TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Results

Chase - Well, MY results from today won't be posted for about 61 days <G>  I got to start my day with the HOT girl!  This weekend was a brief interlude, but whoo - was it fun!

In herding, I got moved up to Advanced.  I am embarrassed to say, I totally lost my mind on the outrun.  TM told me a couple of times what to do, and then came down to help me get it right.  I got my head back in the game and did a really nice job through the rest of the course.  TM says I would have beaten Kearney if I hadn't totally blown the outrun, lift and fetch.  I could have lost six points on it and still have beaten Kearney.  That will be my goal for the next time we go trialing.

Kearney - I am embarrassed to say that if TM had had HER head in the game, I would have done better than third in Intermediate B course Ducks.  She gave me some really slow commands and told me to do something that was just wrong.  I told her it wouldn't work, but she just looked at me so I did it.  She says I did a very good job.

My Advanced sheep run wasn't good enough to get any points, but I did place fifth.  TM didn't even lose the leash.

My Advanced duck run was quite nice.  TM took some NoDoz at lunch to try and get her head back in the game.  By the time I ran ducks she was doing pretty well.  I spooked when the stock handler moved and messed up the fetch, but the rest of the run was pretty nice.  I WON the class and a four-point major towards my DC.  I also managed to get RHIT.

TM said the long drive home wasn't bad at all.  Neither Chase nor I would know, we slept the whole way back.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Results

Kearney - We had a big day at the herding trials.  TM got us up at 5:30 AM.  I definitely wanted more sleep!!  We got to the trial site and TM got us out to walk.  It was burr-nippy.  There was frost all over the ground.  I was feeling very perky <G>.

I went out and did a very good job on Started Ducks on B course.  TM told me I was awesome.  I was bouncing up and down and all around.  The judge said I would have had a better score if TM hadn't make a couple of handler errors.  They are even marked as "HE" on the score sheet <G>   I still qualified and won the class.  TM said that I now have my HSBd title.

When B course was done, I went right over to the sheep arena.  I worked hard with the Advanced Sheep.  I don't think they were advanced - maybe a bit retarded.  They didn't do everything I told them to.  At one point, I was supposed to go near this blue tarp that was making a racket.  There were some strange people there wearing hats.  I was pretty scared and didn't want to go near that area.  The retarded sheep figured that out and stayed really close to that area.  TM wouldn't come down and help me, she just stayed up by the exam pen.  I finally got my nerve up and charged through there.  The sheep hurried over to the "4" marker and then straight over to the "5"  (well, sort of straight).  TM put the sheep away and we went to the gate to leave.  That is when TM realized she had lost my leash.  She needed it to leave the arena with me.  She walked all over trying to find it.  I went with her and finally we found it.  TM took a lot of good-natured ribbing over that.  I did good enough to take a third place with that run.

Chase - I got to go next for my Intermediate Sheep run.  I told TM as we went in that I was going to make her work.  I made the sheep go around the course, but TM had to use her very stern voice a couple of times.  I had a good time <G>  I managed to hold things together and succeeded in winning my class.  Since that is my third Intermediate Sheep leg, I now have my HIAs title.  Because I got that, I also qualify for my CWCCA VCX title.  TM says that all titles are pending AKC or CWCCA approval.

Kearney - I finally got to make my last run of the day.  I did a good enough job to qualify and get a fifth place ribbon in Advanced Ducks.  With my Advanced "Q's" on ducks and sheep, I finished my HXAsd titles.  I was a very good dog.  I also managed to go High in Trial with my Started B course duck run.  TM was VERY happy with me. 

I got moved up to Intermediate B course and Chase got moved up to Advanced Sheep on A course.  I will try my best to qualify.  Chase is planning on having fun.  He isn't as serious as I am about herding.

Chase - I also got to meet a really HOT girl here at the trials.  Whew, she is a beauty!  I am totally in love.  This weekend has been totally great! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Herding Trials This Weekend

Kearney - Tomorrow we leave at about 3:00 to head out to Hazel, KY for herding trials.  I am pumped!  I will get to herd three times each day.  Ducks, sheep and ducks again.  I am planning on having such a good time.  I will be sleeping with TM.

