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Monday, August 17, 2015

My First Fabulous Children

Lowri - I just have to brag about my firstborn children again.  My first boyfriend was Dickens.  His real name is MBIS MBISS GCh Twinroc Santa Paws PT ROMg.  He is a handsome dude, but has way too many girlfriends for my taste.   He did help me produce beautiful children though <sigh>.  They are:

Adam - My long-haired budding attorney in California is a dark brindle.  He is Bluefox Elyan Making A Night Of It.  He takes care of his owner and is learning to run her company.  We call him a budding attorney because he has opinions about everything.  He talks all the time.  TM would have kept him with us, except he really liked his long hair.  He just kept growing it.  He was the most ADORABLE bundle of fluff when he was eight weeks old.  He would look at you and tell you everything on his mind.
Adam chewing a rope toy
Gimme - My beautiful red-head.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mine Not Yours.  She is a multiple group placer and helped her daddy win Best Stud Dog at Nationals in 2014.  She helped me win Best Brood Bitch at Nationals this year.   She lives out west and I hardly ever get to see her.

Gimme in front of Kevin

Fable - My beautiful, opinionated dark brindle girl.  She is GCh Bluefox Elyan Mirror Mirror.  She helped Gimme win me Best Brood Bitch.  She has her H in HT (herding tested).  We are working on the T.  I expect her to do it and shine.  She is co-owned by a new Junior Handler and is showing her the ropes.

 Flutter - My beautiful Alaskan girl is a dark brindle.  She is CH Bluefox Elyan Mariposa.  She also has a group placement.  I hear that she is going to learn to herd this fall.  I hope she shines!  I don't get to hear a lot about her.  I am not sure they have phones or internet where she is in Alaska.

Flutter napping

Peyton - My handsome newest champion is a brindle.  He lives in Colorado.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan MVP, PT BN RN CGC.  He takes care of TM's sister, Miss Kathy.  She makes TM look like a slacker in dog events.  I expect he will have more letters than I do before he is done.  He has the most letters of any of my children.
Peyton has a bone and Fable wants it.
Kevin - My last son is is also a dark brindle.  He is CH Bluefox Elyan Mind Games, PT.   Kevin lives with us - and takes up way too much of TM's time.  He is a handsome boy who is well-named.  He likes playing mind games with TM.
Kevin got an early start on being serious

And these are just my firstborn children.  I will tell you about my other children another time.

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