TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kevin Scared Me

TM here -
On Tuesday evening, Kevin scared me badly. I let him out with Lowri for their last potty break. My computer sucked me back in, so it was an hour before I let them back in. Lowri came be-bopping in, Kevin didn't. I stepped out and saw him on the raised dog bed. He could not get up. He tried a couple of times and just stayed there waiting for me - no whimpering, no crying. I was there in a flash. I helped him up and he could barely stand. He managed to walk into the house with encouragement.

I evaluated him and determined it was his neck/back. I massaged him and put him on the bed. All night, whenever he moved, I massaged his neck and back - concentrating on the back. In the morning, he still couldn't get up, but he was walking better. He went out and peed and pooped. He also ate his breakfast.

I did not crate him as I had to be able to help him onto his feet. I did restrict him to the kitchen and Lowri was kept away from him. I could see and feel that his neck was really bound up. I called the chiropractor (canine trained) and got a 5:30 appointment. I started massaging his neck. All day, between clients, I massaged his neck and back and did some gentle stretching.

By the time we got to the chiro, he could stand without assistance and his movement was much better. He even patrolled the fence when I let him out (I stopped that immediately). The chiro assessed him and then adjusted him. He said his neck had really been jammed into his shoulders, and his back was out in a number of places. I moved him again - much improved. He adjusted him again and recommended that I continue with the massage. I took him back on Friday AM for another adjustment and continued with daily massage.

By this weekend, Kevin appears to be 100%. He certainly acts like he is. I will take him for another adjustment in two weeks. All I can figure is Lowri body slammed him head first into a fence post.
I have had similar injuries with two Cardigan girls - going down in the back. In both cases, I spent the night massaging their backs. In the morning, they leaped up and demanded to go. My experience has been that immediately jumping all over it with massage has really limited the amount and length of time that my dogs were down. In all three cases, the amount of time I spent massaging my dogs that first day was probably in the neighborhood of three hours (spread out over the first 24 hours).

I am NOT saying that this is the only treatment you should do for your dog. Each injury is different. I AM saying that doing gentle massage during the time before your dog sees the vet may really help.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My First Fabulous Children

Lowri - I just have to brag about my firstborn children again.  My first boyfriend was Dickens.  His real name is MBIS MBISS GCh Twinroc Santa Paws PT ROMg.  He is a handsome dude, but has way too many girlfriends for my taste.   He did help me produce beautiful children though <sigh>.  They are:

Adam - My long-haired budding attorney in California is a dark brindle.  He is Bluefox Elyan Making A Night Of It.  He takes care of his owner and is learning to run her company.  We call him a budding attorney because he has opinions about everything.  He talks all the time.  TM would have kept him with us, except he really liked his long hair.  He just kept growing it.  He was the most ADORABLE bundle of fluff when he was eight weeks old.  He would look at you and tell you everything on his mind.
Adam chewing a rope toy
Gimme - My beautiful red-head.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mine Not Yours.  She is a multiple group placer and helped her daddy win Best Stud Dog at Nationals in 2014.  She helped me win Best Brood Bitch at Nationals this year.   She lives out west and I hardly ever get to see her.

Gimme in front of Kevin

Fable - My beautiful, opinionated dark brindle girl.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mirror Mirror.  She helped Gimme win me Best Brood Bitch.  She has her H in HT (herding tested).  We are working on the T.  I expect her to do it and shine.  She is co-owned by a new Junior Handler and is showing her the ropes.

 Flutter - My beautiful Alaskan girl is a dark brindle.  She is CH Bluefox Elyan Mariposa.  She also has a group placement.  I hear that she is going to learn to herd this fall.  I hope she shines!  I don't get to hear a lot about her.  I am not sure they have phones or internet where she is in Alaska.

Flutter napping

Peyton - My handsome newest champion is a brindle.  He lives in Colorado.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan MVP, PT BN RN CGC.  He takes care of TM's sister, Miss Kathy.  She makes TM look like a slacker in dog events.  I expect he will have more letters than I do before he is done.  He has the most letters of any of my children.
Peyton has a bone and Fable wants it.
Kevin - My last son is is also a dark brindle.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan Mind Games, PT.   Kevin lives with us - and takes up way too much of TM's time.  He is a handsome boy who is well-named.  He likes playing mind games with TM.
Kevin got an early start on being serious

And these are just my firstborn children.  I will tell you about my other children another time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Kids Are Making Me Proud

Lowri - Today, two of my kids earned more letters.  I am so proud of them!  Fable is now a Grand Champion (pending AKC confirmation).  She will be know as GCh Ch Bluefox Elyan Mirror Mirror.  That was in Greensboro, NC.  THEN, drumroll please, in Greeley, Colorado, Peyton finished his championship!  That makes him the fifth puppy out of my very first litter to become a Champion.  Peyton will be known as Ch Bluefox Elyan MVP, PT RN BN CGC!  My children are making me proud!

Kevin - I cooled off on an air conditioning vent.  Does that make you proud?

Lowri - <sigh>

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Lowri - TM didn't have much of a garden this year.  She had some potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes to go with the blueberries and strawberries.  She told Papa Ron that she didn't see much point in having a garden when she isn't here every day to take care of it.  In her defense, she has tried for three years.  She planted more blueberries and fruit trees and decided that was about good.

