TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow! We have SNOW

Lowri - We have snow!  I have seen it before, but here in Tennessee, we don't get a lot of the white stuff.  I do have to say that it is quite cold out when you are running around in a bikini!  I have shed out completely from after the puppies.  TM was even teasing me about my tail.  She says it looks like a snake.  I sure hope I get my beautiful coat back soon.  I need it NOW!

Kevin - Oh wow!  This stuff is amazing.  It cushions you when you get rolled.  It makes TM laugh when you get up coated in it.  I LOVE snow!  Even my sister and Story got to play at their house!
If Fable had tucked her head, the dive would have scored a perfect 10!

Whoa!  I am glad it is Story on the wrong end of the teeth.

Story has her down.  If only she could keep Fable down!

Me and Mama playing

Trying to rip out Mama's throat.

Mama teaching me how to fight.

Love this game!

Snow Angel! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Herding and Playing

Lowri - I got to go herding today!  I got to help TM worm the older lambs and then I worked them and the ducks.  TM worked on the boring stuff, Walking Up and Stopping.  I also had to work on going wide on my outruns.  Here is a picture of me holding the lambs while TM opened the gate.

Holding the lambs

Kevin - My sister came to play with me.  Then my mama and I played "Roll Kevin in the grass."  I had so much fun!  We also practiced gaiting.

Roll Kevin in the grass.

Trying to gait

Fable trying to gait.

Lowri - Big Mama is still alive.  TM is starting to think she will make it.  She is back up on her feet and her lambs are doing fine.

It snowed here at the the farm yesterday.  We had about an inch of the stuff.  It is sooooo much fun to play "Roll the puppy" in the snow!  If you smack him just right, he will actually slide.  TM isn't thrilled with the game but Kevin loves is.

Kevin - The ONLY thing I don't like about the snow is that I can't hide from TM after dark.  I stand out against a white background.

Lowri - When it is cold, it is so nice to cuddle with TM in her chair.  TM will let me drape myself completely over her.  Then she gently strokes me between my eyes.  It is very relaxing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Mama is Sick

Lowri - TM is worried about Big Mama.  She isn't coming over for grain.  TM gave her a shot of penicillin this morning.  Tonight, she was lying down and her lambs were jumping on her.  TM got her up and the lambs got a quick drink, but only took a couple of sips.  That means they weren't too hungry.

TM ate a hurried dinner as PR had cooked for her.  Then she whistled to me and told me she needed my help at the barn.  I hurried to the car because I knew I would be very useful.  But no, Big Mama and her lambs were in the duck arena by themselves.  TM hurried over and shut the gate so they couldn't leave and none of the other ewes could come in.  Then she caught one of the lambs and carried it to the barn.  He obliged by bleating that TM was trying to kill him.  Big Mama followed along and the other lamb did too.  Once they were in the barn, TM built a pen, lined it with bales of hay, and gave them hay, grain and water.  Big Mama started eating the hay and drank some of the water.  That relieved TM's mind a lot.

I was left in the car the entire time!  Apparently, TM did NOT need my help. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On The Road Again

Lowri - Whew, we are going to be doing a lot of running.  TM is driving back and forth daily between the farm and town.  We come back to the farm every night to check on Papa Ron.  As he isn't supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds - and is NOT supposed to bend or twist - TM is making sure that she is available to do it.

On our way to town today, TM stopped by the processor and scored big!  She got about 70 pounds of organ meat.  YUM!  Our freezer in town is full again.  TM did say she is going to share with MC.

On a less fun note, I had to have a bath today.  I am just about to finish blowing ALL my coat.  TM expected it, but thought I would be done earlier.  She put me up on the table and used the furminator first.  She combed most of my pretty white collar out and all of my pantaloons.  Once that was done, I got in the bathtub and then was blown dry.  I didn't lose all that much more hair.  Miss Kathy said to give me lots of cold baths to get my hair to grow in faster.  Miss Kathy, I say this with love, Mind your own business!!!

Kevin - I have been having fun playing with Aidan, Daisy and my mom.  I didn't get a bath.  TM did use the blow dryer on me at the show.  It was weird because I was dry.  Other than that, it wasn't too bad.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Herding We Will Go

Lowri - I got to go herd the ducks today.  A man came and brought his Pembroke Corgi.  He wanted to teach Harpo to herd.  TM set it up where the man got to try to herd sheep first.  She put a wily ewe with two lambs in the duck arena and asked him to put them in the small pen.  She said it didn't matter if he accomplished the task as the goal was to think about how his presence impacted the process.  He was impressed with how small movements changed things.  He also noticed how getting closer to the ewe increased both his and the ewe's stress.  TM was very pleased with that part of the lesson.

Then TM brought out some ducks and asked him to move the ducks around.  They talked about the predators that would hunt the ducks and how movement in the air (moving an arm) would cause the ducks to react.  He moved them around a bit and noticed how that was different from moving the sheep.

