TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun on Sunday

Lowri - I had the most relaxing, fun Sunday.  It was very nice.  TM got up and fed us and then my Daddy and I got to go outside to play in the yard.  We got to be pretty lazy!

TM and PR planted some fruit trees and then TM mowed our herding field.  Then she went to the garden and dug up the potatoes and picked some pumpkins.  I sure hope she likes pumpkin, cause that is what she got the most of out of her garden.  It is a good thing that she doesn't have to depend on her gardening skills to eat, cause she and PR would starve!  They got a pitiful crop of potatoes.  I didn't even steal any because there was such a tiny amount.

After that, TM gave all five of us pedicures.  We were very good and didn't give her much grief over it.  Then she ran into town to get Thor lots of dog food (he doesn't get to eat raw like we do).  While she was in town, PR called her with some suggestions of things to buy.  When she finally got home, we got to go herding!

Kearney - I got to go first.  TM had the lambs in the herding field.  I got to take them through the advanced course.  TM was very happy with me because I did it with very little fuss.

Chase got to go next.  TM brought in six of the big sheep for him.  He did a very good job controlling the sheep.  TM had him run an Intermediate course.  She gave him some help going to the "Y" and a bit more going to the "Z".  She had him run the course twice.  He did much better the second time.  TM was happy with him.

Lowri - I got to go last.  I got to work the six big sheep in the herding field <giggle>.  I had sooooo much fun.  I did a Started course.  It was my very first time!  TM said I did a very, very good job.  I even did the outrun!  Okay, so it wasn't as pretty as Kearney's or my Daddy's, but it was my first time!  I made those sheep stay right with TM.  She walked along.  If the sheep weren't moving right with her, I bounced.  I did it in place, but it was enough to get those silly old sheep to move <G>  Then I ran ahead and bounced again to slow them down.  I had the BEST time!!!  My hold at the gate wasn't very pretty, but we did get the sheep to exhaust.  I am the VERY BEST puppy!

This morning, TM took us back to her house.  My Daddy got to work the ducks.  TM wondered who this dog was and what happened to Chase!  That is because he went out and worked like he should.  He did a lovely outrun, fetched the ducks to TM, stopped when she told him too and generally did a VERY GOOD job.  TM told him how good he was.  He was grinning like a fool (can I say that about my Daddy???).  Anyway, I am still the VERY BEST puppy!!

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  1. There is no question you are the very best puppy, and I'm glad it's rubbing off on your Daddy. Of course, your brother Kearney can show you a lot of things. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    Love, G'Ma Penni