TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dog Show Weekend

Lowri - Whoo-hoo!  I get to go to a dog show this weekend!  We are going to drive up Saturday morning.  I don't even have to get up at the crack of dawn!  We don't show until 12:50.  I will get to be petted and pampered and I get to sleep in.  Life is GOOD!

Tomorrow night, I am getting a hot oil bath and a massage.  Oh man, my neck, back and legs are going to feel soooooooooo good.  TM is going to knead my muscles, work especially on what feels tight and then gently massage the joints in my feet and pasterns.  I am going to be so limber!  Every single part is going to move...well, like a well-oiled maching <giggle, snort>  Get it?  Hot oil bath, well-oiled machine?  I amuse myself sometimes.

I love having my own personal trainer.  I can nag TM until she gets up and does something with me.  She feels guilty because I have to be by myself while she works.  I don't have anyone to entertain me.  I tell you, if you do it right, you can really manipulate your person.  I sit beside her and poke and push until she gets up.  I got TM to play fetch with me in the hall every night this week.  She throws the toy, I run and get it and then woo-woo at her while I bring it back.  She always laughs when I do that.  She also makes me hold a dumbbell a couple of times, but then she goes back to throwing the toy for me.  The dumbbell is a small price to pay for getting my way.

Now that I have let her type my thoughts, I am going to nag her until we go to the sitting room.  When we are there, I will roll onto my back with my head on her lap.  TM will rub my belly as long as I lay there.  I have it made!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Lowri - Wow, Fall has just started and I am thinking I like it best of all! 

I got to go herd ducks last night.  The weather was perfect!  It was just getting toward twilight.  I got the ducks out.  I took the direction TM asked me to, even though it was different from our "usual" direction.  I brought them out into the yard and TM worked me on staying out away from my ducks.  It isn't as much fun, but the ducks do stay quiet.

TM also worked me on just moving them around the yard.  When I am on her right, everything is fine.  I know exactly what to do.  When I am on TM's left, I keep drifting back over to her side.  TM doesn't want me to do that.  She wants me to stay with the ducks.  I see a LOT of working on TM's left in my future.

When we came in, it was almost dark.  It was only 8:00!  We went to the sitting room and watched TV.  I was on my back getting my tummy stroked.  Heaven!  At 9:00, TM went to SKYPE with PR.  I stayed in the sitting room and watched TV until she came back.  Then I snuggled some more.  I LOVE all this snuggle time since it gets dark early.  It is also cooler, so TM is encourages my snuggling.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Evening EVER

Lowri - I just spent the best evening I have ever had.  I was on TM's lap, on my back, while she rubbed my tummy.  I stayed on her lap for a couple of hours.  Sometimes she stroked my head and neck, but mostly, it was my belly.  I was feelin' the LOVE.   It was the B E S T  E V E N I N G  E V E R!

Monday, September 24, 2012

TM is No Fun!

Lowri - TM is no fun at all.  At PR's place this weekend, every time I would go out to potty, I would have to wear the baddog collar.  She even reminds PR to use it.  Just because I would rather be the Great Huntress than come when TM calls me...I AM BUSY!  Get use to it!  I have to hone my skills.  Every time it happens, TM remembers the baddog collar for the next four or five times.

Today, when we got back to town, TM went right to work on a door.  She was shaving off parts of it to put the hinges in.  Since the scraps were falling on the ground, I helped myself.  TM took them away from me.  THEY WERE ON THE GROUND!  That makes them MINE!  When she finished with the hinges, she shaved a miniscule (I have been reading) amount off the top of the door.  It was so soft and paper-thin.  I was SURE she wouldn't mind me having it.  She did.

The whole time this was going on, the gate was open.  TM was getting tools out of the car and the house.  Any time I edged toward the open gate, TM went uhn-uh.  I know what THAT means!  But, why leave the gate open if I can't go check on the neighbors?

