TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Baby Girl

Lowri - My baby girl arrived yesterday.  TM took me to the vet's office in Knoxville.  They poked and prodded me for just a minute or two then whisked me away from TM.  Next thing I knew, TM was petting on me and my baby girl was getting her first meal.  My belly hurts and TM won't let me lick it.  She does give me good drugs though. 

When we got home, TM weighed my baby - 14.1 ounces.  Then she let me out of the car and I peed and peed.  TM then picked me up and carried me to my baby.  Good thing too, I was still wobbly.  I saw my baby girl.  She is adorable!  I licked and licked her.  TM kept giving me calcium tablets.  Finally I started to chill out.  I have to say, one baby is WAY less work than nine.

Kevin - I have barely seen the little girl.  TM is keeping me out of the puppy room.  Come to think of it, I have barely gotten to see TM.  She assures me that will change. 
This morning's picture

The first picture

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas and After

Lowri - Christmas dinner smelled SO good!  TM made ham and smoked turkey with all the fixings.  Sadly, smelling is almost as close as I got.  Fortunately, for me, TM is not a neat cook.  I helped keep the kitchen floor spotless.  I can attest that the turkey was as good as it smelled.

Today, TM went to town.  I got left at home and Kevin got to go.  I am not pleased.  Good thing TM came back bearing gifts.  Aidan and I both got Nylabone treat balls - with treats inside.  I made short work of getting my treats out.  I ripped the top off.  TM said the treat ball had to be Nylabone Lite.  Last I saw of it, TM was throwing my gift in the trash.

Kevin - I had to go with TM to town.  I mean, I got to go with TM to town.  We went to Tractor Supply Company.  I got to go in.  Oh goody.  <sigh>  At least there was a buffet available in the dog food aisle.  Apparently, some sacks had ripped open, spilling some treats. 

TM went to another store and bought us some toys and treats.  Aidan and Lowri got the treat balls.  Aidan (the Vizsla) is still working on his.  I got the canvas dragon toy.  I really liked.  As soon as Aidan got out of his crate, he took my toy.  I was with TM at that moment.  He ripped off the face and pulled out the squeaker and the stuffing.  TM just sighed and cleaned up the mess.  I like the unstuffed toys best anyway. 

Aidan had also ripped up the bed TM made for him for Christmas.  He slept on it one night and ripped up the corner.  It is no longer in his crate.  TM says Aidan gets bored when he is crated overnight.  That's why she got him the treat ball.  I think Aidan is just naughty.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woe Is Me!

Lowri - TM took me to the vet's office yesterday to get a picture of my belly.  She wanted to know how many puppies I had in there.  There is ONE!  Oops... 

Woe is me!  TM immediately cut me back to almost my pre-pregnancy rations.  I am STARVING!  She says I am fat. Who knew she would be such a stickler about food!  I am going to have my one baby sometime next week.  TM is taking my temperature twice a day - oh joy.  She has also lined up another expectant litter for my baby to play with.  I see a lot of road trips in my future.

Kevin - This is a lot of fuss about nothing, well almost nothing.  I am not impressed.  TM has ME.  That should be enough.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two shots of Lowri

Lowri - TM has been saying I am nowhere near as large as I was this time last year.  While I agree with her, I think I am still carrying more than just a few puppies.  TM is going to have to wait until after Christmas to see how many I actually have.

11/08/14  Last year I had NINE  - way too many!

12/17/15  Any guesses on how many I am carrying this year?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Lowri - Today, TM upped my food ration another 10%.  I am getting over 30% more than normal.  Yippee!!  I got it in TWO meals.  Joy, oh joy!  I LOVE my food.  There are definitely perks to having babies.  Next week it goes up again!  Life is good.

Kevin - I have had babies too.  I never got more food.  In fact, when TM upped your ration, she cut mine by 10 %.  I might starve.  TM keeps feeling for my ribs and muttering.   I heard her say she may cut it even more.  I need to go have more babies so I can get more food too.

Lowri - It doesn't work that way, Kevin.  Only the girls get more food.  The boys never get more just cuz they are having babies.  <snicker>

Monday, December 14, 2015

I Am a Sneak

Lowri - TM is peeved with me.  I tried and tried to get her to change the title of this blog, but I can't type and she won't change it.  Last night, I happened to notice that the big container of Aidan's food - which is sitting at MY level on the floor - was not latched.  What am I supposed to do?  I am eating for a litter and TM is regulating my food.  I popped the lid up and started eating.  YUM!  TM was wondering where I was, and I quickly came every time she called.  Didn't want her to get up and check on me.  I forgot about PR.   He caught me with my head in the container.  Bummer, there was a lot of food still to eat.  The only good news was the TM forgot to tell PR to NOT feed me in the morning.  I got my entire morning ration.  I am a happy camper.  Oh yeah, TM has been diligent on letting me out to potty.  That is a good thing.

Kevin - I am still the good dog.  I got to herd with TM yesterday.  The sheep obeyed me.  TM was doing some weird stuff, though.  She wanted me to walk up to the sheep - not bring them to her.  I didn't really understand what she wanted, so I kept fetching them to her.  We went to the small pen and things worked better.  TM kept telling me I was a good boy.  I like making her happy.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Food and More Food

Lowri - I am just over six weeks pregnant and I am getting lots of food.  I am so happy.  TM waits until I am five weeks pregnant before she increases my food.  I tried to tell her to start giving me more earlier, but she is stuck on doing what is in the book.  So at five weeks, she increased my food by 10 percent.  At six weeks she increased it 10 percent, and it will continue to increase by 10 percent a week until I have my babies.  Once my babies start really growing, my food will really increase until I am getting all I want.  Last time it was 3 1/2 times my normal ration.  I was eating almost three pounds of raw food a day.  HEAVEN!  Ms Cathy O-C saw me when my puppies were eight weeks old and told TM I was in beautiful condition.  All I know is I LOVE my food.

