  MC said it was kind of like waving ice cream in front of her (and TM).  They would have melted circuits too.

I didn't do as well with my power trotting on the grass because of the bunnies.  But I did do a little bit.  MC was able to see the potential I have in moving on grass.  Then we went back to the house and got a drink.  We all had our tongues hanging out!

TM brought out my table and MC practiced stacking me.  TM took some pictures.  Here is one that we all liked.  TM is sorry she didn't get all of MC.  She said "whoops."  On the other hand, I haven't been groomed in over a week!

MC is holding some chicken TM cooked tonight.  It was really, really good!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Lowri - This has been a hard weekend.  I haven't been allowed to help TM build fence.  She said it took about four days to get all the burrs out of my coat last time and she really didn't want to do it again.  I tried to tell her that it would be weeks before our next show.  She didn't care.

I wanted to help doctor the cows, but I wasn't allowed near them.  TM and PR put the cows in the small pen and ran them through the chute.  They were using the headgate to catch the cows so they could worm them and give them shots.  They managed to get everyone except Gracie.  She decided she really didn't want to play.  She reared up and crashed down on the cattle panel.  It was amazing, the thick steel wire panel just bent under her weight.  She escaped.  PR and TM decided to get her next week.  You should have seen TM work trying to straighten out the panel.  It will never be the same.

I wanted to help with chickens, but TM has them trained to come when she calls.  I wanted to help with the garden, but TM wouldn't let me come inside the fence.  I especially wanted to help with the bunnies, but TM didn't need my help feeding and watering them.  I offered to use them as a self-feeder, but TM said No.  I wanted to help with the air flow in the house, but PR wouldn't let me lay on the air conditioner vent. 

It was a tough weekend, when all I wanted to do is help.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Farm Babies

Lowri - TM took bunches of pictures of our farm animals.  Here are our babies...
This is the new bunny hutch.  We have four bunnies in the three cages.

This is one of our girl bunnies.
Here are my seven new baby ducks.  PR's pheasant is standing behind them.

Thor is standing behind Sif.  She is growing so big!

This is my calf, Abby.  Her name was Junior until TM got a good look at her.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Ducks and Bunnies

Lowri - We have baby duckies!  Right now there are seven.  We have two more eggs that we hope will hatch.  Our mama duck is so good.  She is busy taking really good care of them.  I am so happy.  These babies are going to replace the ducks that DAISY ate!  Yes, that's right, The Pekinese! ate my ducks last fall!  She left us one female and three males.  TM has hoped and hoped the duck would decide to hatch eggs.  She did and they hatched today!  TM will get pictures tomorrow.

Now the important stuff.  Our bunnies!  They are growing and are VERY cute!  TM and PR put a fence around the hutch tonight.  I, of course, figured out right away how to get under the fence.  TM was not very happy with me.  I am just trying to point out the holes in the fence.  I am HELPING!  TM will get pictures of the bunnies tomorrow too.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Picture

Lowri - Here is a picture of me moving at the dog show.  Doesn't MC look AWESOME? 
Here is one of me and my Daddy.  I just saw it while TM was looking for the moving one.  This was over a year ago, when I was just a young thing.  My tongue is really hanging.  I think I had been out moving stock.  I LOVE getting in the stock tank.  It really cools me off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Headaches

Lowri - Boy, I hope TM's headache goes away soon!  She hasn't been much fun for the last two days.  I did talk her into another walk during the hour or so that she felt better.  We went for a good walk.  The weather was perfect!

We started off one way and there was a loose dog.  TM shooed it, but it didn't want to let us go forward.  TM turned us around and we headed back.  About then, the owners started calling their dog.  It lived in the direction we had been going.  TM doesn't let loose dogs come up to us when we are walking. 

We saw four big black dogs being walked by two small ladies.  They were quite nasty to me - the dogs, not the ladies.  I just kept going and didn't hurl insults back at them.  I did have my ruff up, but I behaved.  TM was quite proud of me.