Chase - This is shaping up to be the PERFECT weekend!  Not only do I get to herd sheep both days - I don't have to go near the stinkin' ducks.  THEN on top of that, I think I heard that I am going to meet with a hot girl!  I mean really, how much more perfect can a weekend get? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TM went to see the Puppies

Kearney - TM went to see the new puppies tonight.  I didn't get to go see them.  TM said they were very nice puppies, vigorous, healthy and fairly uniform in size.   She can't wait to see them grow on.  I can't wait to see them.  I will be a very good uncle!  MC took some new pictures of the Fab Five.  They are on the Bluefox blog.

TM got to see Lowri.  Sadly for TM, Lowri takes after her daddy.  It is that whole "Love the one you're with" thing.  Lowri was busy jumping on MC and trying to see if she would get fed.  She did sit on TM's lap for her pedicure.  After she had sat there for a while, she remembered that she loves to sit in the recliner with TM.   Lowri said she is doing very well at MC's place.  She tries to sleep on the bed and tries to sneak food from Miss Monroe.  When she starts sliding close to Miss Monroe's food dish, she gets warned away very clearly.  She tries to pretend she really had no interest in Miss Monroe's food - really.

I did get to work ducks today.  TM took me out and worked on a few of my problem areas.  She said I was a wonderful boy.  I had the best time.  I got to "hold" them - even though that is NOT one of my problem areas <G>  I am excited about the trials this weekend.  We are going to have the best time!


Kearney - Puppies!  We have puppies!!!  My sister, Treasure, has five beautiful puppies.  There are two red boys (everyone needs a red boy - although TM has enough of them - ME!), two red girls and a brindle girl.  MC is exhausted after spending the night at the ER vet's office.  The puppies were born by c-section.  Treasure is doing well - if a bit sore.  Check out MC's blog (Bluefox) to see the first pictures of the baybees.  I am an uncle - whoa, since Treasure isn't married, I had better get a job to help take care of the baybees!

Chase - I am a daddy again!  I can't wait to see the kids.  I love babies.  I am trying to populate the earth with them <G>

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Food

Kearney - Don't anyone tell Lowri, but TM made dog food for us today.  In less than an hour, she had ground up liver, heart, tongue, kidneys, blueberries and summer squash: mixed it together, cut up 15 pounds of chicken hindquarters and measured it all out for us; and cleaned up the mess!   She is getting pretty good at this.  Poor Lowri had to miss the cleanup <smacking lips>  It has a delightful bouquet.

We aren't going to get to herd today.  My sister, Treasure, appears to be having her pups sometime soon.  She is panting away in the whelping box.  TM signs on to watch her over the web.  Technology is great!  She is on call to help MC if she needs any support.

I am going to have nieces and nephews!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Chance Workout

Chase - We had our last chance workout today.  I got to go first and help TM gate-cut the sheep she wanted us to work.  Since I got to do that yesterday, I had a pretty good idea of what needed to be done.  TM didn't have to give me a lot of direction as I moved the sheep back and forth so she could open the gate and let out those she didn't want.

Then I got to do an Advanced run.  I still have some problems lifting the sheep out of the exam pen, so we worked extra on that.  We also did a lot of work on walking up.  I got lots of scritches cause I was so awesome!

Kearney - I am still having confidence issues.  I worry about the cows escaping from the round pen and coming after me.  Because I worry, the sheep aren't very respectful.  That makes me worry some more.  I did a good job even so.  TM says I will get confidence.   She had me "hit" the bad sheep.  That is always fun.  I walk off the field feeling pumped!

Next week we go to the herding trials.  We are ready - as long as the sheep aren't too ugly toward us.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Training

Kearney - MC put up her blog today!  Now we will be able to see lots of pictures of my sister, Treasure, and her puppies that are due this coming week.  You can see her blog at

TM and PR went and bought four big round bales of hay this morning.  Then they sanded down the stock trailer.  PR went out and mowed the fields, while TM took Chase and me out to herd.

Chase - I got to go first.  TM had me do an Advanced course and then I got to work on the areas I have trouble with. TM had me practice walk ups.  I need to remember to walk straight at the sheep.  The key words are straight and walk.  I will keep practicing on these.  I am doing pretty well over all.  TM says I was awesome.

Kearney - TM FINALLY figured out that I am having problems with the "Z".  It has been building for quite a while.  It started when the cows were on the other side of the fence.  I didn't want to go near the "Z" because that was a little too close to the cows.  I think I forgot that was why I have problems with the "Z".  Now the cows are at the other end of the field, but I still am having trouble.  Today we worked and worked on the "Z".  Then we worked at lifting the sheep for the cross-drive.  I worked hard.  I am awesome too!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally Friday!