Kevin - <sigh>  TM thought I was starting to look pudgy.  She said I had grown up and no longer needed as much food.  She cut my ration by 10%.  I have tried to suck in my cheeks, but TM isn't falling for it.  Oh well, I am getting a lot of treats.

TM has started teaching me something called Rally.  It is great fun.  We play it in the house, and I get told what a good boy I am.  TM says that a lot.  Plus, I get treats.  What is not to like.  I just have to stay really close to TM.  That is one of my favorite places anyway.  I just grin and grin. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Having Babies

Lowri - I am having babies!  I finally told TM.  I am due around December 29th.  TM is spending a lot of time loving on me - that is my due.  I need to be petted and loved.  I am hormonal.  I need LOTS of love.  I plan on milking this for all I am worth.

I am five plus weeks pregnant

Kevin - I am getting the short end of the stick sitting on The Mama.  Lowri is hogging her lap.  But I am having a blast Tracking and herding.  TM told me that I am the "go-to" dog with the stock.  I am getting to do all the work moving stock for lessons.  TM said she is very happy with me.  I am going train TM as much as I can between now and when the puppies are weaned.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Birthday

Lowri - A year ago today, I gave birth to NINE puppies.  Holy cow, was I glad to get that done!  TM was right there doing what she could to help.  Kevin, the happy papa, was passing out cigars - whatever those are. 
The Mob

I am the good mama.
Here are a couple of pictures from back then.

I may be doing this again the end of December.  TM doesn't know yet, and I am not telling.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Herding Trials Last Weekend

Lowri - TM and I went to Herding trials this weekend.  Okay, Kevin came too, but he didn't get to trial.  I got to trial on ducks twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  I was mostly on my game, and sort-of listened to TM. 

On Saturday, I took a 3rd on Advanced B Course Ducks and 2nd on Advanced A Course Ducks.  TM said I was just out of the points.  On Sunday, I got down to business.  My B Course run was BEAUTIFUL!  I made those ducks get in a row and marched them around the course.  I won the class.  Then I went out and won the A Course class as well.  Of course, I did need to make TM sweat a bit.  I bounced and bounced at my ducks.  TM tried to get me to stop it, but I was having too much fun.  I had a crowd of fans who love my bouncing.  TM is just going to have to suck it up.

Kevin - TM and I went and did two tracks.  They were my first ones this year.  I remembered exactly what to do.  We did one at 200 yards and one at 300 yards.  I found all TM's lost items.  On the second day, when I finished the 300 yard track, I got my breakfast - right there in the field.  That makes tracking even more fun.  I loved having breakfast out.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Maybe Babies

Lowri - TM has taken her muzzle off.  I may be having BABIES!  When TM and I went up North last week, I ... I... Well, I can't say I met my boyfriend.  I met the vet.  I met the techs, I met some equipment.  There were no flowers, no wine - well, I whined a bit.  No dinner first.  Nothing.  TM told me that they used pupsicles.

TM - Okay, I just can't stand it. We bred Lowri last week when I went up North . I am really hoping that she settled. If we are lucky, we will have puppies December 28th - or there about. Here is the pedigree of the hoped-for litter. I have my fingers crossed that my new baby girl will be in this litter. Sire is BISS AM/CAN CH Phi-Vestavia Neon Black RN HT ROMs.   Here is the pedigree:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Busy Four Days

Lowri - We have had a BUSY four days.  On Thursday, TM and I drove about 500 miles up to Maryland.  We spent the evening with TM's brother and family.  TM and I and Ms. Emily and her two dogs, Mickey and Dodger, went for a long walk.  It was great to stretch my legs after such a long ride.  We had a great time.  I got to know Mickey and Dodger pretty well on that walk.  Mickey was very cute and an interesting boy.  Dodger was...young.  I liked Mickey a LOT.  I chose him as my next boyfriend.  He is a Wire-haired Dachshund.  TM didn't seem to mind at all.  I think it is because she said he was "neutered", whatever that is.  I cuddled him and groomed him and showed him what I wanted.  He had no clue.  What a bust as a boyfriend.

I think his tractor's sexy

Isn't Mickey handsome?
Friday, we drove home after a stop in Virginia.  That wasn't real fun, but the people were nice.  The trip was long, but we finally made it to the farm.

Kevin - I didn't get to go on the trip.  I drove PR nuts with all my whining.  I also peed on the floor a couple of times.  I was just marking this place and Lowri as MINE.

It didn't work as I haven't been allowed near her.  On top of that, because of my marking, I have to wear a belly band.  Yuck!

Saturday and Sunday, TM and I went to a dog show while Lowri stayed home on the farm.  I had a really good time.  I was pretty sure EVERY dog I got close to was in heat.  I tried to breed them all.  TM said I was very trying.

But the good news of the weekend was that I won Best of Opposite Sex both days.  That gave me enough points to finish my Grand Championship.  TM has promise that I don't have to go to dog shows for a long time now.  We get to concentrate on sheep and ducks.  I am a happy Corgi!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Lowri - When I was a pup, all I cared about was Letters...and food.  All I cared about was Letters and food... and TM.  Oh whatever!  I wanted LETTERS!  Well today I got another certificate - more letters.  I have more letters in titles than I have in my name - and my name is long.  

All my titles make my name:

MBISS MHIT GCH(s) CH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment, HSAds HSBd HIAd HIBd HXAd HXBd CGC RATO 

Whew, I think I need some food.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Busy Life

Lowri - TM finally figured out why I was so naughty at the herding trial.  My hormones were going crazy.  I am in heat!  I am the pretty panty girl.  I am HOT.

Kevin - She smells GOOD!

Lowri - Dream on, boy.  I have other plans.

TM is hoping I get my act together before the next herding trial.  She took me out to work ducks tonight and I was still naughty.  I was having fun <G>  TM made me work until I quit having fun.  I actually started to work and I did my job very well. 

Kevin - The next event is mine.  I am going to the Knoxville shows in about 10 days.  I am being very, very good.  You don't get to go anywhere until mid-November.

