TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday After Greenville

Lowri - We didn't go the dog show today.  TM only entered me on Saturday.   Today, my sister, Sally, won!  She got FIVE more points.  She only has one more to go to be a champion!  She is great!!!  My Mama, Scout, went Select, so G'ma Janet got to come home early.

TM picked green beans again and canned them.  Then she took PR to town and they bought some supplies.   MC came up with my Daddy and Treasure.  TM helped us all in our herding.  Daddy did a good job.  TM did lots of cheering when he was right.  He likes that.  Treasure got to work after Daddy.  She was enthusiastic.  TM was very happy with her.  She was able to put some pressure on Treasure, and Treasure kept working happily.  That was very good.

I got to go last.  I made the sheep move!  TM walked all over and I kept the sheep to her.  At the end of the lesson, I got to "hold" the sheep.  I made them stay right there!  TM finally let the sheep out of the round pen and we went up the field to let all the sheep go into the big field.  I ran around some, but I did not go chase the sheep.  TM said "that'll do."  That means we are done and I am not suppose to chase them any more.  I was a very good girl.

Kearney - I had to bring all the sheep into the field and separate them so everyone else could work them.  The cows were in the middle field, so TM brought me out on a long line.  She knew I would leave if the cows even looked at me.  This way I had to go with her.  We went up to the heifer.  TM bopped her with the stock stick and the cow left.  TM told me to push her and told me I was very brave.  I got pretty pumped!  Then I had to go out into the big field to get the sheep.  I did a very big outrun.  The sheep decided that I could make them mind, so they came on in to be worked.  I had a good time and TM was happy with me.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dog Show Today

Kearney - Boy oh boy, did I luck out!!  Not only did I NOT have to have a bath, I got to stay home today.  TM, MC and Lowri got up at 3:30 AM.  They were on the road by 3:45.

Lowri - I slept most of the way to Greenville, SC.  When I woke up, we were at the show.  I was shocked to realize that I was the only dog TM and MC brought.  I didn't have a security blanket at all!  It was very loud and scary for a young pup.  I stayed as close to TM as I could, but MC was leading me around.  We got to show at 8:00 AM.  My brother, Tommy, looked VERY handsome.  We all thought he should win, but he didn't.  He was Reserve Winners.  It was a four-point show for dogs.  Bitches (giggle) had a five-point show.

I won my class (I am not supposed to confess this, but I was the only puppy in my class).  My sister, Sally, was soon up in Bred-by.  There were four in her class.  TM, MC and G'ma Janet were all shocked that Sally ended up in fourth place.  When it was time for Winners, I went back in with MC.  I am embarrassed to say that I wigged out.  I didn't have Kearney nor TM to make me brave.  MC spent a lot of time in the ring playing with me.  I settled down and was able to move very nicely for her.  I also put my ears up and showed lots of expression.  That is hard when you are scared.  In the end, the judge never even looked at me.  He didn't realize that I was the prettiest and best.  I guess you can't account for taste.

TM and MC said they still took the best dog home.  We did take some pictures of Tommy, Sally, Mama and me.  We will try and post some tomorrow.

The exciting part of the day was that my beautiful Mama, Scout, went Best of Breed!  We are waiting patiently - NOT! - to hear how she did in the Group place.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Roll Lowri in the Grass"

 Lowri - We played "Roll Lowri in the Grass" again this morning.  This time TM took pictures.  This game is especially fun if you can find mud.  Nicky, I highly recommend it for you.  With all your coat, you will be able to get a really good mud bath <G>

If you look closely, you can see that Kearney is barely damp, while I got rolled good <giggle>  This is the BEST game!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lowri - I got to go to the doctor today.  There wasn't anything wrong with me.  TM just wanted me to have a tune-up since our favorite game is "roll Lowri in the grass." <G>  TM put Kearney and me out at 7:00 AM while she took her shower.  By the time she was ready to load me up, I was SOAKED from head to toe.  We had to wait a few minutes while TM used a towel to dry me off.

