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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and Farm Work

TM - I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  We had a lovely service in church.  It was good to spend time in reflection on the reason for the day.  Dinner with family made it end nicely.

Lowri - I had a great day too.  I got some Easter dinner.  It was yummy.  I also got to help TM with the sheep.  She bought some trimmers for the sheep's feet.  The ram really needed his feet trimmed.  So, after an early dinner, we went down to feed and work.  Of course it started raining right then.

Poor TM.  She discovered when we got to the barn that her oilcloth slicker was back in town.  She got a rain jacket out of a cubbyhole and a hat and we went to work.  I herded the ewes and ram into the small pen.  TM moved two of the young ewes back out as their feet were fine.  I had to sit to the side.  It took several tries before I understood I was suppose to stay there and NOT help TM move the two ewes out of the pen.  TM actually yelled at me!  Sheesh!

Anyway, I sat there and TM went to work.  She caught the sheep one at a time and trimmed their feet - in the pouring rain.  Okay, picture this, TM bent over wearing a rain jacket and jeans that are too big...on second thought, DON'T picture it!  She was doing a plumber imitation.  Let's just say she got very, very wet!  I got bored after a bit and went exploring.  TM finished up all the sheep and we moved them out to the big field.  Then we went to the barn and built Gracie a stall inside.  It is nice that she can stay dry.

Okay, I don't get this part.  It is raining buckets, I am soaked and TM tells me to "go to water."  Seriously??  I did and she rubbed the mud off me.  Then she hosed me clean.  It's a good thing she keeps a towel in the car.  When we got back up to the house, it quit raining. 

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  1. LOL! Of course it quit raining after you were done.....