TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Back on the Farm

Lowri - We came back to the farm tonight.  TM was happy to see PR.  Boy, he really did a lot of stuff this week!  TM was going to stop and pick up the mail, but someone had stopped and helped themselves to the mailbox itself.  It was gone!  Not just hit with a baseball bat, GONE!  PR was pretty peeved.  It was a good mailbox.  He went into town to get a new one.  He is going to make it really hard to steal or knock down.  I wonder why Thor or Aidan didn't take care of it.  They are supposed to be guarding.  Just cause Aidan lives in the house and Thor lives in the pasture...they could have said something!

TM did the watering and started on the fence.  Now she has supper ready and is just waiting for PR.  It smells really, really good.  Too bad TM doesn't share with me <sigh>

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quiet Today

Lowri - We have had a pretty quiet day today.  TM did take me for a walk this morning.  We went a different route through the neighborhood, mainly due to roadwork.  At one point, TM thought we could walk by the equipment (the road was closed).  She was wrong.  They had the whole width of the road torn up and were actively working.  We back-tracked.  At one point, the road men were pulling something.  I don't know what they were doing, but I saw the knot in the rope moving and had to stare at it pretty hard before I decided it wasn't a bunny.

TM has been feeling a bit off today.  I keep sitting between her knees and shoving.  She grins and pets me some.  She felt a little better after she talked to PR.  They talk every night on SKYPE when she is in town.

I had some good news today!  TM has been trying to see how to arrange everything for our trip to Pennsylvania in July.  We are going up so PR (and TM) can visit his family.  His sisters and brother live up there.  Anyway, PR told TM to find a dog show or herding trial up there and we would go up and do that too.  TM found a dog show just a little ways from his family.  The trick was arranging with MC so she could go.  If she couldn't, TM was going to have to show me.  The good news is MC is going to go too!  I will continue to be shown by the one "face".  It isn't that TM can't show me.  She does a fine job.  She just gets really nervous.  I know when she was showing Kearney, her hands shook so bad, the judge commented that this was supposed to be fun.  It is weird, she doesn't get nervous at herding trials. 

TM - Wa, wa, wah-wa.

Lowri - OHHHHH.  She doesn't get nervous any more.  She use to want to throw up before a trial.  Silly TM!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Walks in Town

Lowri - I got to take two walks today.  The one in the early afternoon was fairly warm, so TM opted not to go far.  The one this evening was GREAT!  I saw bunches of bunnies, squirrels everywhere and a really, really cute little girl.  She came out to pet on me.  When she asked TM if I liked tummy rubs, I promptly presented said tummy.  I can say without a doubt, I LOVE tummy rubs.  She petted on my head and said my whites reminded her of an angel.  She said I looked like an angel.  TM managed to restrain herself and didn't snort.

We then completed our walk.  I am moving steadily at a trot while TM walks FAST.  With her long legs, we pretty much fly through the neighborhood.  While my tongue is hanging when we finish, I am still pulling on the lead.  I am FIT!

Monday, May 27, 2013

No Rain

Lowri - It was supposed to rain today, but it hasn't yet.  That meant TM had to go work on the fence again.  First off, she sold my lamb.  I was okay with that because it means more money in my show fund.  The guy came just as I was penning the lambs.  TM wormed her and they put her in a crate in the back of their truck.  Yes, a dog crate!  Good thing she wasn't huge!

TM and I wormed and gave shots to the remaining lambs.  Then I got to work them.  TM wasn't very happy with me at the start, but she said I was taking nice wide flanks when we got done.  That is pretty much the best I have done on my flanking.

In the afternoon, TM and PR went out and planted about 40 steel posts.  Then they sprayed the new fence line to kill the weeds (especially the three-leafed plants).  TM still thinks the fence will magically be done next weekend.

TM finished by working in the garden.  I got to help her with the watering.  She set up the sprinkler so it would get everything.  After watching it water for a few minutes, she said some rude things and went and got a shovel.  She moved two blueberry plants and three cantaloupe plants.  Then she seemed satisfied and let the garden get watered for about an hour.  I liked getting wet, but TM didn't.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

At the Farm

Lowri - It has been a pretty good day at the farm.  PR fed me early and let me out and in a couple of times.  Then TM got up.  She let me out and in again.  Then she went off to work on the pasture fence some more.  TM thinks it will be done next weekend.

