TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Lowri - Ticks!  I had two ticks on me!  One on my ear that was walking around and one on my neck.  TM killed them and then put some Frontline on me.  She is going to go over Kearney and me with a fine-tooth comb, whatever that is.  I am just glad she is taking care of us.  I don't LIKE ticks.

Kearney - TM put Frontline on me too.  I don't like that stuff, but I don't like ticks either. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Herding Video

Lowri - Here is the video that MC took yesterday.  You can see me making the sheep move around and even into a crash with TM (giggle).   I hope you like it.

TM - Thanks to all our veterans who have kept us safe and free.  Cheryl's, Penni's and my fathers were veterans.  They served in the Air Force, Coast Guard and Army.   Ron was a Green Beret.  Additionally, I have uncles, cousins and a brother who all served in the military.  Thank you!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Lowri - I had the BEST time today!  I got to go help TM with the sheep.  We went into the round pen - I sat at the gate.  I forgot to hold my stay again, but TM didn't have me on leash so she couldn't make me go back.  You should have seen her hustle to try and prevent me from getting to the big mamas (giggle).  When she told me to STOP, I did.  That made her happy.  Then she let me move the sheep around.  They are afraid of me.  I have POWER.  TM said the sheep were knocking her around, so she let four of them out of the pen.  I got to help with that too!!!  I moved the sheep so TM could let out the ones she wanted to let out.  With only three sheep, she didn't get beat up so badly.  I LOVE herding!!!!  TM will post the video tomorrow.

Kearney - I got to herd too.  I moved the sheep around the big field to make sure they would behave for Chase.  Then I got to hold them at the fence while TM worked on them.  I did that so well, TM told me I was AWESOME!  I did not let the sheep get away and I didn't try to charge in.  I just held my distance, and told the sheep to not even try to escape.  TM was VERY happy with me.

Then TM let me cool off and she worked Chase in the big field.  He got told he was awesome too.  There was a lot of that word being said today.  Chase showed he had really paid attention the last few weeks in the round pen.  All the walking up and "steady" work really paid off.  He responded to "get out" and "here".  I better stay on top of my game or Chase will take over.  TM was really happy with him.

My sister, Treasure, got to work the lambs.  She was in the round pen and just chased after them.  TM cheered her on.  I was with MC and I told Treasure what to do.  I shouted out encouragement - even though she was just chasing them.  TM told her she was very good.  I wish I got to chase the lambs too!  TM said she is building drive and that Treasure didn't just chase them, she fetched them to TM and worked them a little.  TM said she wouldn't allow outright chasing, but she does want Treasure to be more enthusiastic, that is why we were all cheering Treasure on.  It was a good day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Day

Kearney - Saturdays are fun days.  We let TM sleep in - or rather some of us do.  This morning, Lowri had to go outside to potty at 7:00 AM.  We all got to go, then TM went back to bed until 9:00.  Then we went out again.  That is a good start to the day. 

TM and Papa Ron had to go to town.  She told us that she saw a mama wild turkey with about 15 babies crossing the road.  I wish I had been there.  I am sure we could have caught some of them to put in the bird pen, although, I guess Aidan would have been a better choice for helping to catch them.  He has such a soft mouth.  I saw him take baby birds out of their nest once.  He set them on the ground and they were unhurt.  TM put them back in the nest.  I am pretty sure I would have eaten them.

TM took the four oldest pheasant down to the barn to the bird enclosure.  She spread a little hay along one wall for them to nest in.  Two minutes after turning them loose in there, she couldn't see even one of them.  They had gone to ground in the hay and weren't moving.   I ask you, what fun is that?

So we went herding.  I worked the lambs in the smaller field.  I moved them all around the fenceline.  I brought them to TM and I took them away from her.  TM said I was "Excellent."  I just know that I was a good dog (she said that too), and I like helping TM put the lambs where she wants them - even if she changes her mind a lot.

Lowri - My daddy went next.  TM said he was a good dog too.  He tries to listen, but he is still pretty sure he knows the best way to move them.  Tomorrow, TM says he gets to work in the big field with the big mamas.  I can't wait until I can do that too.

