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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What a Weekend!

Lowri - Wow, what a weekend!  There were specialties up in Washington and in Illinois.  Our family did great.  Where to start, where to start.

Up in Washington, my uncle, Pilot, was Best Veteran.  My daughter, Gimme went Select Bitch, a couple of times.  My daughter, Sara, went Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Bitch.

Kevin - Same Specialty, my son, Baxter went Winners Dog on Sunday for a 5 point major.  Our family did great!

Lowri - Then up in Illinois, my sister, Ginger, went Best of Breed with Aunt Kathy handling her.  She then went Owner-handled Group 1 and regular Group 1!!!!  MC said she looked fabulous!

I almost forgot, MC judged sweepstakes in Illinois!  She says she had a fabulous time.

Kevin - And at another show, our son, Barron (Sara's brother) won two points.  He became the seventh puppy in our litter to go winners - before they were a year old.  Four of the kids have majors!

Lowri - We had a slew of other relatives competing in Obedience and Rally.  A half-brother of mine went HIT twice finishing his open title - in three straight shows.  A half-sister went High Combined in Rally, I think.  I know I have forgotten some - I will blame TM if anyone (like Mama Penni) gets after me for not listing some of our fabulous family.

Our daughter, Sara

Kevin's son, Baxter 

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  1. It was an amazing show! Your children are beautiful and so very happy. I really enjoyed meeting them both and look forward to seeing Sara and Baxter in the near future.