Lowri - You are so wrong.  TM and I are going somewhere this weekend.  You are staying with PR.  Roadtrip!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today's Herding Trial

Lowri - TM and I slept really well last night.  It was fairly brisk out, so TM added a blanket to the bed.  She got comfortable, and I curled up right next to her.

Kevin - I had to sleep on the floor.  TM won't let me sleep in the middle of the bed and I am afraid of falling off if I get close to the edge. 

Lowri - We got up early and went to the herding trials.  I NQ'ed on A and B again.  A Course was my fault, B Course was TM's fault.  In B Course, my ducks won High in Trial <snicker, giggle>.  When they were let out of the start box, they took off running into the wind.  Two of them were flapping their wings.  They got airborne and one of them just kept climbing and climbing - High in trial, get it? <giggle, snicker>   We got a rerun, because I did not cause it. 

In my rerun, I did a beautiful outrun!  When the ducks were let out, they started nicely toward TM.  I took my eyes off them for a second and they tried to run off the course.  TM called out for me to take a flank - and she called for the WRONG direction.  I went the right way, of course.  TM called the wrong flank a couple of times.  I was covering, but I was a little distracted as TM generally does a pretty good job of asking for flanks.  Because I kept checking on TM, I missed the ducks reversing their direction.  TM told me to cover them, but she called the WRONG direction AGAIN.  I went the correct way, but I lost them.  TM let me go clear up to where the ducks get put away.  I got to run around the vehicle a couple of times, but I kept coming out to see if TM was okay.  She finally called me off.  I RACED over to her grinning the whole way.  TM just laughed and told me how good I was.  She didn't even realize she called the wrong directions until someone told her.  I may need a new handler - one who can hold up their end of the work.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Herding Weekend

Lowri - I am at herding trials with TM.  I got to work ducks in both A and B Course.  My A Course run was SO much fun!  The scribe said I got extra points for being so entertaining.  The judge said I was her favorite baddog.  TM said "


Lowri <G> - TM said if I didn't start behaving, she was going to end my run...I didn't and she did.  I had a BLAST!

My B course run was much better.  I lost one duck right at the start.  It ran all the way back to its crate.  It didn't want to play.  TM called me off and told me to work the other four ducks.  I did it VERY, VERY well.  I got them clear through the course to the shed ring.  Those stupid ducks would not listen to me at all.  It was crazy!  If I moved, they tightened up their grouping and RAN.  TM and I tried and tried.  Finally TM called me to her, thanked the judge and praised me for all my hard work. 

Kevin - I got to come to, but I am just here for the ride.  I love going anywhere with TM.  We are having a great time camping out.  TM has taken us for several long walks.  We get to go on another one tonight.  TM says, I am going to start trialling before too long.  She says I am coming along very nicely.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What a Weekend!

Lowri - Wow, what a weekend!  There were specialties up in Washington and in Illinois.  Our family did great.  Where to start, where to start.

Up in Washington, my uncle, Pilot, was Best Veteran.  My daughter, Gimme went Select Bitch, a couple of times.  My daughter, Sara, went Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Bitch.

Kevin - Same Specialty, my son, Baxter went Winners Dog on Sunday for a 5 point major.  Our family did great!

Lowri - Then up in Illinois, my sister, Ginger, went Best of Breed with Aunt Kathy handling her.  She then went Owner-handled Group 1 and regular Group 1!!!!  MC said she looked fabulous!

I almost forgot, MC judged sweepstakes in Illinois!  She says she had a fabulous time.

Kevin - And at another show, our son, Barron (Sara's brother) won two points.  He became the seventh puppy in our litter to go winners - before they were a year old.  Four of the kids have majors!

Lowri - We had a slew of other relatives competing in Obedience and Rally.  A half-brother of mine went HIT twice finishing his open title - in three straight shows.  A half-sister went High Combined in Rally, I think.  I know I have forgotten some - I will blame TM if anyone (like Mama Penni) gets after me for not listing some of our fabulous family.

Our daughter, Sara

Kevin's son, Baxter 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Herding at Home

Lowri - I love my new ducks.  TM mixed them up with the ducks we had and took the quietest to town.  I have worked them several times.  They are working well together.  TM keeps pushing the envelope on what I know and what she wants me to learn.  Mostly, though, she just wants me to stop when she tells me too.

Kevin - I got to work on the ducks too.  TM was standing there with her mouth open because I was doing so well.  She was trying and trying to remember when she had taught me everything.  She finally decided that sending me out in the big field and making me work is what did it.  I remember that stuff.  It is HARD chasing them up hill and around the trees.  I decided to listen to TM - it works better that way.

Today, I got to go into the middle field, and gather the sheep.   I did a beautiful outrun.  TM was so impressed.  I herded them to the gate and held them there while TM gate-cut the ewe she wanted.  No fuss, no muss, just nice work.  I surprise TM again <G>

Lowri - I got to work the lambs and the one ewe that TM cut out.  TM had me bring them up and put them in the small pen so she could doctor the ewe.  I was pushy.  TM  kept telling me to stop - which I ignored.  Finally she said "down".  I was so surprised, I dropped.  TM was pleased.  Then we did a lot of walk-ups and sits and downs.  I did most of it.  TM was quite pleased with the new tool I gave her.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Long Drive

Lowri - We had a long drive home today.  It took us 8 1/2 hours.  It was tough because TM bought me five more ducks to herd.  They road home with us, but I couldn't get near them.

I finished my B Course Advanced Duck title today.  I taunted TM over not holding up her end yesterday, because if she had, I would have a major win to go toward my Herding Championship.  As it was, I got the 1st place and Reserve High in Trial.  It was a good run.  I got a 3rd place in A Course Advanced Ducks.  That means I qualified and placed in all three of my A Course runs.  I am amazing.

Kevin - We got to bring home a set of five ducks.  I am going to get to train on them too.  I thought the duck runs looked very interesting.  They were pretty stinky in their crate in the back of the van.  I was glad when we got home.  My nose is much more sensitive than TM's.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

At the Herding Trials

Lowri - We have been at the herding trials for two days now.  One more day to go.  I have been very, very good - okay, so maybe I am practicing selective hearing, but I have still been good. 