I got to go last.  TM had me sit at the gates and wait until she was inside.  I did that very well, cause I know how to.  When we got to the round pen, I forgot that I was supposed to wait until TM told me I could go chase the sheep.  TM made me come back and sit.  Finally (!) she told me I could go get them.  I ran around her to the big mamas and told them to hurry.  They did (giggle).  I moved them around and around TM, both directions.  Then I helped her keep them moving along the fence.  I even stopped and rested when she told me too.  TM said I was the best dog.  I didn't gloat about that to Kearney and my daddy.  I am pretty sure that they each think they are the best dog.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday

Lowri - Last night TM fixed up another big pot of our food.  I LOVE it when that happens.  We all got to help TM clean it up.  Even my daddy helped clean up.  Then this morning we got to go out and play in the rain.  It rained most of the morning.  I think TM is getting tired of all the rain.  I like it cause I can get good and muddy!  My daddy played with me for most of the day.

TM had a bit of extra time this afternoon, so she came out to play with us.  She let my daddy and Kearney play with the ducks.  I shouted insults when they didn't do it right.  I don't think TM appreciated my help.

Kearney - I got to work the ducks first.  TM said I was awesome!  I love making her say that word to me.  I drove the ducks around the yard on the fenceline and sometimes in straight lines through the middle of the yard.  I love working my stock.

TM said she melted Chase's brain today.  He was trying to drive the ducks across the yard.  He doesn't like having to walk.  She worked on helping him to be more responsive.  At the end, she let him push the ducks.  That made him happy.  She ended with lots of hugs for him.  I didn't mind because I got lots of hugs too.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stormy Thursday

Kearney - We had big thunderstorms several times today.  The first one brought a bunch of hail with it.  While Lowri and I were outside, we were hanging out on the back porch.  Boy, did it ever rain and hail!  TM was busy with clients all day.  She made sure we came in after that first storm. 

Lowri - Our housekeeper came today.  I got LOTS of scritches.  Ginger loves me.  She knows all the best spots to scratch.  After work, MC came over and brought my daddy.  He and I got to go outside and play.  MC and TM put me on the table and fed me good stuff.  They looked at my teeth and MC made me stand just so.  They are getting me ready for my beauty pageant.  In just over three weeks, I have my debut, or as I like to say, my de-butt (giggle)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hot Wednesday

Lowri - After our late evening playing in the garden, we let TM sleep in this morning.  She and PR just hung out for another hour and then TM brought us home.  We didn't get fed until almost 11:00 this morning.  I was hungry!  Then instead of keeping the house cool for us all day, TM let it get really hot inside.  And THEN to add insult to injury, we didn't get fed our supper until almost 10:00 tonight.  I just may go on strike! 

Kearney - The reason the house got hot was that the air conditioning went out.  TM kept working with clients while she waited for the air conditioning guy to come.  It took him almost three hours to fix everything.  He is a good guy and fixes stuff for TM a lot (remember the water heater earlier this month?).  TM said our food budget is shot for the month.  Fortunately, we have a freezer full of stuff.  No one will go hungry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planting the Garden

Kearney - We went to Papa Ron's tonight and didn't get there until about 7:30.  PR had supper ready - not for us, for TM.  We got locked in jail while they ate.  Once they were done, we all went outside to plant the garden.  I stayed by the cars because PR and TM were yelling at Aiden and Lowri.  They didn't want us running through the muddy garden spot.   TM finally locked up Aiden cause he was being the wild dog.

Once I was sure that they were busy with the garden, I went down to check on the lambs.  Really.  Just to check on them.  Honest.  Lowri and Daisy, the Peeking Knees came after me.  TM finally realized we were missing.  She called and called.  I didn't hear her.  Really.  Honest.

Lowri - We had the best time gardening.  I have never done that before.  I ran back and forth through the mud.  I even stole some of the potatoes they were planting.  I tried to get some of the onions, corn, beans and peas, but after the potatoes, TM was watching me pretty closely.  We got to play outside until dark.  While TM and PR were cleaning the mud off their shoes, I went down to see what Kearney was up to.  When TM called, I went right back.  I was the good girl.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Manners and Stuff

Lowri - TM reminded me that I need to show better manners.  Thank you, MC, for taking videos of me, herding my sheep.  Thank you, MP, for sending TM the link to the videos.  There, that takes care of manners.

Kearney and I got to hang out in the sitting room with TM.  Usually we just stay in the kitchen.  Kearney and I bounced on TM until she decided to go let us sit with her.  I had to make some tough choices.  Do I lay with Kearney at one end of the couch or sit in TM's lap?  Kearney made it easy for me, he jumped off the couch so he could have some peace.