The doctor has excellent taste.  He said I was beautiful!  He also said I had a lot of personality <giggle>  TM moved me around and then put me on the table.  He made a couple of adjustments with this thing called an activator.  Then I got to gait around for a couple of minutes.  Then back on the table.  When he got near my croup, I didn't like it.  It hurt a little.  When he finished, I moved around a few more minutes, then back on the table.  This time when he adjusted my croup, it didn't hurt at all!  When TM moved me again, I just floated.  I think I like that man! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Herding Ducks

Kearney - Tonight, TM... Lowri - TM let me herd the ducks tonight.  Kearney - Lowri, I was talking.  Lowri - I got to herd ducks.  Really herd them.  TM had me run circles around them and then I got to drive them up the fenceline.  It was weird, but TM kept telling me how good I was.  Who am I to contradict her?  It was great fun.  I also got to put them away.  TM had me hold them while she opened the gate.  Then I got to put them in their pen.  Okay, you can talk now, Kearney.

Kearney - So gracious...  Anyway, I got to herd the ducks both ways along the fenceline - clear around the yard.  I also got to do the crossdrive.  I was very quiet and slow as I moved them.  Unlike another I could mention... TM was very happy with me!  She gave me lots of scritches. 

Lowri - I got scritches too.  TM was very happy with me too!

Kearney -  But I was better.

Lowri - Were not!  I was!

TM - Stop!!  Spoiled brats, both of you!  It has been one of those days.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Work

Kearney - TM brought Chase, Lowri and me back to our place.  Chase and I both got to work ducks.  I am trying to understand taking the ducks away from TM.  That is such a hard concept to get.  I pretty well have the idea of driving them down a fence line, or driving them down the field with TM moving with me, but I don't know about taking them straight away from her.

Chase worked a Started course.  It wasn't too pretty starting off, but he did a really good job through the rest of the course.  TM is giving him lots of praise every chance she gets.  He likes that!  Tonight, he will go back to MC's place - Thank GOD!

Lowri - Actually, this week has been very quiet.  My Daddy hasn't been rude to Kearney or Aidan.  They all got along really well.  TM still takes very good care to ensure that continues.

I didn't get to herd today.  TM said it was too hot and the ducks were tired.  She carried one back to their yard because it just wanted lay down.  I guess it is okay that I didn't get to herd.  Maybe I can herd sheep tonight.  I have to get good at herding so I can get letters too!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Kearney - We had a lazy Sunday.  We avoided the heat by staying indoors in the air conditioning.  Although, TM and I walked down to the barn this morning and let the lambs out to graze again.  Then we didn't do much for the rest of the day while TM finished canning the green beans.  PR slept late and took a long nap.  TM says that is so his back can heal.

Lowri - We finally went out to herd at about 7:30.  My Daddy went first.  He worked the big mamas in the middle field.  He did not do a very good job.  TM would tell him "away".  He would take a "bye".  TM worked hard to find places to praise him.  Finally, he caught on and started doing a better job. 

Kearney -  I got to work the lambs again so the big mamas could rest.   I am having so much fun.  TM had me hold the lambs so she could check their eyes.  I made sure that the lambs stayed put!  Then TM had me hold them near their feedpan while she went to the barn and got their feed.  I love my job!

Lowri - I worked last.  I worked out in the same field my Daddy did.  The big mamas are not as sedate when I am in the field.  I had to chase one of them clear down the field THREE times!  My tongue was sure hanging out by then.  But I did convince her to stay with TM.  We finished up at the barn.  TM had me hold them.  I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do, but I chased the ewes back to her when they tried to leave.  TM was pretty happy with me.  That is a good thing, because I got in trouble over the carpet again today.  I know I should leave it alone, but it is fun!  And I was bored!  TM spent the rest of the day making sure I had other things to do.

Kearney - I almost forgot!!!  My sister, Treasure, got her International Championship today.  She went to four shows in two days in Atlanta, GA.  The judges LOVED her.  She got a V1 rating from all four of them.  Then she went on and placed in three of the four groups.  She also placed in all four Bred-by groups.  She came home with two Group 1's, four Group 2's and one Group 3.  We are VERY proud of her!

Lowri - She got MORE Letters!!! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Saturday and a Bad Puppy

Lowri - It is hot.  We didn't do much today.  We played outside the garden while TM picked the green beans and the peas.  We went with her back home when she had to go back for a few hours.  She let us stay in the cool house while she ran errands and killed weeds.  Then we went back to PR's place.   I got locked in the xpen with my Daddy while TM gave PR a massage.  I ate the rug again.  TM was very mad at me!  I got locked in my crate while she canned the green beans.  What a boring day!

