TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yesterday was a Monday - but a good one

Lowri - I hear lots of people complain about Monday's, but ours was very nice.  One of TM's clients stood her up - not even a call.  We got the benefit, because TM took us out and let us herd the ducks.

Kearney - I went first.  TM had hung her long coat over a jump end post.  The idea was to make it look like a person and have me go get the ducks.  <snort>  The ducks wouldn't go near it.  TM tried and tried while I patiently sat at the far end of the yard.  Finally she got them somewhat close so she came back and sent me.  By then the ducks were halfway back to TM <G>  I went and got them and then TM had me bring the ducks back to the coat.  I got to practice covering stock that did NOT want to go where I was telling them to go.  By the time we got the ducks to the coat, I had totally forgot to be afraid of it.

Lowri - Then I got to go.  I did a LOT of bouncing.  But overall, TM said I was a very good girl.  There was one duck that kept trying to escape.  When I would go after her, she would hunker down and wait for me to leave.  I poked her a couple of times with a closed mouth.  That made TM laugh.  I also got to go under the trailer to bring them out into the open.  Silly ducks, don't they know that is one of my favorite places?  I finally got to hold them at the gate to put them away.  TM was quite pleased with me.

Later in the afternoon, one of TM's clients asked to see me.  I came charging out of the kitchen.  TM is a party pooper.  She cautioned me every time I jumped on the lady.  That was silly.  The lady WANTED to see me.  I was doing my best to let her.  Kearney even got to come out.  The lady said we were beautiful.  She has very good taste.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Herding in January

Lowri - Well, it has to be said!  I DID NOT get to herd today.  TM's flimsy excuse?  I had a bath yesterday and I was clean.  I am a HERDING DOG.  We get DIRTY!  I am not amused!!!  TM even carried me over to a dry part of the gravel drive for MC to work on my gaiting and stacking.  She wouldn't even let me get my feet muddy.  This is wrong!!  TM's excuse is that I am going to dog shows next weekend and she wants my ruff and feet to stay white.  I hear that I am only going to get to play in the small side yard all week.  It is graveled - hence no mud.  BOO, I say BOO!

Kearney - Chase had lots of fun.  He got to work with the baby lambs.  There are some good pictures over on Mama Penni's blog.  He had a good time.

Then I got to work the two young wethers and the one mama that lost her babies.  MC came out and the lambs in one place while I did my outruns.   I still didn't like her being there on my first outrun, but I settled in very fast.  I moved my sheep every where TM told me to take them.  I was a good boy.  Then Chase got to come out and work again.

TM had him do an Advanced run, in pieces.  Chase actually did a pretty good job.  He stopped when he was told to, and did well overall.  TM had him do the cross-drive a couple of times.  He doesn't understand the need for that, but he is working better at listening.

Then a guy came over and bought TM's two wethers.  I got to help load them in the trailer.  I guess now we will have to start earnestly dog-breaking the wild ewe lambs.  That is all TM has to train with until after the Nationals.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday in January

Lowri - We have lots of lambs.  All but one of the ewes have had their babies.  They are so cute!  Kearney and Chase got to play with the lambs.  I didn't!  I don't think that is fair!  TM also got mad at me - AT ME!  Just because I tore up everything that was on top of my crate.  If she doesn't want me to do that, why does she put things on my crate?  I hear that she has now changed out my crate.  I no longer have a wire crate in the car.  I am going to have to ride in the Nylabone crate.  I am not sure I like that.

I also heard that I am saving TM a LOT of money.  She isn't going to enter me in herding on sheep at the Nationals.  I will get to herd ducks, but not sheep.  She also isn't going to enter me at Cumming, Georgia on sheep.  She says I am herding with so much joy and enthusiasm.  I am very fast and talented.  She thinks I am too young to have rigorous training.  She wants me to stay joyous.  I do too.

Kearney - TM heard from Amy that my hero, Beli, is sick.  I was very sorry to hear that.  He was the first Cardigan Herding Champion and Dual Champion.  Beli paved the way for the rest of us.  TM is praying hard for Amy and Beli.  I know Beli is very brave and he knows how much he is loved.  We are all praying for them.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are abused!

Lowri - We are so abused!  TM got up this morning and put us out.  Then she went away for HOURS!  We finally got fed and then she went to work for HOURS.  Then she said "Hi" to us and went away again for HOURS!  We are so-o-o abused!  I NEED more attention!