I went over and sat on TM.  She gives me lots of scritches.  She also looked at my teeth.  I have all my permanent teeth except for the top canines.  It is pretty hard to eat bones when your teeth are loose and falling out!

Kearney - We had a busy day.  TM brought us home from Papa Ron's house.  First, she had to catch four of the baby pheasant.  They had gotten out of their tub.  I offered to help TM catch them.  I am sure I could have done it faster.  TM made me go sit in the car while she caught them.   Then she fed the stock, drove home, mowed the lawn, worked for eight hours, planted stuff in her new garden, fixed dinner for everyone and finally sat down.  Lowri and I tried to stay out of her way.  You don't want to cross her line of sight when she gets busy like that, she will find something for you to do - just ask PR! 

We got some chewies and played with them.  I kept stealing Lowri's chewie when she would go check on TM (G)  I would lay on mine while I chewed on hers.  It was great - except TM kept taking one of them away from me and giving it back to Lowri.  I tried to explain that is what dogs do, but TM wasn't listening.

Lowri Herding

Lowri - Here is a VERY short video of me herding this weekend.  MC's battery in her camera was running out.  I had the best day yesterday, because even if I didn't get to show, I got to go.  I got scritches and comments and got to watch Kearney and Treasure.  Then I got to herd, then TM and MC called MP and told her how good I was.  Finally, a day as it was supposed to be!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Losers

Kearney - Treasure and I were both Reserve Winners today - or as we call it "first loser".  We were looking good, but just didn't quite get there. TM and MC still said they took the best dogs home.

When we got home, we all got to go herding.  I just got to help Treasure a little, but it was fun.

Lowri - I got to go to the dog show today too.  I got to look pretty and kiss up to people.  They thought I was very pretty.  Then I got to go herd sheep.  TM had the big mamas in the round pen.  I chased them around and around.  When TM told me to stop, I did.  She was so happy with me.  I love chasing the sheepies!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Points

Kearney - I got two more points today!  I went Best of Winners.  I now have eleven, with both majors.  I am entered tomorrow, and in four shows in North Carolina in June.  The only bad thing about going to shows is I didn't get to herd today.  Both Chase and Lowri got to herd, but I had to stay clean.  Boo, hiss.

Lowri - I got to go to the show.  TM let me talk to a bunch of people.  She and MC groomed me and walked me around.  I had the best time!

When we got home, my daddy and I got to go herding.  My daddy got to hear our favorite word - Awesome!  TM was VERY happy with how he did.  He walked the stock around and showed TM that he could drive them with some help from her.  I was very proud of him.

When it was my turn, I tried to hurry to get there, but TM made me walk with her.  Once I got to the round pen, she made me sit and wait while she went through the gate.  I just wanted to hurry and get to the sheep.  When she finally let me chase them, I went round and round in circles with the sheep.  TM smacked me with the rake a couple of times to make me pay attention to her.  It didn't hurt at all, it is one of those soft, leaf rakes.  I didn't like getting smacked one bit, so I bit the rake a couple of times.  When I was done with the sheep, TM was very happy with me too.  I had the BEST time!

I almost forgot!  My big brother, Holmes, became a Champion today.  Way to go, big bro!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day before show day

Kearney - Tomorrow is a dog show.  I got my bath and we are at PR's.  TM brought the baby pheasant with us.  They are in the garage in a tub with the heat lamp.  Aidan is going crazy.

When we got here, TM was very sad to find that Thor had been a VERY bad dog.  He has been taken away from the lambs and put back with the ewes.  If he doesn't straighten out, he will not be living with us any more.  I am NEVER going to be a VERY bad dog.  Ducks are one thing, but lambs are another.

Lowri - I am never going to be a VERY bad dog either!

On a better note, I get to go to the dog show too!  I got a bath today too.  MC is going to groom me tomorrow.  I will get to meet a lot of people.  MC and TM are going to ask them to go over me to see if I can stand still.  They think I am going to be like my daddy and my half-sister, Nola, and try to clean everyone's face.  What can I say, I come by it honestly.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Pheasant are Here!

Kearney - At 6:30 this morning, TM got a call from the post office telling her to come get her package.  TM jumped into her clothes and dashed off.  Fortunately, she let us out to go potty first.  She got back about 15 minutes later with a box that was cheeping!