Headaches and Walks.

Lowri - I am so sorry that TM was not able to post my thoughts yesterday.  She had a really bad headache.  I did convince her to take me for my evening walk.  I told her it would make her feel better.  Good news is she didn't hurl. 

We saw LOTS of bunnies on our walk.  There were several yards that had two or three bunnies in them.  I really, really wanted to chase a couple of them, but TM didn't drop my leash. 

I am pleased to say that I am gaiting on grass almost as well as I do on a smooth surface.  It is hard not to gallop when there are holes and stuff on the grass.  TM says that as long as the grass isn't too long, I should be able to do just fine at my dog shows next month.  I still have just over four weeks to practice.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How Quick Fortune Falls

Lowri - I have been the Bad Dog all day today.  Just yesterday I was the STAR.  Everyone was loving on me.  I was the total favorite.  Today, I am the bad dog.  It would be heartbreaking if I wasn't having such a GREAT time!

The bunnies are in the new hutch.  It is huge, something like 10 feet by 4 feet wide.  It is divided into three cages.  PR built it.  He is AMAZING!  I am pretty sure he can do anything!  Anyway, the four bunnies are divided up into the three pens.  I just know that I could catch one if I am given enough time to try!

Every time we get let out, I race screaming for the hutch.  Literally screaming.  I can't help it!  I am so excited that I might catch one this time.  TM calls me.  If I don't come immediately, I hear "Bad Dog."  I'M BUSY!  I will come when I am NOT busy!  Unfortunately, that doesn't work for TM.  She waits and watches me.  If I hesitate and think about going back to the bunnies, I hear "Bad Dog" again.  As soon as I mind, she says I am a good dog again.  I heard a LOT of "Bad Dog" comments.

Wild Weekend

Lowri - We had a wild weekend.  I got to go to dog shows in Waynesville, NC.  It was fun.  We love that site.  Me especially.  There was lots of red dirt to play in.  My whites were pink!  I got LOTS of baths.  Saturday, I went BOS to the handsome Tiger.  He got to go play in the group place while we went home to rest.   On Sunday, I went BOB and Tiger went BOS.  When I played in the group place, I won a piece of it.  I won a third of it!  TM was quite happy with me.  She also was very happy with MC.  MC and I showed off together.  We looked GREAT!

When we got back to the farm, I got to see my bunnies.  PR had finished the hutches.  The bunnies were in their new cages.  It is VERY exciting.  I can get under their cages.  I can even touch the hair on the bunny feet through the wire if I stand up on my back legs.  They don't know what to do about that.  TM does not like me to do it.  She is going to put a fence around the bottom so Daisy and I can't get in under the cages.  I don't think that is fair at all.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dog Show Weekend

Lowri - We have dog shows this weekend and I am PUMPED!  TM just gave me my hot oil bath and massage.  I also had my pedicure.  I have been racing through the house and attacking TM.  She just laughs when I do.  I am a bundle of energy because I didn't get my walk today.  TM had a bunch of work to do.  I tried pushing and punching her, but it didn't work. 

Scuse me, I have a mad tear to do.  Wheeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lots of Fun Here

Lowri - We had a busy day.  TM didn't have many clients so I got most of her attention!  We went for two walks!  I did great on the grass.  I even did some power trotting.  TM is practicing running with me on the road.  We are working on distance and hoping she will become more graceful with practice.  We ran most of the way up the block.  I have hopes that soon she will be able to run the whole way up the street.

Today, TM posted on Show CardiL discussion list that she thinks she is a Cardigan.  I think that is a great thing to aspire to!  Cardigans are AWESOME!  Here is her post:

"I spent a fair amount of time today thinking about Cardigans, coats, grooming, etc. I decided that, Holy Cow, except for that being really short thing, I am probably a Cardigan. I am an easy keeper. I love my food. I love to herd. I shed. I like to sleep on my back - and tend to snore when I do. I love my food. I am opinionated. I am not afraid to speak up. I love my food. I love to do anything with my family. I am loyal and protective of my family. I love my food.