Lowri - It's finally Friday!  I get to go stay with Mama Cheryl for the next two weeks.  I am so excited.  MC has all kinds of treats.  She is making special food for Miss Treasure.  Maybe I can get in on that.  I will get to hang out and play with Miss Monroe and MAYBE I'll get to see my brand new siblings!  Just before I go home, I get to go to four dog shows.  I am on vacation!

Kearney - Oh goody, I lose Lowri and gain Chase.  Not sure that is a good trade.  Maybe I should talk to TM and MC about this.  Oh well, at least TM will open up the whole yard again.  Right now we just have the little side yard because it has 6-foot fences.

TM says we will be busy training for our next herding trials.  They are in a week.  I am entered in A course Sheep and Ducks and B course ducks.  I will be busy.  Chase is entered in Intermediate Sheep on the A course.  In the middle of November, we will be at another herding trial.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

Kearney - We came back from PR's place this morning.  TM didn't even stop at home, we got to go with her to her appointment.  She had to have a mam...mama...mammagraph...annual test for cancer.  We are glad she takes care of herself.  It proves she loves us.  Even though it has been six years since she had cancer, she gets that test done every year. 

When we got home, we got to play outside for just a little bit.  It was pretty chilly and rainy all day.  It quit raining for a bit right after TM got done with work.  We got to dash out and work the ducks.  TM just practices with me on some of the stuff I don't quite get.  She and I work through it and I try to remember it for the next time.

Lowri - I got to work ducks too.  It makes Kearney CRAZY when I get to hold them.  He thinks that is his job, but I am learning it too.  TM says I am a VERY GOOD girl!

I have to say that I am very TIRED of being the pretty pantie girl!  TM either puts me in the crate or makes me wear panties.  I even have to wear them if I am in the xpen at PR's place.  When will this be over!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Duck work

Kearney - We didn't think we would be able to work today, but TM had a client cancel.  Both Lowri and I got to work the ducks.  I got to go first.  TM kept her voice quiet and had me lift the ducks and fetch them to her.  Then I drove the ducks around the yard.  I worked on some outruns and  also lifting them off the fence to do the crossdrive.  TM said I was a very good boy.

Lowri - I got to move the ducks around the yard with TM.  She says I bounce too much.  I think it is fun <G>  The ducks run faster if I bounce at them.  I was able to lift them off the fence in both directions.  It isn't as hard as I remember it being.  I did have a bit of trouble because I would go too far, but TM talked me through it.  I sort of understand it now.  I got to fetch the ducks, drive them around the yard, do a crossdrive and lift them off the fence.  I was awesome!

I just found out that I am going to MC's house for TWO weeks!  I am so excited!  I will be there when my new siblings are born.  I am going to be such a good big sister.  I will snuggle them and clean them and kiss them.... WHAT?  I don't get to see them?  At all??  What is this?  SO NOT FAIR!

TM - Since Lowri will be in standing heat this weekend, she is going to MC's while I have Chase.  Then the following weekend, Chase, Kearney and I are going to a herding trial.  The Thursday - Sunday after that are dog shows in Knoxville.  Rather than trade back and forth while Treasure is having puppies, we are just going to leave Lowri with Cheryl and Chase with me.  I will try to be brave without my puppy!

And more work

Kearney - TM is just too busy right now!  Yesterday, she did some massage work, had a trailer hitch installed on her Dodge Grand Caravan, and made us some dog food - lots and lots of dog food!  I got to work ducks for a few minutes, but that was all.  Today, she is swamped with clients, so no ducks for us.

Lowri - On top of all that, TM isn't letting me out into the big yard.  She says I have to stay in the little yard so I am behind a six-foot fence.  No playing?  No running through the yard at top speed?  Not for two weeks???  I don't think I like this being in heat stuff!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lots of Work

Kearney - We had a mostly boring day because TM and PR were working on the stock trailer.  They were using wire brush power tools to remove the rust.  They spent all day working on it.  PR is going to paint it after some more work.  We finally got to go out and do some herding late in the day.  TM let Lowri go first.

Lowri - I got to go out into the big field again.  I am not sure if TM realizes how much work it is to go running up those hills.  I wasn't nearly as fast today!  I paid more attention and worked smarter.  Once I brought the sheep too TM, she walked around for a bit.  I held the sheep to her.  I did allow them run away once.  TM says I was pushing them too hard.  I am not going to do that again!  That hill is really steep.

