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Monday, August 31, 2015

Kevin Scared Me

TM here -
On Tuesday evening, Kevin scared me badly. I let him out with Lowri for their last potty break. My computer sucked me back in, so it was an hour before I let them back in. Lowri came be-bopping in, Kevin didn't. I stepped out and saw him on the raised dog bed. He could not get up. He tried a couple of times and just stayed there waiting for me - no whimpering, no crying. I was there in a flash. I helped him up and he could barely stand. He managed to walk into the house with encouragement.

I evaluated him and determined it was his neck/back. I massaged him and put him on the bed. All night, whenever he moved, I massaged his neck and back - concentrating on the back. In the morning, he still couldn't get up, but he was walking better. He went out and peed and pooped. He also ate his breakfast.

I did not crate him as I had to be able to help him onto his feet. I did restrict him to the kitchen and Lowri was kept away from him. I could see and feel that his neck was really bound up. I called the chiropractor (canine trained) and got a 5:30 appointment. I started massaging his neck. All day, between clients, I massaged his neck and back and did some gentle stretching.

By the time we got to the chiro, he could stand without assistance and his movement was much better. He even patrolled the fence when I let him out (I stopped that immediately). The chiro assessed him and then adjusted him. He said his neck had really been jammed into his shoulders, and his back was out in a number of places. I moved him again - much improved. He adjusted him again and recommended that I continue with the massage. I took him back on Friday AM for another adjustment and continued with daily massage.

By this weekend, Kevin appears to be 100%. He certainly acts like he is. I will take him for another adjustment in two weeks. All I can figure is Lowri body slammed him head first into a fence post.
I have had similar injuries with two Cardigan girls - going down in the back. In both cases, I spent the night massaging their backs. In the morning, they leaped up and demanded to go. My experience has been that immediately jumping all over it with massage has really limited the amount and length of time that my dogs were down. In all three cases, the amount of time I spent massaging my dogs that first day was probably in the neighborhood of three hours (spread out over the first 24 hours).

I am NOT saying that this is the only treatment you should do for your dog. Each injury is different. I AM saying that doing gentle massage during the time before your dog sees the vet may really help.

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  1. Well, Kevin is back to normal based on how he was moving last night in class! Shame on him for scaring you so badly! Massage is a wonderful tool to have!