It is a good thing that I have never contributed to the gene pool. My hair is cut and dyed frequently. My bite has been fixed. My eyesight has been enhanced. My eye rims have been permanently darkened. While my length does not come from loin area, I have too much leg."
I love my TM...and my MC, MP and PR!  We have fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Grass Work

Lowri - Today TM saw our neighbor out mowing.  She walked over to see if he would mind if she gaited me around his field.  He said we could.  TM promised not to make paths though the lot.

Wow, his back lot is mowed perfectly!  We went out there and practiced moving around for a while.  The field is way bigger than any of the Group places are.  I was able to really move out.  I have to say, TM was puffing harder than I was when we were done.  She says she is going to practice running more.  Our treadmill is going to get some work!

When we were done, TM said I am almost ready to go show on grass.  All I can say is "grass tickles."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trotting on Grass

Lowri - We came back to town to work.  TM was fairly busy today, but we got to for our walk tonight.  TM found a lot of grass for me to practice my trotting.  She was mostly pleased with how I did.  I did a lot of trotting and not too much cantering.  She is satisfied that I will have it down pat by mid-July.

I got a bath this morning.  That isn't supposed to happen UNTIL Thursday.  TM thought I would enjoy it.  I guess I did.  At least I got fed afterwards!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Lowri - TM bought me some BUNNIES!!!  What???  Not Mine???  SO not FAIR!  TM informed me that the bunnies belong to PR.  She bought them for him for his birthday that was several months ago.  She had promised to buy them when he finished his rabbit hutch.  While it still isn't done, it is close. 

The bunnies are five weeks old.  They are Flemish Giants crossed with New Zealands.  They will be big meat rabbits.  TM says they are VERY cute.  PR told her not to get attached to them.  She will get pictures of them later.  Two are a dark gray/brownish, one is red and one is a light red.  TM hasn't let me see them yet.  She doesn't want them scared.  I just want lunch!

TM put the chickens in the duck arena for the day.  She didn't notice that the lambs had torn down some of the bird fencing around the perimeter.  When she and PR got back from town, the rooster and five hens were in the barn - with Sif!  TM was VERY pleased that Sif was just ignoring the birds.  No feathers were lost during this excursion.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dog Shows

Lowri - Whew, we have been busy!  I went to the chiropractor on Thursday.  He did a really good job of adjusting me.  I felt great after that. 

Saturday morning, we went to Asheville, North Carolina for dog shows.  I felt great!  TM took good care of me, and MC groomed me very well.  Even though I was looking gorgeous, the judge didn't think so.  My friend, Miz Em, went BOB.  I took Select.  Miz Em ended up with eight Grand Champion points this weekend.  That is great for her first weekend out as a special!

Today, I went BOB.  We came home right after our breed win.  Our group judge today was our breed judge yesterday.  Since she didn't like me yesterday, TM and MC saw no point in staying for group.  I am very glad because I missed PR, Aidan and Daisy.

I practiced trotting on grass all weekend.  TM was quite pleased with how I am progressing with that.  Since I am going to show on grass in July, TM thought I should do LOTS of practicing.

Friday, June 7, 2013

TM is Losing It

Lowri - Okay, I think TM is losing it.  I have been taking her for walks through the neighborhood for a while now.  We go when it is somewhat cool and I power trot down the roads.  NOW, TM wants me to move the same way on grass.  Does she not know how much harder this is to do???  I have VERY short legs.  TM has VERY long legs.  SHE can power walk on grass.  I have to really pick my feet up to do this. She is calling me a diva because I want to canter.

All of our shows here in the South are indoors - at the very least on dirt.  Why should I have to power trot on GRASS?

TM - Wah, wah wa wa wa.

