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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Busy Four Days

Lowri - We have had a BUSY four days.  On Thursday, TM and I drove about 500 miles up to Maryland.  We spent the evening with TM's brother and family.  TM and I and Ms. Emily and her two dogs, Mickey and Dodger, went for a long walk.  It was great to stretch my legs after such a long ride.  We had a great time.  I got to know Mickey and Dodger pretty well on that walk.  Mickey was very cute and an interesting boy.  Dodger was...young.  I liked Mickey a LOT.  I chose him as my next boyfriend.  He is a Wire-haired Dachshund.  TM didn't seem to mind at all.  I think it is because she said he was "neutered", whatever that is.  I cuddled him and groomed him and showed him what I wanted.  He had no clue.  What a bust as a boyfriend.

I think his tractor's sexy

Isn't Mickey handsome?
Friday, we drove home after a stop in Virginia.  That wasn't real fun, but the people were nice.  The trip was long, but we finally made it to the farm.

Kevin - I didn't get to go on the trip.  I drove PR nuts with all my whining.  I also peed on the floor a couple of times.  I was just marking this place and Lowri as MINE.

It didn't work as I haven't been allowed near her.  On top of that, because of my marking, I have to wear a belly band.  Yuck!

Saturday and Sunday, TM and I went to a dog show while Lowri stayed home on the farm.  I had a really good time.  I was pretty sure EVERY dog I got close to was in heat.  I tried to breed them all.  TM said I was very trying.

But the good news of the weekend was that I won Best of Opposite Sex both days.  That gave me enough points to finish my Grand Championship.  TM has promise that I don't have to go to dog shows for a long time now.  We get to concentrate on sheep and ducks.  I am a happy Corgi!

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