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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Lambs - Well New for Us

Lowri - TM and I went to MC's place to help load the three lambs that are coming to visit.  I was a very big help!  I told them to load up in the trailer and they did.  TM is rolling her eyes.  I did help. I did, I did!

Anyway, when we got home, TM wormed the lambs while MC helped.  Then, finally, we turned them loose into the arena.  TM brought Big Mama and her triplets into the arena.  I got to herd all of them!  Because Big Mama was there, she was a calming influence on all the lambs.  I worked all of them for a bit.  Then we loaded Big Mama and the smallest triplet in MC's trailer.

Dinah got to come in and herd the three new lambs and the two big lambs of the triplets.  Unfortunately, Jack, the ram-lamb of MC's, did not want to play.  I got to come back out and help.  TM wanted to split Jack out so Dinah could work the other four.

Then we had a farce.  Thor went over to check out the new neighbor's four dogs that were loose.  TM was yelling at him.  Jack jumped over the electric fence in with the big ram.  TM was worried the big ram would kill him.  Jack jumped back over the fence.  She prioritized and dealt with Thor first.  She and I dashed over, caught him and brought him home.  Then she moved the two cows and the ram into the big field and shut that gate.  She locked Thor in with Jack and the youngest bull - oh wait, I hear Thor out in the front yard barking.  He didn't stay locked up.

Finally, TM got to work Dinah.  She did a very nice job.  Then Treasure came out to work the sheep.  TM was happy with her.  Treasure made some good decisions and some not so good decisions, but she kept working.  TM likes that!

Here are the pictures that go with my work.
The ram-lamb has the horns.  I told him he had better listen to me.

This lamb tried to escape me.  I didn't let him.

Heading the lambs.

Move along, Jack!

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  1. Jack was a total PITA! Lowri did a really good job MAKING him move where she wanted! I love all the feet off the ground shots! Reminds me of her daddy LOL!