I learned that TM is afraid of plants.  I mean she screamed like a girl!  She was cutting a path through the trees and brush.  All of a sudden, she realized she was standing is a patch of three-leafed plants.  She shrieked and backed up.  Then she picked a new direction to take the fence.  Every time she saw those three-leafed plants, she re-evaluated her path.  Usually, she just gritted her teeth and stepped carefully.  That is so silly, it's not like those plants were going to jump out and grab her.  Hello, they're PLANTS!

When she finished her path, she came back up to the house and took a shower.  She took the Dawn dish detergent with her and soaped every part of her body, multiple times!  When she was done, she took a packet of Tecnu Poison Ivy/Oak stuff and worked that into her face and arms.  Then she rinsed that off, got dressed and went back out to work on the fence some more.  When she was done, she took ANOTHER shower with Dawn detergent.  She is really clean now.  She says she is going to be really happy when this part of the fence is DONE.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Selling the Yard

Lowri - TM and MC spent the day trying to sell the yard.  Silly part was they had a bunch stuff spread out over the yard.  Little by little, they got rid of the stuff.  When you could finally see the yard again, they quit!  I don't know what was going on, I was locked up for most of the day.

TM took MC to dinner for helping her Not sell the yard.  They went to a Chinese buffet.  It smelled really good when they came back, but they didn't bring me anything.

TM used the riding lawn mower on the back yard, and then she loaded it up (the lawn mower, not the yard), and we went to PR's.  We are going to have a short holiday weekend.  That is too bad.  I like it here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Friday

Lowri - IT'S FRIDAY!  TM did not take me to the farm when she went.  What is up with that?  She left about 4:30 and got back to town at 6:30.  She and MC are selling my yard tomorrow.  I don't think I will like it if they do that.  Where will I chase bunnies?

When TM came back, she was driving PR's truck and pulling a trailer.  There was a bunch of stuff on it.  It is all stuff that TM is going to put in my front yard tomorrow morning.  She and MC plan on spending the day selling the yard.  Maybe I will get some scritches.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TM Loves Me

Lowri - The Mama made me more raw food today.  She made about three weeks worth.  I am a very lucky dog, because I got to help her clean up!  We went for a walk this afternoon so I could see all the bunnies and then this evening, we have been sitting together watching TV.  I put my head in her lap and she was gently stroking my face.  I love my life.

Tomorrow, Miss Ginger comes to clean the house.  TM has been busy straightening up everything.  The house smells so clean when Miss Ginger is done.  PLUS, I get scritches!

TM's back was hurting, so she was on the floor doing some self-massage stuff.  I GOT TO PRACTICE MY MASSAGE SKILLS!  I walked on her, I used my elbows to dig into to sore places, I cleaned her ears...say what?  Oh, cleaning ears isn't an approved massage technique.  Well, I did it anyway!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I AM the Great Huntress!

Lowri -  Dumb Bunnies!  Let's check the score...

Today:  Lowri -1,  Bunnies - 0
Lifetime:  Lowri - 7, Bunnies -... Well in all fairness, TM won't let me list 0 for the bunnies, because she doesn't know how many have escaped.  I can answer that - NONE!

I can't believe that bunnies still try coming into MY yard.  But, sure enough, when we got back to town, there was a bunny by the back fence.  I charged off at a dead run.  I WON!  I strutted my stuff for a while.  I was PUMPED!  TM did eventually take it away from me.  I should have hidden it better. 

I have had a good week.  Group 1 on Sunday, herding lambs on Monday, killing rodents on Tuesday.  I am the Total Cardigan!  I wonder what I should do tomorrow...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Herding Again

Lowri - I GOT TO GO HERDING!  TM took me down to do chores.  The lambs were in the duck arena, so TM decided to make them work.  I practiced walking up, being steady and square flanks.  TM was quite pleased with me.  I did some Away's and Bye's where I got to go very, very fast around the lambs to lift them off the fence.  They minded me, and I tried to mind TM.  It was a good day!

TM let the lambs out into their field, shut the gate and then I got to help move the chickens and the rooster into the duck arena.  To be fair, I helped by sitting in a strategic location.  They came out of their pen and went straight into the duck arena.  TM said I was very, very good.

