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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Sister, My Cousin and Herding

My sister, Ginger, and my beautiful mother, Scout
Today was a very good day!  My sister went Best of Breed at the supported entry for Cardigans in Louisville, KY.   Ms. Vivian Moran was the judge.  My beautiful mother was Select.  It was a very good show!  If you remember, Ginger was RWB at the Nationals.  She is very pretty. 

My boyfriend's son, Darren, just won BOB at Crufts.  My boyfriend is the #2 Stud dog in England.  If I understood Ms. Paula correctly, Darren is the only one of his kids that is over there.  That is pretty cool.  Now this part is weird.  Darren is my cousin.  His mother is my father's half-sister.  That means I am dating my cousin's father.  Ewww!  I may be scarred for life.

I think I want to talk about herding instead.  I got to do a lot of herding today.  First I moved all the ewes and lambs into the duck arena.  I separated the older lambs and moved everyone else back to the field.  Then I worked the lambs.  I did a VERY good job.  They are getting to be dog-broke.

Then MC came and Dinah got to work my lambs.  She did not do a good job of controlling them.  She likes it fast.  TM got me back out and I brought a well dog-broke ewe out.  That really helped steady the lambs.  Dinah did an excellent job after that.  When TM went to put the sheep away, Dinah went brain dead.  She was tired.  TM put her back on leash and helped her put the sheep back out.

Then TM and MC got the ducks out for Treasure to work.  They decided that Kearney must have gotten most of the herding talent in that litter.  Treasure is very willing to work them, but she doesn't understand the whole idea.  We hope that Treasure can finish her HSAd title in April.  If the ducks cooperate a little, she and TM should be able to pull it off.

 Now this is weird. 

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