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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Farm Life

Lowri - Big Mama is not feeling well today.  She didn't come eat grain.  That means she is sick!  It took TM a little bit to notice, but she was not happy when she did.  I had to help hold Big Mama against the fence so TM could give her a shot.  TM was pleased that she resisted, because it meant Big Mama wasn't too sick.

TM also put wood floors in the bunny cages and then a lot of straw.  It is supposed to be cold tomorrow.  TM is trying to take good care of them.  The stupid male dragged his straw out of the shelter.  TM was not amused.

Here are some pictures of me with Kevin...

I am showing Kevin some good stuff to smell.

Maybe he will learn to track.

Kevin:  I found a MOUSE!  All by myself.  It was dead!!!  TM took it away from me.  Boo!

Kevin is coming towards TM.  Her camera didn't quite get a focused picture.

Kevin strolling through the field.

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  1. Kevin is such a lucky boy to have such a good mama! I bet you can show him how to hunt rabbits when he gets a bit bigger! (Hope Big Mama is going to be okay!)