TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday at the Herding Trial

Lowri - The judge said I was AWESOME!  TM did too!  I was much more controlled and was a very good dog.  I did annoy the big wether, who started stomping at me and turning to face me and shaking his head.  TM said I caused it (by being too pushy), so I could fix it.  I did <VBG>  I would charge up at him and demand that he MOVE.  He did <G>  I did a hold at the exhaust pen and then moved the sheep into the pen.  TM said I was awesome.  Man, did that sound good!

Chase - I got my very first HX leg!  TM did a lot of yelling, but she said I did listen to her where it counted.  I have to admit that I lifted my leg in the arena - twice.  TM was NOT happy about that!  Ohhhh, she yelled at me!  What can I say, I swear there was a girl there that wanted me.  What was I supposed to do?

I also have to say that today I beat Kearney on sheep!  That doesn't happen often, but I Q'ed and he didn't.  I was the good dog!

Kearney - I would have qualified except TM didn't need me too.  I had the high score in Advanced from my duck run.  That gave me my second 1st place win and four more points.  When I get four more, I will be a dual champion.

I was awesome on ducks.  I worked hard for TM and actually got a cross drive.   I was also the only one to get the ducks up the middle and around the cone.

Tomorrow is another day.  We will try hard again.  Well, Lowri won't, she was only entered today.  But, I will say that the brat did a very nice job on her sheep!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Herding Trials This Weekend

Kearney - We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon (Friday) for the herding trials in Georgia.  I am going to work sheep and ducks...

Lowri - TM said I was AWESOME on ducks today!  She said I am turning into a really good duck dog.  I had a lot of fun.  I listened when she told me to steady.  I stopped when TM told me to.  I was very good.

Kearney - May I continue?

Lowri - Oh, sure.  No problem.

Kearney - Chase is going to work on Advanced sheep, and Lowri will get to work in PT again.

Lowri - PT???  I already have that title!  What was TM thinking?  I thought I would be going at the trial level.  Are you sure, Kear?

Kearney - Yes, I'm sure.  TM wants you to have some more ring experience before we get ready for Nationals.  She wants to see if you will stay off the stock and actually stop when she asks you too.  She says you have been progressing really well.  This is just an opportunity for you to show off what you know.

Anyway, we leave tomorrow afternoon, as soon as TM is done with work.  She has packed up and is ready to go.  I can't wait!  I am going to try really hard to get more Herding Championship points.  TM is counting on me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter

TM - Too fun!  Cheryl caught both at almost exactly the same stride.  Top is Daddy Chase.  Bottom is
little Lowri.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas

Kearney - We had a great day today.  I got to help TM load four lambs.  Two went home with MC and two went to the butcher.  I had to work hard to make them come with TM.  It was fun <G>.

TM also loaded up the bull to go to the butcher.  Couldn't happen to a better cow.  Wouldn't hurt my feelings if the cow had been loaded up too.  One down, one to go.

Chase got to herd out in the big field.  TM has been doing stuff with him to make him think about what he is doing.  She hopes he will still be thinking at the trials this next weekend.

My sister, Treasure, got to herd in the round pen.  She was working the three young wethers/rams.  She was very excited.  It was funny to hear her high pitched yip every time her front feet hit the ground.  TM told her she was EXCELLENT.

Lowri - I didn't get to herd as I had had a bath on Christmas.  TM didn't want me to get all muddy.  Kearney had a bath too and HE got to get in the mud up to his elbows!  He was pretty solid mud on his lower half.  I wanted to get muddy too!

Instead, TM and MC took pictures of me.  While I love having my picture taken, I REALLY love getting muddy.  Anyway, here are two pictures they took.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Game!

Lowri - I had the BEST time today!!  We went to MC's house for Christmas.  MC had a new camera.  It can take LOTS of pictures every second.  We went across the street to the manicured field belonging to MC's neighbor.  It was the most amazing place.  The grass grew liver treats!  TM walked me over and then put on my new harness.  She kept saying new words, "Do you want to track?"  Well, how would I know, I had never done it before.