Kearney - It wasn't too bad.  I got to move the lambs.  TM had me bring them out of their field so they could graze for a couple of hours.  When she was getting ready to start canning the beans, we went down to bring the lambs back to their field for the night.  TM sent me way out around them.  I went up the hill and around behind them.  They quickly decided to go with TM.  It was fun and TM was happy with me.

Chase - I am with Lowri.  It was a pretty boring day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Locked up all day

Lowri - We were locked up almost all day.  TM and PR were up at the hospital until almost 5:00.  TM let us out as soon as they got home.  PR went and took a nap.  While he was sleeping, we got to go herding!

Chase - I got to go first!  I worked the lambs in the mid-sized field.  I was sooooo good!  TM was very happy with me.  I stopped when she told me to, and worked at a distance.  It is amazing how much control you have when you are so far away from them.  We finished with me getting to hold them lambs along the fence.  TM touched most of them while I kept them from running.  It is so cool!  TM heaped the praise on me while we worked and when we were done.

Kearney - I worked the lambs second.  TM put a collar and lead on me and we went out to build my confidence.  TM mad me walk up to the lambs.  When they stomped at me, she told me to "get" them.  I was pretty excited.  I barked at them and, because TM was right there, I walked up to them.  When they kept stomping at me, I got to bite at them.  They would bolt away, and I would go chase them back to TM .  I was really pumped!!!

Lowri - I got to go last.  Because the rain was coming soon, I got to work five of the lambs!  It was very exciting!  I figured out that if I went slower and stayed a little farther away from them, they didn't run so fast.  TM worked hard to teach me to do that.  It was a good thing, because it was still hot.  I did a very good job!!  I even stopped at the gate and held them away from it while TM opened it.  I was a GOOD dog.

Kearney - Aidan, the Vizsla,  is happy because he is back in PR's lap tonight.  He has been worried about PR.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Off to PR's Place

Kearney - We are off to PR's place for the next four days.  TM as already told us we have to behave, because PR is going to be hurting.  I will do my best to be good.  Lowri will just be Lowri!

Lowri - I can be good too!  I can, I can.  I probably won't be, but I could!  TM is going to herd with us as much as she can.  She is going to be taking care of PR, so we will be down on the the list of things to take care of.  Oh well, I still love TM...

Chase - Should be interesting!  Aidan and I don't get along very well.  Just because I told him off once (okay, maybe a couple of times).  You would think he would get over it.  I can assure you, I do NOT try to tell him off any more!  He just stares at me when I come in and I go right to the xpen!  TM will let me on her lap and Aidan is okay with that.

TM had an interesting way of feeding me tonight.  I was in my crate with the door open.  I was patiently waiting for supper.  As TM brought it to me, she threw it on the floor in front of my crate.  She looked at it for a minute, shrugged her shoulders and picked up Lowri's bowl.  Since she didn't say anything, I stuck my head out of my crate and started to eat.  When she still didn't say anything, I got comfortable and ate my dinner.  Good thing the housekeeper had just been here.  The floor was clean enough to eat off of <VBG>.  It was sparkly clean.  TM cleaned the floor again after I finished.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herding Ducks

Lowri - I had the BEST time herding ducks today!  I got to run circles around them.  Occasionally, I would try to pounce on one, but TM doesn't like that.   TM will try to say that at one point she was trying to lift the ducks away from the fence and I wasn't allowing that to happen.  All I know is that the ducks were in front of TM, she was along the fence and I was NOT letting them escape!  I held them to TM.  As TM advanced, so did the ducks, I fell back just enough to hold them to TM.  We did the whole fence line that way.  TM said she was curious to see what I would do.  I held them to her - like I am suppose to!  I was a VERY good dog!

Chase - Hi, I am Lowri's daddy.  I am visiting at TM's this week.  I had to herd the ducks too - er...I mean, I got to herd the ducks too.  I appreciate TM taking the time to work with me, but jeez, can't we just work sheep?  The ducks are okay and I am doing an okay job with them, but I LIKE sheep!  TM did say I did a very good job today.  My outrun was nice and wide.  I actually had fun, except for this whole thing TM has about stopping.  I mean, really, why should I stop, when the ducks are still walking?  I just don't get it and I wish she would quit insisting on me stopping.  This whole duck thing would be a lot more fun if I got to do it my way!