Kearney - TM got up this morning, let us out to potty, played with us for a few minutes before she left to volunteer at the hospital.  When she got home, just after noon, she fed us and scritched us some more.  Then she started work.  In between clients, she let us in and out.  After work, she let us in again for a few more scritches before she had to leave to attend a dinner.  At the dinner, she got an award for volunteering at the local Alzheimer's day care facility.  Then she went shopping for food, came home gave us some more scritches and then fed us some more.  Abused, my foot!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Papa Ron was here

Lowri - Last night, PR was here.  He brought Aidan and Daisy.  I love Aidan except when he tries to steal TM.  He comes over to say "Hi" and I jump up on TM to get in between them.  I disguise it by licking his face and kissing him, but I think TM sees through that ploy.  She has started calling each of the other dogs over and making a big deal of them while preventing me from interfering.  I don't think I like that!

Then I got a bath.  TM said I was a dirty, pig dog.  So into the tub I went.  I kind of like my baths, because TM talks sweet to me and gives me lots of praise.  I also get towel-dried afterwards.  Then I get to use the carpet to dry my coat even better.  Everyone says how beautiful I am when I am clean.

Finally, I got to spend the evening on the sofa with TM and PR.  I snuggle with TM for a while and then go hang over the end of the sofa arm.  Then back to snuggling.  It is a great way to spend the evening.

Kearney - I had to sleep in the kitchen.  When PR is here, I don't get to sleep next to the bed.  I think it is because I sleep next to the closet and TM doesn't want PR tripping over me if he has to get up.  But, it is better than sleeping in a crate - like Aidan, Daisy and Lowri.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Lowri - Tracking is the best game!  TM took me tracking yesterday.  She did one track and let it age.  When she got back from the barn she put my harness on...

Kearney - ME.  She put the harness on me first!  I went out and ran a short track.  My style is different from Lowri's.  I walk up to the track and meander down it.  I go fairly straight, but TM doesn't think I am really into tracking.  I just don't see the point in sticking my nose on the ground, when I can tell perfectly well where TM went.  I take her right to her glove and I get lots of praise.  I just do it differently than Lowri does.

Lowri - Back to MY track.  TM put my harness on and I dragged her down the track.  We made a turn and I started off in the new direction.  Then my head came up and I started casting around.  TM isn't sure what happened, but I lost the track.  I think TM aged it a bit too much for my level of experience.  Anyway, TM backed up so I could find the track and I went forward and lost it again.  I really tried, but I didn't know what to do.  TM walked forward past that spot and I found the track again.  I went straight to TM's glove.  Poor thing, she is always losing things.  I got lots of praise for finding it. 

TM put me back in the car and laid another straight track.  She didn't age it very long and got me out again.  She said this was a motivational track.  Whatever, I just thought it was easy.  I put my nose in the grass and went straight to where TM lost her hat.  Then I went on and found her glove.  Personally, I think TM had better buy a LOT of gloves.  At the rate she is losing them, maybe she should invest in a glove company.  Although Kearney and I have found them every time, you never know when we won't be there to go find them for her.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Herding

Lowri - Whoa, we had the BEST time this weekend!  When TM got to PR's place on Saturday, she took us herding right off.  The creek was flowing through our pastures.  About a quarter of the middle field was underwater.  That is where we do trial work.  The round pen had a creek flowing through it.  It was MUDDY.  I LOVED IT.

Today, while I was working sheep in the big field, Gracie came over to interfere.  TM threw her stick at the cow.  When she planted her foot to do the throw, the foot didn't plant.  TM went down full length in the standing water and mud.  I DID NOT CAUSE IT!  She got up, moved her phone from the wet pocket to a dry pocket (the phone still works).  She was wet, muddy and smelly.  MC asked her if she wanted to go up to the house and change clothes.  TM decided she didn't need to get two sets of clothes muddy.  I got to finish working my sheep.  I did a very good job.

Kearney - Treasure got to work next.  She worked three lambs in the middle field.  The lake was gone, but it was very wet and muddy out there.  I know, because I got to work there next.  Treasure did a nice job.  She is learning to control her sheep.  I was proud of her.

I worked last.  I went out and saw a strange person standing by the sheep.  I didn't want to go out there and get them, but TM said I had to.  I kind of scooted by the person and TM told me to stop.  Then the person spoke and I realized it was MC.  I was embarrassed!  I started to go say Hi, but remembered (without being told) that I was working sheep.  TM set up the outrun several times.  I never spooked from MC again.  She even walked around and flapped her coat.  I was very good!