When we were done with those sheep, TM took me into the small field and had me work the 11 sheep there.  Seven of them were the wild lambs.  I stayed back to keep them from running.  TM was very proud of me.  Then I got to hold them in a corner while TM checked each of them out.  I LIKE holding them!!

Kearney got to go next.  He got to work those lambs too.  TM had him practice his outruns, flanks and he got to hold the sheep while TM wasn't anywhere near.  He was a very good dog too!

When MC got there, my Daddy got to work.  He helped TM gate sort the four older sheep from the wild lambs.  That looks really interesting.  You move the sheep back and forth in front of the gate, until the one TM wants is in the right position.  When it is, she opens the gate so that particular sheep can escape.

Then my Daddy got to go work those four sheep.  TM had him run an Advanced course.  He did it!  TM said he was AWESOME!  He even did a blind outrun (he didn't know where the sheep were, he just trusted that TM knew what she was doing).  His second time he wasn't awesome, but TM had him practice some things that he needs to learn.  He still needs more work on "walk up" and "stop".  Between you and me, I think he is ALWAYS going to need work on "stop".  TM says he needs a LOT of miles now.  He is working with her pretty well.  I love my Daddy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

Kearney - TM took us all out to the big field.  There were six sheep (and NO cows!).  TM saw the brindle bullet streaking toward the sheep as they disappeared over the hill.  She yelled at Chase to come back.  From nearby, he turned to look at her.  It was Lowri in hot pursuit <G>  TM didn't yell any more as she knew the sheep would be back pretty quick.  Sure enough, here they came.  Lowri was still in hot pursuit.

TM took Chase and me up the hill to some shade and tied us up (she didn't want to go up and down the hill any more than she had too).  We were tied so we couldn't get together, nor could we get hung up in the leashes.  She had Lowri work the sheep some more.

There were a couple more fast trips around the field.  It is about three or four acres and has some steep hills.  Lowri never quit, but her tongue was hanging out pretty far.  TM told her to stop and Lowri did - immediately.  She asked Lowri to make some wide outruns and Lowri did.  I think TM brought us out there on purpose to teach Lowri some lessons in stock handling.

Chase got to work in the big field too.  TM was working him on widening out his outrun when he gets behind the sheep.  He did a pretty good job.

I got to work a bit with the lambs.  TM and PR had finished putting in the electric fence at the new field this morning.  She said they made it hot.  It didn't look too bad to me, but I stayed away from it.  I made the lambs move out into the new field.  This was before we went and worked on the hill.  I guess I did a good enough job, as TM didn't let me work the sheep in the big field.

Lowri - After we came down from the big field, TM took my Daddy out to work the lambs for just a bit.  They had come back into their old field and TM wanted to put them in the new field again, so they would know that they could go back and forth.  He did that very well.  Then TM went to where the electricity is.  She did a little cleaning up and was just starting back to the barn, when my Daddy YELLED.  He went zipping past TM on the way to the van.  He wouldn't even look back when TM called.  Apparently, he got too close to the new fence while he was exploring.  He told us NOT to go near the new fence - it BITES!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy Week

Kearney - TM had a really busy week.  She worked and worked and still had time to feed us and play with us a little bit.  Tuesday night, she went to a Susan G. Komen benefit.  She did some chair massage for donations to the benefit.  They also had a silent auction.  TM was the top bidder on a Lasik package.  It includes pre and post operative care.  She is very excited about the possibility of going without glasses for the first time since she was a child!

Lowri - Finally on Wednesday, TM had time to relax.  I have been on her lap every night since then.  Life is good.

Tonight we picked up my Daddy and then went to PR's place.  We are going to have a busy weekend.  TM is going to sand down her stock trailer so PR can repaint it.  Tomorrow afternoon, she and PT are going to go look at a plow.  Somewhere in between, we will get to work sheep.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty Pantie Girl

Lowri - TM says I am the Pretty Pantie Girl.  Kearney says I smell interesting, but he isn't sure why.  I feel a bit weird.  I am ten months old tomorrow.  TM says I am "in heat".  She said she is going to keep me close for the next three weeks.  I have to wear panties during that time when I am in the house.  I don't think that sounds like a lot of fun.

Kearney - I remember last Spring when Treasure smelled like Lowri does now.  It was before I was "tutored".  I recall being very distracted.  Now I can't imagine why that was.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Sunday Runs

Kearney - Here is my run from Sunday.  I was a good dog and earned my second Advanced Sheep leg.  I was a very good dog!