She and PR built the chute to run the cows up to the headgate.  It is SOLID.  The cows will not be pushing it down.  TM built a corral so they can trap the cows and then force them up the chute.  It even has a nice pipe gate.  Finally, they are in a position to doctor cows if they need to.  I want to help with the cows, but TM says I am not allowed to herd them.  They kick.  Maybe some day I will get to herd them.  I know I can make them mind!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Lowri - I had the best day today!  But first - yesterday TM did not type my thoughts.  We had gone to the dog show is Gray.  I looked beautiful, but only went Best Opposite Sex.  The judge could hardly take his eyes off me, but he put up a boy.  Doesn't he know that GIRLS RULE???

Anyway, when we got home, TM did some work.  Then after supper, PR put Aidan and Daisy out to potty.  Daisy, the Peeking Knees, found a skunk!  She didn't know any better, because she tried to catch it!!!!  The skunk did what skunks do.  Oh wow, did she STINK!  PR let them in the house.  TM was gagging.  She grabbed me and my crate and put us in the bathroom.  She didn't want me anywhere near Daisy!  PR and TM gave Daisy a bath with tomato juice.  I about fell over laughing this morning when I saw her.  She was ORANGE!

So today we went back to the show.  We had a different judge and he was properly impressed with me.  I won Best of Breed!  We had to stay all day long for the opportunity to go to the group place.  Finally it was time for the herding breeds.  I went in and strutted my stuff.  The judge still loved me and I WON.  I won the whole Group place, not just a piece of it!  Then I had to turn around and go back into Best in Show.  That is the first time I have been there!  The judge thought I was beautiful, but I guess I didn't impress her too much.  I did not win.  I didn't even go Reserve.  I will try harder next time.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dog Shows!

Lowri - Dog show tomorrow!  TM has been trying to keep me clean - yeah, good luck with THAT!  I am so ready to go show my stuff.  Uh oh, TM just remembered I need to get my pedicure tonight.  I guess I will never get done with being beautiful.  It is a tough job, but I guess it is MY job <G>

No bunny chasing until Sunday night.  I can't go herding either.  First thing you know, I would be muddy and then I would go to water and TM would be shrieking about my whites not being white any more.  Although, I did see she brought the shampoo, so I don't know why she would care.

I will keep everyone updated about my progress this weekend.  We don't show until late.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bath Night

Lowri - I didn't get to go on a walk tonight to chase bunnies and squirrels.  TM had to mow the lawn.  While she was getting ready to mow, I went over to the fence and hurled insults at the two bunnies that were taunting me in the neighbor's yard.  They finally left after I told them my Mom was bigger than their mom.

Not only didn't I get to go for a walk, TM has limited me to the side yard.  Since tonight was bath night, she didn't want me running out into the freshly mowed yard and turning my whites that lovely fresh-mowed green.

So for my bath, I got a hot-oil bath first.  TM massaged the oil into my coat.  YUM.  Then she used the White-on-White shampoo on my whites.  While that was sitting, she shampooed the rest of me.  Then I got rinsed off.  TM said I was really, really dirty, so she did my whites again.  Then I got toweled off.  I jumped out of the tub and dashed into the hall and shook and shook.  TM just laughed.  Then I dried myself off by taking a carpet bath.  Finally, I climbed into TM's lap.  She quit laughing and shrieked.  It was great <VBG>

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dog Shows This Weekend

Lowri - I can tell we are going to dog shows this weekend.  TM gave me the best massage last night!  It was pretty much a full-body massage.  She worked extra on my sore spots.  Oh man, it feels soooo good!

Tonight, we went out for our walk a little earlier than usual.  I saw four squirrels - three of them in one yard.  I tried to snatch the leash out of TM's hand, but she was ready for that move.  I BEGGED to be let go so I could chase them.  TM apologized, but held firm.  There was only one bunny seen on the whole walk.  I didn't see it.  TM has a slight height advantage so she can see more than I can. 

TM was admiring my movement tonight.  She said that my back doesn't bounce, roll or break.  It just stays firm with a minimum amount of motion.  I said if it is motion she wants to see, let me chase the bunnies!  I'll show her bouncing, rolling and breaking!!!  She said I had it backwards, she didn't want to see that stuff.  She LIKES me as I am.  <sigh>  I was hoping to talk her into bunny chasing.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful Day

Lowri - Today was a beautiful day!  TM and I came back to town and I got to play outside for most of the day.  TM had me in a couple of times and her clients asked to see me.  I got to practice my Massage Greeter skills.  One of the people who wanted to see me was a little girl.  She was very cute and tasted very good!  I got to wash faces and feet, but no one wanted to get down on the floor so I could walk on their back.  Where are peoples' adventurous spirit?!?!  TM had to practice on a lot of people before she became a good massage therapist.  I NEED practice!