Finally, I got to come out and move the ducks.  Harpo also got to come out to watch.  He thought the "smart pills" left by the sheep were very interesting, but as I moved the ducks closer to him, he got really interested.  He got to move the ducks with his man.  TM mainly used me to control how far the ducks went.  It was fun.

When we were all done, I got to put the ducks away.  I also got to help TM put the chickens away.  I really helped!  TM was impressed.  AND I did it in the field with the yearling lambs and the heifer.  I was AWESOME!

Kevin - I got to herd the ducks.  TM took me out into the arena.  I moved ducks all over.  I was a very good dog!  I did get distracted by the "smart pills", but I mainly moved the ducks.  I want to be a herding dog when I grow up!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time Flies

Lowri - Wow, we have had a busy week.  On Thursday, TM had a class she had to go to.  Kevin and I went and stayed with MC.  When TM's class was over, she picked up Kevin but FORGOT me!  I don't know how she could do that, but I stayed with MC for the weekend.

TM - Wah, Wa, Wa, Wa!

Lowri - OHHHHHH, whew!  She didn't forget me, she left me on purpose.  I'm not sure that is any better.  Anyway, I had a marvelous time playing with Dinah, Story and Fable.  I didn't play with Miss Monroe, because she mostly just wants to be left alone.

On Friday, Papa Ron had his spine fixed.  He has been hurting a lot.  Now, he hurts slightly less than a lot.  TM spent the day in a waiting room.  I think she was waiting.  PR was released the same day.

Saturday and today were dog shows.  Even though I am naked, MC took me.  We didn't have much in the way of competition, so I went BOB both days.  Because I am still wearing my maternity clothes - naked - I didn't do anything in the group place.  TM came to watch today and brought Kevin.  She said I looked beautiful.

Kevin - I went to the dog show and got LOTS of cookies and scritches!  I saw huge dogs and small dogs and lots of dogs in between.  It was wonderful!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Kevin - The Mama put a string around my neck and we went for a walk.  She had some string cheese in her hand and I WANTED it.  I don't understand what I am supposed to do, but every once in a while, TM said "YES" and handed me a piece of cheese.  I gulped it down and started bouncing as we walked.  MORE, More, more please!  No cheese.  Just when I would start to give up, I would quit bouncing and TM would say "YES!"  I would get more cheese.  More bouncing, no cheese.  Quit bouncing and trot, I hear "YES" and get cheese.  I don't understand it, but I WANT the cheese.

Then TM would just stop.  I would sit so I could watch her (that works in the kitchen, but not when I am on the string).  TM said "stand".  When I got on my feet, she said "YES" and I got cheese.  I haven't figured out how to get cheese yet, but I sure like that "yes" word!

Lowri - FINALLY, I got to go for a walk with TM too.  We trotted fast up the road and stopped periodically so TM could give me cheese.  I think she is trying to learn how to throw because I am supposed to stand still while she backs up to the end of the leash.  When she is there, I stand very still to give her the best possible target.  She tosses me a piece of cheese.  If I can catch it without moving, I get another one.  It is a good game!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baby Peyton

Lowri - My baby, Peyton, is living in Denver with TM's sister.  Ms. Kathy is a dog trainer and a judge.  She is very smart.  In his first week in Denver,  my baby went to obedience class (not to work, but to be there).  He went tracking.  And he went to a match.  I am very much afraid he is going to garner more titles than my daddy has.  Mama Penni has a good head-start with my daddy, but she had better start hustling.   Here are some pictures.

Notice he has a dumbbell in his mouth!

He did three baby tracks and found the glove each time.
Kevin - TM had to work today.  I got to come out and meet her last client.  I got to stack on the table, then she came up to pet me.  I about wiggled off the table.  I got to taste her too.  It was great!

Lowri - I had to stay in the kitchen.  I have lost my fan base, all because of a cute puppy!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

MORE Lambs

Lowri - Four of our five ewes have had their babies.  We have five ewe lambs and three ram lambs.  They are VERY cute!  I didn't get to do anything with them because TM wasn't feeling well.  Her ears are all plugged up and she is a little light headed.  She did the bare minimum in taking care of the livestock.  She took a nap and has done lymphatic drainage to her own head.  That helps, but hasn't fixed it yet.

I had to be very severe with Aidan again today.  He was playing with Kevin.  I dashed right over and chewed him out - literally!  It is hard to do when my baby keeps running around me to play with Aidan.  TM finally took pity on me and called Aidan over.  My wayward child went running with him.  Bad influences, everywhere there are bad influences!

Kevin - I got fed three times today.  I get fed three times every day, but getting fed is the highlight of my day!  Then I got put up on the grooming table and got MORE cookies.  I had to let TM look at my teeth, but I got a cookie for that too.  Does anyone know why TM has such an interest in my teeth?  She looks at them every single day!

I almost forgot!!!  My brother, Peyton, got to go to his first match.  He WON!  Then he got a third of the group place.  He is getting LOTS of cookies from Ms. Kathy <drool>.  I wonder if she wants another puppy?  I like cookies too!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Of Mice and...Peeking Knees?