TM knew she needed to dig up the potatoes, but she hadn't quite got there yet.  This morning when she was putting us in the kennel (after our run), Kevin was carrying a bone.  TM almost didn't notice, but saw it was an odd shape.  She almost ignored it, but came back in to see.  BUSTED.  Kevin had a potato - a nice, big, well-chewed potato.  A potato that had been in the garden.

Oddly, we didn't blamed. 

Kevin - Yeah, TM knew we hadn't had time to go dig up a potato.  AIDAN got blamed.  Yeah, it was the Vizsla!

Lowri - TM found several nice, big, well-chewed the potatoes in the yard.  Whew, we got out of that one.   TM dug up the rest of the potatoes and put them away. 

Kevin - There are still tomatoes out in the garden...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Herding Day 2

Lowri - I got to go herding first today.  TM and I went out to the big field.  I did a beautiful outrun, but was a bit pushy.  The sheep took off on me, but I covered them very well.  TM gave me lots of praise because I went very wide and far out around the sheep.  I kept them quiet and moving nicely.  TM was very happy with me.

Kevin - I paid close attention yesterday.  I think it was because my tongue was tripping me, but TM said I had to finish the job.  She also reminded me that it was my own fault that my tongue was hanging.  I was MUCH better today.  I listened to TM and only lost my flock once.  They went clear to the top of the hill and stood there.  TM went with me up the hill so I would be able to understand what she wanted.  It worked!  I was very good from that point on.  TM even let me bring the sheep into the middle field with is the size of a regulation herding arena.  I left the sheep in the middle arena so MC's Storybook could herd them latter.

Lowri - TM left Kevin and me in the kennel when MC came.  That isn't fair!  I wanted to see MC - and be close enough to shout out instructions to Story, Fable and Trewe.   Apparently, Story could have used my help.  She was naughty and charged straight in to the sheep.  After she ran them around enough to tire herself out, she wanted to quit and go back to the car.  HA!  TM made her work until they accomplished the task they had set out to do.  Story tried to run off and refused to come when TM called her.  NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Three times, TM walked her down and reminded her that was not a option.  She finished working well and TM gave her lots of praise as they walked off the field.

TM heard from Mama Penni about the herding trials in Colorado.  My daddy, Chase, did better and did not show Miss Ellen the paw, but he still didn't qualify.  I hear the sheep won across the board.  My son, Peyton, and my half-sister, Addie, both qualified and earned their PT titles.  MP says it was really Aunt Kathy that earned the PT titles because Peyton and Addie were wild. 

Next weekend, Peyton and Addie have opportunities to finish their conformation championships.  I will have my paws crossed for them.   I will have several of my children out showing in different states.  They are all lovely!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kevin Went Herding

Lowri - Poor Kevin had a herding lesson today.  I say Poor Kevin because TM set up a big lesson for him.  She took him out into the big back field (probably 5 or so acres) with all the sheep.  As soon as he came into the field, he took off after the sheep.  TM didn't say a thing as Kevin and the sheep disappeared up the hill - the steep hill <G>  Pretty soon everyone came back to TM.  Kevin was still pushing the sheep pretty hard and it wasn't long before about half of them took off.  Kevin was a bit dismayed when he realized TM expected him to go get them.  TM had to walk up the hill and continue to encourage him, but he finally went and got the sheep.  His tongue was hanging out pretty far when they all got back to TM.  Kevin was much more respectful of how close he came to the sheep after that.  TM told him he was a very good boy.

I had to sit in my crate.  TM says I get to do this tomorrow.  I have done it before and know how to do it.  It is fun to chase the sheep, but not worth it.  TM says these are important lessons as they teach us a lot of things.  I just know that three laps around the field is WORK.

I did hear from Aunt Kathy that my son, Peyton, earned his P today.  If he qualifies tomorrow, he will have his PT.  From what I could hear from what Aunt Kathy told TM, Peyton was a chip off the old block.  He was a wild child.  He had a six plus minute PT run.  That is a LONG time.

My daddy, Chase, also got to herd at the trial Aunt Kathy was at.  He chose not to listen.  When that happens, his handler doesn't let him participate any longer.  Hopefully, he will chose to listen tomorrow.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Lowri - TM took us herding yesterday.  Mama Cheryl came up and brought Storybook and my babies, Fable and Trewe.  MC took lots of pictures, but none of me.  That's because I did all the hard work and was done before MC got her camera out.  I had to bring in five sheep from the middle field without bringing in the five goats or four cows.  I was very successful.  Then I helped TM move the cows - including the BIG bull - and the goats out into the pasture.  When we were done with that, I helped TM gate-sort the sheep so TM had the group she wanted to work all the other dogs with.  I was AWESOME!

Kevin - I had to go last, but I shouted encouragement to Story, Fable and Trewe.  TM says Story and Trewe have LOTS of potential.  Fable mainly looks for lunch, some nice leg of lamb.  TM is working with her to try to get her to be a team player, but I don't know if it will work.  My sister has a mind of her own.

Here are some pictures: