TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm a Ba-a-a-a-ad Puppy

Lowri - I am a very ba-a-a-ad puppy.  I have joined my siblings in the destruction of our homes.  I couldn't help it!!!  TM was gone for three days.  She only got home in time to feed us, give us a couple of scritches, and then she would go to bed.  Kearney was unavailable to play with.  TM wasn't letting him play with me because he was fixed.  He was more fun when he was broken!!

Anyway, tonight TM put me in the xpen while she left me AGAIN.  She and PR went to the massage room so she could work on him.  They were simply gone too long.  I found a loose thread in the carpet.  I deny all implications that I caused the loose thread in the first place!  I ripped a hole in the carpet and tore out some of the carpet pad.  It was a lot of fun until TM and PR came out and found it.  They got mad!  I was told I was a ba-a-a-ad puppy.

Since I was already bad, I went ahead and peed on the carpet under the coffee table while TM cleaned up the torn carpet.  I got put in my crate.  I mean really, this whole thing was because I was left alone too much to begin with!

Kearney - TM has been taking good care of me.  Every night, she has been doing lymphatic work to reduce the swelling.  I appreciate it.  It feels good.  I tried to tell Lowri to be good.  She was just being stubborn.  That is the problem with puppies.  They just don't have enough experience to know that our people really try to take care of us.  Sometimes you just have to wait until the busy times pass.


  1. Ohhh Lowri. MP can officially include you in the Baddog club now!!

  2. Lowri, you are now a baddog -- you join a notable group that has made the word baddog a candidate for the next issue of the Miriam Webster dictionary (which is a large very heavy book that you could chew up).

    Love you anyway, little baddog. MP

  3. Lowri, what a great idea! I haven't tried carpet yet. Have you tried doors? Drywall? Molding? All very tasty. This weekend I chewed up the back of Dad's golf shoe. Mom wasn't very happy with me over that one, but Dad was because now he gets new shoes.

    I don't think we're baddogs as much as we have a taste for the finer things in life.

    Love, Nicky

  4. Poor Lowri, in trouble for just trying to entertain herself! Boy, Nicky sure does like the finer things in life! Good dog! --- errr, I mean, shame on you, Nicky (grin)!

  5. Dear Lowri, your moms won't appreciate this note, so don't tell them. Just want you to know that garage tools, extension cords, large cardboard boxes and Tevas are also good choices for amusement when it's just too boring to bear. Careful with the cords, I found them rather spicy when they are plugged in. Regards, Leidy (aka The Criminal)

  6. Hi Leidy and Nicky, Thanks for all the tips! I will give them a try the next time I am out of jail. I have tried the large cardboard boxes. They are great fun, especially if they are set on something and full of stuff. If you do it right, all the stuff falls out and you get a whole bunch of other things to destroy..err, play with. Love, Lowri

    Leidy, Nicky and Lowri, I am appalled that you three try to get into so much trouble. Our people try really hard to take care of us. Being good is very important! That way, we never get yelled at!!! Please, please be good - especially Lowri! Kearney