Lowri- G'ma Janet, I did NOT point, but I was really interested!

Kearney - TM took the box into the house and put the pheasant babies in a big tub.  We don't get to see them.  I wonder if I can herd them?  Aidan is going to go insane (G)

Lowri - I wonder if I can eat didn't say that...
The big one is two weeks older than the little ones.  It came in the first batch.  There are four of them.  They are really fast!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boooo on Wednesday

Lowri - Yet another day where NOTHING fun happened!  After work, TM loaded us up and we went to PR's.  Now normally this is the start of a FUN evening.  I get to play with everyone.  Not today.  TM took Kearney and let him work the lambs again!  I barely got to get out to potty.  TM did let me play with Thor for a few minutes, but then back to jail.  After she visited with PR, we came back home.  I mean, really!  When do I get to be the center of attention?!?!?

Kearney - You have to have patience, Lowri.  TM is working.  The main reason we went to PR's place tonight was so TM could doctor the lambs.  She also fixed the fence where Thor has been getting out.   She and PR had dinner together and then we had to come home.  The baby pheasant are supposed to be delivered tomorrow and TM will have to get up early to go to the post office to get them.

I did my best to help TM with the lambs.  I held them for her so she could give them their shots.  The injured one (Thor was a BAD dog) is doing fine so TM can stop this crazy schedule she has been keeping.  We will get plenty of attention this weekend.  We are off to dog shows again.  I promised TM I wouldn't get sick again!

Busy Tuesday for TM

Kearney - Sorry to be late with the blog, but TM had her hands full yesterday.  We started at PR's.  TM got up early to doctor the lambs.  I got to do the holding.  Since we were in the barn, I was a little less precise.  Not only that, the lambs were stomping at me.  I barked at them, but didn't want to move in too close.  TM says I need to get some more confidence building.  She thinks I will be awesome as a three-year old.  Right now, I am not even two!

Anyway, TM got the doctoring done, and we left for home.  She had a full day of work.  We were let in and out between clients.  When she had a break, she still didn't play with us.  She was busy cleaning house - PR was coming over.  When her work day was done, PR showed up with the baby pheasant.  They got the birds taken care of and we got to play with Aidan and Daisy.  Aidan isn't much fun to play with now cause all he wants to do is stare at the the pheasant.  He just freezes.  TM says that's because he is a pointer.

Lowri - All I can say is BORING!  The whole day was boring, boring, boring.  Daisy and Aidan played with me a little, but not much.  We did get to sit on the couch with TM and PR, but TM doesn't like it when we wrestle on the couch when she wants to watch TV.  Back to BORING!  Although I did try to enliven the day by eating the bird food.  It didn't sit well on my tummy, so I erp'ed it back up.  TM wasn't amused.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Turn

Kearney - Yesterday was all about Lowri.  She is flashy and cute and a pistol.  It is hard to compete with that when you are so far advanced from flash work.  I am TM's Go-To dog.  I do the work that needs to be done with the lambs.  I am supposed to do my job slowly and quietly (or sometimes fast and quiet).  The goal is to keep the lambs quiet and relaxed.  If I do say so myself, I am pretty good at that.

 Yesterday, TM wanted to check out the lambs, so I held them for her.  Today, I rounded them up and put them in the hold pen so she could give them shots.  I stood at the opening and did not even let them think about trying to get by me.  It is all done using that calm, but commanding, presence.  TM got the lambs checked and shot in about 10 minutes - and that was from leaving PR's house, getting to the barn, setting it up, doctoring the lambs, feeding them and getting back in the car.  I am a very good Go-To dog!

Here I am checking in to make sure this is where TM wants the lambs.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Warrior Princess Strikes Again - Pictures and Video

Kearney - I'll go first or I will never get to talk!  I got to help TM today with the worming of the lambs.  She even left me in charge while she put away the medicine.  I didn't move.  I just held the lambs in that corner.  When TM came back, she let me move the lambs around the field.  She told me I was awesome!  I had the best time.

Lowri - I was the Warrior Princess, Xena, today.  I made the big mamas move fast!  It was so much fun.  MC took lots of pictures and took another video.  I am sure TM will post some of the pictures.  Oh look, here is one now.

They also took some pictures of me stacked on the table.    But the most fun was chasing the sheep!  

