TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday After Greenville

Lowri - We didn't go the dog show today.  TM only entered me on Saturday.   Today, my sister, Sally, won!  She got FIVE more points.  She only has one more to go to be a champion!  She is great!!!  My Mama, Scout, went Select, so G'ma Janet got to come home early.

TM picked green beans again and canned them.  Then she took PR to town and they bought some supplies.   MC came up with my Daddy and Treasure.  TM helped us all in our herding.  Daddy did a good job.  TM did lots of cheering when he was right.  He likes that.  Treasure got to work after Daddy.  She was enthusiastic.  TM was very happy with her.  She was able to put some pressure on Treasure, and Treasure kept working happily.  That was very good.

I got to go last.  I made the sheep move!  TM walked all over and I kept the sheep to her.  At the end of the lesson, I got to "hold" the sheep.  I made them stay right there!  TM finally let the sheep out of the round pen and we went up the field to let all the sheep go into the big field.  I ran around some, but I did not go chase the sheep.  TM said "that'll do."  That means we are done and I am not suppose to chase them any more.  I was a very good girl.

Kearney - I had to bring all the sheep into the field and separate them so everyone else could work them.  The cows were in the middle field, so TM brought me out on a long line.  She knew I would leave if the cows even looked at me.  This way I had to go with her.  We went up to the heifer.  TM bopped her with the stock stick and the cow left.  TM told me to push her and told me I was very brave.  I got pretty pumped!  Then I had to go out into the big field to get the sheep.  I did a very big outrun.  The sheep decided that I could make them mind, so they came on in to be worked.  I had a good time and TM was happy with me.


  1. From Sally: Hey Sis-Lo! It was good to see you yesterday - I just wish we had a chance to play some, but we'll get to do that at Western Conserve, or Deserve, or something like that. You know what? I was skeered yesterday too, and I even had Mama Scout and Uncle Grump there with me. It was very noisy and there were so many strange dogs and people there. My hooman finally realized when we were walking to the group ring to watch Mama that it was the first time I had ever been to a real big show like that one, and she had not even thought about how skeery it was for me. So after groups we walked all over the place when there weren't so many people there, and this morning, we walked around some more and this time she fed me treats while we walked - and it wasn't nearly so skeery. I don't know about your hooman, but sometimes mine forgets that I'm still experiencing a lot of new things. I forgive her tho.

  2. Treasure is still grinning! She had SUCH a good time moving those sheepies this way and that way! Of course, Ms. Lowri kept telling her how much BETTER she does it! But that couldn't dim Ms. Treasure's glow at her own work.

  3. Hi Sally, My mamas are forgetful too, but they did walk me around and let me greet people and get treats. I understand that Western place will be outside on grass. While that will be hot, at least it is what I am use too. I am glad G'ma Janet gave you lots of treats and stuff. Congratulations on your five new points. You are awesome! Love, Lowri