TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dog Show Weekend

Lowri - We have four days of dog shows in Knoxville, starting tomorrow.  I am so excited!  I had my massage last night while I was sacked out in TM's lap.  She knows just how to find all the sore places.  I didn't know most of those spots were sore until TM started fixing them.

I have had my bath.  I got blown dry and then TM took me down to MC's place.  MC is going to keep me for a couple of days while TM finishes up her work week.

I was a VERY good and considerate puppy.  When TM was leaving, I ran to the door with her.  I pawed the door and asked TM not to leave me.  I cried great, big crocodile tears.  I made sure TM knew I would miss her.  As soon as she was gone, we started the PARTY!  Conga line anyone?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lazy or Lovin'?

Lowri - Last night, PR laughed at me.  TM was sitting in her recliner.  I was on her lap.  Is that worth being laughed at?  I don't think so!  Okay, so maybe I was on my back, with my head on TM's lap, laying sprawled between her legs, with TM's blanket covering her feet, my stomach and as much of her lap as it could reach.  <Sigh> I could stay that way forever!

Tonight was almost as good - without any laughter!  TM and I are in town.  I nagged TM until she first played with me, then went into the sitting room with me.  I climbed onto her lap, flipped over and went to sleep.  YES, all four of my feet were in the air.  Yes, TM was rubbin' on my belly.  It was...AWESOME!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lazy Day - Again!

Lowri - We had another lazy day.  PR let us out, let us in, fed us, let us out again and let us in - all before TM got up.  When she finally put in an appearance, PR went and took a nap.  They went shopping when he got up.  I thought we were going to be stuck inside all day again, but TM finally took me herding - even though it was raining. 

Thor was out again.  TM and PR can't figure out where he is getting out.  TM stood out in the rain and fixed the "next" most likely place.  I think she has fixed four places so far.  Only time will tell if she found the right place.

I got to work the wild sheep.  I had SO MUCH FUN!  They haven't been worked for a while because TM has needed calm sheep for lessons.  She finally figured out that if we don't work them, they will never be good working sheep.  I did a VERY good job keeping them with TM.  I did NOT bounce around - much.  I just drove them with TM.  I was very good!

When we got back up to the house, TM did pedicures on all three of us.  Aidan kept trying to distract her by licking her hands or face.  TM doesn't appreciate that.  Daisy whimpered a lot.  That is unusual for her.  She is probably still unhappy over being shaved.  TM did say it was a lot easier to do her toenails when all that hair wasn't in the way.  I was quite good.  I did a bit of jerking away, but it is cool out.  That and the little bit of wind made me want to be a bit of a pill.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Lowri - It's raining.  It has been raining since TM got back from church.  Everyone wimped out on herding - even TM!  I did NOT wimp out!  I WANT to herd.  I don't care if it is raining - that is why I have this double coat.  TM thought hard about the sheep in the two small fields and was pleased that she had thrown them a bale of hay yesterday.  That meant she didn't have to go get wet today.  I hadn't realized TM was such a wimp.  How am I supposed to get good at herding?  I NEED more work opportunities.  TM and PR are watching football.  She has a big pot of stew cooking.  I bet I don't get any of that either.  Good thing I am going to stay with MC this week.  Maybe I can convince her I am being starved.  I will practice sucking in my cheeks.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Locked up

Lowri - I have been locked up in the 10X10 foot kennel all morning!  I want out!  Although there has been a lot of work going on around here.  TM, PR and a guy they hired, hauled three plus trailer-loads of hay in from the field.  They got it all stacked and under shelter.  Now PR and the guy are working on firewood. 

TM shaved Daisy!  OMG!  Daisy looks silly.  You can sure see why she is called a PeekingKnees now.  Maybe it is a good thing I am locked up.  If TM is waving around shaving equipment, you do NOT want to be near it.  Poor Daisy.  TM says her coat will grow back in no time.  Apparently, PR hadn't kept her brushed well enough, Daisy had a few mats that needed some help.  TM helped them all right!  Whew.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Walk Today

Lowri - TM and I went for a good walk today.  We took the long way around the block or in our case, blocks.  TM walks fast and I am only allowed to trot.  If I try galloping, she tells me "trot".  I think it is more fun to gallop ahead, then stop and sniff, wag my tail at the neighbor dogs, tell EVERYONE what a great time I am having!  I can do most of that when I trot, it is just more...settled.  TM says she is helping my muscles to remember the trotting at speed.  I think that is silly, my muscles KNOW how to trot. 

