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In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Tires and herding

Kearney - Well, we had some excitement on the way back to TM's place.  TM was supposed to meet with MC to do the hand off with Chase.  TM was 16 miles from the meeting place, when all of a sudden there was bad shaking and THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  TM safely navigated to the side of the interstate.  She got out and, sure enough, we had a flat tire.  TM sent up some thanks to God, because the car was mostly empty.  She could get to all the tools she needed.  If it had happened on the way to PR's, I am sure she would have said some different words <G>

She got the spare out and was pleased that it had lots of air in it.  Then she got the book out to tell her where to put the jack.  Right then, a VERY nice family stopped and lent us their daddy to finish the job for TM.  She asked if she could pay him and he said "No Thanks."  He handed her a little booklet talking about God.  TM thanked him and thought it was very nice that he knew her Father too.  Just as they drove off, MC showed up.  TM had called her to tell her she had problems.   MC kindly came clear up to meet her.  They were VERY, VERY careful when they moved Chase to MC's car.   This morning TM went and bought new tires.

Yesterday morning we got to go herding.  Chase went first.  We worked in the pen with the crazy lambs.  Funny how they aren't very crazy any more.  TM worked with Chase on being quiet and patient.  She also let him work fast a few times just to keep his speed there.  She told Chaseman that he was a VERY GOOD BOY.  He liked that a lot. 

Then I got to work.  The cows were nearby in the other field, but I pretty much ignored them.  That made TM very happy.  I walked the lambs around and around the field.  TM likes how I have been working.  She still wishes I wasn't a chicken, but really!  Have you see the SIZE of those cows!!!

Lowri - I got to go last, because I am best of all.

Kearney - (actually, she went last because the rain was threatening and Lowri could skip a workout if necessary).

Lowri - AS I SAID, I got to go last, because I am the best of all!  TM let me work the crazy lambs too.  They are a lot crazier when I am in the field.  I am sure it is because they know I am very fast and can keep bringing them back to TM.  Anyway, TM let me work them.  For some reason, they kept splitting up.  That's fun (I call it "bowling for lambs").  TM finally got after me because I did a little too much bowling.  We worked more on TM just walking around and me making the lambs stay right with her.  That is boring, but still, I can cause some splits.  TM told me I was a good boy - and then realized I was a good GIRL!  I got some scritches.

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  1. How lucky it was that someone stopped to help with TM's tire. There are still nice people in the world.

    It sounds as if you had a good herding day. I'm looking forward to your New Year's weekend trial.