On Friday, I had a tough set of ducks on B course, but I made them mind.  I didn't qualify, but TM said I tried - or was that the class that she said I was very trying?  On A course, though, I was very good.  I won the class of six!  TM was really happy because that was one requirement for my Dual Championship.  I also earned a point.

Today, I did much better on B course, but TM didn't hold up her end.  I was so close to "Q'ing", but we didn't quite get there.  TM says she will do better tomorrow.  I was mostly naughty on A Course ducks, but we still came in 3rd.

Kevin - I have mostly gotten to sit in the van although we have gone on a lot of walks.  Right now, we are in the camper van and TM is leaning up against me.  She says I am warm.  I am just glad I can help. 

I just heard that my daughter, Kellie, won a "Best Puppy in Show" at an International show.  I am very proud of her.  TM keeps telling her people that they are welcome to send her back any time, but they aren't going to fall for that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Herding We Will Go

Lowri - Herding!  I get to go herding!!!  Tomorrow, TM is loading us up and we are heading out to herding trials.  I get to sleep on the bed with TM in the new camper...EVERY night.  Kevin will just have to sleep on the floor.  It is MY turn.

Kevin - Just don't get too near the edge.  I don't like being on the bed unless I can sleep in the middle.  TM doesn't let me stay there as she thinks she gets to sleep wherever she wants to.

Lowri - You just don't get it, Kevin.  You are supposed to sleep ON TM and hold her down.  You get lots of scritches that way.

Anyway, this weekend is about ME.  Three whole days of herding trials.  I am so excited.  I haven't been herding in a long time.  TM and I have done a lot of practicing, so hopefully, she will do me proud.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Ride

Lowri - TM has almost finished our ride.  It is functional as a camper for her and we love it.  She did all the design, assembly and installation, although Papa Ron gave her pointers along the way.  The pictures don't show the big 8 inch foam mattress, but I assure you it is comfortable!

Kevin - Unless you get too close to the edge.  You might fall off if TM doesn't grab you pretty fast.  I don't like being near the edge.

How the ride looked when TM had barely started.  Yes, that is a porta-potty and our crates.  TM has her priorities!

Working on the insulation

The porta potty is enclosed now.  The board on top is for stuff while we are travelling

Since there are only two of us, TM stores stuff in the upper crates.

More storage on the left and places to hang our leashes

View to the rear showing the ceiling

More storage above and below the bed.

TM built two locking storage cabinets around the wheel wells.  They are support the bed

More storage.  It can hold a 400 crate set up.

The view from the back doors

The bed platform.  A 300 crate could go on the floor on the right.

A Blue Fox decal is on each side of the door for our kennel name of Bluefox.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Photo Shoot

Lowri - Yesterday was all about me.  It was a great day.  I got my pedicure and a bath.  TM spent the time blowing my coat dry.  I was having a photo shoot later in the day.  TM was whining that my coat was all falling out.  She was doing her best to dry me without turning me into a naked dog.

MC came up and patted me.  TM winced as pieces of my coat puffed out into the air.  We all went over to the red carpet and I posed and posed.  TM fed me LOTS of cookies, and MC took lots of pictures.  TM had to vacuum again when we were done.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kevin Scared Me

TM here -
On Tuesday evening, Kevin scared me badly. I let him out with Lowri for their last potty break. My computer sucked me back in, so it was an hour before I let them back in. Lowri came be-bopping in, Kevin didn't. I stepped out and saw him on the raised dog bed. He could not get up. He tried a couple of times and just stayed there waiting for me - no whimpering, no crying. I was there in a flash. I helped him up and he could barely stand. He managed to walk into the house with encouragement.

I evaluated him and determined it was his neck/back. I massaged him and put him on the bed. All night, whenever he moved, I massaged his neck and back - concentrating on the back. In the morning, he still couldn't get up, but he was walking better. He went out and peed and pooped. He also ate his breakfast.

I did not crate him as I had to be able to help him onto his feet. I did restrict him to the kitchen and Lowri was kept away from him. I could see and feel that his neck was really bound up. I called the chiropractor (canine trained) and got a 5:30 appointment. I started massaging his neck. All day, between clients, I massaged his neck and back and did some gentle stretching.

By the time we got to the chiro, he could stand without assistance and his movement was much better. He even patrolled the fence when I let him out (I stopped that immediately). The chiro assessed him and then adjusted him. He said his neck had really been jammed into his shoulders, and his back was out in a number of places. I moved him again - much improved. He adjusted him again and recommended that I continue with the massage. I took him back on Friday AM for another adjustment and continued with daily massage.

By this weekend, Kevin appears to be 100%. He certainly acts like he is. I will take him for another adjustment in two weeks. All I can figure is Lowri body slammed him head first into a fence post.
I have had similar injuries with two Cardigan girls - going down in the back. In both cases, I spent the night massaging their backs. In the morning, they leaped up and demanded to go. My experience has been that immediately jumping all over it with massage has really limited the amount and length of time that my dogs were down. In all three cases, the amount of time I spent massaging my dogs that first day was probably in the neighborhood of three hours (spread out over the first 24 hours).

I am NOT saying that this is the only treatment you should do for your dog. Each injury is different. I AM saying that doing gentle massage during the time before your dog sees the vet may really help.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My First Fabulous Children

Lowri - I just have to brag about my firstborn children again.  My first boyfriend was Dickens.  His real name is MBIS MBISS GCh Twinroc Santa Paws PT ROMg.  He is a handsome dude, but has way too many girlfriends for my taste.   He did help me produce beautiful children though <sigh>.  They are:

Adam - My long-haired budding attorney in California is a dark brindle.  He is Bluefox Elyan Making A Night Of It.  He takes care of his owner and is learning to run her company.  We call him a budding attorney because he has opinions about everything.  He talks all the time.  TM would have kept him with us, except he really liked his long hair.  He just kept growing it.  He was the most ADORABLE bundle of fluff when he was eight weeks old.  He would look at you and tell you everything on his mind.
Adam chewing a rope toy
Gimme - My beautiful red-head.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mine Not Yours.  She is a multiple group placer and helped her daddy win Best Stud Dog at Nationals in 2014.  She helped me win Best Brood Bitch at Nationals this year.   She lives out west and I hardly ever get to see her.

