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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm a MOM!

Lowri - I am a MOM!  Here is TM's post.  I am a bit busy!

We have five babies. I think Lowri is done, but will know more later. It took her an hour and a quarter to pop them all out. For a bit, it was every 10 minutes!

Three boys, two girls. Four dark brindles and a RED girl. Everyone has been hooked up to the milk bar. Lowri is a great mom! Although she initially thought they were aliens.

Birth order:

11.3 oz Brindle boy, tons of chrome
11.3 oz Brindle girl, tons of chrome
11.7 oz Brindle boy, full collar, plenty of chrome
8.9 oz Brindle boy, half collar on the off side
9.0 oz Red girl, lots of chrome.

In the picture, the three boys are on the left. The two girls are on the right.

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