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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Herding Sunday

Kearney - TM let us go herding the sheep this weekend.  On Sunday, I rounded up the lambs and put them in the round pen.  Then I helped TM gatecut three out.  TM meant to cut out two of the tamer lambs and one of the wild ones.  The last one fooled her into thinking it was a tamer one.   Once we had those three out of the round pen, TM had me work the six remaining lambs.  Without any commands, I held the lambs too her without crowding them.  MC got to see me do it.  I was AWESOME!!!  Both TM and MC loved on me <G>

Then I took the three lambs out onto the herding field.  Here is a picture of me fetching them to TM.  I did a pretty good job of taking them around the course.  It was only pretty good because they were WILD and very fast.  Have you seen the length of MY legs???  I did eventually cover them and made them mind.  My only really bad move was when I repenned them.  I went into the field with them.  TM was shocked!  That would be an immediate NQ at a herding trial.  I guess I had better not do that again!  TM will shut the gate faster at a trial <G>

Lowri - Both my Daddy and Treasure got to work before me.  How fair is that???  How can I get princess pay if no one allows me to work?

Daddy did a pretty good job.  I yelled out some pointers, but no one cared what I said.  MP put some pictures of my Daddy working on her blog.  You can see him at

Miss Treasure got to work the six wild sheep in the round pen.  She was very funny as she chased them.  Every time her front feet hit the ground she yipped at the sheep.  TM and MC were giggling.  Every time TM told her steady, she slowed down.  TM worked her on looking back.  Treasure did an okay job on the wild lambs.  TM is going to put her back on the big mamas next time.

I FINALLY got to work.  TM let me work the six wild lambs.  TM and MC were both laughing as I bounced along.  I bounced to make the lambs move, and I bounced to keep them from running past TM.  When she walked thru the center of the round pen, I covered the wild lambs.  I was trying to make them stay with TM, but all I really did was a big serpentine thru the pen.  I did sort of keep them with her.  Then TM stood in the center of the pen and had me bring the lambs to her and not past her.  That is harder to do than you might think.  I have to stop way away from the lambs.  TM says this teaches the lambs that she is their only safety zone.  It was interesting!

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