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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Goats

Lowri - We got more goats tonight.  We had two goats, now we have a trip of goats (or herd or tribe.  TM just learned that a bunch of goats can be called any of the three names).  TM worked all day long, then popped us in the car and we went to the farm.  I got to help TM move stock around.  Then we hooked up the trailer and went about four miles away to buy some goats.

Kevin - TM has been looking and looking for goats.  She just hasn't been able to find what she wants.  She has been looking in Georgia and Kentucky, Virginia and far away from us in Tennessee.  Every time she found some, the people sold them or changed their minds and decided to keep them (read that as most likely sold them to someone else and weren't willing to tell TM). 

Lowri - Last night, she started emailing a guy who lived near the farm.  They live only about 10 minutes from us. Today, TM bought two Boer cross nannies that were bred to Boer billies.  One of them had two does (girls) that were born a week ago.  The other one is due to pop.  She is HUGE.  Now we have enough goats to herd.  They are VERY cute - I am sure they would be tasty.

Kevin - TM promised to take some pictures of the kids this weekend. 

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