Kearney - I got to be the closer today.  TM said I was excellent <G>  When we were putting the ducks away, TM told me to "hold" them.  I made sure those ducks stayed right there!  TM was happy with how I did that. 

Tomorrow night, we all go back to PR's place.  Then on Friday, PR is having his back cut on.  Do you think they are going to fix him?  He might want to stay broken if they do to him what they did to me!  TM says they are going to remove some of his backbone to take pressure off a nerve.  Poor PR!  This should make him feel better.


Lowri - TM finally got around to taking some pictures of us again.  In this one, I am enjoying some alone time with TM.  I have already jumped into her lap while she was on the computer - a couple of times <giggle>  I am not sure she really appreciates it, but she does give me some good scritches.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blah Tuesday

Lowri - Boy, talk about a blah day!  Nothing happened.  No shows, no herding, no nothing.  Oh wait, we did get rained on!  TM was too busy today.  I did climb onto her lap a couple of times, or I think she would have forgotten me altogether.  TM talked to MP today.  She wanted to make sure that MP was doing ok after her long day.  She was able to distract MP a little bit.

Kearney - Yup, TM was busy today.  She worked, canned green beans, shopped, and did a bunch of little stuff.  She is going to try and mow the lawn tomorrow morning, but it is raining right now.  At least we got fed.  Chase and I did some posturing as we passed each other going in and out.  TM chewed us both out!  So not fair, it is MY house!  TM says it is HER house. 

Oh yes, TM filled out entries for our herding trial on Labor Day weekend!  I get to trial on Advanced Ducks - A course and Started Ducks - B course.  That should be fun, TM has never tried B course before.  That means she will be nervous and will probably yell at me for something I didn't even do.  Oh well, she will get over it pretty fast.  She is generally pretty good about trialing.   I have to take care of her when she gets nervous.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Different Kind of Week

Kearney - We are finally home again.  We spent several days at MC's house.  She was a great hostess!!  There are lots of opportunities for snacks and cuddles.  Then we spent a day at PR's home.  That was weird because Aidan and Daisy were still at the kennel.  When MC came up to do the herding, she forgot to take Chase when she left.  So he will be with us for a week.  Too bad she is so forgetful!

Lowri - My Daddy is here for a WHOLE week!  I am so excited!  TM said he was staying with us because MC is going out of town this coming weekend (NOT because MC forgot him, Kearney).  TM wants to spend the week herding with Daddy.   So we are all back at our house.  TM worked all day, then broke some green beans up - you should have heard her squeal when the spider hopped out of the beans <giggle>.  Then we all got to go out and herd the ducks.

Yes, I do mean we ALL got to go herding.  I got to herd the ducks last.  This was my first time at herding them since I was a little puppy.  TM said I did a very good job!  Of course I did.  I am a herding dog.  I am going to get letters that say so.  TM said that will happen this fall!

Kearney - Lowri and I both tried to tell Chase how to herd the ducks, but he is pretty dependent on TM.  He only moves if she tells him to.  I tried and tried to tell him to just move them, but he doesn't like ducks so he waits on TM.  I love ducks, so if TM isn't paying attention, I bring the ducks right to her.  It is fun <G>

Anyway, we are going to be here all week, then we go to PR's place on Thursday.  He is having back surgery on Friday.  We will be staying there until Monday or Tuesday.  I don't really care where we are as long as TM is there!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video of Me Herding

Lowri - MC loaded this video me herding. I did a very good job!

Fabulous Day

Lowri - We had a fabulous day.  My brother, Holmes, went BOB for his second GCH major.  My sister, Sally, went WB for her second major!  She now has nine points.  My sisters, Nola and Ginger, didn't fare so well today, but it was a fabulous weekend for my siblings! 

TM picked us up today and brought us home.  We got to go herding!  I did a wonderful job, TM said so!  I listened to her and stopped when she told me to.  I did circles in both directions and steadied when she asked me to.  I am a GOOD herding dog!  TM will post the video tomorrow.

Kearney - I had to herd the BIG sheep and the ram.  They were scary!  TM told me to walk up on them.  I was pretty sure she was crazy, but I did it.  It helped when TM went with me.  I knew she would not let any of the sheep hurt me.  I was very good.  I even got to bite the sheep.  They were starting to learn to respect me.