Wow!!  It was amazing.  We got to this place where TM had stood.  I could tell, because it smelled just like her.  I dropped my nose to check it out, and LIVER sprouted!  After I picked up a couple of pieces, I started forward, smelling where TM had gone.  More liver!  TM just stood there and let me go ahead.  I LIKE this new game!  Then I found where TM dropped her phone.  I knew she was clumsy, but I didn't realize she was losing things.  I will start paying attention, so I can help her.  Both TM and MC heaped praise on me.  Food and praise, I LOVE this new game.

Kearney - I didn't get to play the new game this time, but I did get to help TM catch and load the ram lamb.  When he didn't move, I grabbed him and told him to go.  Boy, did he <VBG>  TM had a halter on the lamb.  It was a good thing.  She was able to control his head while he leaped up in the air and tried to run.  I helped TM a lot!  MC also helped.

When TM was ready to leave, she discovered she had a flat tire.  MC was a big help.  They changed the tire to the baby spare tire and then MC took TM to WalMart to get a new one.  Poor TM, she didn't have road hazard coverage.  When they got back, MC helped her change the tire again to put on the new one.  TM finally got to leave for PR's place.  She got there while it was still light.  I got to help her put the lamb in the round pen.  He is going to market on Monday!

TM - Merry Christmas!  I hope your day is blessed.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dora Video

Kearney - TM had so much fun making Lowri's movie, that she went ahead and made one in Dora's memory.  Of course, it was a no-brainer as to the music. She had to share it as it was so upbeat.

Dora's stats are: RWB at the 2005 CWCCA Nationals, Group placing, TM's first Herding Excellent dog, the first (and currently only) Herding Champion Cardigan bitch, ditto for Dual Champion Cardigan bitch. All by the time she was six, when TM tragically lost her to lymphoma. Bred by Kathy Harper of Kollage Cardigans.

Lowri - I guess I have my work cut out for me!  I have a lot to accomplish.  Dora had LOTS of letters!

Herding - We got to go Herding!

Kearney - TM had a few minutes tonight, so she took us herding.  I got to get the ducks out.  I did a VERY good job of that, requiring little to no commands from TM.  Then I took them around and across the yard several times.  TM threw her hands in the air and said "That'll do."  She was very happy with me.

Lowri - Then I got to work the ducks.  I am very fast and I tried to make them move like the sheep.  That didn't work well, so TM started telling me what to do.  She likes me to "stop."  That isn't much fun, but then I can run to get around the ducks.  I drove them around the yard too.  It was great.

Tomorrow, TM is taking us to Mama Cheryl's place.  We are going to exchange Christmas gifts.  Then TM is loading up the ram lamb and taking him to Papa Ron's place.  I hope I get to help, but I suspect it will be Kearney.  TM has promised to get some pictures of us dressed up in the gift Mama Penni sent us.  I can't wait.  I hear there will be cookies involved!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rain and Roofs

Kearney - TM is still struggling with the respiratory flu.  She is working this week, but doesn't have lots of energy other than that.  Take today, for instance.  TM had several hours in the morning that she could have used productively.  I could have gone herding!  But, no, she sat around and didn't do much of anything.  We get fed, some scritches but that is it.  Doesn't she realize that the herding trial is just 10 days from now?

Lowri - TM gave me a bath the other day so she and MC could take some good pictures of me.  Then it rained.  What can I say, Kearney and I HAD to play "Roll Lowri in the Mud."  TM looked at me this morning and just sighed.  I don't get it, she leaves us outside to entertain ourselves, and then is disappointed when I come in muddy.  All I can say is that I had FUN getting this way <G>

Kearney - The insurance company decided TM's roof was damaged by the spring storms.  That is really good news.  It means that TM doesn't have to spend all my trialing money on the roof.  She can spend it on us!  Now TM just has to get the guys out here to replace the roof when she isn't working - and when it isn't raining!   Since it is going to rain all the time between now and June, I am not sure how she is going to do that.

Lowri - I saw TM on the computer today.  She was looking at dogs show for me to go to.  I am going to really enjoy myself this next year!  She and MC say I am special.  I knew that <G>

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling Better, Finally

Kearney - TM has been sick for over a week.

Lowri - While we like it that she lost her voice for three whole days <vbg>, we are exhausted from taking care of her.

Kearney - Tonight, PR is coming over to take over.  We should finally get some sleep!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie Star - For Real

Lowri - Once again, I am a movie star!  I would like to thank Miss Betty Moore Smith for helping TM - a LOT - in getting this video to play.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movie Star

Lowri - I am a movie star!  I have my own video, complete with music and credits.

