TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Bone Cracking

Lowri - TM took us to the bone cracker today.  We both got our bones cracked.  TM went first to make sure that the chiropractor was good at her job.  TM said she felt much better afterwards.  She said Dr. Blue put her shoulders back where they belonged.

Then it was my turn.  I got to come into the office and greet Dr. Blue and her assistant.  She went over my back and neck and my back and my hips and my back and my legs and my back.  When she was done, I felt so very much better.  My hips are back in alignment.  I can really move now.  Life is good.

Today is Miss Kathy's birthday.  She went with us as we ran all over east TN.  TM fixed her lasagne for her birthday dinner.  PR and Miss Kathy really enjoyed it.  There was birthday cake afterwords.  I didn't get any of it!  I don't think that is fair.  I wanted some too.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Herding Trials

Lowri - Whoo-hoo!  We went to herding trials this weekend in Georgia.  On Saturday, Treasure and I mostly sat in the car.  I am thinking that was a good thing, it was COLD!  TM and Miss Kathy stood out in the cold wind all day long.  They were icebergs by the end of the day.  Because Miss Kathy was the judge, TM couldn't trial.   She was the scribe.

Today, we got to trial.  Treasure got to run ducks in the morning.  She picked up her first leg on Started Ducks, A Course.  She took second place in her class.  TM was quite pleased with how she worked.

I got to run on Started A Sheep.  I was feeling good after sitting in the car for two days.  I was barely able to control my excitement as we headed out to the cone.  I sat while my sheep came in to the arena and waited until TM told me to start.  I boogied on down to the sheep.  I did a VERY good job of holding them to TM.  I bounced this way and that.  TM says the judge wrote "I LOVE this dog" on my score sheet.  She also wrote "stop 1/2 point, stop 1/2 point, stop 1/2 point".  There were a lot of them.  Apparently, when you bounce forward to keep the sheep from running past TM, and they stop, you lose points.  I lost a whole bunch of them. Anyway, I qualified and took second in my class.  I now have two HSAs legs.  I need one more and then I will have that title.  I will have MORE letters!  That will be very good.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Busy Day

Lowri - We had a busy day today.  TM took Miss Kathy on trip to town.  Treasure and I got to go with them.  I think it was mainly so that PR wouldn't have to listen to Treasure's bark.  Anyway, we went to town and got to play together for a couple of hours out in the yard.  When we got back home we stopped at the barn.  TM wanted Miss Kathy to help her band the lambs. 

I helped TM bring the lambs up and held them close.   TM grabbed one of Snowy's girls.  When they went to put the band on the tail, the band tool broke!  I got muddy for no good reason.  Oh wait, I don't need a reason to get muddy <G>  Since Snowy was trying to argue with me, TM had me work her for a minute.  Stupid sheep butted me into the fence!  I got to bite her for it.  That really got me pumped up.  I got into the wrong place and Snowy chased me halfway across the field!  I got to bite her again.  Then TM had me work all the ewes for a minute, until TM was sure I wasn't upset by my misadventures. 

After I got cleaned off, we started to turn around to go up to the house.  Gracie, the cow, was out!  I got back out and helped TM put her back out in the field. 

I am a working stock dog!!!  Bring on the trial this weekend!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Herding and Late Christmas Present

Lowri - TM told MC that there would be no winter herding this season.  With the ducks massacred and the sheep all lambing, there would be nothing to herd for about three months.  Then, today a miracle happened!  The buff duck came home!!!!  She was hiding next to the cow field in a very protected place.  She had lots of water and was reasonably safe.  She saw TM across the field and stood up tall and quacked very loudly.  TM realized it was the buff duck and started cheering. 

I got to come out and help bring her in.  TM let me race around the field and bother the cows while she encouraged the duck out of the briars.  As soon as "Lucky" got into the field, Thor and I came over to congratulate her on getting home safely.  She darted back into the briars.  TM gave us a dirty look and told us to go away.