 Here is the video of me on sheep.  MC took two videos but TM says I was too wild in the first one.  She tried to use the stick.  I blew right through it.  This video shows that she got the rake.  When she tried to make me move out further, I growled at the rake.  I was Xena!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunny Saturday or Not

Lowri - My daddy is here with us.  I was so happy to see him.  Someone else to play with me!  Last night, TM, my daddy and I all sacked out on the couch in the sitting room.  My daddy would go to one end and take a nap.  I would lay with him.  We looked so sweet together (TM's new camera was in the van, the old one was battery challenged).  Then Daddy would go kiss up to TM.  They were playing kissy face.  I hurried over and played too.  Surely no one noticed that I shoved my daddy away from TM.  I did it pretty cleverly.

Today I got to stay outside and play with Kearney and then my daddy and then Kearney and then my daddy.  TM had to work.  Poor TM.  It was a beautiful day.  When she was done working and training Kearney and my daddy on ducks (I DID NOT get to play with the ducks - NOT fair!), TM loaded us all up and took us to Papa Ron's house.  It was pouring rain when we got there.  It looked like we might have to swim up the driveway.  When we got to the house, we hustled inside.  TM got soaked (giggle).  Five minutes later the rain stopped.

Kearney - I told TM not to go get Chase and she did.  I told her that I could herd the ducks better, but she let him try anyway.  Then last night, Chase got on the couch before I could.  Well, in truth, I only like being on the couch for a minute or two anyway, so I guess I can't complain about that. 

Today, TM had me driving the ducks up and down the length and width of the yard.  I did a good job.  TM told me I was excellent.  She worked Chase too.  He got told he was excellent too.  He was starting to get stressed before they were done, 'cause TM was teaching him to pick the ducks up off the fence.  He wanted to hold them to her.  Since he was getting stressed, she let him push the ducks around a bit to cheer him up.  He was quite cheery when they were done.  Tomorrow, we get to work sheep!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Down Time

Lowri - Our blogsite was down for maintenance for TWO days.  I couldn't record any of my thoughts.  And really, I had some.  But in the meantime I saw a bunny, so all those thoughts went away.

Kearney - TM let me herd ducks two days in a row.  She has been very happy with my work.  Yesterday, she went and got Chase from MC.  I told her she didn't have to, but she went and did it anyway.  Today, she let Chase work the ducks.  She is asking him to do stuff that I already know, like drive the ducks and do big circles around them.  Chase did a lot of yawning.  I think he finds it boring. 

Actually, I know he is yawning because he is confused as to WHY TM wants him to move the duckies away from her.  I remember how that felt.  Now, I just try to listen to what TM wants me to do.  It makes her very happy when I do.  TM was very happy with Chase when he was done.  Chase said if that makes TM happy, he would just try to do it too. 

Lowri - We all really like it when TM is happy.  Because no one is happy if she isn't (snicker)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Food

Kearney - TM made a big pan of our raw food tonight.  She said the grinder is working very well now that she has the blade in right.

We hadn't had dinner yet, so we were drooling.  TM let me clean up what she was dropping.  Lowri had to stay crated until TM was done.  Boy, was Lowri MAD!

Lowri - I barked and barked at TM to try and get her to let me out.  She wouldn't until I was quiet!  I mean really, who is training whom here???  I bark, she is supposed to jump.  I don't think TM read the rules.

But, oh man, the new food was good!  Kearney and I got it for supper tonight.  Then TM let me out so I could help her clean up.  I am a very good helper!  TM said she made 22 pounds of food tonight.  All I can say is "YUM!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Lowri - Whoa, I just taught TM a BAD trick.  Apparently, once she knows that we know the word Come, it is no longer fun and games.  She expects us to actually come.  We get happy voice, good words and scritches when we come.  But if we give her the paw, because we have other things to do, she is not happy.  I did it twice to her tonight.  I don't think I will do it again!  She walked me down, picked me up, chewed me out, shook me just a little bit, growled some more, then put me down.  When she called me and I came beat feet to her, she was her normal, happy self.  I got lots of scritches.  When she called me the last time, I thought about the paw, but I chose to go to her instead.  She was very happy with me.

Kearney - I remember that, kind of vaguely.  I know it is good to come when she calls.  She is always happy then.  TM says this is a very important word.  She wants us to come EVERY time.  It is a really good trick, Lowri.  TM says it could save our life someday.  You are much better off to just give in and come when she calls.