Gimme in front of Kevin

Fable - My beautiful, opinionated dark brindle girl.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mirror Mirror.  She helped Gimme win me Best Brood Bitch.  She has her H in HT (herding tested).  We are working on the T.  I expect her to do it and shine.  She is co-owned by a new Junior Handler and is showing her the ropes.

 Flutter - My beautiful Alaskan girl is a dark brindle.  She is CH Bluefox Elyan Mariposa.  She also has a group placement.  I hear that she is going to learn to herd this fall.  I hope she shines!  I don't get to hear a lot about her.  I am not sure they have phones or internet where she is in Alaska.

Flutter napping

Peyton - My handsome newest champion is a brindle.  He lives in Colorado.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan MVP, PT BN RN CGC.  He takes care of TM's sister, Miss Kathy.  She makes TM look like a slacker in dog events.  I expect he will have more letters than I do before he is done.  He has the most letters of any of my children.
Peyton has a bone and Fable wants it.
Kevin - My last son is is also a dark brindle.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan Mind Games, PT.   Kevin lives with us - and takes up way too much of TM's time.  He is a handsome boy who is well-named.  He likes playing mind games with TM.
Kevin got an early start on being serious

And these are just my firstborn children.  I will tell you about my other children another time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Kids Are Making Me Proud

Lowri - Today, two of my kids earned more letters.  I am so proud of them!  Fable is now a Grand Champion (pending AKC confirmation).  She will be know as GCh Ch Bluefox Elyan Mirror Mirror.  That was in Greensboro, NC.  THEN, drumroll please, in Greeley, Colorado, Peyton finished his championship!  That makes him the fifth puppy out of my very first litter to become a Champion.  Peyton will be known as Ch Bluefox Elyan MVP, PT RN BN CGC!  My children are making me proud!

Kevin - I cooled off on an air conditioning vent.  Does that make you proud?

Lowri - <sigh>

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Lowri - TM didn't have much of a garden this year.  She had some potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes to go with the blueberries and strawberries.  She told Papa Ron that she didn't see much point in having a garden when she isn't here every day to take care of it.  In her defense, she has tried for three years.  She planted more blueberries and fruit trees and decided that was about good.

TM knew she needed to dig up the potatoes, but she hadn't quite got there yet.  This morning when she was putting us in the kennel (after our run), Kevin was carrying a bone.  TM almost didn't notice, but saw it was an odd shape.  She almost ignored it, but came back in to see.  BUSTED.  Kevin had a potato - a nice, big, well-chewed potato.  A potato that had been in the garden.

Oddly, we didn't blamed. 

Kevin - Yeah, TM knew we hadn't had time to go dig up a potato.  AIDAN got blamed.  Yeah, it was the Vizsla!

Lowri - TM found several nice, big, well-chewed the potatoes in the yard.  Whew, we got out of that one.   TM dug up the rest of the potatoes and put them away. 

Kevin - There are still tomatoes out in the garden...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Herding Day 2

Lowri - I got to go herding first today.  TM and I went out to the big field.  I did a beautiful outrun, but was a bit pushy.  The sheep took off on me, but I covered them very well.  TM gave me lots of praise because I went very wide and far out around the sheep.  I kept them quiet and moving nicely.  TM was very happy with me.

Kevin - I paid close attention yesterday.  I think it was because my tongue was tripping me, but TM said I had to finish the job.  She also reminded me that it was my own fault that my tongue was hanging.  I was MUCH better today.  I listened to TM and only lost my flock once.  They went clear to the top of the hill and stood there.  TM went with me up the hill so I would be able to understand what she wanted.  It worked!  I was very good from that point on.  TM even let me bring the sheep into the middle field with is the size of a regulation herding arena.  I left the sheep in the middle arena so MC's Storybook could herd them latter.

Lowri - TM left Kevin and me in the kennel when MC came.  That isn't fair!  I wanted to see MC - and be close enough to shout out instructions to Story, Fable and Trewe.   Apparently, Story could have used my help.  She was naughty and charged straight in to the sheep.  After she ran them around enough to tire herself out, she wanted to quit and go back to the car.  HA!  TM made her work until they accomplished the task they had set out to do.  Story tried to run off and refused to come when TM called her.  NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Three times, TM walked her down and reminded her that was not a option.  She finished working well and TM gave her lots of praise as they walked off the field.

TM heard from Mama Penni about the herding trials in Colorado.  My daddy, Chase, did better and did not show Miss Ellen the paw, but he still didn't qualify.  I hear the sheep won across the board.  My son, Peyton, and my half-sister, Addie, both qualified and earned their PT titles.  MP says it was really Aunt Kathy that earned the PT titles because Peyton and Addie were wild. 

Next weekend, Peyton and Addie have opportunities to finish their conformation championships.  I will have my paws crossed for them.   I will have several of my children out showing in different states.  They are all lovely!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kevin Went Herding

Lowri - Poor Kevin had a herding lesson today.  I say Poor Kevin because TM set up a big lesson for him.  She took him out into the big back field (probably 5 or so acres) with all the sheep.  As soon as he came into the field, he took off after the sheep.  TM didn't say a thing as Kevin and the sheep disappeared up the hill - the steep hill <G>  Pretty soon everyone came back to TM.  Kevin was still pushing the sheep pretty hard and it wasn't long before about half of them took off.  Kevin was a bit dismayed when he realized TM expected him to go get them.  TM had to walk up the hill and continue to encourage him, but he finally went and got the sheep.  His tongue was hanging out pretty far when they all got back to TM.  Kevin was much more respectful of how close he came to the sheep after that.  TM told him he was a very good boy.