Once she got Lucky back out of the briars and moving toward the barn, I got to come do my job.  I helped TM drive her into the barn and into the pheasant yard.  TM told me I did a VERY good job!

It was great, there was mud everywhere.  While TM was busy, I race around and had a blast.  Pretty soon, there was mud and muck all over me too.  What a great, late Christmas present!  Afterwards, TM had me "go to water".  I jumped in the little stock tank.  TM washed me off.  At least I still smell a little of muck and mud.

There WILL be winter duck herding at our place!!!

TM's Big Gift from MC

Lowri - Here is the gift that MC made for TM for Christmas.  It is a blanket she can use, or she can hang it.  It has pictures of all of her Cardigans ever.  TM started to cry when she saw it.  She still misses Dora, Angus and Kearney.  The top left is DC Dora.  She is also on the bottom right, second from the corner.

Kearney's beautiful mama, Hannah, is the bottom left.  Angus, HXAsd, is in the second row on both sides.  He was a handsome fellow.  Kear is the darling puppy in the flowers, he is in the top right and the bottom middle.  All the rest are of ME.  I got the most pictures.  That is how it should be!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Best Coat EVER!

Miss Kathy came to visit us today.  She brought us lots of presents!  I LOVE getting presents!  TM, MC and Miss Kathy retired to a bedroom to open presents.  I got LOCKED up.  It seems like I was a little too wound up - IMAGINE that!  A kid on Christmas getting wound up when the relatives show up bearing gifts!

Me in my sun shade coat!
After TM opened the presents, I got invited to come into the bedroom to try on my NEW coat!!!  I LOVE IT.  There is lots of bling and everything!

This is going to be SO great in the heat and sun!  I can't wait for Summer!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Poor TM

Lowri - Poor TM!  She was so sick yesterday.  She was up all night the night before - dashing to the bathroom.  I think that's why they call it the Flew.  I was thinking we should call the vet!   She was finally able to keep some water down during the day.  I spent most of my day locked in my x-pen.  For some reason, TM didn't want me in her lap.  PR had Aidan in his lap.  He thought I was annoying TM so he locked me up.  Usually TM rescues me after a bit.  All she did yesterday was say "hi, Lowri".  She slept in the chair, slept on the sofa and slept in bed.  Then last night, she was in bed a full nine hours!  I think she is better today.  At least she got dressed!

We went back to town to pick up the turkey.  It has been thawing in the refrigerator since Friday.  TM had to also get MC's and Miss Kathy's presents.  I am going to play outside and then I think I get a bath. 

On the duck report.  TM has three males left.  She is beginning to think they will live.  The third one is pretty sore, but he is moving around.  The other two are moving pretty well.  The two missing ones have not returned.  TM is still hopeful. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holy Cow!

Lowri - TM just now discovered that DAISY, the Peeking Knees, killed all my ducks!  PR and TM couldn't find her and assumed that she had gotten locked into the shop.  TM went to find her and to put my ducks away.  She checked the shop, no Daisy.  She called and called.  Daisy yipped that she was down at the barn.  When TM got there, she saw the mayhem.  My poor ducks!  Two were missing, several were dead, TM had to put three out of their misery and there are four that she put back into their pen.  She doesn't think they will live, but wanted to give them a chance.

TM keeps repeating, "She is a dog, she is a dog.  That is what dogs do."  She gave Daisy a bath - and didn't drown her in the process. 

On a brighter note, here is a picture of my lambs.  Mine is the closest one that is looking at the camera.  She is a beauty!

Friday, December 21, 2012

More Excitement Next Door

Lowri - Just before TM's client arrived, TM saw that the police were massed outside.  She watched and saw the whole thing!  The alleged bad man (Mama Penni would be proud of me) came out next door and put his hands up.  The police arrested him.  They had a DOG with them!  He was a Belgian Mal in Noise.  He was very excited but well controlled.  It was very exciting!  I was proud to see a dog working.

