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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today's Herding Trial

Lowri - TM and I slept really well last night.  It was fairly brisk out, so TM added a blanket to the bed.  She got comfortable, and I curled up right next to her.

Kevin - I had to sleep on the floor.  TM won't let me sleep in the middle of the bed and I am afraid of falling off if I get close to the edge. 

Lowri - We got up early and went to the herding trials.  I NQ'ed on A and B again.  A Course was my fault, B Course was TM's fault.  In B Course, my ducks won High in Trial <snicker, giggle>.  When they were let out of the start box, they took off running into the wind.  Two of them were flapping their wings.  They got airborne and one of them just kept climbing and climbing - High in trial, get it? <giggle, snicker>   We got a rerun, because I did not cause it. 

In my rerun, I did a beautiful outrun!  When the ducks were let out, they started nicely toward TM.  I took my eyes off them for a second and they tried to run off the course.  TM called out for me to take a flank - and she called for the WRONG direction.  I went the right way, of course.  TM called the wrong flank a couple of times.  I was covering, but I was a little distracted as TM generally does a pretty good job of asking for flanks.  Because I kept checking on TM, I missed the ducks reversing their direction.  TM told me to cover them, but she called the WRONG direction AGAIN.  I went the correct way, but I lost them.  TM let me go clear up to where the ducks get put away.  I got to run around the vehicle a couple of times, but I kept coming out to see if TM was okay.  She finally called me off.  I RACED over to her grinning the whole way.  TM just laughed and told me how good I was.  She didn't even realize she called the wrong directions until someone told her.  I may need a new handler - one who can hold up their end of the work.

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