I don't think I am going to get my walk tomorrow.  TM and PR plan on bringing in hay and building fence.  I know how this goes, I will be locked up in the kennel all day.  That is a drag!  Maybe Daisy and Aiden will be with me. 

Oh well, at least I get to sit in TM's lap all evening.  That is very nice.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Walkies

Lowri - We didn't get to go for a walk today.  TM went to the doctor this morning.  No x-rays of her head or hips, she has to go once a year to get her medications renewed.  She got home just in time to get set up to work.  Then she worked until almost 8:30!  I told her I didn't mind taking a walk in the dark, but TM is a little funny about that.  She said we would try to walk tomorrow.

I did entice her to play "throw the fish" with me.  She throws my stuffed fish, I run after it and "woo-woo" all the way back to a cheering TM.  It is great fun and always makes her laugh.  Then I surprised her when she pulled out the dumbbell.  I relaxed my jaws and let her put it in my mouth.  Usually, I clamp my teeth together and make her work to put it in my mouth.  TM was so pleased with me, she threw my fish a couple more times.  I woo-woo'ed some more and we ended the game feeling very pleased with each other.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walks In the Neighborhood

Lowri - I have had a great day.  TM took me for TWO walks!  Today we stayed in the neighborhood.  Each walk was at a good clip for TM and lasted about 20 minutes.  I got to see a bunch of the dogs I only talk to on the bark-a-phone.  It was great to finally put smells with barks.  We have a great bunch of dogs in the neighborhood (except for one of the three next door neighbor dogs).  We all sing together when trains go by.  The trains aren't real close, but we can hear the whistles.  We have some pretty good voices.

As to the neighbor's dogs, TM loves Chewy.  When he barks, you need to go see what is happening.  Wiggles is just cute.  She wiggles her whole body when you talk to her.  She doesn't bark hardly at all.  The "other" dog has the worst bark you have ever heard - Treasure included!  TM says her Angus sounded like a smoke detector when he was a puppy.  This dog is WORSE!  It is high-pitched and loud and he does it non-stop when I am out.  Papa Ron doesn't even like him - and he really likes dogs.

Anyway on our walk, I got to see squirrels and smell bunnies.  We walked by the local church while people were going in.  I wanted to go taste some of them, but TM wouldn't let me.  Some of them had very good taste in dogs.  They said I was beautiful!

I think I like this new plan TM has for getting us fit - except for that part where she starves me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pudgy Walk

Lowri - TM said I was pudgy and I need exercise.  I could return the favor to her, but what is the point?  She put me in the car and we drove over to the park.  We got to walk all over the place.  It was great!  you wouldn't believe all the smells.  TM walked fast and we got about 20 minutes in.  I think she should shape up pretty quickly...oops, forgot she was doing this for me.

TM is going to try and take me out daily.  Between that and STARVING me, I should drop a couple of pounds pretty quickly.  <sigh> It is a tough life.  Good thing I am beautiful <G>

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Awesome

Lowri - I don't think TM properly conveyed my awesomeness this weekend.  I tried to tell her, but her typing just wasn't up to it.  On Saturday, I brought a wild lamb, who was bouncing like a deer, back to the pen twice!  He was loose, by himself, and I brought him back - WITHOUT putting him through any fences!  I went out behind him and drove him back to the other lamb in the pen.

On Sunday, I went up on the hill, BY MYSELF, and brought the sheep back to TM.  Most of the time, the sheep and I were out of sight!  Did I give up?  NO!  Did I come back to check in with TM?  NO!  I rounded up the sheep and brought them back to TM.  I listened!  I did not do my normal "run right at them and chase them until they run to TM for protection."  I LISTENED to TM direct me.  Okay, so I took them around the upper part of the field twice.  I figured out what TM was saying when I was a LONG way away!  I was AWESOME!!!!

Today, I moved stock for the dogs that were there for lessons.  I shouted out encouragement and directions to the dogs that didn't do it right.  I TRIED to help them.  That is hard to do when you are in a crate!  TM let me out to move the sheep or ducks into the field.  I am a useful farm dog.  I do NOT get the credit I deserve.   Just sayin'!

Today, I went and had preliminary x-rays of my hips.  Even though I cooperated, they didn't get me positioned correctly.  TM says the femur heads are well set and overall they think the x-rays are fine.  She says we will go somewhere else for OFA x-rays later on.  I have to be two before that can happen.  TM did say I was a chunk and my diet will continue.  BOO!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Awesome Dog

Lowri - I was the awesome dog today!  I did my herding on ducks - and stopped when asked to!  I mostly walked up and in general was an AWESOME dog!  When TM went to get the sheep, she used a pan of grain.  That generally works, but the sheep were being bad today.  They bolted for the hill.  MC got me and sent me to TM.  I went out into the big field and actually LISTENED to TM giving me directions. 

My usual mode for bringing in the sheep from up on the hill is to go straight at them as fast as I can.  I chase them around the big field a couple of times until they decide that they should head to TM for safety.  Today, I listened to TM - mostly.  I did an outrun and went up the hill.  Had I listened to TM completely, that would have been that.  But, I am still a puppy.  I won't be two until December.  I did listen enough that TM was very impressed with me!  She didn't have to climb the hill at all!

Then my little sister, Dinah, got to herd my sheep - after I tired them out for her.  She did a really good job too.  She actually could have passed an HT test today.  TM was proud of her.

Kearney's sister, Treasure, worked my ducks.  She is funny because she barks every step.  TM had her doing a bunch of different stuff.  She is working on lifting the ducks off the fence.  That seems to be a bit difficult for her, but she is a good girl and likes to please TM.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday at PR's

Lowri - TM and I got home to PR's place last night.  TM cooked cooked some chicken breast to put on a salad.  It smelled wonderful!  I got NONE of it.  TM just wasn't in a sharing mood.  I did get to spend the evening on her lap.  That was pretty nice.

Today, PR got up and let us out, then fed us, then let us out again.  Finally, TM got up.  She let us out and put me in the kennel.  I had to stay there while TM and PR went to town.  They did some shopping and then FINALLY came home.

TM took me down to do some herding.  She moved some panels and built a new small corral for the lambs that she was selling.  They didn't like it at all.  I had to do some good work to put the three boys in the pen.  TM said I was very good.  I also got to work the ducks.  I did a good job moving them around the field.  Then the men buying the lambs got here.

It was very funny to watch.  The lambs, one at a time, kept busting out of the pen.  TM would have to go get me to bring them back.  By the last time, I was really ramped up.  My new name is LowriBadDog.  She said it often enough <G>  Finally, TM made the pen much smaller so she could catch the last one.  She told one of the men to stand in one spot to keep the lamb from jumping out.  She went in and cornered the lamb and put the collar on it so the man could take the lamb to his vehicle.   TM did tell me that she couldn't have caught the lambs without my help.  I was a very good dog - mostly.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Thursday - Already?

Lowri - Wow, this week is going fast!  TM has been very busy working.  She finally got a moment to breathe today.  Of course that is when TM's crazy tenant called and went off on her.  TM takes that better if they are actually paying their rent.  Oh well, TM didn't take it out on me, and that is all I care about.

Since TM had a moment to breathe, she went and voted today.  She says we all should vote.  I asked her when I got to go vote.  She handed me a cookie to shut me up.  Score one for ME!

With all the dog shows and working out we have been doing, TM has been noticing that I am all grown up.  She says that I look beautiful and just look like an adult.  Of course, then I went out and bounced at the ducks.  I may LOOK like I am grown up, but I have a very long way to go mentally.

We don't have shows this weekend, but I get to go to the vet this coming Monday.  NOT for head xrays.  I get to have my preliminary hip xrays done.  TM says if they look good, we are good to go with my upcoming meeting with my boyfriend.  That will probably happen in January.  She is starting to look forward to me having babies.  I hope I am a good mother...What?  SQUIRREL!! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back To Town

Lowri - We had a great day at PR's yesterday.  At one point, Aidan asked to get into TM's lap - it was empty at the moment.  She let him on and he curled right up for a nap.  I immediately asked PR for a napping place.  So there we were, I was on PR's lap and Aidan was on TM's.  Weird - but good.