Then the heat went off in our house.  The fan was blowing, but it was blowing cold air.  TM was freezing!  I thought it felt great.  TM called the heat man after she checked the electrical box.  For grins, she turned the heat on and it worked!  Talking to the heat guy later, he said the high wind had caused similar problems for a number of people.  She will call him if it happens again.

Now we are at PR's place.  It is chilly out, but TM doesn't think any of the ewes are going to lamb just yet.  I hope I get to see my lamb tomorrow.  She is growing so fast!


Lowri - When TM got done with work, and the computer, and supper, and cleanup and...we played some games.  I pretended not to know "take it" again.  TM still cheered when I gave it back after she put it in my mouth.  I was happy enough with the game that I accidentally took it once when she held it out.  TM was very happy with me. 

Then she stretched out on the floor face down.  She made some weird noises and laughed and laughed when I tried to get to her face.  I jumped all around and shoved my nose hard under her arms.  My tail was wagging so hard!  I was woo-woo'ing at her too.  We had the best time!  When she started to get up, she pinched at my paws.  I went NUTS!  I grabbed at her hands and her sweater.  I attacked everything that moved!  Man, that was fun.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TM is Excited

Lowri - TM and I have been playing a game for months now.  She has a dumbbell she is trying to get me to take - and hold.  I pretend I don't know what she wants.  TM will take my small canvas fish and the dumbbell into the hall.  She throws the fish and says"take it".  I race down the hall, grab it and bring it back.  TM cheers!  She does this a time or two.  Then she holds the dumbbell out and says "take it".  <snicker>  I look at her like I have never heard those words.  She puts the dumbbell in my mouth and makes me hold it.  When she says "give", I promptly spit it out and TM goes wild with praise and throws the fish again.

This last week I have been kind of letting on that I know what she wants.  Tonight, I actually took it two of the four times.  TM went wild and hugged me and ruffed up my coat.  I leaped up and kissed her nose - there might have been teeth involved.  Lest you are too impressed, TM was kneeling at the time, so it wasn't a BIG jump.  I grinned a lot and barked at TM.  This might end up being a fun game.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday in Town.

Lowri - We are back in town and TM is working, working, working.  I did get to sit on her lap for a few minutes.  I was in her arms on my back.  She was blowing in my face and teasing me.  I clicked my teeth at her nose and then licked it instead.  She laughed and went "Ewwwwwww".  I grinned back and tried to do it again.  TM makes me happy when she wants to play.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Church Lamb

Lowri - TM took my lamb to church with her this morning.  I think she got baptized or something.  Oh wait, I remember now.  She got to participate in the children's service.  TM says she was very, very good.  She didn't make any noise or messes.  She sat on TM's lap and charmed everyone.  I am very proud of my lamb.

MC's sheep, Snowy, surprised us with lambs this morning.  TM and MC knew she was going to lamb, but thought it would be January.  They are nice healthy lambs and so very cute.

I got to play with my unstuffed fox toy.  It had two squeakers but no stuffing.  I happen to know this as Aidan and I disemboweled the fox.  The squeakers came out, but there was no stuffing at all.  TM really liked that part.  I am not sure how I got the fox.  I mean I know I got it from MC, but Corgi Claus sent it to MC.  I got lucky and got it because MC belongs to me.  I also own TM and Mama Penni.  I told Aidan he couldn't play with it.  I told him pretty loudly, but he didn't listen.  PR did.  He wanted to put me in lockup, but TM said I wasn't serious about it.
Snowy's lambs are on the left.

Here is the picture of our new lambs.  Mine is the one in the middle on the right.  Isn't she beautiful?  I wonder if she is tasty.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hard Job

Lowri - When we are in town, I sleep loose in the house.  I have had that privilege for about five months.  It is my job to make sure everything stays safe and sound.  After all, PR isn't here to do it.

At night, I sleep on the floor at the foot of TM's bed.  I picked that spot, because that is where she puts her dirty clothes.  I lay on them and make sure they don't disappear <G>  Of course, in the morning, TM puts the clothes in the hamper in the bathroom. 