Chase - I actually went first.  I helped TM tag a couple of lambs.  Then I worked the big mamas.  We have five lambs now.  Cocoa was in the round pen with her two lambs.  She charged me yesterday and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to stay AWAY from her lambs.  I was surprised when she slammed into me.  I told TM I didn't want to work with Cocoa anymore.  TM decided I wouldn't have to for a while.  I did have to work the other young mama.  She tried to pull a "Cocoa" on me, but I showed her my teeth.  I made her behave.  I did a very good job today.  TM says I am doing well on learning the skills I need.  I am a good dog.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Apples and Trees

Lowri - TM, Daddy and I went out to clean up the yard.  TM says she has never seen standing water in her back yard before.  She went back in to get the camera.  She was muttering something about Apples and Trees.  I think she said "the apple didn't fall far from the tree."  That makes no sense to me.  We don't have apple trees in our yard.

WET Saturday

Kearney - We woke up to a very wet Saturday.  TM let us out and fed us.  Now she is getting ready to go to PR's place.  She filled out my herding entries for the Nationals.  Whew, I need to get a job!

Lowri - I may be VERY wet, but I am clean - for the moment.  TM is letting me play with my Daddy while she runs some errands. 

TM said she filled out my entries too.  I get to show in the pretty dog classes as well as in the herding dog classes.  I am so excited.  Last year all I got to do was watch.  I saw Kearney herding.  I saw my sister go Winners Bitch.  I saw my Daddy win Best Brindle dog.  I saw my Uncle Pie get an Award of Merit.  This time I get to go play with them!

TM's E-lip-tickle machine is still kicking her butt.  TM says it is supposed to.  I don't know, I would have thought she should be spending more time on it before it kicks her butt.  However, she keeps trying.  We should reward her for the effort.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TM's New Toy

Lowri - TM's friends brought her new E-lip-tickle machine over tonight.  She got on it as soon as they left.   It kicked her butt <giggle>  She is already moaning, "my thighs, my poor thighs."  I don't think she got it above the first setting <G>

Kearney - Wait until TM puts you back on the treadmill, Lowri!  You have just been introduced to it so far.

Lowri - But, Kearney, it is going to Papa Ron's house.  I won't be able to work out on it very much <G>

Chase - I hear that tomorrow is the day!  TM is going to...ahem...send a collection, yeah that is a good way to put it.  She is going to send a collection to my new girlfriend.  I hope we have lots of babies.  I just love babies!

Lowri - My Daddy has a one track mind.  I just hope my Mama doesn't hear about this!

Wednesday Update

Kearney - PR came to stay with us last night.  He was going to help TM get her new elliptical machine.  Unfortunately, it was raining so hard, they didn't get it.  They went out to dinner instead.

Lowri - And didn't bring us ANYTHING!

Kearney - Lowri!  PR brought a box of organ meats from the meat processor.  It is all for us. 

Lowri - And we didn't get ANYTHING!  Just saying...

Kearney - <sigh> We had a nice evening watching TV together on the sofa. 

Lowri - I was locked in a crate, because I was a pig-dog.  <sniffle> No one loves me...

Kearney - Well, I had a great evening on the sofa with TM <G>  Today, we didn't do much of anything.  TM worked all day long.  She let us in and out between clients.  She even kept the brindles straight, so Chase and I weren't in or out at the same time. 

Lowri - I have been snuggled at TM's feet all evening.  TM worked on a present for Mama Penni.  We hope she likes it!

Chase - No one has told me yet who my new girlfriend is!  A guy needs to keep track of this stuff.  I mean, really, I would hate to snub her when she calls me.  TM says I don't even get to meet her.  I just get to be the father of her babies.  What is this??? 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Like Father, Like Daughter

I am marching my sheep along.  I am taking them to TM.
Lowri - I got to go herding again.  I was out in the big field with the six sheep and Gracie.  I was so excited!  MC got to see me work.  She took pictures of me.  I love MC!
We are up on the hill.  I am making the sheep go where I want them to go.
This is Gracie.  She was trying to interfer.
I made her go away, just like my Daddy did!

Kearney - I got to herd too.  Then I came in and had a bath.  Now I am in my favorite place, Daisy, the Peeking Knees' bed.  I sleep here every evening we are at PR's place.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brrrr - Herding in January

Chase - I got to go first today.  The ground was still frozen!  I had to help TM with the big mamas and the two lambs.  Kearney couldn't because he is...ahem...CHICKEN, braawk, braawk, braawk.  Oh, excuse me...TM just verbally abused me.  Poor, pitiful me.