I must thank Tommy's mom, Betty Moore Smith, for being TM's inspiration!  Without her, TM would have never tried to put this together.  I would also like to thank MP for letting me come to live with TM; MC for her fabulous photography skills; PR for the scritches; Nicky for the marvelous suggestions for being a scamp; and, of course, G'ma Janet for initiating everything.

Kearney - Oh, geez...

TM - Well, I obviously screwed it up.  Sorry - no video.

Change of Plans

Kearney - TM packed up last night and was ready to jump in the car this morning for the drive.  Her head started hurting and she was very stuffy.  After she went to bed she realized that she just had to be smart about it.  She cancelled the trip.  Since she has to work for a living, she knew she needed to rest up and just get better.  I guess we will be herding at PR's place tomorrow.

Lowri - I still get to go see MC and the baybees.  I just don't get to stay there.  TM wants some more pictures of me.  Only, I have to get a bath first.  Boo!  It has been raining and Kear and I have been playing Roll Lowri in the Mud.  It is still the BEST game <G>

Friday, December 16, 2011

Food Friday

Kearney - TM is finally feeling better.  She actually worked on a couple of clients, had an eye exam and...

Lowri - MADE US SOME FOOD!  Because it is raining out, we got to stay in the house, under TM's feet.  I was drooling cause it smelled so good.  I was very good and tried to not bother TM, but when she was scraping the bottom of the bowl, I KNEW it was time for me to help clean up.  I hovered!  Sure enough, TM put the bowl on the floor for me to clean up.  Kear tried to help, but there wasn't room for two of us in the bowl.  TM gave him some other stuff to clean.  I did a very good job on my stuff.

Kearney - TM actually just gave me some of the food in my bowl <G>  She didn't want me to feel left out.

Tomorrow, we are going to Georgia to practice herding.

Lowri - I am not going, Kear.  I am going to MC's to start training my siblings.  I am going to teach them all sorts of good things!  It is a very important job.  I LOVE them.

Kearney - As I was saying, Chase and I are going to Georgia for herding lessons.  Chase is going to have to work hard.  TM is taking him so he will learn that when we go to a new place, he still has to work.  It isn't all fun and games.  He thinks he can get away with stuff at a trial, but she is going to try and fix that idea for him.  I get to go, so I can explore the arena and the people.  Once I do that, I am not nearly as big a chicken.

TM talked to the motel people and because we are coming back in two weeks, he isn't even going to charge her for bringing two dogs.  That was very nice of him! <whispering> Lowri is actually staying with MC to keep the motel people happy with us.  Don't tell her that.  It is important that she thinks she is special!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Misses Kathy and Ann Are Journeying Home

Kearney - Miss Kathy and Miss Ann just stopped in to visit with us on their way back to Albuquerque, NM.  They have spent this week sight-seeing in the Washington D.C. area.  Today, they picked up their Rottie girl - the main reason for the trip.

Lowri - Holy Cow!  Miss Luna is this big, coal black dog.  Miss Kathy speaks to her in a sweet voice and suddenly all you see is teeth.  Miss Kathy says that Luna is grinning.  I tried to get close to see the teeth, but no one would let me get that close.  I snuck in behind her a couple of times, but Miss Luna errrr'ed at me.  I got LOCKED in my crate!  It is MY house, and I got locked up!  She didn't errrr at Kear.  Maybe because he wasn't sneaking up on her?

Kearney - Miss Luna was visiting in Virginia for the past eight months.  She didn't settle on her first breeding, so they waited until she was bred again, and then they went to get her.   Miss Kathy came on the trip because she missed her girl.  Miss Ann is going to whelp out Luna and then return her to Miss Kathy.

Lowri - All I can say is "What big teeth you have, Miss Luna!"

Kearney - Miss Luna's name is actually GCH CH Baar's Luna De Miel V Woodrott CD RA HT.  She is a VERY pretty girl.

Lowri - Oh no!  She has more letters than me, too.  I NEED more letters!  Maybe if I tried showing all my teeth in a "grin", I could get more letters?