After work, TM and I got to walk through the neighborhood and greet people.  There were quite a few people out in their yard.  They all were waving at me.  I am sure it is because I am world-famous.  I would have waved back, but I was looking for bunnies.  I saw three tonight.  It was slow in the bunny-viewing stakes tonight.  TM and I walked briskly for 20 minutes.  We feel great!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Helping TM AGAIN

Lowri - I helped TM with the fence again.  I checked for bunnies while she put up wire.  I guarded her against everything that might have tried to sneak up on her too.  After about an hour, TM put me back in my crate.  She noticed my tongue was hanging out and figured I had chased enough bunnies.

Tonight, I helped TM put the chickens away.  TM was NOT happy with my work.   I was very enthusiastic with my help.  TM is pretty sure that herding chickens is not going to be part of my future.  I CAN'T help it.  They run so fast!  They don't move like ducks.  They move like...PREY!  And they are stupid!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

No Garden Fresh Vegetables

Lowri - It was a sad day today.  Aidan, Daisy and I will not be getting any garden fresh veggies.  TM put up the fence clear around the garden.  The plants are really coming up nicely, too.  Now we won't even get to roll in the disgusting, incredible smelling stuff PR rototilled into the garden or chase bunnies through the garden.  A very sad day for us.

On top of that, I got locked in the dog run while TM went and finished up the bird yard.  Aidan got to run and be free, but Daisy and I were locked up.  TM had covered the floor of the indoor part of the bird yard with half-inch wire mesh and put concrete along the edges at the walls so the mice and rats can't get in.  Then she covered the mesh with dirt.  She carried many, many buckets full of dirt into the the pen.  Finally, she put hay down for the nests.  It took her two days to do it all.

I did get to herd today.  TM was actually pleased with my work on the lambs.  I tried to listen to her, it is hard because she is WRONG, but I did try.  My stops were good, my flanks were rough but better.  I think it is because TM made sure she is in position to enforce a good flank before she asked for it.   I am just glad I am back herding.  I really love it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Herding Most Fowl - Foul?

Lowri - I got to herd the CHICKENS today.  I didn't do it very well.  I thought a chicken sandwich sounded really good.  TM wants the chickens to be free-range chickens.  Since they have grown up in a pen, TM put them in the duck arena (she also isn't going to let them run free while Daisy and Aidan can get to them).  I got to help put them there.  Then TM had me drive them around a bit so they would know they have to mind me.  It was great, although I have to say, chickens are pretty stupid.  They don't have any idea that I am a herding dog!

I also got to herd the lambs.  TM is working on my square flanks.  When she tells me to Go Bye or Away, I am supposed to turn 90 degrees and move around the sheep.  That doesn't really work well for me.  It makes no sense to turn away from them.  Going straight at them will get me to that spot much faster.  Unfortunately, TM is adamant that I am supposed to go AROUND.

I didn't get to help TM with the fencing today.  She didn't do any.  It was pretty wet around here, and the rain didn't help.  TM stayed in the barn and cleaned out the bird yard.  All I can say is "yuck".

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evening Walk

Lowri - We didn't get to take much of a walk today.  TM spent an hour after work just mowing the lawn.  I tried to attack the lawn mower.  It makes loud noises and it is FUN <VBG>.  TM doesn't like me to get close.  It's not like I could get close.  I was locked away into the small yard while TM did all the mowing.

After she was done, she asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  THAT is a silly question.  TM takes me out and we move briskly.  Every now and then, she stops and has me stack.  I get food!  Of course I wanted to go for a walk!

We just went quickly around the block.  I only saw three bunnies and a bunch of birds.  These bunnies are pretty insulting.  They just sit there!  They should be running to hide.  I AM THE GREAT HUNTRESS!

When we came back to our street, the new neighbors' little boy asked if he could hold me.  Awwww.  He is so cute and so little!  His daddy came out with him and I met them halfway across the yard.  My tail was going a mile a minute.  I got to kiss the little boy several times.  I did NOT jump on him.  TM warned me about that a couple of times.  I am NOT a moron, I could tell he was just a toddler.  He was not very happy when TM took me home.  That is understandable.  I am very loveable.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Lowri - TM took me for my walk today.  We took a route that we have been avoiding because of the hill.  Last time we did it, TM huffed and puffed her way up the hill.  Tonight, she was surprised at what a little hill it was.  TM just marched right up it.  I marched right along with her.  We are becoming fit!