Anyway, I got to help TM.  The big mama sheep were fine to work, except Big Mama with the two lambs.  She was snotty.  She threatened me!  ME!  I wasn't sure what to do, but TM told me to bring her along, so I did.  When she got in my face, I showed her my pearly whites.  My BIG, pearly whites.  She rethought her position.  TM caught and tagged both lambs in their ears. 

Then I had to work the very pregnant big mamas.  TM wanted me to walk.  I hate that!  She made me walk them around and around the field.  I had to stop and wait on them.  BORING!  TM thought it would be the perfect way for me to work on my driving skills.  She spoke quietly and then would bark out my name when I ignored her.  Boo.

Lowri - I got to go next.  TM took me out to the big field.  I got to go bring down the lambs.  I was very fast and I stayed very wide.  The lambs hurried over to TM.  We walked around for a while and then Gracie, the big, black cow, came over to chase me off.  I wasn't sure what to do, but my ruff was up.  TM walked over and told me to "get" her.  I went racing around her.  I made some circles around her and got in really close.  Gracie decided to leave me alone.  I did have to remind her a couple of times later, but mostly she let me do my work.  TM said I was very, very good. 

Kearney - I got to go last.  I worked the two lambs in the middle field.  I drove them all over the field.  TM told me where they were supposed to go, and I took them there.  I was very good too.  It was really muddy by the time I got to work.  Whew, I stink.  It's great <G>

Lowri - When we got done, TM cured our peds.  I got kisses on my nose while she did mine.  I was very good - AGAIN.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow, Well If You Call It That

Lowri - Well, I guess you can say it snowed.  The white, flaky stuff fell from the sky.  We even saw some of it this morning on the ground, but there wasn't enough to roll in.  I never have any fun.

Kearney - It sure was cold!  TM let us stay in the house a lot of the day.  When we got to go play outside, we ran and ran.  It got our blood pumping and we felt good.  Not much snow to play in, but a lot of TM's clients thought there was too much to drive in.  She had lots of time to play with us <G>

Chase - I am at PR's place with everyone.  I hear rumors that I am going to have another girlfriend.  I LIKE these rumors.  Other than that, no one has told me anything.  I am supposed to herd and be civilized all weekend when I hear rumors and nothing else.  I tell you, I need information!

Lowri - Oh NO!  I hope my beautiful mother doesn't hear this!  My daddy - the player.

A good Thursday

Lowri - We played "Roll Lowri in the Mud" again today.  We had lots more rain.  Tonight, I got a surprise!  I think I might get to play "Roll Lowri in the Snow" tomorrow.  TM promised to take pictures if that happens.

Tonight we got to sleep on the sofa in the sitting room.  TM was busy stitching up dog beds.  She made us some for Christmas.  We had to wait until she got over the flu before she finished them.  TM says they are done and we will get to start using them tomorrow.  I love cuddling with TM on the sofa.  She is constantly reaching over to give us scritches.  I let Kear hang with us, as long as he knows I get to sleep closest to TM.

Kearney - Whatever.  Ask her where she sleeps at night and where I sleep <G>  I'll just tell you.  Lowri sleeps in her crate in the kitchen, I sleep next to TM's bed so I can watch over her at night.

Lowri - So not fair!  I am a good girl.  I should get to sleep near TM too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain

I like being the "pig dog".  It is fun <G>
Lowri - Do you know what happens when it rains and rains and rains?  We play "roll Lowri in the mud!"  This is what I looked like last summer when we played it.  This morning after we played it, TM just looked at me and sighed.  Then later, we played "roll Lowri in the grass."  TM looked surprised when I came in pretty clean.  She played with my chest to see where all the mud went.  She even let me climb into her lap.  Maybe I shouldn't play "roll Lowri in the mud" all the time.

Kearney - I am TM's favorite.  I am almost never the pig dog.

Lowri - update - After doing a search and destoy on the house to find her camera, TM took new pictures of me.  She was viewing them and deleting the bad ones.  She SAYS it is the camera's fault that ALL the pig dog pictures of me disappeared.   I even stood there like a good girl so she could take them.  Uh-huh, it was the camera's fault.  Sure it was...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Lowri - I don't get to play my new favorite game very often, but this morning TM got out my tracking harness and asked if I wanted to go tracking.  YES, Yes, Yes, Yes!  While TM was putting the harness on me, I was trying to drag her to the starting point.  As soon as she was FINALLY ready, I found the cookies at the start pad and I trucked off down the path.  I hurried so much that I missed a few liver treats, but I found some too.  YUM!