Lowri - OHHHHHH, we are going to some shows in July on grass.  TM wants me to look my very best.  That is why she is insisting that I learn to trot on grass.  Hmmmm, sounds like it will be hot!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Show Sight Ad

Lowri - My Show Sight ad has been published!  It is available in the digital form RIGHT NOW.  Here is MY ad:

All the ads and articles can be viewed at!current-issue/cywc.  My ad is on page 198.   We are all VERY excited.  My world wide fame just continues to grow!

Group 1 Photo

Lowri - TM says I can post this photo now, since she paid for it.  This is from two weeks ago, when I won the whole Group place. We were surprised at how fast the photo arrived. 
Look at how great MC looks!  We are having so much fun.  Today, even our judge, Mr. Slay, was having a good time!  The other lady is holding my prize for winning the Group place.  She is a club member.  She was very nice.   TM isn't in the picture.  She is what I am staring at.  The photographer said "drop her head".  TM dropped to her knees and held the bait out.  The picture was snapped just before I started drooling. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday = In Town

Lowri - We came back to town today.  There weren't any bunnies in my yard.  That is a bad start to the day.  TM went ahead and fed me, so that is good.

Tonight, when TM was done with work, she let me in.  I immediately started bouncing on her.  TM figured out that I wanted something, but since she was talking to MC, she was a little slow on the uptake.  I FINALLY got through to her.  She laughed and told MC she had to go.  She needed to take me for a W-A-L-K.  Duh!  I can't spell, but I can tell what is happening when TM puts her shoes on.

She finally said the words!  "Do you want to go for a walk?"  YES, YES, YES!!!  We got out in the neighborhood and went charging off in a power trot.  I saw birds and squirrels and BUNNIES!  It was great.  At one point, we saw a whole group of very small children.  They were playing in a church's parking lot.  There were lots of adults keeping an eagle eye on the kids.  One child shouted, "Look at the doggie!"  I started to melt, then I saw a bunny up ahead.  TM waved and we walked on.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Day Ever!

Lowri - I had a GREAT day.  TM and I both worked on the fence some more.  TM was lopping bushes and trees so that nothing would touch the wire when she gets that up.  I ran around and pointed out lots of stuff for her to lop.  I even went on a mad tear at one point.  It was awesome!  I also got covered up in tiny cockle burrs.  Whew, I had them everywhere!

When I finally got tired, I relaxed in the three-leafed stuff that TM is afraid of.  She was NOT happy about it.  I don't know what the big deal is about that stuff.  TM wouldn't even touch me!  When we finally got done, TM hosed me off and then I got a bath with Dawn detergent!  I got soaped up all over my body.   Some of the cockle burrs came out when I was soaped up.  TM brushed some out and she has been picking the rest out as she finds them.  She says I did NOT look like a show dog.  It was great <G>

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Lowri -  Apparently, no time really is no time.  My brother, Tommy, finished his GCH today.  He is the second one in our litter to become a Grand Champion!  My sisters, Sally and Ginger, aren't far behind either.  That makes today an AWESOME day!

It rained most of the day, so TM didn't work on the fence.   She went to church this morning and just hung out with PR today.  That made it a good day in her book.  She put away some stuff and cleaned some other stuff.  I liked it that I spent a good part of the day sitting on her lap.

Oh!  One thing, with all the rain, Daisy started smelling like a skunk again.  TM used the recipe that Miss Taryn posted, and it worked.  Daisy has become acceptable to be in the house again. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today Was Good

Lowri - My brother, Tommy, is in Biloxi with his Mama Betty.  He took Select again today to go with his 5-pt GCH major from Thursday.  He is on a roll!  He will have his Grand Championship in no time.

Today, TM worked on the fence again.  She finished the section through the woods.  That was a tough stretch.  Depending on which way you were coming, it was either a steep climb or a steep downhill.  TM had to go up and down about six times - carrying heavy tools.  She is very glad that part is done.

I got to help put the chickens away tonight.  TM and I walked down and I sat in a strategic spot to encourage them to go right into their pen.  I had to do a nice Away to cover several hens.  They chose to go right back into their pen.

Now I am laying on TM's chair, relaxing from my hard day.  I am keeping her company.