I got to go herding with TM.  She had me help her with the ducks.  We did a lot of just moving up and down the field.  TM doesn't let me bounce.  That is too bad.  I LOVE bouncing!  I worked with her until I was walking with the ducks.  When she flanked me, I would bounce around the ducks <G>  TM just sighed and got me back to work.

Later in the evening, TM's back was hurting.  Rather than sit in the recliner, she sat on the floor right in front of it.  For some reason, that eases her back.  Since the recliner was empty, I hopped up there and curled up.  TM thought that was funny.  I thought it was practical.  I eventually eased around so I could put my head on TM's shoulder.  That was nice.  We stayed that way for quite a while.

This morning, we got up, fed the stock and drove back to town.  TM is going to be pretty busy this week.  That is good, because I need her to make more money for me.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Show Weekend Gone

Lowri - Well, another show weekend is gone.  I looked beautiful on Sunday too.  The judge thought I was pretty, but didn't give me part of the group.  She was really, really old, so maybe she couldn't see really well.   She was very nice anyway.  I always am happy to show to nice judges.

We got home to Papa Ron pretty late.  TM was happy to see him, me too.  I climbed up on his lap when Aidan wasn't looking.  When he saw me there, PR had me get off so Aidan wouldn't be too offended.  What ever happened to possession is 9/10's of the law?  First come, first served?  Oh well, nothing was going to change Aidan's mind, so I went and jumped on TM's lap.  Aidan immediately reclaimed PR's lap as HIS.

Today, we are pretty much just chillin'.  Well, I am.  PR is napping because his back hurts.  TM has done the laundry, the dishes and has mixed up a bunch of stuff to make trail mix.  I wish she would give me some.  It smells really good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Quarter of the Group

Dinah on her way to RWB
Lowri - TM, MC, Dinah and I got up really early this morning and drove to Nashville for the dog show.  I mean really, REALLY early.  We set up our area - I was supervising.  When we got to go show, Dinah was Reserve Winners Bitch.  TM got some really nice pictures of her moving. 

Dinah mugging small children
I went Best of Breed.  We got to go to our setup and spend a number of hours chilling out waiting for the group place to get ready for us.  Dinah got to go mug passers-by.  She was especially good at mugging small children.  They would see her and immediately fall down so they could pet her.  She was being very petable today.

Finally, I got to go to the group place.  I won a quarter of it!  TM was very happy.  She immediately called Mama Penni to tell her.  I heard the conversation.  TM was being very blase` about it <G>  but I could tell she was a bit choked up.  TM loves it when I win a piece of of the group.  The judge, Mr. Charles Olvis, was very complimentary.  He said I had bone, substance, moved well, held my topline and had a beautiful head.  MC told him he had given me my very first point.  I like him.   TM and MC got a picture of me with him and my big white ribbon.  I can't wait to see it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Bliss

Lowri - TM watched the VP Debate while rubbing on me.  I didn't get throttled once.  I got my belly rubbed and rubbed and my head caressed.  I LOVE being loved on.

TM is teaching me a new trick.  My grooming table is set up in the kitchen - not for grooming, so she can put things on it.  The last two days she has kept stuff off it.  She is teaching me to help her put me on the table.  Guess what!  She is bribing me!!!  It is working too.  She said, "feet up", put my feet on the brace and gave me a cookie.  About three times and I had it down.  DUH!  Food was involved!  She is also putting cookies on the table for when I get up there.  Man, I LOVE this new game.  I have gone so far as to put my feet on the table itself - it's a stretch, but I can do it.  I mean, there are cookies involved! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Lowri - TM scheduled clients totally WRONG today, so we had to get up early.  I figured she was just going to the bathroom so I didn't move.  I would be wrong, we were getting up to start the day.  TM worked on a couple of clients and then we had some time for us. 