When TM opens up the sitting room, I go in there, jump up on the sofa and make sure no one comes in the back door.  Just because I am guarding the place with my eyes closed - and I am snoring - doesn't mean I am laying down on the job.  <snicker, snort>  Laying down on the job...

If the sitting room isn't open, I guard from under the computer desk.  I keep my head on TM's feet.  She likes that, because her feet stay warmer.

Really, taking care of TM is a full time job!  I am doing my best. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Present

Lowri - Look what TM gave me for my birthday!  She is all mine.  Mine, mine, mine!  I wasn't quite sure what to do with her, especially when she looked at me.  But, I am going to take really good care of her.

TM - Wah, wah wa

Lowri - You mean she has to live with Big Mama?  Whew, I didn't know how to feed her, or burp her, or clean up after her...well, I do know how to clean up after her <G>

It's My Birthday

I went from this...
Lowri - It's my birthday, and I'm having a Party!  We are going to party all day and tonight I get to see the triplet lambs.  TM is going to let me see them because it is my birthday.  I am TWO years old.   For my pictures, TM put in a Before and an After shot.  TM says we have been on a ride.  I don't remember riding anything.

From this...


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not the Only Baddog

Lowri - I am NOT the only Baddog in the area.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, (but is my half-sister and lives in Knoxville), led a grand escape yesterday.  Once all four dogs were free - I am thinking she opened the gate for them - she led the grand attack.  They got in the field with the lambs.  You might think sheep are stupid, but they are NOT!  All four of the lambs crashed through the fence and escaped with their lives.

Mama Cheryl - oops, the dogs' mama - got home from work after dark and found the Baddogs in the front yard.  The lambs were long gone.  She looked for them and called to them, but not one sheep was to be found.  Fortunately, the sheep came home overnight and put themselves away - there was grain involved and sheep LOVE their grain.

So all is mostly well, and the leader of the jail break is now in solitary confinement.  There were some scrapes and stuff on the pack - apparently, chasing sheep without human involvement is FUN!  I wish I had been there!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Triplets, We Have Triplets!

Before lambing - Friday evening
Lowri - For those of you who missed Big Mama's before picture, I am posting it again.  Then I am posting photos of the triplets.  Of course, I should note that I HAVE NOT SEEN THEM!  TM didn't want me to upset Big Mama.  I would have only tasted the babies!  I wouldn't have eaten them.  Well, at least not until Big Mama wasn't looking <G>

Dog...remember, I am a DOG!  I eat things.

Like TM would let me anywhere near her new lambs.  They are locked up in the barn.  Thor is the only one who has seen them!

Sunday Night about 11:00 PM
Monday Morning about 7:30 AM

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Boy...

Lowri - Today was NOT a good day.  My name was LowriBaddog.  That is never good.  I did a sloppy job herding.  I wanted to race around.  I totally forgot how to do outruns.  I don't know what happened.  TM was not pleased with me.  She finally figured out that I lost my mind because I will be in heat soon.  I am relieved that there is a reason for me going brain dead.

MC came up and worked Dinah.  They did very well.  TM gave them some pointers, but I think they are ready for the trial. 

Treasure worked well on the ducks.  TM was smiling big when they got done.  Treasure doesn't like doing Aways.  She barks at TM and doesn't go wide enough.  Kind of like me only I don't bark.

MC also brought Bruce (Brutus was his name.  He is a rescue dog).  TM held him while MC did his toenails.  Poor Bruce hadn't had his toenails done in forever.  He was VERY good and didn't offer to bite TM once.  Of course, MC brought a muzzle just in case.

Big Mama is probably going to lamb tonight.  She barely wanted to eat grain.  TM is hoping to get some pictures.

Friday, December 7, 2012

TM has been Busy!

Lowri - TM has been too busy to post my thoughts.  I tried and tried to hang on to the words I wanted her to type, but I think I saw a bunny.  Oh well.  I have talked to TM about saving time for me and my thoughts, but she just sighed and said she would try.  She has been busy making a living.  I appreciate it, 'cause that means I get to eat and go to dog shows.

