TM, Mama Cheryl (MC), Mama Penni (MP) and Papa Ron (PR) love and care for me.
In memory of DC Dora, CH Angus HXAsd, DC Kearney. Lost from our lives way too soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stock Dog

Lowri - I meant to point out yesterday that TM had to wait until Monday to doctor the stock because I was gone.  She NEEDED me to help.  I was NECESSARY to her plans.  It is good to be needed.

We came back to town this morning, but might as well have stayed at PR's.  TM is sickly.  She isn't eating because she is afraid of hurling.  She cancelled all of her clients and took a nap.   While she is feeling better, she still is moving slowly.  At least I got fed.

Tonight is one of my favorite evenings.  TM is making my food.  I get to help clean up!  I am very excited about that.  TM mentioned that feeding raw is much easier with only one dog.  I hate to tell her this, but in a couple of months, there will be more of us.


  1. Miss Jeri, TM is getting me a boyfriend as soon as I come in heat. That should be in a week or two. In a couple of months, I hope to produce some pretty puppies. I will insist that TM keeps one for me to play with. Love, Lowri

  2. Dear Lowri,
    I'm sure that you will have beautiful puppies! I cannot wait to see pictures of them. :)
    Hugs from me and corgi snuggles from Whiskey!

  3. Of course you are necessary, Lowri! You are becoming a really great stock dog and able to help TM!