I got to go for a quick jog up the street.  It was just a tad brisk, so I really enjoyed moving out.  When we got home, TM locked me in the yard while she went to check on early voting.  It opens on October 17th.  She plans on voting early, so she can get it done. 

After working on a couple more clients, TM made me some more raw food.  YUM!!!!  I got to pace around the kitchen and then leap into action whenever TM dropped food.  That is my job.  I am the chief cleaner-upper.  I am VERY GOOD at my job.  When TM was done putting all the food in containers, one container for each day, I got to clean up the pans.  BURP!  I am stuffed.  I am pretty sure that I could have cleaned even more pans if TM had them.  I am dedicated to my job as the cleaner-upper.   It doesn't matter if I am full, I WILL do my job!   Sadly, TM won't have to make more food for several weeks.  I also noticed that the containers weren't quite as full as they have been in the past.  TM is determined to make me lose that last little bit of extra weight.  All I can say is, "Look whose talkin' ".

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Lowri - I have spent the past two nights lounging on the sofa in the sitting room.  TM comes and goes.  When she is there with me, I curl up with my head on her lap.  When she is busy elsewhere, I stretch out and take up as much of the sofa as I can.  It is a Cardi thing.  If you are on a bed, you are required to lay crossways, with your tail extended and your head thrown back.  If you are on a queen-size or smaller bed, this means you own the bed and your person can't get in without displacing you.  Since you were there first, you get to complain mightily if you are moved.

But, I digress...The last two nights, when TM has been on the sofa with me.  Her left hand has been busy rubbing my belly while her right hand strokes my head.  My eyes pretty much roll back into my head.  It is BLISSFUL!  I could lay there all night.  It is very hard for me to come up with thoughts for TM to type when I am that zoned out in bliss.  In fact, she needs to quit typing and come back - right now!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday in the Drizzle

Lowri - It was raining slightly today.  Because it was also just a bit nippy (52 degrees), TM thought about not herding today.  Let me tell you, this is PERFECT weather!  My coat sheds the water, and I have plenty of it to keep me warm.  Absolutely perfect, and TM almost didn't let me play in it.

I brought the ducks out of their pen and put them in the field, then TM took me over to work the light lambs.  I haven't herded in their fields before, so it was very interesting.  They have two fields that they live in.  Sometimes TM opens the gate and gives them the ducks' A-Course field too.  Today, we played in their two fields.  TM had me walk - BORING - with the lambs and stay off them - ALSO BORING.  I walked them around the field without direction from TM, except to slow down.  Then we went out into their other field.  TM doesn't like working in this field because it is a long triangle.  One side is the creek, the other is an electric fence, and the short side is the fence for the first field. 

TM doesn't like working near electric fences.  She doesn't want me to chase the lambs into it - or more likely, thru it.  She also doesn't want me to find out it is hot.  I wonder what a hot fence feels like.  I have never felt it.  Anyway, as usual, I was AWESOME!  I drove the lambs around the field and stopped their escape attempts.  I finished by holding them along the fence.  I prefer to hold them by being very close, but TM doesn't like that.  I stayed back a ways and TM told me how good I was.  It was great!

Then we went to the A-course arena and I worked ducks.  TM didn't want to do a regular course.  She had me drive them here and there.  I think it is weird that she doesn't want me to bring them to her, but it seems to make her happy when I drive them in a straight line.  I was very good with my speed today.  I didn't hardly make the ducks flap or run at all.  It was good to know that I made TM happy. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Day

Lowri - I had a big day today.  TM went out and dug up the sweet potatoes.  Aidan, Daisy and I got to run around and help.  I checked all the vines to make sure there were no bunnies lurking.  I didn't want TM to get surprised by any wild bunnies.  I was quite disappointed that there weren't any out today.  TM was so busy, she didn't even pay attention to us when we went exploring.  We had a good time.  Eventually, she noticed we were having too good a time, so she called us back.

Then she picked all the tomatoes and moved the herbs into planters to put in the windows for the winter.  While she was busy with the herbs, she left the tomatoes on the ground in the box.  Aidan helped himself to two of the big, green ones.  TM scolded him and he tucked his tail and looked embarrassed.  I noticed he had put tooth-marks on both tomatoes really fast before TM caught him.  That meant he got to keep them.  SMART Aidan.