Phone stuff

Kearney - This must be the day for phone stuff to be happening.  MP just bought a new phone.  TM just made a discovery on hers.

Lowri - Yeah (snicker), TM has had her phone for about four years.  Today she discovered she has a speakerphone.  All I can say is Read the instruction booklet, MP!  Obviously, TM didn't (giggle, giggle).

Kearney - But Lowri, TM DID remember to feed you this morning!  Keep that up and she might "forget".

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot Water

Kearney - TM was happy this morning that she could take a hot shower.  She had plenty of hot water.  There was actually too much.  Both Lowri and I landed in hot water when TM found us with another dead duck.  We couldn't even try to blame anyone else.  It was pretty obvious that we did it.  TM barely talked to us for the rest of the afternoon.

Lowri - Well, it wasn't our fault.  The stupid duck had got out of her pen.  What were we supposed to do????  TM fixed the hole where they apparently were escaping.  Too bad.

I learned a new trick.  Last night, TM was tossing me hotdog pieces.  After the first few bounced off my head, I started trying to catch them.  Tonight I caught several pieces.  TM seemed pretty pleased.  When we got back, I got my peds cured again.  Geez, that seems to happen a lot!

I also got to see another one of TM clients.  She thought I was beautiful!  She gave me good scritches.  Overall, it was a good day.  I just think we should forget about the duck part.

I almost forgot!  TM filled out my entries for my first show.  I can't wait to go and be a princess for real!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monroe, Waterheaters and Scritches

Kearney - My sister, Treasure, won the point at the show today.  I was glad to hear that as it was a long way to go.  My aunt, Monroe, has been visiting us while MC was away.  TM says she has been a perfect houseguest.  She errrrr'ed a few times at Lowri, but the brat deserved it.  Auntie Monroe didn't punish her once!  TM was impressed.

Lowri - Kearney, TM was too busy with the waterheater to be impressed with anything Miss Monroe did.  She had to have those people over twice.  One of them did scritch me, but not for very long.  I looked my cutest trying to get more scritches, but they just wanted to get the the job done so they could leave.  At least while she waited for them to come back today, she took me for a walk.

It was great!  I got a hotdog, just for trotting beside TM and then stopping and looking pretty.  I mean how hard is THAT?  I look pretty when I first get up in the morning!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Picture Proof

 Kearney - Here is a picture of me (ignore the brat) showing I am feeling good.  TM said I was moving too fast to get good focus with the camera.  But you can see what I have to put up with from the child.  It is like this all the time!
Lowri - I was having a Xena, Warrior Princess, moment.

TM is still dealing with the water heater.  The guy came, looked at it, and left.  TM says he went away to spend ALL of her money.  I hope he doesn't, entry fees for my first show are due!

All Better

Kearney - I am all better now.  I am feeling my oats, running and playing with Lowri and Monroe.  TM finally figured out that I am psychic.  Because we were home today, she was able to get all over the problem when the water heater gave up the ghost this morning.  If we had been at the show, just think of the mess she would have been dealing with when she got back late Sunday night!  I am a very good boy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Much Better Now

Kearney - Although I got better all day long, TM took me to see the chiropractor.  While she waited for him to see me, she massaged my neck and back.  I got 25 minutes of massage.  YUM!  When the Dr. came out, he watched me move, then I went back onto the table where he started adjusting me.  I was out all up my spine, from the croup on.  When he finished he had TM move me again.  WOW, I felt so good.  My reach and drive was smoother and longer-strided.  Everything moved like it was supposed to.  Then they put me back on the table and made a few more adjustments.  I am able to run again.  I am still guarding my back a bit, but with more massage, I will be better than I was.

TM and the chiropractor discussed what had happened overnight.  The doctor did not think it was caused by my back.  My recovery was too fast (before he even got to touch me).  He thinks I had an inflammatory response (allergic) to something.  He liked that I am on a raw diet, but couldn't offer much more.  MP had suggested an allergic response earlier in the day.  TM is going to document everything she can think of that happened so they can maybe figure it out if I ever do this again.  All I can say is that I feel pretty good tonight.

