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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas and After

Lowri - Christmas dinner smelled SO good!  TM made ham and smoked turkey with all the fixings.  Sadly, smelling is almost as close as I got.  Fortunately, for me, TM is not a neat cook.  I helped keep the kitchen floor spotless.  I can attest that the turkey was as good as it smelled.

Today, TM went to town.  I got left at home and Kevin got to go.  I am not pleased.  Good thing TM came back bearing gifts.  Aidan and I both got Nylabone treat balls - with treats inside.  I made short work of getting my treats out.  I ripped the top off.  TM said the treat ball had to be Nylabone Lite.  Last I saw of it, TM was throwing my gift in the trash.

Kevin - I had to go with TM to town.  I mean, I got to go with TM to town.  We went to Tractor Supply Company.  I got to go in.  Oh goody.  <sigh>  At least there was a buffet available in the dog food aisle.  Apparently, some sacks had ripped open, spilling some treats. 

TM went to another store and bought us some toys and treats.  Aidan and Lowri got the treat balls.  Aidan (the Vizsla) is still working on his.  I got the canvas dragon toy.  I really liked.  As soon as Aidan got out of his crate, he took my toy.  I was with TM at that moment.  He ripped off the face and pulled out the squeaker and the stuffing.  TM just sighed and cleaned up the mess.  I like the unstuffed toys best anyway. 

Aidan had also ripped up the bed TM made for him for Christmas.  He slept on it one night and ripped up the corner.  It is no longer in his crate.  TM says Aidan gets bored when he is crated overnight.  That's why she got him the treat ball.  I think Aidan is just naughty.

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