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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Again

Kearney -  We are finally home again.  We are back with PR.  TM was very happy to see him again.  Lowri and I are sacked out trying to rest up from the trip.  You would think that we would be plenty rested up as we didn't actually do much - other than Lowri - but we are exhausted.

Lowri - I had the VERY BEST time at Nationals.  If I listed all of my accolades, it would be a huge list.  Oh who cares, I am going to list them.  Kearney, my Daddy's and Treasure's first, of course.

My Daddy, Chase, finished his HXAs title on Saturday and picked up a Herding Champion point on Sunday.  He only needs 14 more points to be a Herding Champion.  Ginger and I got him 4th place in Stud Dogs.  He is now on his way home with MP.  She is very excited to have him back.

Miss Treasure was an excellent girl.  While she didn't quite Q on Saturday, the next day she won her class and tied Kearney for Reserve High in Trial.  Kear won because he was in a more advanced class.

Kearney was AWESOME!  Almost as awesome as me <G>  Saturday, he placed 2nd in advanced sheep at the all-breed trial and earned a point to complete his Dual Championship!  He won his B-course Intermediate Duck and A-course Advanced duck classes.  He was High-scoring Cardigan on Sheep and High Combined.  On Sunday, it was a Cardigan-only day.  Kearney won almost everything.  He won his B-course Intermediate Duck, A-course Advanced duck classes and his A-course Advanced sheep class.  He also was RHIT, High-scoring Champion and High Combined.  He also completed his HIBd title.  That was all he did all week.  It was pretty good, but I did better <G>

I was MAGNIFICENT!   I was High in Trial on Saturday at the all-breed trial, High-scoring Cardigan on Ducks and High-scoring Champion.  I won my B-course Started Duck and A-course Started duck classes.  I won a beautiful, embroidered chair for TM.  She LOVES it!  On Sunday, I was a little too excited to Q in my B-course class, but I won my A-course Started class.  That was it for herding.

Then we moved up to the host hotel.  I had Monday off.  On Tuesday evening, I competed in the Megan.  That is a match for Champions only.  It is judged by three breeders.  I was competing with the top Brindle bitches in the country!  I made the cut with five other bitches.  The judges thought I needed to grow up a little bit more, so that was it for me in the Megan.  On Wednesday, I competed in Puppy Sweepstakes.  MP about had a heart attack because there were three of my Daddy's daughters that made the cut in our class; me, Ginger and Naughty Nola.  I won the class, Ginger was second.  I went on to win Best of Opposite sex in Puppy Sweepstakes.  I had Thursday off to rest.  On Friday, I went back to work.  My sister, Ginger, went Reserve Winners Bitch.  I won my Herding Titled class.  As I was the only one entered, it would have been hard not to win it.  On Saturday, I competed in the Best of Breed class.  WOW!  The entry was amazing.  There were some absolutely beautiful dogs there.  I made it until the final cut, and just missed getting an Award of Merit.  Oh well, maybe next time...

As I said earlier, Ginger and I helped my Daddy get a fourth in Stud Dog.  We also helped my beautiful Mama get a FIRST in Brood Bitch.  Then the Nationals were over and we got to head for home.  I am going to sleep now.  I am pretty tired.

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