She is NO FUN.  I may call a strike!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Great Huntress Foiled

Lowri - I have been trying to hunt bunnies all weekend, but TM has been keeping too close an eye on me.  Every time I head over toward the sweet potatoes, she calls me back.  I am not sure how TM thinks I will be able to hone my skills, if she never lets me hunt!  After all, I might have puppies that I need to feed.  You never know if TM will suddenly stop feeding me.  It hasn't happened yet, but it might!

I did get to go herding several times this weekend.  TM said that since I came out of heat and settled back down, I have been acting much more mature - both on stock and in general.  She was happy with most of my work on ducks and quite pleased with my work on sheep.  I am learning to step up my game.  I am going to be in Intermediate and Advanced next year.

I got to snooze on TM's lap this afternoon - literally on her lap.  She was napping and was cold.  It was either me or the blanket.  I made sure the blanket was juuuuuust out of reach.  I like napping on TM's lap.  She strokes me between my eyes, even when she is partially asleep.  It is sooooo nice.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great Huntress

Lowri - I am the Great Huntress!  Papa Ron took me out with Aidan and Daisy so we could do our business.  I immediately headed for the garden (after taking care of said business).  There are bunnies lurking there.  I pounced and caught one!  PR called me and I came over to show him my prize.  He made me let it go!  Note to self - if you catch a bunny, do NOT go to Papa Ron!

<snicker>  Aidan tried to catch the bunny after I let it go.  He ran off to the next field trying to catch it.  He didn't <snicker, snort>

When I came in the house, I was strutting my stuff.  I was PUMPED!  I am the Great Huntress!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday in Town

Lowri - TM slept in this morning.  I think it really helped her feel better.  She was in a much better place this afternoon.  When she got done with work, she took me for a long walk.  We went as fast as she could walk for the entire time.  Have you seen her legs?!?!?  She can hustle!  We also did some jogging.  I moved along very nicely.  TM was pleased with me.

After TM and PR SKYPE'd tonight, TM saw Mama Penni was on the computer.  She tried to SKYPE with MP, but she wasn't with her computer right then.  A few minutes later, MP SKYPE'd back.  Apparently when the computer announced the call, all of MP's dogs went racing outside barking.  Silly things, they need to SKYPE more often.

TM and MP weren't actually able to SKYPE.  MP was having technical difficulties.  They typed back and forth, then TM pulled me into her lap so MP could see me.  Then my Daddy got in MP's lap.  We looked silly <VBG>  TM and MP waved good-bye and signed off.

It was a pretty slow day for me.  I am just glad TM is feeling better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Official Letters

TM says this is NOT how you earn letters!
 Lowri - Mama Penni sent TM my certificates that show I officially have new letters.  I got my HSAd and HSBd letters.  I am so happy!  Letters, I LOVE letters! 

I also saw that I am still the number 9 Cardigan in the country (in breed points).  I am the ONLY Cardigan in the top 10 that has performance letters. 

I haven't been able to get TM to type my thoughts for a couple of days because she has been sickly.  She says it is her allergies.  Today, we spent some time together snoozing on the sofa in the sitting room.  TM was a bed hog.  Just sayin'.  Fortunately, TM is feeling a bit better.  I should be able to get her to post my thoughts before I forget what they are. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


This is just TM's family that was at the wedding!
Lowri - I just discovered that after TM dropped me off so I could go party at the dog shows, SHE WENT AND PARTIED WITHOUT ME!  I can't believe this.  I thought she was going to be all sad and gloomy because she couldn't go to the dog shows.  NO!  She went to her family's place in Baltimore - where I have NEVER been - and partied for two days without me.  There were people there that I don't know and haven't kissed yet!  She even played with other dogs.  I guess I will need to keep a closer eye on her in the future!

She says it was a wedding.  I think there was a lot of partying involved.  I will be checking TM over carefully when I get back home.

The top photo is the groom's parents (TM's brother and sister-in-law).  I have met and kissed them.  They are very nice.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Party On

Lowri - TM left me at MC's house on Thursday evening.  On Friday, she headed off so she could visit with family.  I played and played with Dinah.  We have had the BEST time!  Last night, I got my pre-show bath.  At O'dark-thirty this morning, we got up and headed to Chattanooga.