TM let Chase work them after me.  He didn't let them get away with anything!  He made sure they behaved.  He is much is braver than I am.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ginger makes it four

Lowri - My sisters had a great day.  Ginger and Sally BOTH got majors at their dog shows!  I am so happy for them.  Poor me, I haven't even had a chance to get a major!  I am so pitiful!  Oh, I almost forgot!  My mama, Scout, got a Group 2!  That is so awesome!  I can't wait until I get to the group place. 

Kearney - TM says she is having a good time in Gatlinburg.  She and PR are going to come get us tomorrow morning.  We will get to go herding in the late afternoon.  MC is going to bring the BIG wether, Harry, up to PR's place.  He will get to be a lesson sheep.  I hope I don't have to face him down.  He is really, really big!

TM says she has to start picking beans and peas.  They are ready to go!  She might have to can a bunch on Monday night.  Poor TM.  She doesn't get to eat raw like Lowri and me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

TM is in Gatlinburg

Kearney - TM called tonight to check in on us.  MC told her that I got to help take the lamb to market.  It was at O'dark:30 when we left.  MC brought me along for company - and in case the lamb managed to escape.  No such luck.   I just got to go for the ride.  The nice man at the market backed MC's car and trailer up for her.  He didn't want to wait until MC figured it out.

Lowri - I have been having the BEST time.  My Daddy and Treasure have been playing "roll the puppy in the mud" with me.  I am mud from head to tail (giggle)

Kearney - PR surprised TM with a diamond ring this afternoon.  He waited until TM's family was there and then gave it to her.  It takes a lot to surprise TM and she was definitely surprised!  It is a good thing that all of us kids get along so well.  Aidan, Daisy, Lowri and I are all happy for them.

Happy showing to all my sibs

Lowri - While I am playing at MC's, I wanted to wish best success to all my sibling at their shows this weekend.  Wishing Holmes a BOB and Nola a Major in Eagle, CO.  Wishing Tommy and Sally Majors in MS.  Wishing Ginger a Major up North.  Good luck to all!

I just found out that I have a chance for a five-point major in Greenville, SC in two weeks.  I am so excited!!!  So we all have opportunities for majors.  Then, a bunch of us will get to go to Western Reserve.  I can't wait!

Kearney - I helped TM and MC load a lamb tonight.  TM says if I had been braver, I could have helped a bit better.   I wish I were braver, but I am not even two yet.  TM says she will help me with getting braver, but it will take some time.  She says my Aunt Dora was a chicken until she was about four.  Somehow TM worked some magic and Dora got very brave.  I hope she can help me.  Fixing me obviously didn't work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog show weekend for everyone but ME!

Lowri - I just found out that my siblings are going to dog shows and I am not!  Sally and Tommy are going to one show, and my sister, Ginger, is having her de-butt at another!  They all have opportunities at MAJORS!  I want to go too!!!  Instead, Kearney and I are going to spend the weekend at MC's while TM and PR are going to be playing with TM's family.  EVERYONE is having fun but me!

Oh, TM just said I am going to MC's for the weekend.  That will work.  MC always has a party going (giggle)

Kearney - I get to help MC load a lamb into the trailer tomorrow.  He is being taken to the market.  MC is trading him for money.  I think that is a bad trade.  You can't herd money!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday at PR's again.

Kearney - I am starting to feel better now.  Boy, being fixed is not fun.  I would rather have stayed broken!  TM has been taking good care of me.  I lay on my back in her lap every night while she does lymphatic work to my private areas.  It has really helped with the swelling and pain.  Hopefully, I will get to herd this weekend.

Lowri - PR says I am the ba-a-a-d puppy every time he sees me.  Of course, he says the same thing to Aidan, and Aidan hasn't done anything wrong lately.  He says Daisy is the "ugly" dog, but she gets to sit in his lap all evening.  I don't think he is serious about any of it.  Of course, I am so cute, no one could stay mad at me for very long.  Right now, I am sitting on TM's lap.

