TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Massage Greeter

Lowri - In my position as Massage Greeter, I met an seven-year-old girl named Hope.  She is a real cute girl and she knows good places to scratch.  She has excellent taste (and tasted good too!) in that she thinks I am beautiful.  I like getting to see her when I can.  TM told me that she will be eight years old next week.  That is like...well, really young in dog years. Hope has the great, good taste to want a Cardigan of her own.  SMART kid!

We are going back to the farm tonight, but it is going to be late.  TM added in a very late client, because she says she has to work when there is work available.  I think I will use that excuse on herding.  We have to herd when there are sheep and ducks to herd - which is EVERY DAY out on the farm.  I guess we won't be herding tonight!

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