MC had packed her new car with stuff.  She says the Focus is a bit smaller than the Matrix, but she was able to fit everything she needed in it.  That would be ME and Dinah.  Plus a lot of gear so MC can groom me, and clothes for MC to wear so she can show me.  There are even extra crates so Dinah can sleep in comfort - while I sleep on the bed with MC. 

I do miss TM, but I must go on.  PARTY TIME!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TM Here

TM - I have no puppy here with me.  I took Lowri down to Cheryl's (MC) so she could be shown this weekend at the Chattanooga shows.  I will be going to Maryland to my nephew's wedding.  In the last hour, I have caught myself numerous times trying to let Lowri in.  I keep telling myself that Lowri isn't here, she is at Cheryl's.  Then a few minutes later, I catch myself again.  I think I even said something to her (empty crate) as I drove home from Cheryl's.  I need my puppy!

My Bags are Packed

Lowri - ROAD TRIP!  I have my bags packed and ready to be put in the van.  I am going to stay with Mama Cheryl for the weekend.  I am SO excited!  DOG SHOW! 

I am going to sleep on MC's bed, play with my little sister, Dinah, and just go wild!  The show is in my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I get to see my Beautiful Mama and maybe my sister, Sally, and definitely my brother, Tommy.  We are going to PARTY!

Poor TM is going to miss all the fun.  She is going to drive up to see her brothers in Maryland.  Her nephew is getting married.  She is going to drive and drive and I am going to party and party <VBG>

I get to go to MC's place tonight!  Party starts at 7:00.  TM and MC are going to go get MC's new car.  Her old one died on Sunday.  I bet the new one will smell funny.  It will take us a while to get it smelling like DOG.

MC is going to have to bathe me.  I wonder if she will massage me like TM does.  TM is packing my hot oil too.  I am going to look so good.  PARTY TIME!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am Being Ignored

Lowri - I am being ignored and I DON'T like it!  TM has been too busy to spend time with me.  Take yesterday...TM left PR's place early.  I will grant that she remembered to take me with her, but that is all I can say for how I was treated.  She stopped at the mini-farm and mowed and sprayed the weeds.  I had to stay in my crate!  She SAYS it was because she was spraying weeds, I think she just didn't want spend time with me.

Then she got to our house in town.  I got put in the little yard while she mowed.  Then she left me while she went and checked on the rental house.  When she got home, I got to spend a few minutes at her feet and then she left me AGAIN!  This time she was gone for hours.  She said she was cleaning the rental house. 

When she got home, she was too tired to do ANYTHING.  She took some asprin and went to bed.  Today was more of the same - except no mowing.  She did five hours of massage and then went to clean the rental.  I had to stay home!

I was set to go on strike, but TM did find time today to make me a batch of raw food.  I helped her clean up.  Tonight, when she was SKYPE'ing with PR, she mentioned that I might start tearing things up if she continued to ignore me.  We went to the sitting room and snuggled together for an hour and a half.  I feel MUCH better.  Hopefully, TM is done ignoring me.  I NEED attention!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Light Bulb Moment

Lowri - This weekend I had a light bulb moment.  I was helping TM with the ducks.  She was trimming wing feathers so they wouldn't fly away while we were herding.  I was helping her by fetching the ducks and holding them in the corner.  It was work.  I suddenly realized that I have a JOB!  Herding isn't just fun and games, it is about taking care of the stock too.  Holy cow!  I am not sure I am cut out for this responsibility!  I had just a glimpse of why Kearney was always serious about herding.  He was TM's go-to dog.  Any real work was his.  Now I am the go-to dog.  I have a job - wow!

So today, we were back to the fun and games part of herding.  That is so much more fun!  Maybe I need to stick with being a party girl.  Yeah, that sounds better.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Love Papa Ron

Lowri - I was sneaky last night.  I conned Aiden, the Vis...Vizz...Vizsla, into getting off PR's lap to play with me, then I turned around and jumped into PR's lap <VBG>  Aidan didn't know what to make of that, but he wasn't very happy about it.  I cozied up to PR for a few minutes until Aidan made too big a deal of it.