We went out to the garden tonight.  TM and PR had to fix the fence around the garden.  One of PR's trees, a Bradford Pear, broke and fell on the vine plants (cucumber, squash, etc.) and damaged some of them.  TM cheered.  Why would she do that?  She is getting a lot of fresh veggies.  Anyway, they got the fence fixed.  I guess they don't want the bunnies eating the plants.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm a Ba-a-a-a-ad Puppy

Lowri - I am a very ba-a-a-ad puppy.  I have joined my siblings in the destruction of our homes.  I couldn't help it!!!  TM was gone for three days.  She only got home in time to feed us, give us a couple of scritches, and then she would go to bed.  Kearney was unavailable to play with.  TM wasn't letting him play with me because he was fixed.  He was more fun when he was broken!!

Anyway, tonight TM put me in the xpen while she left me AGAIN.  She and PR went to the massage room so she could work on him.  They were simply gone too long.  I found a loose thread in the carpet.  I deny all implications that I caused the loose thread in the first place!  I ripped a hole in the carpet and tore out some of the carpet pad.  It was a lot of fun until TM and PR came out and found it.  They got mad!  I was told I was a ba-a-a-ad puppy.

Since I was already bad, I went ahead and peed on the carpet under the coffee table while TM cleaned up the torn carpet.  I got put in my crate.  I mean really, this whole thing was because I was left alone too much to begin with!

Kearney - TM has been taking good care of me.  Every night, she has been doing lymphatic work to reduce the swelling.  I appreciate it.  It feels good.  I tried to tell Lowri to be good.  She was just being stubborn.  That is the problem with puppies.  They just don't have enough experience to know that our people really try to take care of us.  Sometimes you just have to wait until the busy times pass.

Friday, July 8, 2011

TM Loves Us

Kearney - This weekend - including Friday - TM is driving  back and forth to Asheville, NC.  It takes her almost two hours each way, but she is doing it so we can stay home.   She is taking a class there to help people with bad necks and backs.  She says she can also do it for us.  We're very lucky dogs. 

Last night, PR stayed with us so he could replace TM's dishwasher.  TM got up this morning and dashed off to Asheville.  PR slept a little longer then finished putting in the dishwasher.  He also fed us, let us out one more time then crated us so we could stay cool.  We forgot to tell TM that he had already fed us, so she fed us again <G>

Lowri - When TM got home tonight, she made us another batch of dog food.  I think she said there were 21 pounds for us.  We knew how hard she has been working, so we helped her clean up (see my halo?).  We got to play outside while she ground up everything.  I took good care of Kearney to make sure he didn't play too hard.  I am trying to be a good girl.  I didn't realize how hard it was!

Oh, oh, oh!  TM found the freezer key.  That was after PR brought her one that worked and she ordered two more.  She had put it in the pocket of her robe and forgot about it.  When she did laundry, the key ended up in the dryer.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strange Day

Lowri - It's been the strangest day.  I have barely been allowed to see Kearney.  We get to pass in the doorway, but that is it.  TM has kept him locked up all day.  I know he is feeling better, but I just don't know why he can't come out to play. 

Fortunately, PR came over with Aidan and Daisy.  We have been playing out in the yard.  TM mowed the grass tonight, so my feet are green (giggle).  I am just surprised that my ruff isn't green too.  Aidan has been playing our favorite game - Roll Lowri in the Grass.

Kearney - I am feeling a little better tonight, but I am very sore.  At least the nausea is pretty much gone.  TM gives me some Rimadyl every evening.  That makes me feel better.  It is tasty too.  I am glad TM is keeping Lowri away.  She is a bit too energetic for me right now.  It is good that Aidan and Daisy are playing with her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Official too!

Lowri - LOOKIE!  I'm official too!  I have a point!  When do the letters start appearing?  Do I get letters for this?  It says Number of Points   1.  I am sooo excited!!!  I'm going to get letters, I'm going to get letters!

Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment - DN29684802

  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 20-JUN-2011
Number of Points 1
Number Major Wins 0
Number Major Judges 0
Total Number Judges 1
TM cut the sheep out of this picture so all y'all could see just my movement.  She thinks I look like a German Shepherd in full stride.  She loves this picture.  Thanks MC for giving it to her! 