Scary Day

Kearney - no show for us.  I had a bad night and scary day.  When TM let us out this morning, I could barely move.  She was very gentle and helped me out, but I didn't want to even stand up.  All my legs were involved, but one front and one rear in particular.  TM put me on the table and massaged me.  Ohhhhh, that felt good.  She kept Lowri away from me and just let me rest.  Of course, I ate my breakfast.  I am a Corgi after all!

Apparently I did this once before, right after my brother, Angus, died from lymphoma.  TM doesn't remember it, but MC does.  She told TM all about it.   I don't understand how human minds work.  MC wasn't here and she remembers it all, TM helped me then and doesn't remember it at all.  She tries to remember, but just starts to cry.

Anyway, there was nothing to be found last time.  TM gave me a Rimadyl and did lots of massage.  We go see the chiropractor in about an hour.  I am feeling much better already and can move around pretty good.  MC is going to the show by herself with Chase and Treasure.  I sure wish I could go.

Lowri - TM went to MC's to give her back all the show equipment and brought Monroe home with her.  WOW!  Monroe is famous!  She won Best Red Bitch at the Megan a few years ago AND also is an Award of Merit winner at the Nationals.  I want to be like her!  TM and MC both say she is a princess - I don't think it is the Xena type.  I am going to try to find out what she does so I can be famous too.

I was a little upset this morning with all the fuss with Kearney.  I am so glad he is feeling better.  I love him!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Before Leaving for a Show

Kearney - We are going to a show tomorrow.  I get to be in it.  I know 'cause TM gave me a bath.  I feel all nice and clean - and not very smelly at all!  I can't wait.  It is fun going with TM and MC. 

Lowri - TM mowed the lawn today.  Kearney and I both got to run around like crazy.  I was Xena, Warrior Princess.  I chased him and stalked him.  When he wasn't looking, I tackled him.  It was great!  Then TM called us in and gave Kearney a bath.  I went over to the tub and put my very green feet up on the tub so I could see.  TM just laughed at me, but I didn't get a bath.  I watched for quite a while to see what she does.

After she dried Kearney off with a towel, she put him in his crate.  I got put on the table and was fed a hotdog.  I LOVE being on the table.  TM cured my peds while I was up there.  I didn't like that very much, but I am a delicate princess (when I am not Xena).  We princesses need to have our peds cured on a regular basis.  I got more hotdog afterwards.  It is good being me.

Lazy Wednesday

Lowri - I didn't get to be Xena, Warrior Princess yesterday.  Instead, Papa Ron came over and we watched TV in the sitting room.  I got to chill out on the sofa with TM and PR.  Sometimes Aidan sat with us.  He sits ON PR's lap.  That looks silly, he is a great big dog!  When we would go outside, Aidan would make a beeline for MY ducks.  He would bark and bark at them.  I don't think he has good guest manners. 

Kearney - Daisy came over too.  She as been chasing me around doing rude things to me.  TM says her hormones are up probably because she is sick.  PR took her to the vet yesterday and got her some pills.  I hope they fix her, 'cause it is embarrassing!  I mean really, she isn't even a girl anymore.  PR had her spayed.  I was going to say she was fixed, but right now, she is broken!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Herding on Sunday

Lowri - Here is another picture of me herding on Sunday.  If you look closely at my feet, you will see that I am mud up to my armpits.  The round pen has wet weather spring runoff going through the middle of it.  It is really, really muddy.   You can't be a princess if you are going to be herding!  Unless you are Xena, Warrior Princess, as my friend, Renee, says.  I think that should be my new name.  Xena...yes, it sounds like me.  I think I could have good adventures as Xena, the Warrior Princess.

Kearney - Oh goody, now we have to deal with a warrior princess.  I bet I can still win the game of "roll Lowri in the grass."  In fact, it rained today and I definitely won that game.  The Warrior Princess was the Wet, Bedraggled Serf (snicker).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kearney on Lambs

Kearney - Finally another picture of me. I was learning to hold the lambs on a straight fence on Sunday. TM insisted that I stay back and hold them from a distance. This picture proves that I CAN.  I made them stay right there on that fenceline.  TM would make them move around, but I held them right there.  It was fun.

Lowri - TM told Kearney that he was awesome.  He has been working so hard on learning how to do the advanced work.  I want to be a good herding dog like him when I grow up.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I can herd

Lowri - I got to herd AGAIN!  Mama Cheryl took video of me.  I had so much fun.