I saw four bunnies at once tonight.  They were all fully grown.  I could have caught at least one if TM had just dropped my leash!  How am I supposed to get in shape if I can't practice my bunny-catching skills?  The Great Huntress NEEDS to practice hunting!  Walking fast is not going to cut it.  I need to sprint, cut back and forth, run flat out - eat bunnies!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Death Wish

Lowri - The bunnies we saw on our walk this evening must have had a death wish!  The first one let me approach within about seven feet before it decided to leave.  If TM had let go of my leash, I would have had supper!  The next one hopped TOWARDS me!  Can you say stupid?!?!?  Do these bunnies not know I am the Great Huntress?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Building Fence

Lowri - I helped TM build fence this morning.  I have a WHOLE lot more respect for TM after this.  It is a LOT of work building fence.  I helped her install two big gates.  The way you help is you stand on the gate while she is drilling holes in the wood post.  It was my job to hold the gate there.  When TM is ready to put the gate up, you have to jump off the gate (TM actually prefers it if you don't hold the gate down when she wants it). 

While she was putting up the wire fence, it was my job to go chase all the bunnies out of the field.  That is a HARD job!  It is a big field.  I went out and did my best to make them all go away.  Since TM didn't get the fence finished, I am sure I am going to have to go out and do it again!

Then, I came up to where TM was working and I parked in the shade and made sure that nothing sneaked up on TM.  She was working very hard and wasn't paying much to what might be out there sneaking up.  I made sure she stayed safe.

We were out there for about four hours.  I have been napping since we came in.  I wonder if I can get something else to eat since I worked so hard.  Oh, TM says no.  I have some dog shows coming up.  All I can say is that I am going to be very fit!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Short Vacation

Lowri - I had an awesome short vacation.  TM and I went to see Mama Cheryl last night.  I got to play with Dinah and Treasure.  I kept away from Miss Monroe.  She is old and wily, plus TM and MC back her completely.  After TM and MC played games and watched TV, I got to sleep with TM in the spare bedroom.

Today, Dinah and I got to play outside in the rain, ALL DAY!  We were filthy!  It was GREAT!  TM and MC drove down to Georgia to look at a herding trial site for the CWCCA 2015 Nationals.  They left early and we PARTIED!

Of course, TM had to ruin everything.  I have now had a bath.  Boo!

TM was too tired to type my thoughts yesterday.  She and PR had spent the entire day building fence.  TM thinks that is a good enough reason to not type my thoughts.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making Kids Happy

Lowri - Earlier this week, TM finally took down all of Kearney's big ribbons from her bedroom wall.  Kear's wall was chock full of rosettes.  She hung them on hangers and put them away in the closet with the rosettes won by Kear's older brother, Angus.

Today she was talking with one of her clients.  The lady is a kindergarten teacher.  The light bulb went off in TM's brain.  She asked the lady if her class would like some ribbons.  The lady said a resounding "YES".  When the massage was over, TM went to the closet and pulled out about six coat-hangers full of ribbons.  The lady was impressed and said the kids would love them.  TM was very glad to have found a good home for the ribbons.

I don't quite understand it, but TM has been down all evening.  I have gotten a lot of scritches out of it, but we did not take our evening walk.  TM pretty much just moped.  I guess she misses the boys.  I have been giving her lots of love.  Hopefully, that will help.

On another note...I got to see Miss Ginger, our housekeeper, again.  TM wouldn't let me say Hi until after the massage, but Miss Ginger did demand to see me.  I got to do lots of kissing and snuggling.  Miss Ginger is great!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walking and Magazines

Lowri - I have had another GREAT day.  TM took me for TWO walks.  The second one was supposed to last a bit longer than it did, but I had to go.  TM didn't want to go on a long walk carrying a filled poop bag.  Oh well...

I saw bunnies and squirrels and birds!  I saw some kids on bikes, but TM took me the other way.  On both walks, TM had me practice gaiting.  I am supposed to move without scrambling.  She wants me to move out on a looser lead and be relaxed.  I noticed TM can run farther these days.  She has lost almost 25 pounds (or a small Cardigan in dog terms). 

Tonight, TM told me I am going to be a star in a dog magazine!  She has put together a page about me and my accomplishments.  I wonder how much I will earn from this?

TM - Wah, wa-wah wa.

Lowri - WHAT?  We are paying THEM?  That is just wrong.  Don't they realize I am world famous???