I had to sit in my crate.  TM says I get to do this tomorrow.  I have done it before and know how to do it.  It is fun to chase the sheep, but not worth it.  TM says these are important lessons as they teach us a lot of things.  I just know that three laps around the field is WORK.

I did hear from Aunt Kathy that my son, Peyton, earned his P today.  If he qualifies tomorrow, he will have his PT.  From what I could hear from what Aunt Kathy told TM, Peyton was a chip off the old block.  He was a wild child.  He had a six plus minute PT run.  That is a LONG time.

My daddy, Chase, also got to herd at the trial Aunt Kathy was at.  He chose not to listen.  When that happens, his handler doesn't let him participate any longer.  Hopefully, he will chose to listen tomorrow.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Lowri - TM took us herding yesterday.  Mama Cheryl came up and brought Storybook and my babies, Fable and Trewe.  MC took lots of pictures, but none of me.  That's because I did all the hard work and was done before MC got her camera out.  I had to bring in five sheep from the middle field without bringing in the five goats or four cows.  I was very successful.  Then I helped TM move the cows - including the BIG bull - and the goats out into the pasture.  When we were done with that, I helped TM gate-sort the sheep so TM had the group she wanted to work all the other dogs with.  I was AWESOME!

Kevin - I had to go last, but I shouted encouragement to Story, Fable and Trewe.  TM says Story and Trewe have LOTS of potential.  Fable mainly looks for lunch, some nice leg of lamb.  TM is working with her to try to get her to be a team player, but I don't know if it will work.  My sister has a mind of her own.

Here are some pictures:




Thursday, July 30, 2015


Lowri - This court is now in session.  All rise while I find the best seat.  Okay, now the court is going to prove beyond all doubt that TM (The Mama) picked up a baby cottontail in the carport and DID NOT feed it to me.  That is a direct violation of the Law.

TM - Wah wa wa wah?

Lowri - The Law of Lowri.  On page 136, it states that any bunny caught trespassing on the property should be immediately fed to Lowri. 

TM- Wah, wah wah.

Lowri - You want an attorney?  Okay.  The court appoints Kevin as the defendant's attorney.


Lowri - Just because he is my son doesn't mean he can't be impartial. 

How does the defendant plea?

Kevin - GUILTY.  May we move on to sentencing?

Lowri - Absolutely, unless TM wants to move on to a trial by my peers.  I can assure you that we invariably hand out heftier sentences.

TM - Wa wa wa wah.

Lowri - Evidence?  Kevin, sniff her hands.

Kevin - Oh yes, definitely a cottontail.  <sniff, sniff>  I would say about three weeks old.  TM set it free on the other side of the fence, where it promptly scampered away.

Lowri - Yup, guilty.  We sentence the defendant to a penalty of treats equal to the bunny's weight, or...

Kevin - EACH, each of us gets treats equal to the bunny's weight.

Lowri - Hmmm, yes, each of us will get treats equal to the bunny's weight, or a month of belly scritches to be performed immediately after work each night on each of us.

Kevin - Are you sure both don't apply?

Lowri - Well, it is her first offense.

Monday, July 27, 2015

TM is STILL Working on the Van

Lowri - I hope TM gets done with the van conversion soon.  I am not getting all the attention I deserve.  TM IS letting me herd, but I also need more lap time.

Kevin - I got to go to handling class tonight.  Lowri had to stay home.  I got LOTS of cookies.  I even let a couple of men pet on me.  They were giving me good cookies.  TM kept them well supplies.  I stood nicely and moved out well.  It was TM and me for the most part.  I LIKE handling class.  Lots and lots of cookies and scritches.  TM said I am going to a dog show next month.  I think that will be just fine. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Lowri - TM made us food tonight.  She made about 45 pounds - most of which is now in the freezer.  We are very thankful that she is messy.  We get to hang around her feet and clean up everything she drops.  This batch is great!  It has apples, chicken, heart, liver, kidneys, veggies, eggs...I don't know what else, it makes my head spin with YUM.

Kevin - TM put a pan down for us to clean up.  Both of us were trying hard to get to the best parts.  Lowri tried to use her inner bitch to make me back off.  TM yelled at HER!!!  The perfect one!  I got to finish cleaning up the pan.   I guess we know who was the GOOD DOG tonight!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ducks and Babies

Lowri - After work, TM mowed most of the lawn.  She would have mowed it all, but she ran out of gas.  Since she got done before dark, I got to herd ducks.  TM got them out of the pen all by herself.  Then she came and got me.  I got to drive them all over the yard.  Then we stopped them and waited until they started to separate.  TM calls it a shed.  I came through three different times and covered the two ducks.  <snort> I could have turned either way to cover two as we only have four ducks.  TM was very happy with me.  I was a GOOD dog.

We are practicing because I am going to get to go to FOUR sets of herding trials this fall and early winter.  It will be one a month covering a variety of states.  I am just excited.  I will be trialing in A and B Course ducks.  TM says she can't afford to trial on sheep too.  We will do that next year.

Kevin - I didn't get to herd.  TM says the funds don't extend to me herding this year.  I will try next year.  I am going to get to go to a few shows this fall.  I think there were be a total of four.

Oh, Oh, Oh...I almost forgot!  I am a daddy again.  This is with my third girlfriend.  I am a gadabout and a cad.  I get 'em pregnant and move on.   My SEVEN babies were just born.  Their mama is a beautiful brindle girl.  I was her boy toy.  There are four boys and three girls.  I hope I get to see them soon.  TM says we can't visit for a while because there are some bad bugs going around.  If I catch any of them around my babies, I will rip them apart.  I am not letting bad bugs get to my babies.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barn Hunt

Lowri - TM and I had the BEST time this weekend!  We went to a Barn Hunt.  It was my first time to trial.  I got to do six trials in three days.  That means I got to hunt rats SIX separate times!  The rats are in these stupid tubes.  I could smell them and hear them but I couldn't get to them.  I am sure they would have been tasty.  Oh for opposable thumbs (sigh).