Kearney - TM took me to the vet's office to get fixed.  I didn't know I was broken!  And, yes, I did get tutored.  I learned that "tutored" really means "neutered".  I don't know what all neutered means to me or will mean to me, but it didn't feel good.  I am still groggy.  It doesn't hurt much, but they made me sleep and that has me a bit unsteady on my feet.  TM has some pain pills to give me when I start hurting.

I do know that my best friend, Aidan, has been neutered.  It didn't seem to change him all that much.  He still is feisty if you get near PR when he thinks HE should be, but other than that, we still get to play and have a great time.  So maybe being neutered won't be a big deal.

Lowri - Kearney, I am awfully glad you are home.  It was kind of lonesome without you.  TM did give me some extra cuddles, but I missed you.  TM says we will need to be careful with you for the next few days, so I guess I will just get to wave at you.  I hope they fixed you really well, I want to have you here with me forever!

Herding Pictures

TM - Kearney is off today being neutered.  I am posting a couple of his herding pictures.

Lowri - Poor Kearney.  TM told me that he is at the doctor's place.  He is being fixed so he will always be my big brother.  I am glad for that.  He is a very good big brother!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growing up is hard.

Lowri - We got back from PR's place today.  TM ignored us ALL day long.  We had to stay outside.  When we finally got to come in, the kitchen smelled bad!  I may need to look into finding a new Mama!  TM is ignoring my needs!

Kearney - Lowri, I love you a lot, but you are so immature!

Lowri - I'm NOT immature!  Am not, am not, am not!!!

Kearney - If you were paying attention, you would realize TM is being slammed by work right now.  If it isn't massage clients, it's stuff going wrong at the house.  All you have to do is look around and you can see what all she is trying to accomplish.  She sold the china cabinet, the dishwasher broke, she bought a new cabinet.  It has to be stained - that is why the kitchen stinks.  All the stuff from the china cabinet is on the kitchen table waiting for the new cabinet to dry.  The new dishwasher is in the middle of the kitchen waiting for someone to install it.  On top of all that, TM fed us, made a point of giving us scritches every time she went by us.  And with all that, you think you might need a NEW Mama?   Plus, she just figured out she has lost the key to the freezer  - where all our food is.  She is not having a good day!  Besides, don't you remember, you spent the entire weekend in TM's lap!  Grow up!

Lowri - You're right.  Just don't tell TM that I said I want a new Mama.  Pleazzze Kearney! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Long weekend

Kearney - We didn't get to post yesterday, because TM and PR were really busy.  They were gone for most of the day!  We were stuck in crates.  When they got back at 7:00, they ate dinner and then TM took us out to work sheep.  Whew!  She was not happy with either Chase or me.  We were back out in the big field and we had to work farther out from her.   Both of us had confidence issues. 

Since we got the new lambs, I have not wanted to go to the heads of the sheep - they might stomp at or charge me!  TM says my confidence is suffering.  She is working with me so I can be braver.  Today, both Chase and I did much better working the sheep.  TM told me I was awesome when I penned the sheep (G).  When we were done herding, we got to get into the cool water.  I made sure I got good and wet!

Lowri - While I got to be in the kennel run with my daddy yesterday, there was no one around all day to take care of me!  I NEED people to cater to me!  We were locked up together for hours and hours.  Finally, TM and PR came home.  They still didn't let us out of the kennel.  We had to stay there until TM was ready to go herding.

I got to herd the sheep in the big field yesterday and today!  It was very exciting.  TM let me do some real work!  I didn't realize that herding involved real work.  I thought it was just chasing sheep around the small pen.  I am beginning to understand why TM wants me to be farther away from the sheep when I am working them.  If they bolt, they can run really far away!!!

After the herding, I got to get in the water too.  At one point, MC brought my daddy over, and we both lounged around in the water.  It felt really good!  TM said she would add pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy's here again!

 My Daddy is here again.  TM took some pictures of him and me together.  He stayed right where she told him to.  I didn't see the point, but TM kept putting me back until I stayed there.  It was very hot out in the sun.  I am the cutie on the right.

TM tried and tried to get our ears up, but we didn't cooperate.  It is fun to see what all she will do.  If you ignore all her attempts to get your ears up, she will even make funny sounds.  Does she think she really sounds like a cat or a dog whining?  It is fun to tease her.

After posing for the pictures, TM hosed us off.  Daddy got his underside hosed down.  After the initial shock of the cold water, he just stood there and let the water cool him down.