We got to go herding then.  MC came up and brought Miss Treasure and Dinah.  We all got to herd.  TM did a LOT of praising today for the herding dogs.  I love it when that happens!

MC did a lot of running up and down the driveway with me practicing my gaiting.  I am trying to learn to keep my speed up and keep going for the dog shows.  MC has been practicing running.  She is really GOOD!  Now I have to get my act together.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Country Visited my Blog

Lowri - TM and I are excited to report that we have had people from 63 countries that have visited our blog.  Our latest is a person from Guernsey.  I had TM look it up so I would know something about it. 

According to Wikipedia,  Guernsey (play /ˈɡɜrnzi/ GURN-zee), officially the Bailiwick of Guernsey (French: Bailliage de Guernesey, IPA: [bajaʒ də ɡɛʁnəzɛ]), is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.
The Bailiwick of Guernsey embraces not only all 10 parishes on the Island of Guernsey, but also the islands of Herm, Jethou, and Lihou. Furthermore, the Bailiwick includes Alderney and Sark, each of which has its own parliament.
Although its defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom, the Bailiwick of Guernsey is not part of the UK despite popular belief; and while it participates in the Common Travel Area, it is not part of the European Union.
The Bailiwick of Guernsey is included (along with the Bailiwick of Jersey) in the geographical (but not political) grouping known as the Channel Islands.

I am so thrilled that there are even MORE people that I want to meet and taste!  TM is always surprised that there are people from all over the world that read my blog.  I am not.  I am a Corgi, a Cardigan.  We are universally lovable.  I am thinking that I could, and should, even be loved by extraterrestrials - and beagles.

TM is Repacking the Car

Lowri - TM is repacking the car.  She has put up one of the stow-and-go seats in the back and is busy setting everything back into the van.  Fortunately, she CLEANED the van first!  What a mess.  Even I was thinking it needed work. 

I do think someone - not me - should tell TM that she won't need that seat until the end of December when Miss Kathy comes to visit.  Two seats works just fine for right now.  One for TM and one for PR.  Or one for TM and one for MC.  We just don't have a need for three - well, almost never anyway.

We just got back from our run.  I think TM plans on taking me on a longer walk a little later, after she finishes work.  We were just practicing moving easily and moving like the wind, with some stops and stacking thrown in.  I was dragging TM along - she doesn't have a very fast top speed <G>  TM was very happy with how I worked.  I think I get a bath tonight.  That will feel so good!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Hostess with the Mostest

Lowri - I got to play hostess to Aidan and Daisy last night.  PR came over to work on a dryer and brought them with him.  We played and played, then came in to rest.  I shared my sofa with them.  Aidan laid on PR and I let Daisy share TM with me.  I was very, very good!  When PR was off playing on the computer, Aidan was up on the sofa with TM.  He actually growled at me when I climbed up on TM.  TM whacked him!  He didn't do that again, although I kept a careful eye on him.  I even let them have my crates to sleep in.  I was a good hostess.

TM's eyes are finally getting a little better.  Her allergies have been bad this year.  She can hardly hear my thoughts when she is that miserable.  At least she remembers to feed me.

Monday, October 1, 2012

TM Forgot Her Computer

Lowri - I had a great time at the dog shows this weekend, but TM forgot to bring her computer.  I couldn't get her to write my thoughts without it. 

I went Best of Breed both days and my half-sister, Dinah, earned her first point on Sunday!  Dinah did a great job of being cute.  EVERYONE petted on her.  She climbed into their laps and tasted every one of them.  I wasn't allowed to climb on people, so I didn't get to taste very many of them.

TM has really bad allergies and they went crazy this weekend.  Her eyes were red, watering and swollen.  In the mornings, she went crazy sneezing.  I am use to hearing these explosions, but I noticed Dinah's eyes got a bit wide a time or two.

I didn't do anything in the group place.  TM and MC are still trying to get me to move out and gait faster.  I don't quite understand what they want, but TM says I am closer to it.  Sunday's judge looked like he appreciated me.  TM says I will get another chance to see him in the future.