TM said I got my RAT Novice title and my RAT Open title.  She said the next time I go out, I will get to find FOUR rats in each trial.  Oh man!  I can't wait.  I also got the "Small and Mighty" award for the small dog with the fastest time in all eight open trials.  TM said my time was 45.21 seconds.  She said I was smokin' hot.

Kevin - I got to go, but I didn't get to play with any of the rats.  I am okay with that.  I will let Lowri catch all the food - as long as she shares.

Today, TM got a tool out of the car.  She took a plastic piece off it, and that piece fell to the ground.  TM evidently didn't hear it fall.  I did.  When TM was reassembling the tool, she looked and looked for that piece.  She kept looking at me and glowering.  She finally found the piece about 20 feet from where she had been working.  It had been mangled.  My expert opinion is that it had a nice crunch to it although the flavor was nothing to brag about.

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Trick

Lowri - I learned a new trick today.  It is AWESOME!!!  TM needed me to help her separate the ram from the goats and then the billies from the nannies.  The ram ran into the barn (after I brought him back to TM twice from the far end of the field).  He wouldn't come out.  TM sent me in to get him, but the ram just shook his head at me.  I'm NOT stupid, I knew he meant business.  TM went in and made me get behind him.  Then she said "Hit him!"  I came forward and TM said it again.  I bit him and made him move.  TM praised me!  When she told me to hit him again, I did.  It is a great trick.  I LOVE it!

Then TM moved the nannies to the middle field.  They didn't want to go.  I got to make them move.  I got to bite one of the nannies on the nose.  It was very exciting.  They finally moved and TM praised and praise me. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Barn Hunt and Cows

Lowri - I got to go to Barn Hunt class today.  I was AWESOME.  Well, after the rats got there I was great.  TM used the time before hand by having me do tunnels.  Once I figured out that there were no rats on site, I expressed my displeasure - on top of the highest bale of straw.  One little poop.  TM then expressed HER displeasure.  She won.

Anyway, once the rats showed up, I was flawless!  I got to do three runs.  I had sooooo much fun!  I am ready for the trials in two weeks.

Kevin - I didn't get to do Barn Hunt practice, but I got to go.  I did get to sniff and paw at a rat in a tube.  TM patted me and told me how good I was.  I didn't pee or poop inside at all.  I was good.

Lowri - We picked blackberries when we got home.  They are sooo good.  Kevin loves to help pick, but he doesn't share.  He just eats them himself.  I like it best when TM tosses me some.  That way I don't have to hit the thorns.

When TM went to put up the chickens, she saw the cows were out.  I got to help put them up.

TM - Lowri...

Lowri - Well I barked encouragement from the house.  After she was back at the house, TM decided she needed to lock the livestock in the far field so they couldn't get out.  I got to go help!  I got to ride down in the Gator and then...well, I waited there in case TM needed help.  I looked fierce, and waited for her call.  She was able to manage it herself, but I was ready.  TM wouldn't have worried, but the bull needed to be moved too.  TM doesn't like the bull.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gator and Blackberries

Lowri - PR bought a Gator for TM to drive around the farm.  TM is all excited as she can carry all her tools and doesn't have to walk when she is fixing the fences.  We got to scout the electric fence to see if maybe it needed some fixing.  TM drove and Kevin and I got to ride in the back.  We drove all over the back pasture.  It was great!

Kevin - TM found some previously unknown blackberry patches in the back field.  She went back out and picked half a gallon of blackberries.  We didn't get to go on that trip.  I was sorry, I LOVE picking blackberries.  So TM walked us out the back of the house and up the hill so we could pick some.  Oh man, are they good!  Lowri, Aidan and I were all picking and eating the berries.  Yum!

Lowri - I was the first one to ride in the back of the Gator.  PR took TM for a ride around the hay fields last night.  TM popped me into the back.  PR was worried that I might jump out.  TM said I was smart enough not to.  She was right.  We didn't even jump out when Kevin and I went down to do chores with TM this morning.

Kevin - PR tried to give Aidan a ride.  He did NOT like it.  His legs are too long and his center of gravity is too high.  He would have liked it if he had been built like a Cardigan, but that would have made him a silly looking Vizsla <G>

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Night Out

Lowri - TM let me stay with Papa Ron last night.  I got to rule the roost!  I had a great time without TM telling me what to do.

Kevin - TM and I went to Georgia by ourselves!  We were only gone for the night.  We slept in the new van (we have only had it for two weeks).  I told TM the twin air mattress was too small for both of us.  She didn't take the hint to get off it.  I gave up and went back to my crate to sleep.

We went to the herding place in Georgia - but didn't get to herd.  I didn't understand that part, but TM was okay with it.  She and I hung out together while she learned about judging herding trials.  TM isn't going to be a judge right now, but she wanted know more about it.  I said "Hi" to a lot of the people there.  Then we drove home.  It was a long way to go, but we had fun in the van. 

TM can stand up straight in the van - she is 6' 1" tall.  We have LOTS of room.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kevin's Ad

Kevin - I have an ad too. 

Lowri - Yes, you do, but this is MY blog.

TM - wa, wah, wa, Lowri!

Lowri - Kevin, TM can show your ad too.  You are very handsome - and you sorta work sheep well.
My friend, Ms Cydne Clark is showing me.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Lowri - Okay, TM says she is embarrassed that she has been so incredibly busy that she hasn't typed my thoughts.  She is still listening to me, but she hasn't take the time to post for me.

I had a FABULOUS Nationals.  I got to do almost everything.  I earned a High in Trial at our second herding trial.  It was Cardigans Only, but there were some very nice working dogs.  Tuesday, I earned my CGC - that is the Canine Good Citizen award.  TM was worried that I would forget my manners when I met some new people and dogs, so she reminded me each time.  Like that was necessary - NOT!  I behaved beautifully.

