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Monday, July 8, 2013


Lowri - The strangest thing has happened.  When I am on the farm for a day or two, I lose my rapt fascination with the bunnies.  I mean, I still go and check 47 times a day to make sure they aren't about to escape, but I don't try to grab the hair on their feet anymore - well not more that 10 or 12 times a day.  I go check on them, and then go see if I can scare up any wild rabbits.  Even when TM brings one out of the cage, I don't go ape anymore.  It is weird.  I wonder if my prey drive has gone away.

TM - Wah, wah, wa, wah

Lowri -  Oh riiiiight...when we are on a walk I still point when I see a rabbit.  I guess that means my prey drive is working just fine, but it is weird that my bunnies aren't giving me that same prey feeling.

Oh well.  We are back in town.  TM mowed and mowed the lawn.  I had to stay in the side yard so my feet wouldn't turn green.  Green feet are fun!  If you do it right, you can also get green on the rest of your whites <VBG> 

We went for a fast walk today.  I showed TM that I can power trot on the grass.  We went all over the neighborhood trotting away.  TM also started a new game.  She brings bait along and I get to stack and get the food.  That part is an old game, and I know how to play it very well.  The new part is TM goes to the end of the leash and shows me the bait.  If I don't move a single foot, I get it.  If I move, she goes back to the end of the leash and we start over.  By the end of the game, I was really drooling.  TM thinks this will be a pretty good trick once I "get" it.  I just want the food!

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  1. Why is it I keep hearing the song, "Eye of the Tiger" when reading about your training schedule?