Kevin - I found a MOUSE!!!  It was dead.  I rolled on it.  Rolled and rolled.  It was great!  TM stole my mouse and put it in the trash.  Then I got a bath.

Lowri - It rained and rained today.  When it finally stopped, we all went for a walk.  Daisy played "Roll the puppy in the wet grass."  Let me be VERY clear about this.  NO ONE gets to play "roll the puppy (Kevin) in the ... whatever" except ME!  I informed Daisy, the Peeking Knees, in no uncertain terms, that Kevin is MINE to roll. 

Then I saw Aidan trying to play with Kevin.  He is WAY too big to be playing with my baby.  I ran over and punished him too.  I can see that I am going to have my work cut out for me.  Kevin is just too darn cute!

Friday, January 10, 2014

More Lambs

Lowri - We have another set of twin lambs.  This is our third set.  They were born today.  They are very cute!  I will help TM tag them on Sunday.  I love our baby lambs.

TM has been teaching Kevin to come when she calls.  We can be out of sight in the back yard when she comes out and whistles for us.  Of course, I come running immediately.  Kevin has figured out that he needs to come too.  Yesterday, Kevin came in FIRST!  He figured out the whistle was a signal to run to TM.  What a boy!

Speaking of boys...Adam made the cover of his company's Facebook page.  He got introduced to the whole world.  He is a star!
Ms. Alden introduced Ms. Monica and Adam R. Murray (that is MY son!)

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Peyton was doing his best to win over his new brother and sister.  He thinks his brother, Venti, is a Cardigan (he has a tail) and his sister, Luna, is a Pembroke (no tail).  Sadly, I don't think he is the brightest of my children.  He is definitely the sweetest!

A Cardigan, a Pembroke and a puppy.  Obviously, I didn't teach him enough about the dog kingdom.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Lowri - My baby, Peyton, now lives in Denver with Miss Kathy.  Today, Miss Kathy's friends threw her a baby shower for Peyton.  They are really great friends!  Peyton got a whole bunch of stuff.  What an awesome haul!  Someone even made cupcakes for the people!

What great friends!
My baby's name is Bluefox Elyan MVP.  What a cool gift!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Games and Beds

Lowri - Here are a couple of photos of us playing my favorite game - "roll the puppy in the snow."  It is a whole lot more fun than I remember it being when I was a puppy.  Then, there are a couple of photos of us chilling on a chilly night.

Squish the puppy

Then roll the puppy

Kevin is at TM's feet

I am on the sock monkey bed.  It is very comfortable.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Farm Life

Lowri - Big Mama is not feeling well today.  She didn't come eat grain.  That means she is sick!  It took TM a little bit to notice, but she was not happy when she did.  I had to help hold Big Mama against the fence so TM could give her a shot.  TM was pleased that she resisted, because it meant Big Mama wasn't too sick.

TM also put wood floors in the bunny cages and then a lot of straw.  It is supposed to be cold tomorrow.  TM is trying to take good care of them.  The stupid male dragged his straw out of the shelter.  TM was not amused.

Here are some pictures of me with Kevin...

I am showing Kevin some good stuff to smell.

Maybe he will learn to track.

Kevin:  I found a MOUSE!  All by myself.  It was dead!!!  TM took it away from me.  Boo!

Kevin is coming towards TM.  Her camera didn't quite get a focused picture.

Kevin strolling through the field.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peyton and Miss Kathy Left

Lowri - Peyton and Miss Kathy went back to Denver today.  We just heard from Miss Kathy.  They are just leaving the airport on the way home.  She will call TM when she gets home.  My baby, Peyton, has been AWESOME!  He has been quiet and well-behaved the whole trip.  I think he is lulling Miss Kathy.  When she can't send him back, the baddog gene will strike.  I can't wait!

TM checked the lambs today.  Big Mama had a girl and a boy.  They are beautiful!  TM got them tagged without my help.  I wanted to get in there, but TM thought I should stay in the car.  Boo!

TM has been paying attention to the weather reports.  It is going to be very cold on Monday and Tuesday.  She rearranged gates and fences so Abby, the heifer, and the older lambs can get into the barn for shelter.  They will be warm and will help keep the chickens and the ducks warmer. 

Kevin - My mama told me to say hi to everyone.  Hi, everyone. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fast Week

Lowri - This week has just flown by.  Not only was there a holiday in the middle of it, Miss Kathy has been here.  She is leaving tomorrow morning.  She is going to take my baby, Peyton, with her.  TM told her she didn't have to take him, if she didn't want to.   Miss Kathy laughed and said "nice try".  She loves my baby!  TM will miss her...and maybe will miss my baby too!

We have two sets of twin lambs.  They are very cute!  Little Mama had twin girls.  We don't know yet what Big Mama's are.  TM will catch them up tomorrow and tag them.

Big Mama and her two brand new babies.

Little Mama and her twins.  The red-necked ewe to the side will lamb later on.