Lowri - Here is my run from Sunday.  I had fun <G>

TM - Lowri doesn't look nearly as wild in this video as she actually was.  If you could have seen her eyes sparkle and heard her talk back you would have understood completely why I did so many stops and held the first one for so long.  That time I waited until she relaxed.  It would have been ugly otherwise!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

L E T T E R S!!!!!

Lowri - LETTERS!!  I HAVE LETTERS!!!  I am so very good!  I went out and earned a PT (Pre-Trial) in two straight runs.  I HAVE LETTERS!!!  (TM says that is only if AKC agrees)

It was so exciting.  I went out with TM today and did a lovely sit stay.  As soon as TM told me to "go bye", I charged right over - on a bye, of course.  And pushed those sheep very hard.  TM only went halfway up the fence-line before stopping everything.  She tried and tried to make me stop, but I was too wild.  I grabbed a branch and then a leaf.  I even talked back.  I did a down and then jumped back up.  Nothing worked.  TM just stood there and told me to "stop".  I finally figured out that we weren't going anywhere until I did a full stop and settled down some.  Once I did, TM started up again.

When we got to the first panel, I got out of position and two of the sheep took off.  One came back immediately, and the other took off for the gate.  I went straight after him as fast as I could run.  TM saw that I was chasing him into a corner and yelled at me (I can't believe she yelled).  I eased out a tiny bit and eased my speed a tiny bit.  The sheep recognized that I was back under control and he eased off too.  I brought him back and then did a fairly good job through the rest of the course.  The judge awarded me a qualifying run and said I was feisty. 

My name is now Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment, PT.  I have LETTERS! 

Kearney - Chase started off pretty wild.  He wouldn't go with TM to the cone.  He knew the sheep were going to come out of the gate, and he wanted to start there.  Once he went to the cone with TM, he did a pretty good job.  He qualified again, won the class and scored an 86.  TM was very proud of him.

Then I got to go.  I was the only one in my class again.   I got a decent draw of sheep and started off.  I had trouble again at the Z.  I finally figured out what to do and went on and got them penned.  From there, I took them toward the cross-drive.  I missed again with all three sheep.  Then I held them near the 5.  I stayed focused on them and listened for TM.  I didn't even look around to see where she was, I wanted to make sure those sheep stayed right where they were.  TM opened the gate, let the sheep in and we were done.

All three of us Q'ed both days - six Q's.  TM was pretty happy with us.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Herding Trial - Cumming, GA

Kearney - We got up really early this morning and drove for almost four hours to the herding trial.  I was the ONLY dog in my Advanced sheep class.  I was being a very good dog, and then the lead sheep started stomping at me.  There was NO way I was going to get close to him!  The sheep got stalled at the Z chute.  I barked and barked at them.  Finally, TM had me back away and then she told me to charge up.  My speed convinced the sheep to move on.  I didn't have a very pretty cross drive either, but I managed to qualify my first time on Advanced sheep!  TM was proud of me.

Chase - I was the only dog in my Intermediate sheep class.  I decided TM needed to have her adrenaline kicked up.  When she told me to go, I WENT - very fast.  That was pretty much how the whole run went - fast!  I had so much fun!  I qualified too - my first time in Intermediate!  When TM closed the gate on the sheep and told me I was a good boy, I did my imitation of a brindle bullet and ran for the gate!  I barked at MC who was videoing my run.  She thought I was a very good boy too!

Lowri - I got to go into the arena away from home for the very first time.  TM went with me and helped me work my way through the PT (pretrial) class.  I stayed behind her and made sure that those sheep did not run for the exit.  When we came back down that same fence, I stayed in front of TM to make sure the sheep stayed with TM.  The judge gave me a green ribbon and said that I was very KEEN.  I think she liked me <G>  TM says I still don't have letters, but if I am good tomorrow, I can get some.  I am very excited!!! 

My G'ma Janet came down to watch me.  She said I did a very good job!  I am happy she got to see me being a good dog.  Unfortunately, she did not bring my sister, Sally, so I had to play with Kearney, Treasure, Miss Monroe and my Daddy.  It is a hard life being popular.