Then all of a sudden the smell changed.  TM played a trick on me.  The track seemed to end at the driveway.  I knew we weren't done, because I didn't find anything that TM had lost.  I cast around to see what was up and found a liver treat ON the driveway.  OH!  That was interesting.  I immediately figured out where TM had gone and we were off again.  It was a little tricky on the other side of the driveway, but I figured it out.  I dragged TM straight to her glove.  I LOVE this game.  Lots of treats and hugs from TM too.

Kearney - I still haven't gotten to play the new game yet.  TM says our front yard isn't big enough to lay two tracks.  I am waiting patiently, because Lowri says this new game is great!

Kearney - Update.  MP told TM that multiple dogs could run the same track, so TM took me out and I got to run the first part of Lowri's track - up to the driveway.  It was okay.  I found lots of treats, including the ones Lowri didn't find.  I also found TM's glove.  Can you believe she lost it again???  There were lots of scents and I was a bit distracted, but I did follow the track.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lambs and Herding

Kearney - MC got some pictures of my new lambs.  She sent some to TM...

Lowri - <giggle>  MC has gone crazy with her new camera.  She took 500 pictures of us herding today.  We don't do enough for that many pictures.

Chase - I did enough for that many pictures.  I met Gracie!  She is the big, black cow.  I ran around her a few times and I thought we developed some respect.  When I went back to my sheep, all of a sudden she charged toward me.  TM supported my decision to teach her a lesson.  I DID.  After I was done, it was back to the sheep and more walking around.  I did get to "push" them on occasion, but it was mostly walking and driving.

Lowri - I worked the lambs in the round pen.  Treasure had just worked them.  TM says that she did a great job!  She is taking direction and is having lots of fun.  She is a good girl.  I am NOT!  It was really boring today.  TM made me do lots of stops.  I also started learning Walk Up.  I was driving the lambs around the pen.  That was weird.  I much prefer holding the lambs to TM.  I got to do that too.  TM did it relieve the pressure of being a good dog.  When we were done, I got to gate sort two of the lambs.  TM wanted them in the field.  When I got that done, I ran one of the lambs over TM.  Sheesh, NO sense of humor!

Kearney - I got to do outruns again.  There was a stranger standing with my sheep.  I wasn't very happy about that.  When I brought the sheep past the stranger, she spoke to me.  Geez, it was MC - not a stranger at all!  I did several passes past her until I quit flinching - even when she flapped her long coat at me.  I did some good work.  TM says I will get over being a chicken.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Papa Ron is the BEST

Kearney - Papa Ron is the very BEST!  He put electricity down to the barn.  TM now has lights and outlets.  She has already plugged in the heated water pan for the birds.  No more ice for them.  TM is VERY happy!

Miss Judy H. came over today.  She was driving by and came to see us.  She brought a very cute puppy and her four year old Pemmie.  She did some herding in the round pen and then helped TM with me.  She stood there at the feed pan and tossed grain out for the lambs.  I was supposed to go get them.  TM worked me on staying out wide on my outrun and then walking past Miss Judy.  It worked out just fine.  I walked the sheep by Miss Judy.  I kept an eye and an ear on her.  She never moved, so I went ahead and did that a couple of times.  TM saw that I was watching the cow pretty carefully so we moved up to the other end of the field.  That way they could work with me on just one scary thing at a time.

Lowri - TM took down the fence between the big field and the middle field.  That meant that my sheep took off and went up the hill and through the briers.  I didn't like that part at all, but I went up the hill and brought them back.  I think I will be a little more careful and not run them off again.

I also chased them into a tight corner.  When I went in after them, the ram stomped on me.  That made me mad!  TM had me go back in to get them out, but she stood there and whacked the ram when he looked at me.  I didn't want to go back into the tight corner, so TM lifted me up and put me behind them.  I thought I was a goner for a minute, but the sheep all scrambled to get away for me.  I guess I am pretty tough after all.  Over all, TM thought I did okay.  She said I was a bit too wild, but if I keep chasing the sheep up the hill, I will quit that nonsense.

Oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot!  We have two new lambs!  Big Mama had them on Thursday.  Boy, are they cute!  I can't wait until I can herd them.  We will get some pictures soon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Daddy is Here

Lowri - My Daddy is here!  TM went and got him for me.  I wanted to go with her, but she made Kear and me stay home.  When she got home, she went an put some really stinky stuff on her hair.  I am GLAD I am outside playing with my Daddy.  Poor Kear, he is stuck in the house with TM.

Kearney - It is pretty stinky!  TM does this every month or so.  Generally after seeing the roots of her hair.  She shrieks and then out comes the stinky stuff. 

Tomorrow we are going to PR's place.  Miss Judy is coming over to help TM.  I think Miss Judy is going to pretend she is the stockman and make me take the sheep away from her.  I know I am not going to like it!  Then on Sunday, MC is going to play stockman.  I think TM is serious about getting me to quit spooking!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday Night and Ducks

Lowri - Boy, did TM ever work late last night.  We hardly even got scritches!  She did feed us though.  After she got done working, she made dog food.  I was drooling!  It smelled so good!  I got to clean up!

Kearney - TM worked about 10 1/2 hours on the business, then made dog food, talked to PR, finished the dog food, and then did some testing on the computer for the Cardigan Club tech guy.  She was BUSY!

This morning, she had some time so we got to herd ducks.  TM is working me on staying very wide and off the ducks.  I drove them both ways around the yard.  TM says I was a very good boy.  I got to "hold them" a couple of times.  That is my favorite!

Lowri - I got to work ducks too.  TM did it kind of weird.  I was supposed to just hold them to her as she walked around.  She wasn't giving me much direction, just walked and let me figure out the ducks and how to move them.  She did work on having me go clear out and around them (I heard a couple of "bad dog"s when I split them).  But I got to figure out how to hold them together and move them.  It was fun!  TM said I was a very good girl! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a Good Day

Lowri - This is the perfect way to end a day.  I am snuggled up on TM's lap, making it very hard for her to type or browse the net.  I have my head on under her arm, which I bump periodically.  It reminds her of how much she loves me.

Kearney - TM is working very hard.  She has been in business for 10 years in Tennessee.  She is celebrating all month with specials.  Lots of people are taking advantage of it.  That means TM will be able to continue funding our show career.  That is very good.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday at the Trial

Kearney - Boy, it was not my day today at the herding trial.  I was feeling GOOD and went out to get my ducks.  Just as I got down to fetch them, the stock handler moved and scared me (has TM mentioned that I am a chicken?).  TM had to give several redirects and then I got my head back in the game.  I did a really good job after that.  I got the ducks clear around the course - they missed the centerline panels, but I was the only one to get that good of a cross-drive.  I held my ducks off the gate and let TM repen them.  I was AWESOME, TM said so!  I was so very good. 

The judge didn't think so.  He gave me fourth.  EVERYONE, literally everyone, came up and told TM we were robbed.  The stock handlers demanded to see the ribbon before they would believe TM.  The first place dog's owner (the dog was a handsome German Shepherd) was mad that I didn't win.  TM said sometimes we get gifts and sometimes other people get them.  She was pretty good-natured about it.  She said we got a gift the day before when Chase Q'ed <G>

I am embarrassed to say that I lost my mind on my sheep run.  I was still feeling good, and cantered off to go get the sheep.  About halfway there, I saw the stock handler and his dog next to my sheep.  I wigged out.  TM insisted that I go on down, but I was NOT going to take those sheep off that person.  I ran back and forth behind them, but I wouldn't lift them.  Finally, the stock handler left the arena and took his dog with him.  I immediately brought the sheep to TM.  Then I took the sheep around the course to the hold pen.  One sheep insisted on staying with TM and the other two left.  TM told me to worry about the one, so I made him leave TM.  I went down to bring them all back to do the cross drive, and I heard the stock handlers.  I think they were discussing menus featuring red Cardigan males.  I was NOT going to be on the menu, so I would not go by them to get my sheep.  TM was pretty annoyed with me.  She came down and made me do it.  Then she made me hold the sheep off the gate.  The judge wrote on my pink sheet that she shouldn't train on the course.   TM told MC that he was welcome to say Thank You and she would have left immediately otherwise, she was NOT going to let me get away with being a chicken.  I'm telling you, they had red Cardigans on the menu.

Chase - I went to a rodeo today.  TM called my run before I even got the sheep to the "Y".  I was the BADDOG <VBG>  TM has plans for me.

Lowri - I was sweet and wonderful all day long.  I still didn't get to do anything.  I am just going to lay on TM's lap tonight.  I should get something out of the day.