Kearney - <snicker>  You want to hear about letters, Lowri?  Miss Kathy sent TM Miss Luna's name and her other Rottie's name.  They are:
"Gabriel" Multi V1, AKC DC, UKC/UCI Int'l CH, Can OTCH BAAR's Heaven Sent, UDX, ASCA/UKC CDX, RAE, Can RE, ASCA RAX, HSAc, HXAds, HSBd, STDs, OTDcd, CI, CGC, TT, VX, 2009 ARC National Herding High in Trial, ARC Bronze Producer 
"Luna" 2009 & 2011 ARC Select, BISS, Am/Can BOSS, Am/Can CH, GCH BAAR's Luna de Miel v Woodrott, AKC/CKC/ASCA CD, RA, ASCA RAX, Can RN, HT, CGC 

 Lowri - <grumble>  Can you say "overachievers?"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday - Not Thursday

Kearney - Poor TM.  She has been really sick.  I have never seen her this bad, but I am only 2 1/2.  She has been sitting on the sofa in the sitting room since Monday.  All she does is cough and blow her nose.  She has cancelled four days of clients.  I am not sure she has EVER done that before.

Lowri - I cuddled with her on the sofa all night last night.  Kear was laying at her feet.  She had a rough night.  She couldn't take more medicine until 3:00 AM.  She had to wait until 4:00 AM to take the cough stuff .  She has been pretty sorry.

Kearney - TM is feeling a little better today.  She even took a shower this morning.

Lowri - Thank God! 

Kearney - Lowri! 

Lowri - I'm just saying...

My sister, Sally, and my Mama, Scout, are in Orlando.  TM waited and waited to hear how they did this morning.  Finally, G'ma Janet reported that she didn't make it over in time to watch the Cardis show (Mick won BOB and Libby went BOS).  TM finally realized that today was only Wednesday.  Sally doesn't show until tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lowri - It's my birthday!   I am ONE YEAR OLD today.  I am planning on getting cake and ice cream and cookies and presents!  I am so excited!  Oh yes, I have to say Happy Birthday to Abby and Ally and Nicky and David and Tommy and Ginger and Sally!  If you want to come over, I will share my ice cream with you.

Kearney - Yeah, right.  She won't even share with me!

I am seven weeks old.  TM fell in love with me.
Lowri - But Kear, it isn't your birthday.  It is mine.  Mine, mine mine.  It is all about ME!!!  Here are some pictures of me growing up. 

I am three months old and I am making the sheepies mind!

These are bad duckies - or maybe it is me that is bad.

At the Nationals.  Everyone tried to steal me.

My first dog show

I can move.

Monday, December 12, 2011


In order the pups are Cuba, Congo, Chile, Cammie, and China
Lowri - I FINALLY got to see my siblings!  MC brought them up to PR's place yesterday so TM's sister, Miss Kathy, could temperament test them.  Kear and I got to romp with them before Miss Kathy and her friend, Miss Ann, drove in.  They came from Albookerkey, New Mexico.  That is where my Daddy is from.  Miss Kathy flew there from Denver so she could drive out with Miss Ann.

Popping wheelies
Anyway, my siblings and I had the best time.  Kearney was playing with them too.  Miss Daisy, the Peeking knees, thought they were aliens, so she stayed upstairs.  MC took several pictures of us playing.  We had the BEST time!

Afterwards, everyone had supper - well all the humans did.  I didn't get a single bite!  I am sure Miss Ann could have been conned into feeding me, but TM was watching like a hawk.  After supper, we got locked up in jail and MC brought in the puppies one at a time.  Miss Kathy tested them and determined that they all have temperament.  I am not sure how that works, but TM and MC tested my litter for G'ma Janet when we were seven weeks old.  Apparently, the tester does a bunch of things and decides if we will be good dogs or not.  The Fab Five will all be good dogs as long as their people don't mess too much with their minds. 

Kearney - I had a long talk with Chile.  Her real name will be Glitter.  It will actually be Bluefox's Liquid Gold, but everyone will call her Glitter.  I told her she was going to be in a great home with MC.  She might even get to herd.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

TM had her eyes fixed

Kearney - TM had her eyes fixed yesterday.  We had to stay outside in the kennel.  PR finally came and rescued us.  TM just sat like a lump in her chair with her eyes closed - all afternoon and evening.  She didn't want any of us on her lap - we were dusty.  She is doing better today. The doctor checked her out and said she was very good.  Because she followed directions exactly, her eyeballs look really good.  She is even legal to drive.