I heard that my half-sister, Darby, got letters yesterday.  She got her HT (herding tested) title and is trying for her PT today.  My family is very talented.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Helping

Kearney - Tonight I got to help TM.  She took PR's truck down to MC's place to get one of the ram lambs.  When they were ready to catch the lamb, I went into the field and brought the three sheep over to MC.  TM told me to HOLD the lambs.  I DID <G>  I was very good.  TM caught the lamb and put a halter on him.  When they opened the gate to take him to the truck, the two other sheep escaped with them.  I quickly got around them and put them back in the field.  I escorted the ram lamb over to the truck.  TM didn't want me to bite him, so I tried not to.  Sometimes I just couldn't help it.  When we got to the truck, TM ran the rope into the carrier.  When she glanced back, she laughed.  I was crouched underneath the lamb ready to bite him if he moved wrong.  She and MC loaded the lamb up.  I got LOTS of praise.

Then we went up to the house and I got to see my sister, Treasure.  She has been knocked up!  When I figure out the rotten dog that did that, I will thrash him!!!  She says she is due around the end of October.  It is obvious already that she is pregnant.  Our good family name has been ruined.  She won't say who the father is.  I am going to find out!

Lowri - (whispering) I don't think we had better tell Kearney that my Daddy is the father.  There are baby Chaselettes on the way.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Helping

Lowri - Last year, before I came here to live, TM put gravel in the yard right out from the door.  She says that keeps our feet cleaner when we come in the house after playing in the yard.  After I came here, I noticed some very small pieces of the weed barrier were showing up through the gravel.  TM says that is because we run so hard, we have kicked the gravel to the side. 

Anyway, I KNEW TM would not want that showing.  She can be pretty particular some times.  I have been helping her for months now - without receiving the proper credit!  Every time I see a piece sticking up, I grab it and tear it off.  I have been diligent!  I have worked hard at it!  TM does not seem to appreciate that I have done all this work for her.  Today she walked around picking up lots of the loose pieces and throwing them away.  She even would tear off pieces that were still attached.  I told her I would do the tearing off for her, but she just gave me some dirty looks.  Some people just don't appreciate good help!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Lowri - We are at PR's place tonight.  I am sitting in TM's lap and helping her type.  It is very interesting.  TM is using a laptop.  On this machine, if you even touch the mouse pad, the cursor jumps to wherever the arrow is pointing.  So TM is typing along, I touch the pad with my nose and suddenly TM is typing within words she has already typed.  Since I am interested in the whole typing thing, I touch the pad pretty often.  TM is starting to say bad words when I do it <G>  I like helping her.

Kearney - I am helping by staying over by the sofa.  I can keep my eyes on TM so if she needs to go anywhere I can jump up and go with her.  I especially like making sure there are no sewer monsters in the bathroom when she needs to go.  I think Lowri and I will get to help with the sheep tomorrow.  That is my favorite.  TM says we have a herding trial this weekend.

Lowri - I am entered.  I might get LETTERS this weekend!!!!  TM says I am entered in PreTrial.  I have to take the sheep around the arena and back.  I know how to do this.  I am so excited.  I want LETTERS to go with my name!!!  Is it Friday yet???

Monday, October 3, 2011

We will be fed!

Lowri - Tonight, TM made food for us again!  She made 15-days worth of food.  We will get fed!!!!  As usual, I got to clean up.  I do it so much better than Kearney.  I don't think it is a girl thing, I think it is a practical thing.  I never know when I will get my next meal (okay, so I have never missed one, but just sayin').  I make sure the pan and bowl get cleaned up really well.  TM is so pleased with my efforts, I know I will get to clean up everything next time too.

Kearney - While Lowri got to clean up the bowl and pan, I got to go outside with a big meaty bone <G>  It was yummy!  Lowri can have all the pots and bowls.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life is good.

Lowri - We picked up my Daddy last night on our way to Papa Ron's.  Once we got there, I got to spend the evening on TM's lap.  It is my favorite place.  I stretch out and throw my head over her leg.  She wiggles around quite a bit, but generally makes a good pillow.

We got to go herding today.  My Daddy got to go first.  TM had him sort the lambs and then work the course with a fairly light set.  He did a very good job!  TM had him do the cross-drive a couple of times and he did it well.  He gets to try again tomorrow.

Then I got to go.  I drove the big mamas around the round pen a couple of times.  Then, TM let me take the whole flock out into the large field.  I made them stay with TM.  She said I was excellent!  I had such a good time.  I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to go again.

Kearney said he didn't want to talk.  When we all came up to the house, I heard TM tell PR that Kearney had worked like Richard the Chicken-hearted.  She said that a week before the next trials and he is acting afraid of the sheep.  NOT good.  She wasn't very happy with him.  She finished with having him work in the round pen with the whole flock.  He got to push them around.  That made him feel a lot better.