TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About TM

Lowri - I get to talk first today!  TM is a massage therapist.  I practiced hard to say those words.  She works on people and is K9 certified too.  When my dad, Chase, first came to stay with TM and MC, he flew out here in a big airplane.  He was pretty tired, so TM gave him a massage to relax him.  I think he looks silly with his tongue hanging out, but here is a picture of him getting his massage.  MC took the picture so all of his kids could see what a dork he looked like.

Kearney - TM isn't just a "feel good" massage therapist, she fixes problems when she can.  When I was a puppy, my Aunt Dora (DC Kollage's Star Seeker, NA NAJ RN) was really sick.  TM didn't notice how much I was running down stairs and jumping off laps.

I ended up with my front legs turning out too much from all the pounding my legs got.  Once TM got over losing Dora, she noticed how bad my legs were.  She set me up on the table as cleanly as she could and took a picture of them.  Then she worked on them for about five minutes a day for four days.  On the fourth day, she took another picture.  If I do say so, I am now much handsomer!  TM will still work on them on occasion. 

I like the "feel good" massage the best.  It makes my back feel soooooo good when I have been locked in jail for a while.


  1. My hooman aunt is a massage therapist for dogs! I hope she will come visit me one day and give me good rubbins too! You guys are lucky! Love, Nick

  2. When Chase made the big flight to Atlanta to visit his Aunts Susan and Cheryl (and to make little Scouchas and some Chiclets), he had been on a very strenuous dog show circuit -- 15 shows in fewer than four weeks. All the shows were on concrete. He was not driving in the rear because his rear hurt from slipping on the concrete. TM's massages helped him get his rear drive back. They feel so good -- that's why he lets his tongue loll out of his mouth. We all know it looks silly, but it just shows how good she makes him feel.

  3. Kearney, the TM was super smart to take photographic evidence of the improvement. I am sure you felt MUCH better. The Chase picture says it all!

  4. I'm pretty fascinated with the before-and-after front pictures right now. Having had pups who ended up with too much turnout I'd be pretty interested to find it was reversible through massage.

  5. Hi Carolyn, TM here. The work I did on Kearney was to the carpal (wrist) ligaments and tendons. I focused specifically there and did very gentle work. When we are at the Nationals, I would be happy to show you what I did. I do the same kind of work to client's knees and feet. My clients have commented on the big improvement.

    With the Cardis, a lot of landing on their front (jumping off furniture, stairs, etc.) can cause that turn out. I haven't fixed Kearney's front, just improved it.

  6. Yes TM I would love to know what/how you worked on the fronts. My Jasmine has quite a bit of turnout in her front and if it is somewhat reversible/helped I would love to have my friend help me. She does Reki and MT.
    Thanks :)

  7. Brittany, How old is Jasmine? Kearney was about a year old when I started working on him. Age will have an impact on how much you can correct.

    Tell your MT friend, to get very specific in the carpal joints and feel for denseness. Be VERY gentle. When you find that denseness, work it until it is less dense. There is a bit more to what you can do, but that is most of it. Being gentle is very important.