Lowri - I was very disappointed that TM didn't look like a pirate.  No eye patches!  She has to wear dark glasses inside and out for two days and then outside for a week.  At night she has to wear eye shields that are taped on.  They aren't pirate patches either as they are clear plastic.  Boo.  No fun teasing her at all.

I did want to sit on her lap last night, but she wouldn't let me.  She said I was too dirty.  Daisy, the peeking knees, got to sit on her.  Double BOO!

Oh well, I am glad she is feeling better.  And, MC, I didn't get to do anything bad, cause PR was watching me.  I think TM told him to watch out for my sneaky self.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New TM

Kearney - TM is going under the knife tomorrow.  When she comes home, she will look different.

Lowri - She is going to look like a pirate - if pirates wear TWO eye patches <giggle-snort>

Kearney - TM is having Lasik surgery in the morning.  By early afternoon, she should be able to see without glasses.  Of course, she has to wear the eye patches for the first day or so.  I have never seen her without glasses.  She use to wear contacts, but that was several years ago.   The only bad part is we don't get to go herding this weekend.

Lowri - WHAT!  No herding?  We get a pirate, and don't get to herd???  I don't think this is that a good a trade.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best of Days

Lowri - We had the best day yesterday!  It was great.  First, Cardi Claus came and we got new treats and a new toy each - even if the Grinch only gave us ONE crumpet each.  We had a great time chewing on the toys.  The nylabone Kong has knobbies all over it.  That feels great in my mouth.

Then, to finish the BEST DAY EVER, TM made us dogfood!  I was the champion cleaner-upper.  YUM!  She made about 25 containers of food for us, plus two FULL containers of ground up mix for the next time.  Because there was still leftover stuff, Kearney got that.  I let him have it to himself, because I was still cleaning up the big pot.  TM says I am the best cleaner-upper ever!

Today, TM split a cow tail between us.  She says it looks a lot like ox tail that you would put in soup.  It was great.  Man, was I stuffed afterwards!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cardi Claus Arrived!

Kearney - Norman, Diamond and their human, Carol Richardson, were our Cardi Claus.  WOW!  They are AWESOME!  We got treats and Corgi Crumpets and two nylabone toys.  TM got a silly Beagle ornament of someone called Snoopy.  He has a bird friend, Woodstock.  TM LOVES it.  Snoopy is one of her all time favorites.  A BEAGLE???  Oh well, no accounting for taste.  She says it is a Hallmark keepsake.  I say, sooo?  It's a beagle, for crying out loud.

TM got another ornament that she got all sniffly over.  It is a white star with a picture of me and Lowri on it.  TM doesn't know how Miss Carol did that, but she LOVES it.  At least it isn't another beagle!

Lowri - The one measly Corgi Crumpet that TM let us have was REALLY good.  I licked my bowl clean of all the crumbs.  Cardi Claus needs to talk to TM about being such a grinch!  TM did give us the nylabones.  They are AWESOME!  We are such lucky dogs!!!  Thank you, Norman, Diamond and Miss Carol!!!  (Didn't I meet Norman a loooong time ago at the puppy party when I was a baby?  He was very handsome then.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Herding

Lowri - Whoo-hoo!  We got to go herding today.  MC came up and brought Miss Treasure with her.  TM used both Kearney and my Daddy to bring in four of the big mamas for me and Miss Treasure.  My Daddy got to work first.  He was walking the big mamas around the round pen.  TM was having him be quiet and steady.  Then MC drove up.  My Daddy wouldn't herd at all.  He knew the sound of that car, and he knew MC was here to get him.  FINALLY, TM got him to work again.  He was very distracted, but eventually got his head back in the game.  When they were done, TM had him do an outrun to get the lambs.  He did a beautiful wide outrun.  TM was very pleased with him.

Miss Treasure got to go next.  It had been about eight weeks since she got to work sheep.  She had babies in the mean time.  I didn't want to mention it to her, but she looked a little gross with all those dangly things.  She  went out and did a FABULOUS job.  MC and TM were very proud of her.  She was actually better than she was before the break.  TM is going to have her in Started at the Nationals.  Miss Treasure is doing a good job.