This morning, PR got up and let me out and fed me.  What more can a Cardigan ask for?  I really got lucky in the person lottery!  I have both TM and PR - plus MC, MP and G'ma Janet. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

7 weeks old
 Lowri - Here is a picture that TM took the first time she saw me.  She wanted me right then!  It was love at first sight.

The other picture is one she took in Atlanta at the dog show.  See how I am fulfilling my promise?

20 months old
I snuck this one in when TM wasn't looking <VBG>

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Best Day

Lowri - TM didn't have very many clients yesterday, so we spent a lot of time in the sitting room snuggling on the sofa.  That is one of my very favorite ways to spend the evening.   If TM is cold, you get to lay on top of her.  If she is too hot - those flash things make her that way - then you lay at the other end of the sofa until she cools off again.  When you lay with your head on her lap, she pets your forehead so gently.  I just close my eyes and go to sleep.  I LOVE snuggling with TM.

This morning, my day started of perfectly!  I got to go outside to take care of my business, then TM came out and got the ducks out for me.  I got to herd first thing in the morning!!!  TM stayed very quiet and expected me to stop when she told me to and my walk-ups had to be at a walk.  She let me be very fast on my outruns as long as I went wide.  I was very good!  I started TM's day off right.  I was the good puppy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Even MORE Letters!

Lowri - I had the very best time yesterday at the trials!  First, I got to chase ducks around the B course.  TM was pretty horrified when I pounced on one.  IT WAS FLAPPING IT'S WINGS!  Of course I pounced!  I was pushing them so fast, they got to the free-standing pen before TM did <giggle>  What a HOOT!  TM even used "Bad Dog".  I didn't care.  I had a great time!

TM then moved me up to Intermediate A course ducks.  She thought about just pulling my entry because I was so bad.  Then she decided to use it as a training opportunity.  I behaved somewhat and even qualified.

In Started Sheep, I was just a little too wild.  I non-qualified, but I had a really, really good time doing it.  Even though I non-qualified, TM was generally pleased with my work.  She said I covered the stock really well.

It is so confusing.  When I qualified, she called me a bad dog and was horrified with my work.  When I didn't qualify, she came off the field pretty pleased with my work.  What is up with that?

Anyway, I am now GCH CH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment, HSAd HSBd - pending AKC verification.  I have LETTERS!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

L E T T E R S !!!!!!!!

Lowri - Letters, I have MORE letters!  TM may try to tell you that I was a wild child, but I was good enough to get a 1st place and two 3rd places!  I won my Started B-course duck run.  I was AMAZING!  The judge said I was a little fast and a little pushy,  but said I did a good job!  I ran that course in under 2 minutes!  I was so good!

Then we went and did sheep.  I was the first dog, and I set the bar for the rest of the class.  Well, TM says the bar was set pretty low, but agrees since I was first, I set the bar.  I ran that course in just over 2 minutes.  I got a 3rd and earned my first sheep leg.

Treasure ran fourth.  She spent almost twice that amount of time.  All of her extra time was spent on the center-line gate.  She lost the sheep and then took them around the course the second time.  I don't think you get extra points for that.  Afterwards, TM and MC were talking.  They didn't think Treasure had qualified.  Turned out that the judge thought she did a pretty good job overall.  She lost 10 points on the center-line, but she Q'ed!  TM and MC were very happy!!!  Treasure actually got trial letters before I did!  She has her HSAs.  TM and MC are going to train her on ducks next.

I got to run A-course ducks next.  I had a very good time <G>  It was raining and I did a lot of bouncing!  I did manage to qualify and got 3rd place.  TM said that gave me more letters.  I now have one started sheep leg, two started B-course duck legs and LETTERS in A-course ducks!  I have an HSAd title.  It was a very good day!