Then I was off until Saturday.  I show in the Best of Breed class and almost won!  I was Select Bitch to my good friend, Larimar.  I can't tell you how close it was.  Then, I won the Brood Bitch class with my gorgeous daughters, Gimme and Fable.   TM says with my week, it was good that I didn't go BOB as then we would have had to quit showing altogether as I would have won everything.   Here are some pictures of my ads that TM is putting in the bulletin.

This is just the idea of what TM wants.  The ad magic people will make it look awesome.

Kevin - I also participated.  I didn't win anything, but I was there.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Nationals Herding

Lowri - LETTERS, I have more letters!!!  Pending confirmation by AKC my name is now:
BISS GCH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment HSAsd HSBd HIAd HIBd HXAd ROMb.  Who would have thought when I first learned about letters that I would have so many!

I had the BEST time today.  TM let me work stock all day long!  I had SIX runs, four on ducks and two on sheep.  It was great!  I cleaned up in addition to earning new letters.  I won five BIG rosettes.  I was amazing.  TM said so multiple times.  She was very, very happy with my outruns.  I qualified in four of my six runs.  Even though it was really, really hot, I worked hard. 

Kevin - I also participated.  I had two runs on sheep.  TM moved me up to Started even though I wasn't close to ready.  She said I made a very good effort, even if I didn't qualify.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Catching up

Lowri - TM has been busy, busy, busy.  She is the chair for the herding trials for the CWCCA Nationals.  They are going to be held on Monday, May 11th.  TM has done work on it every night this week.

She has been ignoring me.  That won't go on any longer!  I am in heat.  I have started waving my tail at the boys.  Kevin isn't frantic yet, but it is coming - soon.

We had a pretty good trial last weekend.  I got a leg in B Course Intermediate Ducks and one in Advanced A Course Ducks.  I got carried away in my other two classes.  I had a lot of fun, but TM wasn't too happy with me.  Oh well, more trials are coming up.

Kevin - Lowri is sooooooooooo hot.  I just have to be with her.  She is hot, hot, hot!

Lowri - We got to go herding today.  I was very good.  I did pretty nice flanks, and my stops were good.  TM was fairly pleased.  Kevin did a decent job too.

Kevin - Lowri is beautiful.  She is tasty too.  I clean what ever I can reach of her.  TM has her locked away from me, but I can get close enough to clean.  She has a strange power over me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun, Fun, Fun Weekend!

Lowri - TM and I are in Georgia getting ready for a weekend of herding trials.  I came into heat day before yesterday. <snicker>  I have already informed TM that the rules applying to me listening no longer apply - I am in HEAT <G>  I am going to have FUN this weekend.  TM?  Not so much <snort>

Kevin went to dog shows with Ms. Cydne.  MC will check in on him tomorrow.  She is going to the shows with my baby, Trewe.  Another one of my babies will also be there, Barron.  They are going to show in the 4-6 month puppy class.  TM is pretty sure that with my coming into heat, that she should bag the trials and go to the show.  She wants to see the GOOD dogs.  <ha ha ha>  She is stuck with ME.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Day? Bad Day?

Lowri - I can't tell if today is a good day or a bad day.  On the good part of the equation, TM took Kevin to the Handler's place as he is going to dog shows this weekend.  I didn't get a bath.  We are leaving for herding trials tomorrow.  I am going to have a blast.

On the bad side.  TM took Kevin to the Handle's place as he is going to the dog shows this weekend.  He isn't HERE!  I still had to have my toenails done.  I came into heat yesterday and now have to wear panties.  TM is calling me the pretty, panty-girl.

On the good side.  TM's goat had her baby safely.  On the bad side.  The goat only had ONE baby and it was a boy.

So lots of good stuff, some not so good stuff.  TM just put her finger on the scale on the side of good.  She is giving me scritches.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bunnies and Class

Lowri - We came back to town this afternoon.  When TM let us out of the car, she said there were bunnies in the yard.  I dashed in to see if I could get an early dinner.  TM had left the side yard gate CLOSED.  I couldn't get back into the yard to get the bunny.  TM was apologetic when she realized her mistake.  I don't think she understood the error of her ways.  She was smiling!

Kevin - After TM let the bunny escape, we all got to go to handling class.  I love seeing Miss Jan, our leader, as she always pets on me.  Tonight was weird.  TM worked me a couple of times, then started working Trewe.  Gamma Cheryl gave me to someone sitting on the sidelines.  They petted on me.  I was not happy, but then they brought out the treats.  I was willing to allow them to pet on me as long as they handed me treats.  I even had to go to the strange man!  He sat on the floor and was very gentle with me.

Lowri - I teamed up with Mama Cheryl again.  It has been six months since we worked out together.  She hadn't forgotten anything.  I was so proud of her.  I trotted and showed off so people would watch me rather than MC.  Miss Madeline, Fable's junior handler, really liked me.  She said I was so very easy to show.  Well, yeah, I am experienced.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Big Day

Lowri - TM took Kevin and left ME alone in the run.  I had to stay there ALL DAY!  I was not pleased.

Kevin - TM and I went to Gamma Cheryl's for the puppy party.  I had to be there to make sure all my babies went to the best homes.  They did!  I was very pleased.  We spent several hours there.  After we had been there for a while, I consented to let people pet me.  I had to get to know them before I was happy to have their hands on me.  I did manage to talk my daughter's new person into giving me some cheese.  I even wagged my tail to get some extra morsels.

Lowri - While I was locked in the run, Aidan got to hang with Papa Ron.  They were outside for most of the day because Miss Ginger came to clean the house.  I barely got to say Hi to her - and I LOVE Miss Ginger.  TM is very happy with how the house looks and smells.

Kevin - When TM went to lock up the chickens tonight, we didn't get to go.  She took her camera and got some pictures of the new baby goats.  They are about 10 days old. 
One of the new-to-us nannies with her twin baby girls.

TM loves the black spots on the hocks.

Our lambs.  They are between 2 and 3 months old.

This is our pasture.