FINALLY, it was my turn.  TM took me into the round pen with the big mamas.  I held them to TM and kept them moving for her.  When I would push them a little too hard, TM would stop.  That reminded me that I had to go up front and stop the sheep.  TM then started walking straight across the round pen.  I had to keep the big mamas right with her.  It was great fun!  MC told TM that it was a hoot to watch me.  I would bounce to move the sheep and bounce to stop them.  I even got to put them back in the field with the cows.  I love my job!

Kearney - I got to work last.  I did a beautiful outrun and brought the lambs over to TM.  As I went around her, I realized someone else was in the field with us.  I didn't want to go near them, but TM made me.  She stopped me right next to the person and had them speak to me.  I was SO embarrassed when I realized it was MC!  I mean, really, you would have thought I would have figured that out.  TM had me move the lambs all over the field.  I kept one ear on MC as she moved around taking pictures.  At least I didn't embarrass myself again.

TM got Chase back out to put the big mamas back into the big field.  I was very grateful she didn't use me.  The cows are just SO big!

We got put into our crates while TM and PR did some more fence work.  They planted six posts and cemented them in.  TM moved some fence panels and created a pen.  They are going to use it to catch and load the bull to take him to the butcher.  I can't wait!  Not only will he be GONE, but he will be tasty too <G>

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Puppies and Herding

Lowri - We went to MC's place last night to see the puppies.  TM didn't even let us go in the house.  We didn't get to see the puppies.  That is so wrong!  TM said the puppies are very, very cute!  SHE got to play with them, but I didn't even get to come in the house.  So not fair!  We got even though, we did the vacuum cleaner nose on TM's clothes when we got to PR's.  TM hates that <G>   I still want to see the puppies.  I want to play with them.

Kearney - While TM was at MC's she got Chase.  He came home with us to PR's.  Turned out that was a good thing.  This morning while TM was setting up stock to herd, Chase got to move the sheep through the cow field.  TM got me out first.  I was scared I was going to have to do it, so I jumped back in my crate.  Note to self - that does NOT make TM happy.  She came back and got me and expressed her displeasure at me ignoring her.  We went out to the big field and brought the big mama sheep into the cow field.  Then, to my surprise, TM took me out around the cow field.  For once, I was GLAD to have Chase do my job. 

Chase went out into the cow field and picked up the big mamas and brought them into the round pen.  Then he helped TM sort them.  He drove the ones TM didn't want back out to the big field.  Chase also worked the crazy lambs.  TM had him walking the lambs around the field.  He did a pretty good job with them.

Lowri - I got to work the big mamas in the round pen.  TM wanted me to start with them and just take the edge off them because they haven't been worked in a while.  I was a very good girl!

When TM was done herding, we got locked up.  She and PR went out and dug some post holes.  Then they drove to town and bought some stuff to build a shelter over the sheep feeder.  They also bought a BUNCH of gizzards and hearts for us.  Yum!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cardi Claus and PRA

Lowri - We shipped out our Cardi Claus gift today!  I tried to help TM pick out the toys to send, but she didn't want my slobber on the gift.  AS IF I SLOBBER!  I'm a delicate girl puppy.  We do NOT slobber.  We drool, mouth, and lick <G>   Anyway, TM got the gift all wrapped.  The little ornament was very cute.  Each dog in our Cardi Claus family got a toy.  I hope they like them.  I wanted to give them a test play, but TM was being bossy.

Kearney - In TM's e- mail today, she got a good gift.  VetNostic Laboratories sent word that Lowri is PRA Clear.  She also got a copy of the certificate.  We knew Lowri was line-cleared, but TM wanted her tested too.  So, Lowri now has another set of letters.  They don't go with her name, but are in her file.

Lowri - LETTERS?  I have more LETTERS???  What are they?

Kearney - You're PRA (clear).  That means you won't go blind and neither will any of your puppies - at least not from PRA.

Lowri - I have more letters, I have more letters!  Do I have more letters than you, Kear?  Do you have these new letters too?

Kearney - I have those letters too.  And, No, you don't have more letters than me.  I have lots and lots of herding letters  <snicker> You're going to have to work really, really hard to catch up.