When we got to PR's place tonight, TM stopped to check on the sheep.  Even though it was dark, she wanted to see Big Mama.  More to the point, she wanted to see if she was still BIG Mama.  What do you think?

Maybe we should rename her to Huge Mama?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cheese and Baths

Lowri - TM is learning how to make cheese.  I say "YUM."  I am getting to clean up and I get the whey on my breakfast.  She has made yogurt, yogurt cream cheese and queso blanco.  I am waiting the opportunity to expand on my culinary experience.  Maybe I should apply for a position as a judge on Chopped.  I could offer all sorts of suggestions.

I got my second bath of the week.  I look gorgeous!  TM bathed me and then blew out my coat.  I am being a very good helper in the tub.  I turn around when she asks me too.  When we are done, if TM hurries, I wait until she has a towel up protecting the bathroom.  Then I SHAKE.  TM laughs and rubs me with the towel.  Then she holds it up again and asks me to shake again.  I do!  TM finishes drying me and then lets me jump out of the tub.  I run for the hallway and then SHAKE again.  I race around for a minute and use the carpet as a towel.  Then TM blows me dry.  Baths are fun!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Lowri - TM got up early this morning and took me for a walk.  There were squirrels everywhere!  I dragged TM up and down the street.  Some of the time, she ran with me.  I got to go fast as long as I trotted.  It was great!  I was totally worn out by the time we got home.  I had the BEST time.  Man, I have been dreaming about chasing squirrels all day.  I wonder if they taste like bunnies? 

Whoa - I almost heard Kearney saying "LOWRI!" when I thought that about eating squirrels.  He had no problem with the idea, he just tried to keep things less...hmmm, less revolting?...for our readers.  I am sure he is chasing all sorts of critters up in Heaven.  He was a good big brother. 

Fortunately for me, I don't dwell on this stuff.   TM and MC think I am A.D.D.  "Attention Deficit Disorder/ADHD - You often have difficulty staying focused and attending to daily, mundane tasks. For example, you may be easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds, quickly bounce from one activity to another, or become bored quickly."     Yup, that is me!  I think it runs in my family too - NOT that I am naming names or anything! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Bath on Monday?

Lowri - I got a bath today.  It is only Monday!  I understand Wednesday, Thursday and Friday baths (4-day, 3-day and weekend shows).  I understand muddy dog baths.  I understand at-the-show baths, but MONDAY baths?  What is up with that?

TM - Wah-wa-wah-wa-wah.

Lowri - I'm shedding?  So what?!?!?!  Dogs SHED!  That is not news!  Just 'cause we shed faster with warm baths?  I have to have a bath for that?

TM - Wah-wa-wah-wah.

Lowri - SEVERAL A WEEK?  Are you serious?!?!?  <sigh>  At least I get a massage with my bath.  And I get blown out so I look FAB!  <sigh>  The trials and tribulations of a show dog.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Still a Big, Fat Ewe

Lowri - Well, Big Mama wasn't as close to lambing as TM thought.  She STILL hasn't popped!  Even MC says she looks like she is going to explode.  Fortunately, our weather is gorgeous, so Big Mama will be staying out in the field for the next week.

MC came up and brought Dinah and Treasure.  Treasure got to work the ducks first.  I have to say, I was impressed with her.  She is really listening to TM and is showing a LOT of instinct.  TM is working her on things like scooping the ducks out of a corner, and looking back to pick up a stray.  She is polishing her up for our trial that is at the end of the month. 

Dinah is a bit stressed.  TM has been pushing her so MC can work her at the trial.  MC will work her in Herding Tested on the first day of the trial.  TM can't work dogs that day, because her sister is going to judge the trial.  I think I should be entered.  I might get a break.  Surely Miss Kathy would give me a good score - after all, I am going to give her one of my best puppies!  I know, I know, Miss Kathy doesn't take bribes.

I got to do a little work on sheep and ducks.  TM is trying to give me lots of opportunity to be the farm dog rather than the trial dog.  I am beginning to see the point in some of the work.