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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Puppy Tipping

Lowri - TM is going to explain Puppy Tipping.  I can assure you no puppies were hurt in the taking of these pictures.  I was watching very carefully!

TM - When the puppies are only a day or two old, you can learn a lot about their structure if you look at them on their sides.  You can see shoulder angulation, rear angulation, length of back to rib, all sorts of things.  After two days, they have fleshed out and you see fat puppies - which is a good thing.

So when they are just a day old, we start practicing Puppy Tipping.  Usually when you want to take pictures, the puppies want to sleep on their stomachs, not their sides.  All you see then is a cute little puppy.  You can't see angles.  So, while they are sleeping you gently roll them to their side and quick take their picture.  Cheryl (MC) got pictures while I tipped a puppy.
Getting ready to tip - make sure the person taking the pictures is ready.

Carefully tipping the puppy.

Looking at the length of upper arm

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