TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harder Than I Thought

Lowri - Wow, this being a show dog is harder than I thought!  I already mentioned the indignity of "matching".  I also get my peds cured every week.  TM keeps my toenails very short.  I must admit that I like seeing my nice round feet when she is done with the peds.  I just don't like the Dremel grinder all that much.

Last night, I learned about something else.  TM took me into the sitting room where the treadmill is.  I thought it was just something you stacked stuff on!  You know, clothes and boxes and stuff.  But yesterday, it was all cleaned off.  TM put me on it and gave me lots of loving and cookies.  That part was great!  But then she said "treadmill" and the floor started moving.  I FREAKED out!  I mean, TM wasn't moving and I WAS!  I dug in my toes to stop it, but TM just pulled me forward.  I quickly figured out that if I walked forward, I could stay with TM.  She gave me lots of praise and told me I could do it.  I walked slowly on it for about 10 minutes.  It was really weird!  TM would press a button and it would stop.  I got lots of hugs and cookies then.  Then she would say "treadmill", push a button and it would start again.  TM said we were just going to walk until I got use to it, then we would start doing something called gaiting.  She said we weren't going to do a lot of it, just some easy work for now.  I tell you, I didn't think that was easy work!

I also got to do something that felt really, really good.  TM put me up on the grooming table and gave me a real massage.  I was drooling!  She gently stretched out my legs and rubbed my back and neck.  I could have stayed there all day.

Kearney - TM said I was done with that show dog stuff.  I say Lowri can have it - except for the massaging part.  I still want my massages!  I got to go work the ducks last night.  I moved them around and around the yard and all along the fences.  I listened to TM and put them on the fence and took them off the fence.  I got LOTS of scritches when we were done.  


  1. I read everything you say to Holmes, Inca, and Nola (I have to or they would rush the computer and then there would be a dog fight. They are very glad that my daughter-in-law borrowed my treadmill so they don't have to work out.

    They think I should learn how to give them great massages. I think they should learn to prepare pleadings for court.

  2. Whew! I BET the dogs at your place are VERY relieved the treadmill went away! Poor Princess Lowri is finding the pea under the mattress for princesses--they have to keep in good shape, pay attention to their appearance in front of the public--keep to a strict diet (NOT!), etc.! All for the fame and fortune that is sure to come their way! Sigh . . .